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I have the Bronze Elite Prepaid Card and they charge you for loading your card even after the place that you loaded it at charge you. But they put down as if someone else has received the money but in reality it is Ace Elite taking the money. I'm shredding my card.

Just harassment, I’m not dumb enough to fall for shady claims. They got my email and said I had received 300 in US Bank. I live in Alaska and don't have a bank account just a pre-pay card. I called US Bank and no records of deposit in my name as I don't have an account with them. They have no legal claim. Make sure you inform your bank of any transactions concerning payday loan companies. You can block them by request, even reset routing no# and notify authorities of fraud.

A law firm representing them is suing me for 700 some odd dollars for a payday loan it says I made with them in 2007 for $300.

In a nutshell how are you going to tell me I was only given a 200 dollar loan based on my credit!! First of all you want to be important and placed with the high rollers in the banking industry but you're not! How are you going to judge me based on my credit as it is a little over 600+ and what makes you think you can run my credit with access to my bank by personal check and... my debit card!! Really!! I'm reporting your illegal operation for even doing a credit check on a payday loan and trust you guys were just a last minute and paying back loan in a few days!!! How dare you!...

As if it wasnt for the many many customers you have... you would be out of business now!! So stop doing hard credit checks and realize that you are not a federal reserve bank!!.. As so many of these payday chop shops have been closed due to their greediness!! I am pissed as you had the audacity to check my credit in order to decide on the amount I should receive!! This is not the last time Ace Cash Express is going to hear from me... I am LIVID!!!

This is the exact email I received from them. If you want to find them, go to this address: Ace Cash Services, 804 W Highland Ave, San Bernardino CA 92405 because I have NEVER heard of these people in my life. I'm about to talk to my bank to get this resolved because they're affecting my credit. - "We are sorry to inform you that we are in the process of filing a case against you as you have ignored our every notification of resolve this matter. This is our last reminder of the payment, if we didn't receive any payment then we have to file this case against your name and you will receive court papers at your doorstep. Contact us immediately through Email or call us on +1 510-629-5094 to make payments in order to freeze down this case."

Got an email today, ACE INC ([email protected]) 8:05 am. Said I owed them money 856.24. Never made a loan with Ace anything. It was a Legal notice. Said I was going to court. They were seizing my bank accounts and credit cards in seven days. 843-558-8300 to call them. I'm afraid to call them. Don't have an account with ACE. Case file **.

They are calling me from a California number **. It's men and women calling me. They have accents that sound as if they are from India. English isn't their first language. They say I filled out information online for a loan. I tell them “I didn't”, then they start calling me ** and other curse words and telling me that yes I did fill out a form online, then they want more information from me so they can complete my loan. I tell them they aren't getting any information and to please stop calling my house. I hang up and they call right back. This goes on all day long. Starts at 7 a.m. and stops after 9 p.m. and it's everyday, Monday through Friday.

I have never heard of this company or borrowed any money before. I wonder how did they get my nomination?

I was being harassed that I owe money for a loan I never took out. After several threats I got my lawyer involved - she couldn't even reach anyone. The number was disconnected and another one went to straight voicemail. Don't give them any MONEY. Help me report these sick lazy people.

I just received 3 emails in the last 2 hours from an Attorney, **, on behalf of Ace Cash Express. These emails were stating my case has been sent to my local authorities, a warrant was activated for my arrest, and my place of employment would be notified. I don't even know who they are. I have never borrowed anything from this company and the company I have been contacting/that is in question will not return my phone calls. I researched this Attorney's name and there is no listing- he does not even exist. This Ace Cash Express is in Austin, Texas, I live in South Carolina. I have tried to call Ace Cash Express and they claim to have no knowledge of these emails, claiming they will investigate and call me back.

Don't deal with this company! David ** and Donald ** are the names given to me. When you call, you speak to a Middle Eastern person that can barely speak understandable English! They claim there is no upfront cost until you give them your bank information. They then tell you that you need to send them money as a show of faith! Our Government should hunt these PUKES down and execute them for trying to take advantage of hardworking AMERICANS! My bank has dropped the hammer on them so I won't be a victim of the scam they are running! Hopefully these PUKES will fall over DEAD and GOD willing it will be a slow and miserable DEATH to all of them!!!!

These people keep emailing me saying I owe them money and I know that I do not. And that I need to call them and resolve this matter. These people need to be stopped. This is getting out of hand with people. I am glad to see though I am not the only one this is happening to. I am not falling for this scam. What can we do about this. Obviously these people have our info and that is not right, is that not a crime. This is getting to be a bunch a BS. Please do something about this people who email and call all the time. Please help us all out.

I acquired a loan from Ace Cash and paid the loan back in full and this was over three years ago. Now I have a group that has managed to get a hold of my online loan accounts that have been paid in full and they have sent me threatening letters telling me to pay off this loan or they have no choice but to take me to court and let my employer and human resource dept. know about this. The threatening letters have continued over six months and they obtained letter head posing as the DA office and now sent another letter and told me to contact them through email with my intentions with no phone number because I called and they didn't answer the phone saying what department they were with. When I told them that I was going to the police with this paper and information the man began to cuss at me and told me to go to the ** police and then I receive another threatening letter with a different person's name on it telling me to respond back to them in the email. They are all of India descent.

I got an email threat saying I was going to be prosecuted & sued for almost $5,000. Who the hell are these people? I never borrowed money from them. Is this a damn joke.

This Company ACE INC that I have never heard sent me an Email on 06/26/2014 stating I owe $856.63 & they want to sue Me. First of All, All of my payday loans are paid in FULL & I owe No Payday Loans but I want them to STOP SENDING ME EMAILS PERIOD.

On December 4th, 2011, I went into Ace Cash Express off 1900 Oates Drive and 635-IH in Mesquite, TX to cash my check. There was a woman named ** there working. From the beginning to the end of my visit, she was acting very rudely towards me. When I first got there, she was handling a customer. When it was finally my turn, I stepped up to the window and I realized she was on the telephone. I didn't want to interrupt the telephone call because I thought she was helping another customer. Then finally, after a couple of minutes of waiting, she looked up at me and said in a rude voice, "What do you need?" I was surprised by the tone in her voice. I told her what I needed done. Instead of helping me, she became very obnoxious treating me like trash. She began yelling at me after I asked her what she said, because I couldn't hear her the first time.

She was an ** woman and I felt like she was being unfair to me because of my race which is **. I have never gotten this kind of treatment from other people in a professional business such as that one. She was in no way helpful towards me. I will not return to that location because of the unfair treatment and disrespect I received while I was there. I hope that you take my comments into consideration and take some action to get her to stop this unfair treatment in the future of dealing with customers.

I submitted an application online and it was approved, so I thought. But when I got to the ACE Express to pick up the cash, there was problem with verifying my bank information. This took place on a Saturday and so I traveled up to the Ace Express nearest to me to get the cash and I am told there is a problem with my loan application. So, I call from the location and speak with a rep over the phone and who hangs up on me after I give my bank info. Then I call back and the next rep tells me it's due to my financial obligations/income and I explain to her I have two part-time jobs that should be enough. I also said I only wanted to get a loan for $200.00.

The rep said I could not do an online showing two incomes if I didn't make over 900.00 with one job. I'm told I can apply at one of the Cash Express locations. I tell the rep I'm at the location. So, we hang up. I speak with the Ace employees and the lady was very nice, but after doing the paperwork and filling out the forms, she tells me I am not approved because of the 2 ACH on my bank account. It's funny I was laid off last year from a job I worked 14 years and would use ACE maybe one or two times throughout the years and I vowed I would never use them again because it is crazy to get a loan for $200 or $300 only to have to pay them almost $100 more on fees. Looking back, I was trying to get a measly $200.00 and gave up all my information only for them to reject my loan. So, did this make me mad?

Yes, it did but I saved $60.00 because they would have charged me the $60.00 fee for a loan of $200.00 which means the loan was only $140.00. The rest was only everyone that takes out a loan with them or any other loan company must know interest is crazy and what they're charging is absurd. I am so glad I get paid on Friday and just think they could have kept me as a loyal customer and earned a profit of $60.00 from the fee they would have charged. This is their loss because I will be telling everyone I know about my ordeal and never use them again.

So I took out a 400.00 Loan and by the time All Their Fees were added I paid back $600.00. These People are Very Unprofessional and Inconsiderate of anyone.

My Advice, Don't EVER use Ace... there are other Companies that are Much better than this LOSER COMPANY.

I was looking into information about payday loans. I was checking my checking account the next morning, and lo and behold, Ace Cash dropped into my checking account a deposit that I never signed for and didn't agree to. I talked to no one about, so I am closing my checking account ASAP and getting a new one right away. I am telling the bank under no circumstances to debit nor credit anything from this company at all, that they are hackers and frauds.

Called to verify the acceptance loan letter. As the person above states you get a middle eastern accented person you can't understand. They tell you you need to give them money to get the loan, "for FIDC insurance." When I stated I couldn't understand him and asked if there might be someone without an accent to speak to he became furious, yelled at me and told me my ability to understand him wasn't his problem! I told him their company was a joke and hung up.

