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36 Month Loans
36 Month Loans

36 Month Loans Online Loan Reviews

I was very pleased with the short turn around time it took fro the entire process to be completed. I applied for a loan Tuesday night, and by Thursday morning, my approved amount was in the bank...great, great, great. Thank you for providing such a pleasant and true service!
Very clear and transparent with all their information and terms. From the moment I requested the loan till the moment I was approved and then funded, it was less than 24 hours!
I am very pleased with the polite professionalism I received from Springleaf. it was a giant benefit. I needed some money, immediately to purchase a better vehicle. if needed, I will return to them.
You are great
They help me get my match and i've got the money after 2 days! Nothing's going to be more easier than that..
My application took 4 days, however customer service kept updating me and finnaly approved and money was availble next day. Very good job!
Couldent even get a chance to show I can easily make payments I make money under the table
When others won't help us. I went to Springleaf. The people there are really "willing" to help. Very professional. The interest is at 30% my credit is really bad around 500's and I'm trying to pay off debts but its better than getting payday loans which I was stuck in a long time. Thank you Springleaf
Process to me is important. I read the whole website of 36 Month Loans to understand what I was potentially getting myself into. The website explains the whole process. That you submit your personal details requested loan amount. Then the website/service will check to see if they can find a lender for you based off of your details. After waiting for less than 2 minutes they were able to tell me that I got matched with a lender. It is up to me now to decide if I accept the lender's loan terms. The beauty of both this service and the lender is that they have customer service/online support so I can make the best informed decisions for what is good for me. If I don't like the loan terms then I don't have to accept it. I am not forced into it. One of the things i don't like about shopping in stores is that I sometimes feel forced to make a purchase. Choice is important not just in getting a loan but in life.
i recommend anyone, that wants the conveants of gitting a loan from home, and not having to go in to the bank, to make your loan deposit. should try Avant for online fast and easy loan process.
Something came up in life and i needed cash fast to cover my unexpected bills. This is exactly what i needed. Easy to follow application, fast approval and i received the money the next day!!
Was so glad Sonja followed through. This lian has helped more than anyone knows. Thank You!!!
I would like to thank you for your great customer service skills and the results that I received and i am going to recommend you to my friends and family
36MonthLoans process is very good -- you pick flexible repayment dates. Good customer services
They were very helpful and friendly, made me feel very comfortable and answered my questions so that I could understand.
This was the least hassle, most pleasurable account I have ever opened. Couple of forms and the money was wired the next day to my account. The interest rate was a little high, but that was because of my credit rating, but with the loan I can pay off the debtors and raise my credit score. An outstanding opportunity to better myself, thank you again.
I had a very pleasant experience and I would suggest th is to any of my friends or family if they needed loan options in their life. This was fast and easy-to-use, convenient as well, with all of our busy ever us a lives. Thank you
36 Month Loans, easy application process and speedy funding. Amount you need and monthly payments. It may not be an ideal loan but it may be the loan you can get when needed.
So far I am very apperciated.
Got me hooked up with a loan. Wasn't the amount that I requested, but was enough to make things work out. It was very quick, easy and the rate is not bad...especially if you are considering payday type loans. If you have payday type loans, consider consolidating them and pay the loan off as fast as you can and then stay away from the payday loan trap! Appreciated the help very much!! Would recommend definitely.
I was nervous about doing this whole process online, but I needn't have been. Many quality choices to choose from and fabulous guidance to navigate the whole process. 24/7 support via phone and internet made my experience complete. I recommend this to everyone! Thanks:)
My experience was truly quick. They call to inform you you're approved, let you know what documents they need, set the appointment, come in finalize documents with options for security and off you go! So much less pain on my wrist to sign...lol. Love it and I would recommend this company to anyone :)
It was unreal. Applied on Day 1, submitted employment and income verification Day 2 and received funds Day 3. I needed this for a move into an unbelievably lavish and exclusive apartment complex and now I have it. Many thanks Avant, many thanks!
I applied in the morning and the loan was deposited the next morning! No hassles, no phone calls, just applied and there it was. What a great way to get a loan easy and quick.
As easy as 123!
Much better than a payday loan
I was hesitant at first to trust an online loan site but I did it anyway and am very happy I did. Y'all set me up with a lender who loaned me what I needed and a year to pay it off. This saved my Christmas and I thank you!
By far the best loans and quick to recieve. And the fact that we can pay it off in payments is Ahmazing !!!
This is one of the most easy loans I have ever obtained. Thank you for your help
so good it is great
The application, the process and the quick professional service trhrough funding was outstanding. I highly recommend the service.
lots of help very happy with the company
Having the opportunity to repay over time without an added extension fee that you have to pay for payday loans takes a load off your shoulders. Plus, they understand you're under stress already to make bill payments why cut into your money every other week and not be able to pay them. I recommend anyone to give it a try.
