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500FastCash Online Loan Reviews

I had been using their loan service for about 7 years. If I had an issue arise that I needed to get an extension on the timing of when the money was to be taken out of my acct., they had always helped... TILL LAST YEAR! I had an emergency and called 4 days prior to the withdrawal requesting if they could hold off for a week and then do it. I was told that I would have to default and get into collections for them to help me. I asked them why do I have to do that. They claimed that is what needed to be done before they could help me. I informed that a few years back, I didn't have to do that and they just moved the withdrawal out a week. They refused and on the original date for the withdrawal, it bounced causing my bank to charge their fees.

I called 500 that day, and was told that I had to wait for them to get the rejected withdrawal notice then they could help me. The next day, I received ANOTHER bounce fee from my bank. I again called and requested a sup, was told by that person they have not received the rejection as yet, then they could help me. Two days later, I checked with my bank and AGAIN they tried it, and ANOTHER fee was charged to my bank account. I requested the bank to stop them, and they said they couldn't as it was an ACH done online. By then ,I was so ticked. When I called 500, they finally said that yes, it was rejected. And now I owed ALL their fees bringing a 600.00 loan just a little over 1000.00 after the original and the APR and their return fees.

To make it worse, they proceeded to process every week for 3 months. I was happy my bank worked with me their fees. But they had to close me out, leaving 150.00 fee to them, and a report to the Chex till I paid them. All this because something that had been done over the past (like 5 years earlier) was refused with a PROVEN EMERGENCY!

This is a fast loan company and my first authorized withdrawal was for $140 but they withdrew $390. I called right away and 500FC admitted mistake over phone, asked me to fax bank statement showing error and they rectify error within 2 hours. Well it's 2 days later and all I've gotten was the BIG RUN AROUND.

My information isn't good enough form them - first they didn't tell me all the information that my bank statement needed to show (balances, my name and account #) I had pulled it off the web site so my first 2 statments sent in didn't have all of this information - then I went directly to my bank and got the information - and this still wasn't good enough and they were telling me I had to wait four businesses day before their error could be rectified, what a bunch of crap. I have NSF fees now because of their unauthorized taking of too much money.

I borrowed $200 from this company this year and it took forever to pay it off! There were a few times I could not make the payment and tried to get them to work with me to no avail. Non-sufficient funds were added from the bank and 500FastCash making the loan really expensive. I will never do business with them again!

I took another short-term loan out with 500FastCash. I had previously taken out a loan with them. I made timely renewal fee payments, which were outrageous fee, but had no choice and paid them. I took another loan out after paying that one and unexpected events took place. My bank account went into negative and I was upfront with the lender. Still, they continuously ran ACH debits. I tried working out a payment plan but they refused. They were rude and they even threatened me.

Ripoff company. I took a $200 loan from these guys. Not only did I receive only $150, I was charged $45 every 2 weeks with none of that money going towards the loan. After withdrawing $180 from my account this week, they withdrew $45 plus a second withdrawal of $50. They stated that's a "payoff amount." I spoke with a rep and asked her why this was done, and she stated the terms was in an email sent to me. I informed the rep that I received about 5 emails confirming my loan and that was it. This company should be shut down. They are crooks.

On july 2009, I received an email from this two company offering me a loan of $ 400 dollars for each. I agreed to accept the money because it was my daughter sweetsixteen. I thought that it would be a great idea to get the money and start paying every months with feet it would be $520 for each. That it was these company made me believe. The companies started taking $120 from my account on agust 2009 until now. Now they told me that I still have a balance of $520.00 dollars because they were taking out $120 every moths from my acount. They said that I just was paying the feet no the loan. That it made feel so frustrated. Could please help me to address this problem.

I borrowed $500(payback of $650) from them which I understood that I could payback in increments of $150 a pay period. Well, now that I have almost finished paying them, they said my balance is still $650 as I was only paying the finance charges.

I am admitting that I applied for a loan of $100 on line like a dummy. I was desperate. I had no food. I agreed to pay back $125 in 2 payments that would be taken out of my checking account. I only rec $75 but I at least was able to buy food. Yesterday, I learned that $315 was trying to be taken out of my checking account over and over and over. It had occurred several NSF charges. I found out that this was this company. I called them and they said it was advanced Payday loan company which I did not know and I do believe that they are illegal in NC.

I told the lady I was not paying back the $315 and wanted to know why they had given my checking acct number to so many diff companies that had taken money out of my acct. Of course, she would not answer and stated that I could pay back the 150 I owed. This has been turned in on my credit even though it has not been but 3 months in the making it has resulted costing me a lot.

I had made a loan of $250.00 on 12/28/2007. As of 3/14/2008, I have already paid a total of $350.00 and in their website, I still owe $110.00 for the 3/28/2008 pay period. This was not our signed agreement. The agreement was $25 to $30 fee for every $100.00. Please help. I had Chapter 7 discharged in 2006 and I'm just trying my best to build credit again. Thank you very much.