The calls began coming about six months ago. Instantly upon answering the call, they barraged me with threats of "a sheriff's officer coming to my front door at 11:00 AM to handcuff me and take me straight to the judge unless I come up with $300." After acquiring the company name and source of call, whomever is on the other line (who speaks extremely broken English and shouts into the phone) informs me that, that is none of my business and to take it up with the judge. None of my business? Then, further threatens that the "judge" will take my job and any other assets that I have.

Once I actually got "Alex **" to explain to me what the call was about, he sternly, I might add, informs me that I accepted a loan over the Internet and had not paid it back. I asked him when this supposedly happened and instead of giving me a date, he yells, "Oh, you know when." I require further what amount was the supposed loan for. Again, "Oh, you know that." When I convinced him that I do not, suddenly, it goes from $300 to $750. While I have this person on the phone, I am in my banking account online researching any deposit matching these specific amounts from any company.

I received one lump payment sometime during the first week of each month. That is the sole deposit--ever. I went back one year and there had been no such deposit. Upon informing "Alex" of this again, I get yelled at, "Well, you will have to take this up with the judge." When I requested for an actual written proof of said loan and interest thus far attained, I am either hung up on or yelled with further threats.

One last thing, in one of these calls, a "Robin" started out with the usual threats. Then, he began flirting with me. The amount due went from $750 to $400. The,n he asked if he could call me back in 10 minutes. To see this out, I told him yes. Sure enough, he calls back. It is much quieter in the background. He begins to illicit phone sex from me in exchange for what I owe the company and that "he will take care of everything, if only ...." Isn't that against the law? The only consequence so far is putting up with the harassing phone calls and empty threats.

What scares the ** out of me is that these people have my Social Security number. I have told them on numerous occasions that that is incorrect but still--what is this going to do to my credit report?

I purchased a cell from the company Roxi Miblie on 5/31/08 from Ace Cash Express. When I recently tried to activate my cell phone the phone had no battery in the package and I was told the phone has already been activated four months prior to that date. I called the Ace Cash Express because that was the place I received the phone and they told me there was nothing I can do. There were no refunds or replacement phones. I didnt' receive any appropriate service and my money that I lost due to the purchasing that phone.

My son was a cardholder for a few years. Received his SSI payments every month - early which was terrific. We have had several problems with company but none even close to what happened this past May. We traveled to Las Vegas. My wallet was stolen so I took care of a few banking issues on his card. Both transactions from Neiman Marcus. An item I purchased in Beverly Hills was returned to the Las Vegas store to my son's card on my behalf. As soon as the credit came in a block was put on for fraud. Excessive refund. I was asked to fax/email the original proof of purchase along with the return receipt in order to remove the block. In a span of 3 weeks, Neiman Marcus faxed them the transaction history, Wells Fargo bank, and a check cashing place in Las Vegas that represents netspend all sent Duplicate faxes on my behalf to no avail.

I finally called corporate and spoke with a gentleman named ** who promised to find out exactly why I had to wait so long for the block to be removed. He assured me he didn't want to lose my son as a customer and told me he'd get back to me the following day Which was a week ago, Friday. The account has now been closed and a check is being issued in the next 20 days. No apology; no follow up email. just told Netspend would handle. My refund from Neiman's is still earning interest while they hold payment for 20 more days and we had to open a real checking account to accommodate my son's outstanding SSI payment and future payments. Is it at all strange that ** from Ace asked me if I stole the shoes I returned? Apparently his Customers and I quote "A lot of shoplifting fraud is done on these cards". In other words **, you don't trust your clients and disappear when you have no good explanation for a customer over 2+ years.

I recieved a letter in the mail that I took out a 3500.00 loan which I did not. Called them and would not give me info unless I gave them a social security number. Scam. Scam, if I ever seen one.

Applied for an online loan. Got approved but had to pay a fee of $183.00 via Moneypak, 183.00 via Moneypak, 183.00 via Moneypak then given an MTN Western Union number. Went to pick up the funds at the Western Union and the MTN was invalid. Called the Ace agent back and he hung up on us. No loan money and lost $549 dollars. BEWARE OF THESE ONLINE LOANS.

I consolidated my Payday loans (I had 9 of them), and this company refuses to work with them. I have offered to make a small ($20) payment, and he said it was unacceptable and accused me of liking to get money free, and accused me of writing a bad check (it wasn't bad at the time i gave them the unsigned, unwritten check). I closed the account after I consolidated and left them a message.

I even wrote them a letter stating not to call me at work, which he did. He called 3 people at my work, my sister, my mom and harrassed me when I called and told him not to call. It really put a stress on me, considering my job ends at the end of this month, and my husband is up north with my kids and he has yet to find a job.

I am stressed, I can't sleep well, my husband and I get in arguments over it, all when I am trying to make it better. I am totally embarrassed for him calling me at work AND talking with our HR person & my boss.

I had an advance due on 10/21/2011. I was unable to make it into office to pay in cash. They deposited my check and cleared bank on 10/25/2011. I called their office on 10/26/2011. I don't know who I spoke to and told her I had a bank statement showing that the check is cleared. Then I ask her if she could clear me out of system and state database so could rewrite. She told me she could not do that. I told her was a liar and she hung on me.

I called and requested to speak to a manager and she said was not there. I ask for district manager name and number. She said to hold on, then hung up on me again. Then I talked to their customer service number. She apologized and said to send the bank statement where it cleared. She called back, said could not clear out because account was in negative and might bounce. She said call my bank and get proof that it was not going to bounce.

When I called my bank they said the statement I sent said it posted and cleared because overdraft covered it. So I tried calling back on 10/27/2011, and got voicemail left message. I called customer service line again on 10/27/2011 and talked to someone else. She told me I'm paid in their system on 10/23/2011. I told her it is still showing that I owe them money in state database. She told me to take the bank statement to office to clear out of database. I did not take back because on 10/26/2011, the people at Ace said they could not clear me out of database. I am angry since in the database, it is still showing I owe money and no one will take me off. I cannot go anywhere else to get a loan until I get off from the database. They will not give me district manager's info.

I have a pay day loan. I was unable to pay back. The company ACE continues to call my work. They have now left messages for my supervisor. I have all the phone messages recorded including my supervisor's message. I have now had to explain my financial situation with my employer. I continue to get harassing and threatening phone calls at work. I am not only humiliated and embarrassed but I'm a nervous wreck, finding it difficult to control my shaking and having serious stomach issues due to the threatening phone calls.

Applied for loan. Got approved. The company informed me my payments would be 254.00 and these leeches withdrew 500.00 dollars!!! Upset and pissed, I called to fix the discrepancy and they said due to interest and hidden fees I will be paying 5 payments of 500.00 on a 1250 dollar loan. HELL NAWL. HIGHWAY ROBBERY RUN. CROOKS. DON'T EVER DO IT!!!

Ace Cashed a Check from Someone that Perpetrated a Fraud on Us: We were taken by a young woman selling magazines for wounded warriors. She had all the details and was very professional, said she lived in the neighborhood. Against my better judgment, I bought the magazines for an air force base in Germany. She also said that it was a promotion to support the Atlanta Rollergirls. After she left, I checked out the Atlanta Rollergirls and the first thing on the site was a warning about her with her alias and that they were not affiliated in any way. I immediately stopped payment on the check and called the Cobb Police.

She cashed it at an Ace Cash Express a few days later and they now have a collection agency dunning me. They were rude and nasty when they called me and said I needed a police report. I had already called in it but there was nothing that the police could do. I had to go to the Cobb County Police HQ and make a formal report and finally got it in the mail (needless to say, they are so busy because of people like this). I mailed it into the collection agency and they say I still owe the money. Too much time spent on this! Ace is the one who got stung, not me!

Accused for intent closing of bank account from 2015. Never had this occur in life! It is now 2018. No documents received pertaining civil action!! Asked for direct information, and received nothing until I mentioned speaking with my lawyer! Inquired about other alternatives to get matters resolved, very nasty demeanor. Was told must pay today on the spot in regards of preventing civil action. The news were alarming being, proper steps making certain parties receive proper literature. Ace Cash is fraud fraud fraud. Stay away. Get your lawyer involved.

Do not give these people your information. They ask for all your bank information as well as login and password to your online banking account which I was very hesitant to give but the representative assured me the information was only to verify my account. After asking for a second access code I asked to speak with a manager and someone I could understand better (he had a strong accent. His name is Alex). The representative stated I was rude and that he was the manager and he would not approve my loan and then proceeded to threaten to share my bank information online and hung up the phone. Very unprofessional! Scam!!! Stay away from these crooks!!

Unauthorized money of $350 was put in my account without my knowledge. We did not understand until overdrafts from our bank appeared. We immediately went to the bank. There were several businesses--Ace Cash Services, Advantage Cash services, Direct benefits, and others MCQ. We are on a small pension and know what is going in and out because we check daily. The bank had to tell us who it was and they found at that time it was Ace Cash or Advantage. They gave me the number and I stated, "Never would I sign a term that is $105.00 every two weeks for 30%." I walked away from such a scam.