Was able to connect with lender
Nice people very easy to get A loan!
I needed cash fast .i applied through avantcredit.com ..they were very friendly,informative and best yet they understood my situation.they worked with me and got me a loan in two days ..thank u avantcredit.
I inquired about a loan and it was approved the day, and the money was in my bank the next day, impressive!
I dont have the best credit but Springfield took a chance with me and gve me a 23k loan to help me get out of a few situations. Thanks Springfield
Easy and Quick to apply.
Easy to navigate website, quick response to application and my questions.
M y experience with SPRINGLEAF enjoyable and knowledgeable. Corina was extremly helpful and help me purchase some insurance along with explaining the loan process with utmost knowledge and curtosy.
I have no friends and did not klnow I got a loan. please tell me how much and where to get the funds
The whole process was really quick, they put me in contact with a lender and I got the money deposited in my account the next day. Thanks!
I recently fell into a situation where I needed an extra advance in cash. They were able to help me in a very simple and fast process!
I got matched with a great lender that sent the money the next day. It's a very good service.
Yet Another 'information' getter'. worthless to me, Money for them by seller my information. When you first put in some of your information and then click next, its congratulations it looks like your a good candidate for our program, then when you spill the rest, its sorry. We can't help you.
Thank you for the lone that helps a lot
From start to finish the whole process was done in less than 1 hour! absolutely professional and courteous. Website was "https" and back by the BBB.
This is the first time that I do loan, and I made the right choice
I heard about 36months from a friend. I was hesitant to try at first but since I really needed the money I went ahead and completed the application. I was very surprised of the quick response and processing. Within 24 hours I was contacted by the company I was matched with and my loan was completed.
I definitely recommend using this site because I had everywhere to get a loan with my not so great credit and I finally got one through the site. Thank you for making it simple and easy.
Customer service personnel were very helpful and polite. They would answer all my questions that I had. I would recommend the 36 months loan to anyone and ask them to give it a try.
I was in a pinch to get some home improvements done before family came for the summer. I applied in the morning, was approved before lunch and has the money the next day!!
You can trust this site If you need some money they would be the one to go to.
They are help me a lot
nice people to talk to and to shop and buy from
Highly recommen
So I received a call just a few mins ago and they said I applied for an app, which I did not do and I told them to lose my number. His response was if he does he'll have to come F*** me ...... Then when I repeated myself, he then said it again and said I'll have to pay $100 to cancel. LOL
This is the first time I have used Springleaf Financial, I was bit worried given the reviews I read online, however the entire transaction was pleasant, the rep. I spoke to was friendly and very helpful, the service was fast, and I now have the money I requested. I would recommend the Gresham, Or. branch to anyone in need of a quick loan, I am very pleased. Thank you,
Fast and easy experience! Helped my family and I with funeral expenses. Sometimes life happens and things have to be done quickly and efficiently, Springleaf did just that for me and I'll be forever grateful. They overnight the checks to me and the funds were readily available when I deposited them into various banks and places of needed payment! I'd most definitely recommend to family and friends. Thanks Springleaf!!
It was very easy to use. Got call when I experienced a small problem while using on a tablet. The person was very nice and I was able to complete the verification process on the phone, got me all the information I needed to go forth in obtaining my loan. Was a very quick process and approval.
Fast service. Process was very easy and simple
All good thanks and liked the approach Was disappointed that the amount I applied for was different to what I ended up with. Good tool and good approach though
I appreciate how easy and convenient everything was conducted I'm a believer now thanks again
I had never had been cut off and treated so rude. You would think that at times when your job is customer service, as angry as someone gets you, you still have to try to be nice enough just to get the job done unless the customer is harassing. I just got done with a chat that seemed professional but made me feel stupid at the same time. I had a simple question that I couldn't find the answer to in the site. Instead of answering my question the associate just kept repeating what I had already read. Eventually, 'Kate' thought we were done and closed the chat. I tried to go on the chat again and it was 'Kate' that answered and closed it .I would like to use this site, but maybe not.
My experience with trusting or turning to an online loan service is very limited, especially hearing and reading about all the scams and identity theft online. I am totally happy with how the process proceeded and how quickly I was able to secure the loan amount I requested. Would certainly use 36 Month Loans again in the future if needed.
I applied for a loan early afternoon, a few days ago, and lest than seven hours the money was in my bank. It was very easy, and the payments are reasonable. I will recommend the 36 Month Loan site to all of my friends and family.
I was satisfied with the service I received.
