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247 Lending Group Online Loan Reviews

Took a chance and it paid off very well. Received an approval within an hour. Would definitely use this service again and will refer others!! Thanks so very much for your help.
I really needed to catch up on some bills and pay off some things to increase my credit score and lower my debt ratio. I went on line and I tried 247 lending. What a great referral company. I received a loan and my credit was not check by a lot of lenders. 247 Lending ask me to go on line to pull my own credit report for a recent rating so no hits on my credit report and I was approved in 2 days. Thank you 247!!
I was very apprehensive to trust an online Lending group for help matching me with a loan company. I had a bankruptcy 5 years ago and I am still being punished for it by many companies when trying to apply for credit. We are good people with good jobs, who fell on hard times like many many other people have. You don't need to be ashamed if you have bad credit! 247 Lending Group will come through for you!
What I love about this company, is Honesty and Promptness. Kelly Maguire, Senior Financial Consultant was very informative and knowledgeable. In 24 hours, she made a financial analysis for me. She made sure I understood that the main problem is the ratio of balance to credit limit is too high. Most banks and lenders will not approve clients in this situation or offer any competitive rates, as I'm viewed as higher risk. She offered to enroll Debt Resolution consolidation program. Yes, I have used my credit cards to advance cashes extensively and enjoyed 0% APR for 12 months. So my credit score is suffering. I can't enroll Debt Resolution consolidation program at present time because I can't feel right that I received full amount of cashes with 0% APR from the credit card banks. I might consider this option later. Looking forward to doing more future business with this company. Thank you very much.
Review lending group everyone should use them to find the loan they are looking for
This was a great experience.. Would recommend to my friends if they needed help. My wife is the one who did this and got it started.. Her name is Barbara. Thanks so much
I'm so glad to have found and tried 247 Lending Group because they really came through for me when I needed it! My own Bank wouldn't even increase my credit limit on the credit cards that I have with them. In contrast, 247 Lending Group's innovative Signature Loan Brokering Platform made Applying for a $20,000 Loan very easy - and my Loan Request was bid on and funded in a matter of a few days. About a week after applying - the Money is in my Bank Account. Thanks so much 247 Lending Group!
I have a lot of medical bills now
Thank you the support needed.
No hassel quick approval and funds deposite direct to the bank account withine few days.
24/7 lending group sent me in the right direction and really helped my out!
I. Recieved a. couple of offers quickly and was able to get my loan approved in. two days. Loan proceeds were in my hands in less than 24 hours. Both loan companies were extremely professional and friendly. A very pleasant experience. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a loan PERIOD!!!!!
I was out of options! 247 came through and made it easy! Thanks!
Great service, you should check it out. They match you with a lender based on your financial info - how much you need to borrow, etc. They actually care about their customers! Thanks 24/7!
I have an issue that I was dealing with and I needed money for an unexpected life event. Having had a bankruptcy in the last 2 years and a low Credit Score, I primarly looked online but never expecting to find anything other than something comparing to the punitive costs similat to that of a Title Pawn loan. I was shocked to find I could even get a loan. Certainly it was not a prime rate loan but it was certainly nothing like a Title Pawn loan rate either. I can't tell you what a relief it was and I will certainly recommend your service to anyone I can that may be in my same situation! Thank you!!!
Super Fast response time!
Everything was very Fast and our personal loan representative very helpful and friendly!
That's all I can say is WOW! It did not take long at all to get approved and the checkmdeposited into my bank account! Amazing! And I would recommend this to everyone that needs financing, very fast and I'm so impressed ! Thank You so much!
They gave excellent customer service. They funded my loan very quickly. I would use them again if ever in need. Thank you, Lending Tree
This transaction was extremely easy and gave me exactly what I was looking for. Service was immediate, courteous, explained very well so there were no hidden surprises.
I only gave 3 stars because I did not have significant interaction with this group; I chose another direction for my lending needs.
I like everything they explane to me step by step. Thank you for your help.
They help me and my credit was horrible thriv thanks pilot
The application and approval process was made simple and quick. The representatives were helpful and informative throughout the application process. They were diligent and patient and made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends in need of installment loans.
I was able to secure a timely loan for a move with the help of 24/7 Lending Group. The sent me a lender I was able to quickly work with and I would not have found on my own.
My credit score isn't that great and I don't have rich family or friends so it was a big help to apply and be excepted when I needed the help. So thank you very much.