I am an economist--it did me good when dealing with criminals. In order to get information, I gave them information my Social, my phone, and my routing number. They target the ones that they believe are indigent or desperate. I own my home (no mortgage) so I was looking for a larger loan but not with these scammers. I left the site but they have all my information. Yes I was stupid but my wife is ill and though we have insurance, it still costs us hundreds of dollars every month for medicine.

So anyone can find themselves desperate but never did I sign, receive forms, or electronically give my permission to give me money. I have alerted the media, state attorney office, the FBI, federal trade commission, an attorney, local sheriff in hopes to destroy the crooks who steal from one's private accounts. These are not loan companies; they are sharks. Please do not let desperation motivate you to even inquire. Never give out information. Also, alert your credit reports to the scam and Social Security.

I realize that in our economic times, this makes us all vulnerable. But do not let fear cloud your judgement like I did by giving out information just to get information. You can walk away but they have all your information. They sell it to others. I intend to fight! I suggest you do the same. If you need help, I would be glad to help you. Maybe a class action suit would put them out of business.

This person, Charlie, calls and says that I took out a payday loan through Ace Cash Express. I never heard of this place and never took out this loan either. They need to stop calling me on this, and by the way, they also called me on a payday loan for advance payday loan, and I didn't do that one either. This all must be a scam! Quit calling or I will be forced to call the police on them, just like they threatened me!

First off, they asked him where he got the check. I guess if you send back phone cards you didn't need from Christmas you're targeted. Sprint issued the check. He called sprint in front of them and they were very rude. The Mexican chic asked him was he talking to someone that was pretending to be a sprint. My son's not a liar. But they racial profiled him. We took the same check over to Bank of America. And they said the check is real!. That she obviously don't know what number to use. That they would have cashed it. Now my son has to call Sprint. And get another one issue. Military people keep your kids away! Don't go to the one on rancher... Never again. It's a shame hard working people gonna put up with these type of idiots.

This card is a major ripoff. I was fine dealing with the fees, but when they sent me my new card in the mail with name on it, my funds didn't transfer from the old card. Customer service didn't any info on the old card, they say it was no longer in their system. Then my direct deposit came through at one time one week and has not come through yet, and my job distributed the funds the exact same time. Customer service is limited, they are outsourced, they are in Central America, and do not fully understand English. I do not recommend this card to anyone. BEWARE!!!!!

I took a loan out, explained to the lady I would be out of town when the first payment was due. She told me I could come in 2 weeks before the first payment was due. So I did that day I was told my loan was paid in full. We all knew there was a mistake made. She told me she would call me. I stop in again - once again I was told it was paid in full; I didn't have a loan there. I go on vacation, get home & get multiple calls from Ace collections. I spoke to a lady, went made a payment. Not only made a payment 2 days before I said I would but gave more than I said. Only to have 3 more collectors call me. I call to talk to someone about this being their mistake & no luck - just a huge runaround. I took the loan to help my credit, instead it's made things worse. I'm so glad I always had an eye-witness with me the entire time.

I do not owe any payday loans. Have proof from bank, better business bureau and loan companies. Every couple of weeks I get an email telling me I am going to be charged through the court with a warrant. Ace send e-mail saying they are from the prosecutors office.

My loan is not due until December 13th. Since December 6th, I have received 3 calls and 4 emails about my payment being due. I can understand sending an email to remind me that my payment due date is coming up, but to call me every day a week before it's due?!? Not to mention I am paying $145 in interest. This place is a joke. I will never use them again.

First of all I never nor applied for a loan from ACE, but received the following as if I had gotten a cash loan from them. Needless to say I had not even ever heard about ACE Cash.

For all of you that haven't noticed, Ace Cash Express is a hard money lender. Most of the complaints are by people that have defaulted on a loan. Now when you don't pay, do you think the collections department is going to call you up, ask about the kids and when's your next vacation? No. Don't think so. Do think they're just going to say, "Oh yeah, pay whenever." No. Ace would be out of business. There's one person on here saying they were getting harassed at work. Guarantee if this person had the decency to set up payment arrangements or at least communicate with the collections department, they would not be getting calls at work. Duh! People must have half a brain to get on here and complain pretty much about them not paying there bills.

It's like you feel entitled to it. No, you're not. Quit your complaining, act like adults and pay your bills. You're embarrassing yourselves. To the guy that used to work for the company, It's 2 cards a day, not 3. You're right, you don't get a lunch break. You get a paid lunch! You knew before starting that you were going to have to work in there and not being able to leave for 10, 11 or 12 hours. It's not a hard job. Period.

So, two years ago I filled out an application for a PAYDAY loan. IMMEDIATELY before I barely got finished, my phone started ringing from other PAYDAY loan vendors. I told them they weren't needed. I received the loan from the vendor I wanted. Ace Cash EXPRESS. I CHOSE to pick up from their store. About 3 days later I check my account and I have and Ach deposit of $200.00. I called my bank and after some investigation they found out the company and RETURNED the funds.

About a year ago, I started getting emails from ACE CASH SERVICES, stating I had a loan repayment for $900.00 with fees. I INFORMED them I have NEVER NOT REPAID A LOAN. Anyway, after getting these emails periodically, I called Ace Cash Express and inquired if I owed them any money and told them about the emails. THEY said it's a SCAM do not pay them anything. That was 3 months ago.

Well yesterday I received another stating much the same as I have read from the other complaints here. I looked up ACS to see they are different from ACE CASH EXPRESS and Good Golly Miss Molly- they ARE!! Please read the BBB's review especially the last part where they went to locate this "company". They believe it is a TRIBE loan- Miami TRIBE. BOTTOM line: what they are doing is most likely ILLEGAL in all states. CALL Your STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE. DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY!! REPORT THEM!! AND TELL YOUR BANK YOU DO NOT AUTHORIZE ANY ACH PAYMENTS TO ACS or anybody if you don't have any other ACH payments for other vendors. ON A POSITIVE NOTE-- ACE CASH EXPRESS IS LEGAL AND THEY WERE ALWAYS FRIENDLY TO ME!

I unfortunately took a loan from them as I was in need to take care of my medical bills. I owe them $350 and now they are asking for $600.

I applied for loans using my NetSpend card who is partners with Ace and affiliated with MetaBank. The responses I received back were negative. Most of the loan companies do not do business with MetaBank because the bank has been blacklisted. But I finally got a loan through PepperCash using my NetSpend card for $300.00 and just paid them off two weeks ago in good standards. A week after paying them off, I've received phone calls and emails from PepperCash saying I could apply for another loan. I did and I was approved for $900.00. After going over my info to make sure everything was still the same, I was denied. I was like what? Okay, thanks and then hung up.

Puzzled about being denied, I picked the phone back up and called PepperCash back to ask why. The nice gentleman went back over my info again, he asked me if my bank info was still the same and I said yes, so we went over the route and account number together but he couldn't understand why I was being rejected so he put me on hold and when he came back to the phone, he told me that their company is no longer doing business with MetaBank. I was like wow, I need to get rid of this damn card!

So, I applied online through Ace Cash Express who is affiliated with MetaBank and partners with NetSpend. I filled out the info on the application, submitted and the response was denied, because Customer's bank is on a restricted banking list, **! I then call Ace Corporate. I asked an employee how can Ace be affiliated with a bank that they don't even give loans to. The employee could not answer. So Ace Cash Express if you are reading this, please answer this question: How can you be partners with NetSpend, which you proudly say that you are partners with but blacklist the bank they represent?

Well. I had took out a loan and I wasn't able pay whole amount due. So I tried make arrangements. They told me to pay them and than come in store, take out another one. I didn't want to take out another loan. They sent it to corporate and they started harassing me and calling my job threatening to garnish my check, which they can't do. I tried set up an arrangement but Ms. J won't accept and she has a nasty disposition. I just want to pay every time I get paid and want them to stop harassing me. I hope they get closed down.

Please help to either get these people out of business or change their policies. Right now they have the following policies (8 reasons why you should leave these ** alone now and get your money):

1. They charge every time you use your card.
2. They charge every time at the bank to withdraw.
3. They charge every time there is an electronic bill pay charge.
4. If you lose your card, you cannot use any legal identification in person at any branch to withdraw your money.
5. If you lose your card, you lose complete access to all your funds for 7 to 10 days unless you pay more money and open another card; then you have to call and have funds transferred from the account with the lost card to the new account you setup and pay another fee for the transfer.
6. When you transfer funds from a lost card to a newly setup account, you have to answer a list of identity verification generated questions which are sometimes off the top unanswerable and you might not have a clue as to where they pull these questions from. You'll sit without your money.
7. They say they give rewards and incentives. They eat your money up all the time for every little move you make with the card and you get nothing back, I mean nothing! There are no incentives on how to get your money back at all!!!! No cash backs, nothing.

8. Customer service is terrible. Most of the time, they screw you up to the point where you end up having to visit the branch and/or cannot do anything for you. You're better off doing what you need to do online and for all else you're just screwed. Oh by the way, one last thing, the branches can't do anything but charge you fees to withdraw and send money. All they do is collect, collect, collect. The branches cannot solve 90 % of the issues that come!