I recommend to everyone coz quick and easy approval
This was my fisrt time seeking help from this company and im amazed with the great service i got . Very professiona honest people . And all the money i request was deposit on my cheking acount the next day . To all of your team 36 month loan , thank you so much.
If you are in need of help i would highly reccommend you use 36 months loan as it has been a lifesaver for me.
I needed a little extra cash and after looking at payday loans, which are seriously crazy, I found avant online. I applied and was approved in less than 10 minutes, and the money was in my bank account the next morning. I can't ask for better than that!
We are still in awe as to how fast and easy the process was! We applied online, got an instant preliminary approval and within a couple of hours we got our final approval and contract emailed to us. They wired the money into our account the next day! It was just that easy! I would DEFINATELY recommend them and will do business with them in the future. Thank you!!!!
Needed to put my budget back in order. Searched for some help. Found 36 Month Loans. Applying was quick and easy. Decision was made fast and confidential. Scanned and sent in verifying information and got approved. Thank you. I now have the time and funds to get my budget back right.
The lending process was truly efficient, safe and fast. I got my loan a day after the referral. Thank you 36 Month Loans!
I was sceptical, but 36monthloans.com had me a loan provider and the loan was funded within 2 hours. Highly recommended. They referred me to Avantcredit.com and they were super easy to get approved with.
Thank you for your support; It was so easy to open an account with you, Thank you again for all your help and the personal assistance with customer service team (Steve). Best regards; RICARDO
Easy to apply and very good interest rates.
This company has a fast process and will get you approved in no time. After that process is completed you will receive your money in 1 business day/
I signed up on a Friday afternoon and was paid on Monday. The system was easy to use and provided several options above what I was expecting. Super happy with the service.
The approval came quickly and so did the funds, two days earlier than expected, which was a nice surprise. There have been no glitches or hang-ups so far, it's been easy to get the loan. I have to say the interest is high, partly due to our credit rating, partly due to the type of loan, I understand that. Still, it would be nice if after 6 payments were made in full, or even with a little extra, and made on time, if the interest rate would go down more than just on the principal. A little incentive maybe for people to pay and pay on time? Just a suggestion.
Quick process and very easy to desl with
Your one stop shop for all your personal needs. Great support and easy friendly website. Thanks
when ask could irnew my loan they said what they can do with no problems and what ineeded to get me above my need for help spring leaf company in west Columbia sc in awesome and give themanager and staff a200 percent indosement for their service to me they are very verygenerous in help ing their customers x hats off to mr Richard and asst ms sherie god bless they are agod sent thank you for your having the praise to have them in your company lovv xoxo ms washington
Very helpful, easy, fast.
This is my first time taking out a loan .I am a single mom with 3 kids i dont receive child support and was struggling to pay rent ,catch up on bills and of course my car needed work. I desperately needed money .I went to my bank to ask for a loan and was denied . I found avant 36 month loans online to my surprise I was approved and money in my acct the next day . I would definitely recommend avant I don't know what I would've done with out there help thank you
The experience was quick - from the website to the bank transfer. Thanks!!!
I liked the easy application process, I would tell my friends and co-workers, to apply if they're really in need of a loan.
I want to say this company was very good and would recommend this company to my friends and family. The only thing I would change is your answering service and getting thru. But overall very good
simple, easy to use. no hassle. one word is straightforward
My Agent Heather Lamas was very personable, honest and courteaous. She helped me out a great deal and it was easy to talk with her.
Hey guys I filled out the form and was connected to a great service. To help my bills, so much better then a payday loan....i will refer and use again in my time of need..
I wasn't sure I was going to get a loan because no one has ever wanted to help me a self employed with bad credit women so when I was approved in less then 24 hours I was super excited that they took a chance with me thank you so much
Very good we'll explained and good customer Sevice I score it 10
My experience with Spring Leaf was great. I received the funds I needed in two days. My account representative was AWESOME! THANKS!
My experience with 36months.com web site was well worth the few minutes to apply, and get the approval response. The application process was quick and easy. And within 5 minutes I received the call of my loan approval. If everything in life were this easy, I would have a lot more time to spend enjoying my retirement. Thank you 36months.com!!!!
Being a college kid with barely any credit its hard to get a loan but this made it easy!
Preview and Approved progress took a couple minutes and the money was in my account the next day. This company helped me through my life crisis, I highly recommend them.
Basically I woke up and decided I wanted to pay off all my credit card debts and the ridiculous finance charges I was getting each month. So I went on the 36month loan website and applied online and within 30 minutes I was approved for $7200 and had the money in my account within 24hours. EXCELLENT !!!
The operation was user friendly and the immediate decision was very helpful.