I was in and out in about 30 minutes with a check it was a lot easier than I thought it would be
In the future if the need should arise i will reuse 247 lending group as my go to source for finding and meeting my money needs. The process was truly simple enough that anyone could do it.
The application process was very quick. Customer service was very helpful throughout the entire process.
I was very skeptical about using 247 Lending Group. Had never heard of them but am pleased I took a chance. My one reservation is always that once you complete your application, you get bombarded with emails and phone calls from lenders. This was not the case and that made me very happy. I would definitely use 247 Lending Group again, but hopefully I won't have to.
I would recommend this company to my friends and family who need help . I applied for a loan online, after few minutes I received a phone call. I was asked some few questions, after two days the money was in my account
From start to finish it was quick and easy. No hassle. In just a matter of 3-5 days I had my loan. It really was that easy.
I think your team was great it was very nice working together with you, I will recommend this company to my friends and family. thank you all Crystal Lomonia Mungo
Great people here so friendly I'll always come back
Yes love is what god shows us
was very freindly and helped me get the loan I needed thank you
It was a great time for this to go thru.
The people T Avant, were very courteous and professional.
I needed a small loan and inquired with 24/7 Lending Group. After filling out some very short forms I had secured the loan I needed within one hour's time and the money was funded to my account within 24 hours! Very simple and positive process.
found the people I dealt with very helpful and professional. Overall very concerned about trying to make me comfortable with what I was trying to achieve. Thanks to the whole team.
I needed 7K and had been turned down by my bank. I was looking around for pretty much any solution. I filled out the form, they contacted me and by the end of the day they found a loan for me:) I was funded within one day and problem solved. :):):)
Thank you so much for your help! I am glad you all were there! If ever I need you all a again I will come calling!
Application was pretty basic, customer service number alway a pleasure to use, and I rec'd the monies right on time!! Thanks-
I applied for multiple loans and got turned down. But with this company they approved my loan and help me get caught back up without the high rates. Thank you for ur help.
This was such an easy process. I was quickly matched to a lender and had my application and approval email within hrs of my initial search.
Applied for a loan in the amount of $3,000, was approved in less than 24 hours. Had funds in my bank 2 days after applying. The whole process was extremely easy. I plan to use Advant again in the future if I need to.
Had a great experienfe
Need to cancel the trial credit report but overall the experience wasn't bad. I say this and I wasn't approved for a loan.
They were great, fast and convenient!! Thanks so much :) Would recommend to anyone.
So far my account has been hacked
thumbs down!! first of all you soliciated my email claiming approval for this loan and clicked the link and was definatly not approved!! forward my 5.00 asap! the site was ok as far as navigation. 8245 wayland gilroy,ca 95020
They did everything they could to secure my loan and offer me the largest loan possible. I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you so much!
I just had the best lending experience. The staff was friendly and professional.
Using 247 Lending Group help me find the perfect loan for me.
I was matched with a company that met my needs for financing. Keep up the good work!
It was so fast and easy to apply for a loan. It was amazing. I definiitely recommend them.
Just like they advertise,money was deposited within 24 hr of completed paper work !!!!!!
I was very pleased on how quickly it took them in setting me up with a loan.
Jared Reid was most helpful in helping me secure a loan. He was knowledgeable as well as having excellent people skills. I completed this review earlier and I have no idea why it did not post. Thanks again.
24 7 matched me with a lender in just a few hours. I received my funds within the time promised. Great service.
I found 247 Lending to be easy to use, fast and was very helpful!
Its was very simple!
Thank you so much for coming through. I am rebuilding credit and really needed help . I am very grateful. Thank you.
Wonderful experience help me a lot will tell all my friends thank you
I was blown away by the fast and positive response. I have tried other companies to no avail, but Avant gave me a second chance to make my finances more manageable. I would highly recommend this company!
Great company. I was treated with respect and they were very efficient. They made sure I was who I claimed to be. I was impressed with the speed and thoŕoughness
If you need it, just do it....They are right there for you. no questions, no delays no problems. The only think you have to do is fill out real information and you get it!! Good luck. So happy.
Excellent service -- speedy, efficient, professional, great rates compared to other places
I found 247 Lending Group easy to work with and found they are very thorough in processing applications. I would recommend this company for anyone that needs a loan for whatever reason. I am completely satisfied with how my application was handled and the process was quick and easy.