I was emailed a loan approval letter and responded. The same people from India as the ones from Advance Cash. I called and listened to what they had to say and it was the same thing. I would need to show proof that I could pay the 1st months payment. I thought that is what a pay check stub should prove. I told them I would think about it and they say they would place my file on hold. After doing some research and reading other reviews, I knew this was a scam. They called me today and asked me about the loan. I told them I was no longer interested, they asked why. I told them they are using legitimate company names and they were a fraud. Told them I have contacted the FBI and BBB.

He told me he was the FBI and everything else and because they place a hold on my file, it would cost me $50. I told him I don't think so. Then he proceeded to tell me he would debit my account. I did not sign anything or authorize any money to be drafted from my account. Obviously I don't have any money if I'm needing to get a loan. There has to be a way to stop this. I feel so bad for the people who actually gave them money. This is really giving the legitimate loan companies a bad name. I have gotten payday loans from Ace Cash Express in the past. What makes this so bad is that they have your personal information so they must be getting it from other loan companies. Ace should be able to stop them from using their name. Something really needs to be done about this!

I paid my loan off on December 6, 2010. Final payment was scheduled for Dec. 10, 2010. Rude worker (Gwen) charged me $1203.83 as the pay-off balance. I asked why I was not paying $1000 (my loan request) since I was paying my loan off early. Her comment was that I have had the loan since October. This is true. But, I have been paying the interest each payday. So what if I've had the loan since October. I was told I had 5 paydays before final payment (I wasn't given a contract at signing. Gwen said I didn't need one.). Aside from this, she is extremely rude, condescending, and acts as though she does not want to be there. Well, she needs to quit if she hates her job that much.

The first day I went there, I overheard her and another worker talking about a young man who had come back for another loan. Well, I thought that was the way your company works. You pay the loan in full after so many weeks; then, you can request another loan. I did not find it funny the way she and her co-worker did. Sorry I got sidetracked, but I still want to know why I was charged an extra $203.83 when I made my final payment on December 6, 2010 (four whole days before due date). I do not plan to ever go back to that location. Gwen's attitude, the extremely long lines, and their lack of supplies (several times I had to make my payments several days later because they had no paperwork to accept loan interest payments) are all reasons I will never go back to that location again.

I have been contacted and harassed by Ace Collection agencies threatening me to garnish my wages and to suspend my driver's license until I pay the $600 debt. I told them that I would make payment arrangements because I had fallen into hard times and she said that they did not want me to make payments. They would need me to pay it all in full and that I was being sent to court for fraud for closing my bank account on a check charge telling me that I did it intentionally closing my bank account... that I could be facing charges and jail time for fraud. They have taken this whole thing way overboard. They are the ones who need charges filed against them for harassment and being very unprofessional. How am I supposed to retain an attorney when I can't even afford to pay them back at this time? They need actions to be taken against them for overcharging and being unfair and unprofessional. I guess filing for bankruptcy is the only way to go with this horrible situation.

I got an email in my spam folder about a lawsuit stating that my husband and I got a payday loan from this company. We do not have a checking account that we could apply for a cash advance. I am not sure if this is just a scam or if someone is using our prepaid debit card to get us into trouble. In the email it says that they are going to sue us and possibly have us arrested for committing fraud. I do not know what to do about this email. I need some answers to find out what to do.

I was told I had got the loan. All I had to pay was 223.00 to make sure I can make first payment. Then after sending the money they told I had pay a fee for transferring the loan from their bank to my bank. So I sent them 198.00 for banking fee but the money was supposed to be deposited that Friday morning but the guy said they try 3 time to deposit the money into my account but it keep declined. So I call my bank and they told me there was no money deposit or attempt to be deposit. So I call them back and guy told I would have to send 245.00 western union to received the loan. I didn't send it because I think it's a scam. I just want my money back.

I proceeded to take out an online payday loan. A man by the name of Edward ** told me I qualified for a loan of 2000.00. My first initial reaction was I never put in an application for a payday loan with them. Now they're calling me about one but I brushed it off and proceeded to talk with this man so he told me I had to make a deposit of 146.00 on a green dot money pack to receive the 2000.00. So I proceeded to put the money on the card and he took the numbers and now I don't have my 146.00 or the 2000.00 and now this man claims that I have to buy another card for the same amount and I will receive the money. But something doesn't seem right to me now because I did what I was supposed to on my end and now I'm not getting my delivery on what I was promised.

After standing in line behind one person for over 15 minutes or more, I presented my payroll check to be cashed on a Saturday just before 4:00 pm. The first question I was asked was, "Why did you wait so late?" which I thought was odd -- the reason was because my check was delivered by mail at about 3:30 pm -- but what the heck, it's not like they were closing soon.

I have cashed several checks there before, issued by the same company I work for, and sometimes need access to the money after banking hours, and that is what is great about cash checking places. The person behind the counter make me go through all the stuff, signing the back of the check of course, and putting my thumbprint on the check. After much talk back and forth, about her needing to call someone at the company to verify the check is good -- which the only option I had was to call the manager on her day off to verify this. Since I could not get her number from 411 she said she could not cash it. I could see on the computer screen the long list of previous checks I have cashed there and just can't understand why this one is such a problem. It was even less than others.

So here is the worst part. I requested my check and Drivers License back and she REFUSED! She said she had to get permission to give it back to me. If I had not forgotten my phone I may have called the police at that point because now I was really stuck because she wouldn't cash or give it back. This took an hour! She did finally give the check back to me, but would not give me the copies of my ID or checks back that she made -- which, since we didn't do business, I believe Ace has no right to have those records.

The thing is, this was the second time I had such problems and had to go down the street to Amscot who charges more, but are very efficient and give Tootsie Rolls while we wait. Other times where I did successfully get a check cashed, it always takes sooooo long for them to make calls to get an "RA" number from someone on the phone if it is over that particular employee's limit of what they can decide to cash themselves.

I have a person I sometimes pay by check to help me with work. He uses Ace check cashing and they ALWAYS approve my checks. I write to him and tell him they never have a problem with me. It's nice. They will cash a check I write -- but they won't cash a check I earned. There was also a lady at the next window having the same problem and I overheard that the amount of her check was less than $500.00.

If you want a check cashed and don't feel like hanging around a small building with just two folding chairs for anyone waiting -- don't go to the Ace on Ridgewood Ave. in Daytona Beach, FL. Amscot is just up ISP at Nova. I am sad to have to write this because there is a ** that works there that can seem to get checks cashed. If she is not there, forget it. Don't they make money cashing checks? How can they be so inconsistent? I'm just so angry.

I am using a previous commenters statement because they did the exact same thing to me - 700.00 total. "This company is unbelievable. They said that I was approved for an 8k loan. In speaking with them that they requested for me to send the first payment to them so that I could prove that I could make the payments. Then it was to send money for FedEx delivery - 2 times. First time they screwed up the city and zip code and said that I had to pay once again. Too much money to pay to get a loan from this company. Now they have my money and I have more debt and they promised that the money would be repaid and I would also receive the loan."

All of India descent with names like Donald ** and Erick ** calling from Kansas 785-340-9004. They provide a very legitimate looking loan contract... GET THESE GUYS PLEASE!!!

I have sent my information 12 times, and they said you can't activate my card. I have tried everything possible, and I am very upset I have bills to pay. Is there any way I can get my money now!

I received the same message that they are going to take me to court for $300.00, and I better pay up or my Social Security and other BS will be notified. These people are scammers. I never borrowed any money from these people, and I am still waiting for them to come get me. I just keep putting their letter into my spam file.

I was online looking for a short term loan just to get me through 2 weeks, it was against my better judgement but I did not want to ask to borrow anything from family or friends. I am well aware that these places prey on the weak and downtrodden and those that are down on their luck, but what the heck, I tried it anyway. After going to certain places that told me I was "approved" when I gave them the information, all it did was send me to some other site to fill out more information.

Anyway, I received an e-mail from Ace cash express in a pdf file, parts of it looked legit, but there was something about it that looked copied. I called this gonad on the form and he identified himself as "Darren." Well he sounded nothing like a "Darren" - he sounded more like a foreigner that was paid to handle calls. He told me I was approved for 5000 at an 8.75% interest rate and could pay back over 3 years, this was too good to be true, no one gives that kind of money away to someone with a credit score of 615. I asked him what was the catch and he said I had to send them 1000, he would deposit it in my account, then I was to send it back to them, then they would be clear to send me the 5000. Well, I did not fall for it... First people, no one ever charges you to take out a loan, at least not up front, you pay that in the loan. If someone sends you one of these letters report them. I hope they lock all those ** up.

