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AAA Community Finance Online Loan Reviews

I enjoyed a great experience with megan the representative shes friendly and very professional .
Very quick and hassle free process. Money was in my account within 24 hours as promised.
My service was excellent! I would recommend this to everyone!
The only issue I have is the interest rates are so high.
Very professional and polite, took time to explain everything.
Interest is very hard for people to pay back I will not be getting another loan with them
Easy , fast process. Kind people.
Was very helpful and changed my whole day for better
They were very quick to review my info and connect me with a loan. I would gladly do business with this company again. The representative i had was very nice, and helped me to get everything submitted in a very timely manner.
Everyone I spoke with was GREAT and very professional Thanks Jill for all your help.
Polite customer service and understood I didn't have a lot of time to be on the phone. She made the process very easy.
Kathy is amazing. Really made an extra effort to meet my needs. Would recommend their services. Thanks guys!
Was more than willing to help me out. I appreciate it.
Very nice experience. Quick and easy application. And quick response.
Great super job
People were very helpful and friendly helped me out of bind when i needed them
I would recommend they are great and fast.
Got money next day was very friendly and helped me or in a tough jam will use them again
Borrowed 300$ needed the money so bad, didn't realize it will cost me 2000$ to pay back. Is this a prank.
AAA was great to work with.
They have been telling me for 2 weeks money will b in my account the next day..still isn't there! They claim to of sent it thru but they have no record of it...still waiting!
596% interest rate??!!! That's illegal.. In state law book maximum is 32%. Unreal!!! Awful place. Shame on them. They have all of my personal information and this is not trustworthy. Why would this be removed? It has valid information. I can attach their loan agreement for proof. You CANNOT charge interest at NO rate of 596!!! That is illegal. Also the service is horrible. You tell them not to debit your account and they do anyway. Valid info here...not a recommended service
Excellent! Great customer Service!
Do not get a !Joan from this company they charge 700 dollar on a 100 dollar loan
Megan was so professional and helpful and the process didn't take long at all.
AAA finance has been there for me when I needed them, they are very thorough in protecting themselves as well as me. Put your trust in them, because when you need them they can be your saving grace.
Quick and easy help in a time of need!!
Good Customer Service skills.. I would definitely pass the word on to someone else.
Helped me when I needed it!
Straight robbery, they pray on the desperate. A $300 loan will cost u about 1,700 or more.
Only loan company I will deal with great and friendly
I was very well please on how the assicates were able to take information and find the right loan amount for me. It was fast and very professional. I am very please with my experience.
lesser amount than expected.
The loan process was exactly fast and easy. Quicker than visiting a loan store and the funds were transfers into my a count the next morning. This was a life saver!
Quick service and friendly
Fast easy...great customer service I would do business with them again Thanks!!!
I ran into stumbling blocks with me loan process and Amanda helped me with the loan and stayed with me and guided me through the loan process on the phone as I had to manually verified and confirmed each step.
Great service, good team of employees
Awesome assistance and there every step of the way.
Simple process, Kristen was very polite and helpful
AAA community finance help me out when I needed them the most. They was there for me when everybody said no.I am grateful for them and yes I will recommend them . I just wanna say thank you for giving me a chance
Easy Process and fast results
Great company to work with. Very flexible and understanding.
Worked with me until the end!!!!
Thank you . it took a total of 45 min or so to get approved . will recommend
The rep was very easy to talk to and she did a very good job with my loan. She was also patient when I was trying to bring up some information on my computer. She was great.
They helped me out a lot......thanks
So far it seems good for a payday loan place.
Process was very easy and customer service excellent
Easy process. Great reps.
They Do as they say and fast and friendly.
Very friendly, professional and fast!
I received one of the best Representatives of any company they were sincere fast acting polite and ready and willing to help as best they could I'm thankful to them
Very easy and fast .customer service was nice
5 stars all the way
They were very nice and helpful. Had the money the next morning
I enjoyed the customer service.Thanks
I had no issues with securing a loan with AAA community finance. They came in when I was in a pinch and help me with my issues and made it very easy to pay off.
My experience was good, just took a while to go through the initial process
Yes! I would recommend AAA Community Finance
I got great customer service
Really appreciate what you did for me.
