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Title says it all, it took a lot longer than I initially expected, over an hour.
The store on 67 and Thomas is the worst store I got 4 loan in 6[ six] yrs my income is the same i live in rhe same house and my cars just about paid off but now my income is insufficient and I have insufficient credit history with 1stop now. I believe this person showed signs of being a raceies.
Thank you to Yovanna and her Store Manager Alvaro for there excellent customer service. They were so kind and helpful with helping me with my loan. Each of them took the time to help me with all my questions about my loan. I would recommend their store and the 1 Stop Title Loans company to my friends and others. Once again Thank you Yovanna and Alvaro
Excellent customer service! I'm a returning customer .
Thank you to your staff ! Everyone was courteous and helpful.
The service provided by the store manager was great, she was friendly and answerd any questions I had. It wasn't at all what I expected. They give you the lowest loan amount and the interest in the end is the same amount or if not greater then the actual loan amount.
The people there were amazing. I actually came 45 minutes before my mother's funeral to complete what I owed the funeral home. I make good money but something unplanned comes along you have start trying avenues you never thought about. Its nice to know if I go thru a hardship I will feel at ease knowing you guys are just a drive away. THANK YOU!
The agent- Jennifer was fantastic at helping me out very polite and professional. Only thing that was disappointing was the amount of money my love was approved for. Other than that it was a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Jennifer for a G.M. Position
I agree with most of the reviews I have read about 1 stop, the customer service great....but what really irriated when I wanted to see if I could get an additional loan on the one I currently have I would have to pay the interest first......now that was something new....I never before had to pay the interest first before I could get a loan.....I needed cash or else I would not have come in......so that part I don't like and will think long and hard before I borrow from 1 stop again. Thnk U
I walked into your location immediately was hit with all these questions felt like I was at fault for needing a loan. The business should concentrate on a better customer service experience and making the customer feel like we want to give you a loan not why you won't get a loan. The location was dim and seem dirty needs an interior update. Also an idea instead of giving the girl my work and bank info information put a key board on the outside of the glass with a computer inside that makes it easy for the customer to get their own information and not cause a privacy event. Another thing is the business should try to use a revovling line of credit if money is paid back and needed within a 45 day period so i dont have to go in the hassel of reapplying or gettting paperwork all over again.The approval I must say was fast girl was nice to me after all the integrating questions. So kudos to her, her boss made me nervous like I was signing a last meal electric chair treaty. Just concentrate on customer care it Gose a long way.
Hade a really good experience, it was quick and easy to get a loan, elci was very professional and frenzy ,definitely will recommend to my friend and family
I had an overall great experience. I have never done something like this before and they were very detailed in every question I asked. It made me feel leaving with some security knowing my title is in honest hands. Elsie & Jennifer were both friendly and made it a good experience. If ever I'm in a bind again I will come back. Michelle
quick easy fast and nice. Thanks store 4
Sondra was amazing and very helpful. Thanks
I applied online the night before...got a call in the morning to finish interview and tell me what documents to bring. I stopped by a location after work and I was out with my loan in 30 min...friendly, no-hassle experience
Veronica was amazing. I started the process at lunch she called me and I finished up after work. She really personalized the experience!
was well taken care of thank you.
The people here are very friendly..I went in and out. Elci the store managed was very nice..great place ..
It was an easy experience to do my loan. Angie made it easy and she was quick and efficient. I recommend others...
Eddy was very nice and made me feel comfortable.
I really like the service and the friendly Reps
Elsie was way cool! They helped a lot and we're way nice. Definitly a great place to go.
I needed some cash in a hurry and Rita on 19th ave and glendale made sure it happened! She's the Bomb!!!
They let me take a loan out even though my card is a prepaid debit card. They did not make me feel like a bum for needing the loan. The payments come out without me having to remember. If you need to borrow more you dont have to re-do the whole application. They only need updated stubs and bank statement. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a registration or title loan.
I was hesitant at first to go into a title loan store and ask for help, however I was so surprised at how helpful and nice they were. Jennifer assisted me both times I visited the location at 43rd ave & Bell Road. My husband and I are rebuilding our credit after some personal family losses so I had to ask for a temporary loan. Jennifer and her team worked with me to get my money fast and never made me feel less than human. They treated me fairly and honestly. I appreciate their help so much and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for your help in our time of need.
This is the 3rd time that I have borrowed money from 1 stop they have always been friendly and professional.