We have an installment loan with ACE. We had an emergency and were unable to make a payment. I called them ahead of time and was told that if the ACH didn't go through that they would just add that payment to the end of the note. Six days after the next payment was due, we received an email thanking us for our payment. It was for the full amount of the note. We called the bank and it had not been sent to them for payment. We do not have the full amount and were expecting a regular payment, not the full note. The bank is going to stop all payments to ACE. We have tried to call ACE and have never gotten an answer. We also have received no calls from them. Apparently, we were lied to by the man on the phone and they are wanting payment in full instead of adding missed one to the end as we were told. Live and learn. We will pay them off as soon as we can and will never use them again. We knew they were a high interest loan, but never thought they were liars. Again, live and learn.

I was a loyal customer of ACE for about 3 years. It just so happens that they stopped doing pay day loans in Washington, DC. Needless to say I was quite surprised when I received an email supposedly from them today saying I was approved for a loan. That was the 1st red flag. The 2nd was that the email address was [email protected]. A legitimate company will have no need for a gmail address unless it is just starting out.

I immediately pulled up the real ACE website, got the President's email address and forwarded the fraudulent email to the President. Whatever I can do to help stop the scamming crooks, I am so going to do! Also, while I was in the middle of writing this, a call came in from the number in the email. It will be interesting to see what kind of message they have left me as I did email them back saying I had forwarded their scam letter to ACE's President. Beware folks and let's take these scammers down!!!

I took out a payday loan from this company. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have become delinquent on the payments. Today I received a phone call from this number that they had a check drawn on my bank account for $246.00 that had been returned by my bank. I never wrote such a check, and my bank assures me that no check in that amount has been presented for payment or returned by my bank. These people are calling my relatives and friends regarding this matter in flagrant disregard of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I expect to be able to clear the matter up within ten days, I have just had enough illegal harassment from these people.

I am dealing with fallout from a payday loan with Ace Cash Express. I took out the loan on 07/15/08 to cover expenses; I had done the procedure a few times before with no incident. As I was completing the transaction and signing the paperwork I noticed the Associate had put the payback date of 07/30/08. I mentioned this to her and asked if she needed to change the info because I was not going to be paid until 07/31/08. She said this would not be an issue and that I could just call on the 30th and request an extension and everything would be fine.

As one can guess, it was not fine, nor ok. I received a call the day before the due date of 07/30/08. I spoke with a woman, told her I would be in on the 31st and considered the matter closed. On the 30th I received another courtesy call and again I told the lady I would be in on the 31st to make a payment. On the afternoon of 07/31/08, I went to pay on the loan. I discovered they had processed the check to be debited on my account. You can imagine how unhappy I was at this. I had intended on paying half the amount back, then paying the remainder on my next pay date which I did not think would be a problem – considering Ace will allow you to pay the interest on the loan, plus an additional amount about 3 times in essence extending the loan over 4 of your pay periods, and on the 4th time, you have to pay the remaining balance- (as I said I have done this a few times). After quite a few phone calls to Corporate, the General Manager, and the Area Manager explaining what had happened, I was basically told too bad. It seems that in the time I had taken out my loan on July 15th, they had partnered with another underwriter of their loans and the new company did not allow extensions. So their argument was, I should not have signed a legal binding document if the information was incorrect (believe me in the future if there is the slightest typo on something I will not sign, I don’t care if it is an extra period). I was then told I could wait 10 days and take out another loan, or I could make a payment for the full amount of the default loan and they would approve me for another loan. Of Course, since I could not wait the 10 days because I had other bill payments that would be posting to my account, and I knew this would seriously overdraft my account if they took the full amount. I paid the full amount and took out another loan. I then went to my bank and made the deposit and asked them to decline payment for the check Ace had submitted I thought everything was taken care of and I should have been FINE. Again, there was that word FINE. Anyway, the next morning I went to a local grocery store to make a purchase, but my check card was declined. Upon checking with my bank I learned my account was seriously overdrawn. It turns out the check Ace had submitted was electronic, so there was no way to decline the payment in the traditional sense that one would with a paper check. I ended up having to contact the bank and report the charge as unauthorized. The bank credited me and I thought everything would be FINE. I neglected to take into account that the bank had returned a few checks and it turns out the companies I wrote the checks to, were not pleased with them being returned unpaid. So began the charge backs from other companies to my account, and my account was once again overdrawn. This in it self caused a problem, because it means that when the pay back date for the loan I had taken out became due, which was 08/15/08, I had no money left to pay back the loan. I spoke with an Associate in the store, (it was the same lady who had processed my original loan) and she offered to put me on a payment plan. I made payments the best I could, but I had fallen into a serious debt situation with what had occurred. I did not pay anything on the loan for the month of October. On our around Oct 30th, I received a call from an Associate at the corporate office stating the full amount was due. I told the Associate I could not pay out the balance but I could try to make a payment on the account around Nov 15th, she told me that was not good enough. I explained to her what had happened, and again told her I would try to make a payment on 11/15/08, and that pretty much ended the phone conversation. When the time arrived I had nothing left to pay Ace nor did I have enough left to pay on November 30th. It was on 12/05/08, I received a call at work form another Associate. He told me I had until 3 pm to make arrangements with them to pay the full amount or he would proceed with filing some sort of case. He then proceeded to tell me he would call my boss and this could become embarrassing for me if I did not agree to pay the full amount. I told him I could not make any sort of real payment at most it would be about, $50 to $100 dollars, but that would not be until Dec 15th. He then told me I could always pay off the amount and take out the loan again; I laughed and told him it would be a very cold day. The Associate continued on about how this could turn out bad for me and that I was refusing to pay. I then explained to him what had occurred, he brushed this off and again told me I had until 3 pm to make some sort of arrangement and the call ended. About 5 minutes later my boss came into my office stating he had received a call. Turns out it was the Associate who had contacted me (I will just call him Bill). It seems that Bill did call my boss, but Bill could not divulge why he was calling. My boss told me he had received a call from Bill and that Bill had told my boss, that I needed to contact him regarding an issue, and he gave my boss a case number. At that point, I lost all the composure I had. I called Bill and reminded him that I live in TX and not to call my place of employment again (in TX debt collector cannot call your place of employment once you ask them not to. There is a bit more to it, but I will not go into that now) and that if he thought his little stunt was going to embarrass me he was sadly mistaken. I then told Bill he could proceed with whatever he had planed. I work closely with my company’s Accounting Department, so I know basically what can and cannot be done. I know that Ace Cash Express can file a civil suit against me, and I know I will have to deal with that when or if it happens. But, I refuse to be bullied by someone who made the mistake that cost me so much financially. I am sure I could argue the point that they breached the original contract and pursue other avenues, but I will not. When I finish with the other legal matter I am dealing with, which is the reason I took out the loan; I will pay Ace and go on with my life, with a serious lesson learned. I just want to say to anyone if you do not have to deal with Ace Cash Express, please do not.

These people have called my job and left messages for my manager with a case number. They no longer call my work phone, but they called a different department at work, wanting to speak to my manager and saying I am doing fraud with my work computer because I have not been able to pay what I owe them. They did not have my new phone number. I don't know how they got it, but I received a call from case manager Henderson saying I should call her before 3:00 pm Pacific time or else she was going to move forward.

I kept receiving phone calls from this guy name Justin ** from "Ace cash express", so I finally answered, which is odd because he was the only person answering the phone and kept calling. Told me I was approved for 50000.00 dollars loan, never received no documents, but told me I had to pay $170.00 fee as my first month payment. He also told me since he couldn't withdraw the money from my account I had to go the nearest convenient store and purchase a money pack card. After that he told me for some reason they couldn't get in, something about a Swiss code? Then after that, he told me since the bank tried 4 attempts I needed to pay an additional 225.00 dollars penalty fee, and of course I did it. Once that was done, I was on hold for about 10-15 mins and he told me that the funds should be in my account in 30 mins. Of course nothing pending, no funds deposited. I called Justin at that same number and left a message.

2 hours later I talk to some senior lead officer who was very rude and said, "well there was an issue with your account and we can fix that with an additional $225.00", and I told him, "where was I suppose to get this money from, if that was the case I didn't need this loan"? He was very rude and nasty to me, and I told him this was utterly **, and I hung up the phone. The funny part of all this, I received an email saying how they regret for not giving me this loan. I was assessed out $495.00, of money I did not have. I needed money for school, bills, and mortgage. Till this day I am still getting phone calls from them. I should have went with my gut when he told me that he couldn't withdraw the money from my account. Afterwards, I called my bank and they told me my account was fine and they couldn't tell if anyone was tampering with it. I told him what my bank said and he literally started yelling at me. In result, never pay for anything to get something, and always listen to your gut because people are out here scamming people and I too was one of those people, especially when you're desperate and you're not thinking. They magically appear and screw you over, so people please be careful.

I received an email from ACS Inc. stating that I owe them almost $1150. I have never even heard of this company. They were saying they are taking me to court and that I have committed fraud. The email has several spelling and grammatical errors and no contact information was provided. Please be advised that this company seems to be scamming people. The email also states that I will be receiving court documents at my job and also at my residence. I have read other reviews of people receiving the same type of emails. I got a little worried at first but then when I realized there were an abundance of spelling errors I didn't take that email seriously.