It was a great pleasure talking to their support staff, they were humble and guided me through all the process. I would recommend them to anyone in my circle.
Great company other than the fact they only apply $0.34 cents to the principle and the rest of your payment to interest after the 1st payment
I really appreciate the fast service. I was in dire need and you saved the day
I would recomend this for short term loans.I am very satisfied.
While I took no pleasure having to use this service, it was safe and relatively easy. The representative I dealt with was outstanding. If your situation requires, I would recommend this service. Please ensure you pay this off rapidly, and accept that this can be a trap.
Great place great people that talk to you and fast response
Olivia was the best!
Excellent customer service and fast and f friendly to talk to and very understanding about situation.... I truly recommends AAA Community Financial to everyone.... I mean to anyone and everyone.... Thank you so for helping mme with my loans... BOON HA KHA
Good service very helpful got my cash with in 1 day
Amazing service and easy to recieve my $$.
At first I was lead that I was approved for a $500 loan. When it was all said and done, it was a loan for $275. That's a pretty big difference in my opinion. Overall, the personnel were friendly and very clear.
I would recommend you.
Horrible horrible company!!!! Made it very very clear , that I needed money Friday. Was called by loan Friday to assure me everything was a go, Told her no money had not been deposited said takes until 12pm. Called at 1130 to find out they put in wrong account #. And sorry but Im now out of luck. Becaise they have to wait for funds to be returned. Which takes 48 hours or more and than I would have to go through the entire process again. Alot of empty sorrys no atempt to fix the issue. Do not do business with this company at 700% interest you would think they could get the most important thing right and when they screw up this bad. Fix it!!!!!!
The service was good it got me in and out real fast
Super easy to work with had my loan in no time at all. Helped.other so much when I needed it most. Better rates than most payday loans. Highly recommend.
Great staff easy to work with
I had great customer service an very polite
This company helped me when no other company didn't. They were very professional about everything. I would like to say , thank you for given me a second chance to build my credit up.
The staff has friendly and helpful however there were some type of phone problems and after 6 calls two messages I never got my answer. My question was simple. My loan was funded on July 6th and payment is set for July 15 my payday thats all.good. however why must I pay for 5 days of interested that I hadn't even had the loan yet????
They were fast and convenient, very friendly and easy to work with! Got my loan right away!
Very helpful..professional..informational....
They wanted to much information a copy of my debit card was not necessary when they have my banking information. I had to send pictures of my online banking as well it’s just to much hassle. The customer service rep was very nice
The people I dealt with were all excellent at customer service
Thank you and god bless you.
Bethany was very helpful and didnt judge me or question my low credit score. Very professional and helpful.
Bery polite and helpful only downfall os all the interest on 150.00 dollars
The people I worked. Were friendly and try to help u out. I would use them again
Quick and everyone was great! I needed money because my car broke down. They were quick and were are able to loan me 300. And yes it was in my account the next morning by 1130.
The agent I worked with was great and she went above and beyond to get my loan processed before the end of the business day because it was a Friday and very close to closing time. The only issues I had were this: the agent did not inform me of when my deposit would happen. I thought it was going to be in my account the next day but it did not go through until Monday. Also, while she was overall thorough and helpful, she did not have a very friendly tone. I am a customer service trainer for an Accounts Receivable department. Part of what I do is teach analysts to use their tone and non-verbals to provide world class customer service. It's not always your words, but it's more how you deliver the message. I would advise that she work a little on her tone and being more personable. Although I would be likely to recommend AAA Community Finance overall, I think that their interest rates are excessive and maybe giving a monthly payment option rather than only the biweekly would be helpful to some clients, like myself.
It was a wonderful help in my time of need.........
thank you the loan helped people owed me and they backed out thank you sharon tucker
They are fast and reliable are there when need
So far everything's working fine everyone has spoken to is being really polite and they helped me out of a bind
The interest rates too high
Your rates are extremely high but I needed the money at the time first and last time but don't have a checking account with a bank
Well, my first representative, Jenae, left me hanging. Told me I could send snap shots of stuff, then she went home. I had to call back, talked to Danielle. She was very nice, & very helpful. But I had to basically redo everything. She worked with me & we got the loan approved & I give her 5 ☆'s.