I did not use your services after all. I got to a point in the process where the rates that were quoted were extremely increased on the final page. I tried getting in touch with a support rep several times via your forum with no response. I finally submitted a direct email to the address and got a reply from what it seems, was the business owner. She was rude, short, and not very informative. I felt as if she had another life and I was being a nuisance to her. Her interaction with me was all but pleasant and professional. She seemed to not understand simple questions that I presented. And based on her later questions, I could tell that she had not read my emails in their entirety. I would never recommend this site nor use it myself.
when I needed help to pay off debts and add to my saving, I tried other company but they has bad offer,and I found this easy term and A better pay back term that work just right for so again thanks.
It was so EASY and FAST, I should have done it long ago.
Had a good experience.
Thank you for your support!
I was nervous trying to apply for a loan. My credit is just fair and I wasn't sure I would qualify. My loan officer made the whole experience extremely easy. He was very friendly and helpful in helping with paperwork. If I every need a loan again I will be contacting 247 Lending Group again.
My application was approved Saturday 18th and I got my money today 10/21 Thanks so much Betty Smith
Helped us find a lender that worked with us and our terrible credit
Extremely helpful during a time in need!
I researched the personal loan companies online and this was one of the top two. They turned out to be the real deal! I applied online and within minutes got a phone call from a lender that turned out to be a great match. I've done online loans before and had varying success, but this was the most professional and now, reliable that I have experienced. Highly recommended!
love the customer service
Very fair process with many options to help your needs.
I was in a bind and needed a temporary, fast loan of $5000 to expedite bill consolidation. I was able to get me loan approved in less than 12 hours , all online. It was easy and very convenient.
Worked for me. Would recommend.
I would definitely recommend 24/7 Lending Group! I needed a loan quickly and they connected me with several financial groups. Within less than 24 hours, I was approved and the funds were in my account 3 business days later. The terms are reasonable (especially compared to most instant loans) and the lender was polite, clear, and responded fast. 24/7 Lending Group is the real deal and gave me more options than I needed. I was accepted by the first lender but they gave me several others, just in case. A good experience all around. Thank you!
Very user friendly and quick response!!!
I would recommend this company to any friend or family. They were very understanding and nonjudgmental. The whole prosses was swift and easy.
Was simple and easy to apply for a loan
I really needed to get a few smaller payments out of my budget and 247 lending group hooked me up with a company that was willing to help me with that even though I have poor credit due to divorce and poor health! Thank You 247 Lending Group..I can breathe a little easier now!!
This is an excellent company to deal with.they are very helpful - would highly recommend.
After assessing my bills, I felt a great deal of stress thinking about how I was going to pay them all. I dread having to ask for a loan from a friend or family member. I took a chance and applied to 24/7 Lending Group since I knew I had the income to support the request, despite having a credit score of 643. As soon as I applied, I receive immediate responses from lenders interested in granting me a loan. The results presented a few loan options and amounts with various terms and APRs. I chose an $8000 loan to be paid back over 3 years. Within 48-72 hours, the funds were in my bank account. Hallelujah! I was then able to pay all my bills and finally sleep well. The process was simple and I have online account access with all the loan documents at easy glance. I am thankful to have this new relationship with 24/7 Lending Group, as I now know where I can turn whenever finances are overwhelming. Thanks for helping me in my time of need and allowing me to get back on track!
was easy and quick
I am well pleased with the loan I received ...I'm not really into leaving feed back weather good or bad about anything but my loan specialist was both professional, patient and helpful when answering all questions and concerns that I had. The loan was approved and the funds was in my account actually before the date that was giving to me.PS I was approved here when I was turned down by other lenders
The loan process was very simple and I was applied to many lenders by 24/7 loan service. I had many responses and was accepted by quite a few and all I had to do was find the company with the most acceptable terms. I am very happy with the results, Many thanks
You're a great company to do business with :)
Like above mentioned...fast, helpful and fantastic Customer Service. These folks went out of their way to make sure they would be able to find the right loan for me. I will definitely spread word of their service to those who need a helping hand and I would without a doubt call them again in the future. Thank you Jordan R.
I was connected to a few lenders, fast, professional and provided the answers to my questions efficiently. After verifying my information, the transaction proceeded smoothly. Thank you
Trust pilot really helped me in receiving a loan during and emergency. The operator, named Andy, was very professional and courteous. I would recommend this lending agency to anyone who has a financial need.
The whole process was very easy to use!!!!!!!! The people I spoke to explain what I need and help me achieve my goal.
I loved being able to do everything right from my cellphone! It was quick and easy, recommended 100%!
I think this company should have a high rating,for they are fast efficient and help u step by step how to finish to get to ur lender.Thank U Marie Hale