I keep receiving calls from a Lucas at 830-202-2066 who states he is calling from a legal notice delivery service and that he has been trying to deliver legal documents from Los Angeles County Courthouse to my residence and needs to reschedule a time to deliver them or he will have to take action and deliver them to my place of work. When I asked what this was pertaining to he said he could not disclose what the notice was about but could transfer me to the paralegal that had sent the notice. He put me on a brief hold so he could call the paralegal and then told me he was transferring me to him.

I also wanted to know why he was calling my phone and relatives phones and leaving a threatening and rude message and he stated that this was a legal matter that I brought on myself and that I was going to be served a notice and that if I did not want my place of employment and Supervisor to know I was a criminal I need to take care of this matter today. I told him the number he was calling me from is listed as a scam number and that I was going to report him, he said I am transferring you now and hung up on me or transferred me quickly to a man that would not give me his name but stated he was the paralegal representing the attorney for ACE Cash Express and told me they are no longer disputing the online loan that was not paid back but that that they are willing to settle out of court for a one time payment of 2800 dollars.

I asked for the information and he said they have my bank acct number the money was deposited to and that 4 payments were made and then insufficient funds notice was given to the company. He said "the company is stating that you were given the money and are in breach of the contract and this is not fraud because who takes the money into their account and makes four payments and then has insufficient funds to repay the loan". I told him "I never took a loan with Ace Cash and disputed the deposit and the payments with my bank and they reported them as fraud and I was sent a letter from my bank and I have it and can fax it to you and I want a copy of the contract agreement and a copy of the application". He said I would have to take it up with the court. I asked for more information and he became rude and after asking for his name about ten times and never got he hung up.

I feel that they are giving me false information about taking me to court and I feel threatened by this. Anyone else have this happen to them and if so, what did you do about it? I refused to give him my information and my bank information. I have documents and letters from my bank about this fraudulent loan deposited into my account. My bank closed this account due to the fraud activities and it was investigated and I was found to not be liable for this activity and one other online loan that was fraudulently put in my name. He did not care and was very rude and would not listen to what I was telling him. He did not care that I had proof and documents to back my end up.

I filed online for a payday loan. I received several calls from Ace Cash Express stating that I was already approved for a loan. However they request that you deposit the payment amount on to a Green Dot card for verification that you can make a payment. As per Kelly, the money would not be taken from the Green Dot card and I would be able to transfer the money from the Green Dot card back onto my card once the verification process was complete. I called back later to verify that this was the exact process Kelly agreed yes the deposit is only for proof that you can make a payment as you can choose to have the deposit remain on the Green Dot card or they would definitely refund you the money along with the loan.

After applying the money to the Green Dot card I was asked to hold the line as the process would take 30 minutes. I was on the line well over an hour which includes the two drop calls after they had receive my information. Supposedly, while they transfer the money into my account. Only to find out that they give you another number to call which then required that I deposit $385.00 on another Green Dot Card for loan insurance purposes. When I indicated that I would be filing a report they ask what they do to help assist in the matter. However, the resolve was that if I didn't give them the $385.00 insurance money up front on another Green Dot card, I would forfeit the initial deposit and lose my money as the initial deposit was now being called a processing fee. They claimed that they needed that money to verify whether I would be eligible for the loan and the bank needed this money for verification and processing fees.

When I inquired why this information was not disclosed in the initial phone call they stated that they were the lenders and Ace Cash Express just collects the information and are unaware of how the process is completed and their other customers were all repeat customers who were aware of this process. After calling Ace back they stated that they were unaware of these fees and they would check with their finance department and call me right back. After calling them back again as they promised to call me back they stated that I needed to pay this insurance money first and that I was welcome to call the Better Business Bureau as they have done nothing wrong. The now pleasant customer service reps yelling and over talking me as if I were in the wrong for not wanting to pay an additional $385.00. They also stated that they would fire Kelly who was a new person for misleading me by stating on the recorded line that the initial verification deposit could remain on the Green Dot card.

15 minutes later I received a call from Green Dot asking whether I had received my loan via the wire transfer and if not then I would be receiving it by the next business day. He too claimed to be unaware of the $385.00 insurance deposit. The initial deposit was never at any time called a processing fee and I was assured that I would not have to pay anything. I have now filed a police report and will be consulting with my lawyer as Green Dot states that this is definitely a scam where this company uses Green Dot cards which are not traceable to the consumer and by the time you receive the information from Green Dot's investigation the company has already taken your money as soon as you give the access for verification and your money is in essence gone at that point.

Green Dot is not liable nor can they promise that once the investigation is complete that they can refund or retrieve any of your money as Ace moves the funds to another account leaving the account that your money was wired to a ZERO balance. I don't know about other states as some of these reviews state that they can walk into an Ace Cash Express and get a paper check but I verified with the locations closest to me and they stated that they do not offer loans of any kind in the state of Pennsylvania, all transactions must be done online. This is a scam. If anyone has actually receive their money then your were lucky. To anyone in Pennsylvania do not waste your time or lose your money.

Im so angry because I just read someone had the exact problem I did. They said I was approved for a $3000 loan, but I need to put $175 on a prepay card (GreenDot). I stupidly did this even though I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I asked many questions, the main one was, is there any fees beyond this and they said no. I asked this same questions numerous of times before I gave him my prepay card number. He said, "No ma'am." His name was Victor by the way. I gave him my card number and he put me on hold for 20 min and came back on and said congratulations, he said he transferred fees to their bank and I needed to verify my account info with their bank so that they could transfer into my account. He gave me a number to the bank and I called.

Netbank is what he said when he answered. He got my banking info and said okay, now you NEED to pay $315 to this bank before your fees are put in your account. I immediately went off, telling them to give me my $175 back because you can't add other fees as you go along. He said that money is gone (in his pocket was HIS exact words). I told him I will report him and this business and he told me I won't get this money back in my lifetime. There has to be something that can be done... I need that $175, I have rent to pay. I'm So angry... I feel robbed. Can anyone help? They have to be prosecuted.

My employer gave me a check which I cashed at Ace Cash Express. Three days later, I received a call from the Ace corporate office telling me that my employer's check had bounced and that I was responsible for the amount of the check plus a twenty five dollar bounced check fee. I explained to the rep that all I did was cash the check which I had earned and asked how I could be responsible for cashing the paycheck which I had worked for? After an extremely tense and rude conversation with the Ace corporate representative, they finally agreed to call my employer and harass him for the amount of the check. The real kicker here is that they cashed another check from my employer given to another employee which bounced as well a few days later. Don't cash a check at Ace Cash Express; they don't even have sense enough to call banks and verify funds' availability before cashing checks.

I took out an Ace Cash loan and paid it all back, but they continued to deduct money out of my account so I closed the account. They continually call me at work and my cell and they harass me and threaten me and my co-workers. I sent them a proof of repayment and a letter stating that they are not licensed in Louisiana from the State Attorney General’s office and they still call and harass me. I work in a hospital and they cannot continue to call that number for it’s detrimental to people’s lives. I told them this and they don’t care! Please, help me get them off my back!

They disclose information to all your references and work to make sure you're working and they want to let all your reference know you applied for a loan. Not even that Yvett will harass you that day your loan is due. Leaving rude and disturbing voicemail to send to collections. Hello, the loan was due THAT DAY!!

On 03/23/09, I got a phone call on my cell from a Mr. ** stating that I needed to contact him by 11 am the next day or he was going to take action on my account or I need to contact a lawyer. This call upset me because I did not know what was going on. I called the number that he called me from and I asked for a Mr. **. I got transferred to a Mr. ** that said I should get in contact with a lawyer and that I should have handled my responsibilities and I was grown enough to get a payday loan, so I should be grown enough to deal with what is going to happen next.

My phone signal faded so I called him back. Mr. ** said why I was calling back, called me incompetent and that I had no sense, telling me I lied on my application saying I did not have another loan and I did. I told him I did not know what he was taking about. He asked if I was stupid. He also said they were going to file charges for my writing a bad check and hung up on me. I called back and spoke with a girl and I was trying to make a complaint about Mr. **. She said why I had to keep talking about Mr. **. I said, "Because he was rude."

So a few hours later, I got a call from my mother. These people called my mother home, threatening me and talking about they were going to arrest me. I did not give them my mom's number and they almost gave my mom a heart attack. This was left by Mr. **. I called and left Mr. ** a message stating that I wanted to talk to him about a payment arrangement before my mother called. When Mr. ** called me back the next day, I was heated. I had already called a lawyer's office. So he asked why I did not pay the loan off. I explained to him that they were breaking laws and he said, "No that is not true," and all of their conversations were recorded.

I said, "Okay since all your conversations are recorded, I need a copy of the conversation I had with Mr. ** and a copy of the original loan so I can pass them to my lawyer, because I already saved the other two messages that he left me and I am going to court." l also told him I will pay off the loan in payments and I will walk it in. That was 3 weeks ago. I have not heard from them. I have not gotten a lawyer yet; I just asked what to do.

I was sent three checks from Bank of America from a friend of mine's account made out to me for a car that she purchased for me. I went to ACE. They wanted me to have her verify from her phone number on the check and also they wanted the bank to verify it which indeed they did. 14 days later they can be a letter saying that I owed them money for the checks for insufficient funds. Well I did not know that she had insufficient funds. Now they're saying that I have to pay back the checks or they're going to have warrant for my arrest and have me penalized by the law.

I took out a loan a few months back and I could not pay it back so they are charging me with fraud/bad check thing. The thing that pisses me off most was they called my references that I gave them but because I have a unique maiden name, they went so far as to call family. I have no desire to talk to all over the country.

I live in Alabama, not Texas, California, or Colorado. When this ** named Randi ** called, she was nothing but nasty over the phone. When I called their collection agency to ask why they called my family members all over the country, I got the song and dance of well she's the field coordinator doing her job. Whatever, the woman is a **. So, if these people call you, beware.

I will never use Ace again for anything. I will pay them back but I will pay them with a Green Dot Visa or a certified check, that way I know they won't double dip into my account . After I do that, I may even close my account and change banks so they won't know where I bank at. I feel like these **, and I say that kindly, hunted me down like I was being stocked and I am wondering if that is legal.

This is the far and above worst company I have ever done business with... every time I go in to do a simple deposit or money order I end up waiting for a half hour only to be greeted by rude employees. The fees are ridiculous... customer service is wretched!! Please hire more people and stop ripping people off!

They said I owe a debt. The only payment method is buy green dot money card. I am to purchase the card in the said amount and email them the 14 digit approved code. That doesn't sound like an appropriate way of doing business. No I didn't send it and they are still trying to get me to send it by threatening legal action.

For the second time in less than 2 months I have received an e-mail from Ace Cash Express claiming I owe for a payday loan that I never took out. They are threatening me with Court action and claiming I now owe in excess of $800. I have threatened them with turning them over to the FBI as I have had to do before! If anyone else is being contacted by this FRAUDULENT Company, please be aware that as soon as you threaten to turn them in to the FBI they stop contact with you! PLEASE DO NOT let them are you in to paying an Exorbitant amount of money!

I was called by this ** on several times saying she was coming to arrest me and that I need to give her 2000+ for a loan I took out that wasn't paid back. I told her to come get me and also let her know I was going to bring my Chihuahua "Lucy" and to make room for her as well. She said she would kill my dog and take me to jail me. My dog and I waited by the curb and she never showed. I even called her back asking where she was? Bottom line I knew it was a scam. Called her bluff and she never called again. Just for kicks I still call her and ask her when she is coming and now she just hangs up. The moral of the story no matter how real they sound call their bluff, then once they go away call the police or file a report. I have never heard from the ** again.

On 6/26, at approximately 7:54 p.m. I receive a call from Ace Cash. "You are approved if you need a loan. How much do you need?" I just threw out $2000. He says, "Ok, your payment will be $100 starting 8/3/18. Can you handle that?" I said, "Sure, what do I have to do?" He wanted my debit card number. Not about to happen. So he said, "Ok we can go another route. Do you have online banking?" I said, "No!" Anyway, to make a long story short, he told me that they are going to deposit through Walmart an amount of $900 that I must return to prove my creditworthiness. The credit bureau will then increase my score at a higher rating. He said he will call me in the morning since it's already too late in New York to do anything. I said ok. First off, there is no Ace Cash Express in New York so just be careful of scammers.

Received an email from Ace Cash Services, phone number 347-468-8964 on 3/28/2014 saying that I owed 900+ dollars. I replied to this email address **. Told them that I have never Took Out A loan with them. They replied saying that they have my name, SSN, computer address and bank account number. They did give me a name of the bank and the last four numbers of the account number. They gave me a bank that I have not had for a few years. I asked for the loan date, but never received any emails from them.

I went in a store to pay the monthly note of $85.00, for a payday loan. The loan was due on 10/3/11 but I did not have the total amount on that date. Rather than accept the $85.00, I was told that the entire balance was now due. I would still like to repay the loan, but I do not have $500 in any account nor will I have saved that much for over the next 4-5 months. I would like to continue making the monthly notes due. I would not have needed a payday loan, had I not over extended my repayments. Currently, I am paying over $1,603 in loans and credit cards. This does not leave me with a surplus of $500 at anytime, in the month.

After quite a few emails the company apologized and resolved the matter by stating they would pull phone logs and use my case as an example for training and removed the loan fees so my total payback will be 200.00. that is acceptable.

On Friday I filled out a form online. After reading an email the form said something about "immediate cash". I had previously been approved for 1900 months ago so I didn't think I had to go through hoops again (I decided it was too expensive to pay back 900 a month. So I never took that loan). Anyway I clicked their email link from a solicitation and applied for enough to get us by 200 and was approved online for 200. Then they embarrassingly make me do a 3 way call to my bank. Ok fine. Anyway they approved me and the rep said within 48 hours I should have it or go to the store now. I was going to go to a CE store Friday but after hanging up got this explicit text promising 24 to 48 hours...

ACE Cash: “Congrats! Your loan is approved. You may pick up cash today at an ACE store or your funds will be deposited in 24-48 hrs. Text QUIT to stop texts.” So payday is Tuesday and we needed money Sunday as I only had $1.14 in my bank but figured 48 hour wait we could survive till Sunday night... I was especially needing it Monday for gas and groceries. Sunday came and went and I looked online to see what the issue was and found someone saying on web it might be Monday at midnight due to the weekend... now I am worried.

Monday morning I can't sleep from worry. Got up at 3am and am so worried it’s not there yet. Then at 5am I call. The first rep says it was sent to my bank. I thank them and hang up and call Wells. They say nope. I call back and a new rep says it will be between 12 midnight on Monday to noon... So I have to go to work so I put 1.5 gallons of old lawnmower gas in my car. Noon passes. No money. 2pm I call and a new rep says hours of business days so might be tomorrow. I ask to speak to Supervisor. They conference in bank who says “nope.”

He says it’s in my contract but I have the 24/48 hour text and verbal said same when rep verified bank and congratulated me. Supervisor did not care. Just offered a complaint line. I begged for change at work to put 80 cents of gas in car (very embarrassing) and the gauge it went below empty as I drove the 28 miles home scared to death and no air condition in 100+ heat index to help me make it less work on engine. This is very deceitful to get a text like that. I am embarrassed and feel taken advantage of because if they just told me truth I would have need able to plan things better and picked it up at a store or another option on Friday. Horrible uncaring people.

This is the 3rd time I've received a threatening call from some foreign guy threatening to throw me in jail for non-payment of a payday loan from Ace Cash Services. I've never taken a loan from this company. I don't know how they've gotten my name. He is rude, and says "Good luck in jail" etc. I don't know where he got my name or my cell phone number. I've reported my experience to the Better Business Bureau as well as to the State of Iowa.

Ace Cash Threatening Email - I received this email today, 07/17/2015, and have never taken out a loan with this company. Who can I contact to get this kind of email stopped.

On July 8, 2015, I applied for an Installment Loan for $3400.00 with Ace Cash Express in which I was approved for. On July 9, 2015, I received an email asking for my paystub, which I emailed to them. On July 10, 2015, Ace stated that they could not accept paystub because it was not a "pdf" document, but it was. On July 11, 2015, Ace sent me an email stating that I had 30 days from July 11, 2015 to accept the loan for $3400.00. On July 15, 2015, I sent Ace an email stating that I was accepting the loan for $3400.00, but every time I attempted to provide Ace documents, they rejected them for no reason.

On July 15, 2015, an hour after I sent Ace the email stating that I would accept the loan for $3400.00, I was advised by Ace in a reply email that my loan had "expired" and was withdrawn on July 10, 2015, and that I needed to reapply. On July 15, 2015, after I received the email from Ace stating that my loan for $3400.00 had expired and was withdrawn on July 10, 2015, I faxed Ace a letter with all the emails indicating they were incorrect and that I wanted them to fund my loan based on the approval on July 8, 2015 and the email of July 11, 2015, stating I had 30 days to accept my loan for $3400.00.

I did not hear back from Ace, so on July 16, 2015, I reapplied for a loan with Ace and they denied my application for "insufficient credit experience" which is false, because I have a mortgage loan, 2 car loans, a few visa and mastercard credit cards that have never been late, and they had already approved my loan on July 8, 2015 for $3400.00 without any excuses whatsoever. Ace reneged on my loan that they had approved on July 8, 2015 without any valid reasons. Ace Cash Express is a fraud and bad news, and I am going to report them to the proper authorities with all my emails that show that they had approved me for a loan in the amount of $3400.00, then backed out for no valid reason, and then denied me when I tried to reapply again, per their instructions.

Updated 8/12/2015 - I wrote a complaint on July 17, 2015 about Ace Cash Express. As of today, nothing has been resolved, even though Ace has answered the complaint. What does it take for Ace to provide me with my funds that I was approved for?

I applied for the $2,500 loan and was pre approved so I finished filling out all this private information and processed the application after verifying my bank account. So at the end it says approved and to call the 1800 number to get my payment schedule and estimated date the funds will be deposited. I call and the lady was very nice and then had to call my bank to verify more information. After being on the phone 10 minutes verifying it all she said she was going to input the answers. Then she tells me I was denied and I will get an email reason why. Please tell me how I am approved and then Denied after I gave them all kinds of private information? Plus she tells me to go to a branch because their guidelines are different. Here I am getting my hopes up and already planning on paying bills and then I am denied after all the work is done. This is unprofessional and a waste of time. Now I have to file a flag on my credit to make sure they don't try anything with my information. Ridiculous.

I received an email stating I owed over 900.00 and had ignored all attempts from this company to collect this debt.... I emailed them back and got no response. They are saying they will take me to court but I have only received this initial email. I have not received any phone calls and if they have called they leave no message or contact #! I hope these scammers get caught & stopped!!! They aren't getting a dime from me!!!

I got a loan for 800 and when I could not pay back I renewed and paid to extend the lone 177 dollars every two weeks .None of that went to the loan and then I had to end the loan which ended up about 1700 dollars on an 800 dollar loan .interest is 618.29.This should really be against the law.Please band this type of loan everywhere.I see that a few states have already .This is called usery.At the time when you get the money you are really desparate and in a bind so you sign your life away and in the end you are in worst shape financially.Also there are late fees involved.Please put a stop to this before someone commits suicide .people who are weak might not be able to pay back and handle the high fees,stress and harassment.The loans are so easy to get and hard to get out of

A person by the name of Anderson **, with phone #866-244-8374, has been calling my wife to the point of harassment insisting that my wife borrowed money online in the amount of $250.00 sometime February of 2013. My wife called her Bank and customer service went over the account but there was no credit of $250.00. There was an email dated May 8, 2014 stating that money owed is now $832.63. It is also saying that she will be prosecuted by a Court House, saying her SSS is put on hold by the US Government. My wife told Anderson ** that we have no computer at home and has no access to a computer at work so how can she borrow money online? This Anderson has been calling almost every day leaving threatening messages.

I pity my wife who has been crying because of this threatening calls. I must tell you also that about 3 years ago, she again received a call saying she borrowed money online in the amount of $150.00 and the same method has been used saying that if she does not pay they will sue her. My wife paid the $150.00 just to let it go away... Now they are using the same gimmick... We honestly believe this is a big time rip off and a scam. The account that ACS was talking about is an inactive account, meaning my wife does not use it anymore for transactions... This is the same account that ACS used in the $150.00 and the current $250.00. If ever they will file a lawsuit, we are ready to face them in court. Thank you.

I was looking for payday advance companies and found two that I felt was safe. Turns out that there was a third company that deposited $350.00 into my account! I never gave them permission to deposit money into my account! I never signed a contract with them! Now, they tried to withdraw $105.00 which bounced so a string of overdraft fees occurred!

I had a text message saying I was approved for a loan. After giving all my information, AND supposedly, before the money could be deposited into my account I has to pay. I was supposed to get some money send at Western Union. Which I did not have, so after I told the man no Western Union he wanted iTunes cards. He got me for 250.00, I later called iTunes. The account for iTunes was in China, after I reported it to the police and had my bank information changed.

IF I have ever had a loan with ACE Cash Express, it would have had to have been 10 years ago or more as I do not use banks anymore. Interesting how much you can save without banking fees and overdraft charges. Anyway, about once a month, I get an email from ACE threatening that charges will be filed against me if payment is not made "today." It has a letterhead to make you think it is a legitimate legal form -- yet is never served by certified mail or a process server -- just through email. Even if I did owe the amount stated, I would hesitate to send it to them because the grammar used tells me that this is not a professional attorney's office -- more likely coming from another country.

For example, one line reads: If you do not take immediate action we will be forced to download this case against you and once it is downloaded the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer regarding this and if you are found guilty under the bench of jury then you have to bear a lawsuit which will be a penalty of $4515.85 and your bank account will be closed. It will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your bail charges, your attorney charges and the due amount pending on your name $1207.86.

The long run-on sentence and poor punctuation leads me to believe that this is not from an actual attorney. In addition, it is signed simply "United States Attorney" with no name or contact phone number. In all of my years dealing with attorney correspondence, every attorney takes every opportunity to put their name and phone number on mail that they send out. I believe this to be a scam.

I was an employee of Ace Cash Express in Houston, TX. We normally have company conference call meetings with our CEO, Jessica Parfait. She had asked us why we haven't been getting customers to pay back their loans. My response to the question was that some customers have prepaid phone and were off-line temporarily at the time that I was making the calls to remind the customers their due date, and then Jessica Parfait said, "you employees are making excuses." I replied saying, "that was a good response to take in consideration." One week later, I got terminated for not selling enough prepaid cards. This company should be viewed by the state of Texas regarding their payday loans and title loans and the way they treat their employees.

I have used Ace off and on since 2001. I never had a problem until recently when I did a title loan at the store. I borrowed the $ and in 30 days paid interest plus the 5% and that did not bother me. I went back before the actual due date and paid the loan in full by cash. The girl had already taken my money and when it got time for her to return my title, she could not find it. Her and the man who actually was the one who made the loan with me ran around behind the counter looking like they were trying to find the title. I asked how they lost it as I had seen him put it in a folder the day I took out the loan. Then the man said, "Oh yeah, the auditors were here the other day he must have taken it to corporate." I said why? They could not tell me why.

Well it took almost a week to receive my title back and I had to call corporate and got a runaround over there. I live 120 miles from corporate. When I finally received my title in the mail... they had put 2 liens, a 1st and 2nd lien on it; they did sign and release the lien but in another city where I had lived they never did that to the title. I still never got straight answers and they would put the phone on fax as I knew after a while they were not taking my calls. I have different area code as I just moved there recently and so I used a phone with a local number and bam they answered right away. So to you people who down others who are late and have problems or whatever ... I never was late, I paid the extra interest as they say you can do, so do not be to quick to think they won't do you wrong either.

I never have been later nor not paid a payday loan or a title loan and it does not make you feel comfortable to use them again. I have no problem with their interest but to not tell you that the you're going to take your title to corporate a 120 miles away then act like they do not know where it is, is not couth. I have used them all these years as I was satisfied; however this has left me a little unnerved.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I worked for Ace last year. I was not treated the way a manager should treat an employee. My mom was told she had breast cancer out in California. So, I’m an only daughter. I asked my manager for 2 weeks off so I could fly out to California to meet with my mother. I was denied that permission, so I gave my 2-week notice.

For me, it was important to be with my mother when she needed me the most. For my bad luck, my manager did not give my 2-week notice and never told my DM about it. So now that I’m trying to get my job back at Ace, I am no longer a rehired employee. Thanks to my manager that didn't report my 2-week notice. I’m a single mother and my mother passed away this year. So, I really need my job back. I really never told my DM about my manager leaving work and letting me there alone when I was just a newly hired employee. She would always threaten me that she could fire me if I said something. But since I really needed the job, I kept it to myself as well. She would get money from the register then she would put it back the next day. For me, that was not okay. But I never said anything. For all those people reading this, never stay quiet on a situation like mine. Tell someone about it. Thanks for reading this. God bless everyone.

I was called today by a very threatening lawyer telling me I needed my criminal lawyer to be present during our conversation, and had I retained a criminal yet and what was his name. I told this man I had no idea what he was talking about and he proceeded to tell me I own ace cash $1400.00 that I supposedly borrowed back in 2012. I was being charged with Bank fraud, check fraud, criminal intent and so on.

I proceeded to tell this gentleman I had never heard of ace cash, had never borrowed from ace cash or any of their affiliates. The scary part was he had all my information including my social security number and my past bank information from a bank account, a closed a couple of years ago. He told me there would be a warrant out for my arrest and this was no joking matter. I'm not sure what to do, do I take this as a serious matter, even though I know I have never borrowed any money from any pay day loan companies. Who do I contact, who can help me with this situation. Is this a scam help me someone!!!! When we were about to hang up this man told me I should get a criminal defense lawyer because I was going to need one or be prepared to spend time in jail.

I received a settlement letter from them when I don't even remember taking any loan. The mail does not have a loan date or information/proof. I highly upset to received this in the mail. They need to be reported. Isn't it a legal timeline for any matters like this. This a scam and unprofessional.

i went to this store on 2/07/09 to cash a check and the check amount was $3963.00 tha teller who was working that day gave to only $2693.00 i know was my mistake too becouse i forgot to count the money in the store,i have talked to this girl but she refuse to fix the problem.

I have received a total of 6 threatening emails about being taken to court for a payday loan that I do not have and I do not owe! Something needs to give because I am tired of being harassed on a daily basis. They can never come up with good paperwork and their English is the worse when they send you an email...

Do not use this company. They get your bank account info and try to take out 75.00. Why would you be asking for a loan if you had 75.00. So now I’m going to have to change all my banking information because I’m afraid of what they will do with my info. When I told him I didn’t have 75.00 he hung up on me. If you get a text or email from them saying you’ve been approved, delete it! They are frauds!

This company is sending me a lawsuit demanding $$$. I don't have a loan with this company - I live in Puerto Rico.