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Excellent. No out to just take client money like others Know.
Great I would recommend you guys to anyone I will be using you guys again.
I wish I could give them 0 stars! DO NOT TRUST THEM. The customer service agents give misinformation, and try to blame you. They show no attempt to help. I was under the impression that I could pay off everything within the 90 days I would be fine, instead, they have been tacking on fees on top of the agreed loan. I just spoke to a woman who told me they would deduct 50 dollars in late fees if I paid everything today- (out of 150!!!!) then when I asked for a manager said, actually, I can only deduct 25. Very spiteful. Horrible company. They will ruin ur credit!!! Find another way!!
I love going through acima You apply for credit and get the results back less than 5 minutes. I love it Keep up the good work
Acima cares until you payoff your account than they throw you to the wolves. I contacted them regarding faulty TPMS's that I purchased through one of their merchants and was told since the account is paid I would need to go through the merchant myself, even after telling them the merchant is not acknowledging the problem. terrible company, you shouldn't give people your money when they are not willing to help after your account is cleared. Think about that because this could be you.
Easy to apply, clear with conditions,
I had a hard time getting ahold of someone to pay in the same as cash time frame so I needed up paying quite a bit more. But it was there when I needed it so I guess it wasnt the worst.
The only reservations that I have for not giving 5 star is the amount of interest that you pay for a 12 month period. It's a great way to purchase items, I just wish the interest rate wasn't sooooo high. Quick response and very friendly to deal with.
ACIMA has been a life saver in my time of need when I needed mechanical work done on my vehicle. When the funds are low and work is needed on your vehicle to go back and forth to work ACIMA has never failed! Do not hesitate try ACIMA!
Greetings, I really enjoyed the privilege to be able to make payments on items that I really needed. I would recommend all my friends. I am very satisfied with all my items and the professionalism that the employees showed me.
Anima is very accommodating for any type of income and household. Customer service and communication is very good.
My experience with Acima Credit is a company that I would recommend to all my friends and family.
AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!! I arranged a 90 days same as cash for 715 dollars. They told me if I wanted to pay off at 90 days I would have to pay 765 dollars. I did not get to see the entire contract when I signed at the tire store, just the signature pages. Had I known I would be finacing for a year, at 100% interest, I would have told them to take a flying leap. I have made over 500 dollars in payments, but they said due to taxes, I had really only paid 388. What a crock! I paid my taxes when I bought my tires. It is now past my 90 days and even though I have already paid 500 dollars, they still want over 700 to settle my account. How could I accrue that much interest in just a few weeks? They must be used to doing this to customers, because when I said I would be in touch with my Attorney General, it rolled off them like water off a duck's back. If you need money for any reason, PLEASE, go to Vegas and borrow from a loan shark, it will be less expensive. I am afraid to block my payments at the bank, since the might come break all my fingers. My experience has been a complete and total RIPOFF!
No notifications of payments or balances
I made a purchase for 150.00 and 100.00 and was called by your rep and I specifically asked her to set up payments so that if would be paid with in the 90 days and I had my credit ran and a loan for over 900 plus dollars showed up when I called you guys I was told basically to bad I should have paid more attention to my bank account and called before the 90 days to pay it off. I will not use your company again.
Exelent never have problem with my payment
Company is a scam. Paid off loan before the 90 days was up. Using the same bank account as they have been using to pay off balance in full. Get an email saying that my account number was wrong and now over the 90 same as cash. It went from 300 pay off to over 900. Called company and they again tried saying the account number was incorrect, (the same account number they have been using for the previous payments.) Then they offered me to pay their additional $85 to extend the contract 10 days. I refused and reminded them of their wrong doing and I had not needed to entered a account number that they already had. In the end it was over a 30 minute hold to connect with someone at customer service and then an additional 45 minutes to not faulted to their sad attempts to scam. Loan is paid off in full. The $720 borrowed ended up being $845 in total with their bs fees. Obviously not same as cash. Don't use this company unless you are desperate.
Your service is always be good not much to say or negative
Approved quick and got the items I needed. Very helpful and answers all my questions. Payments are low which is a plus.
I would recommend Acima credit to a friend because it helped me get what I wanted to get, but I just thought that three months the same as cash value was too short. It would be appreciated if that three months can be extended next time. Thanks
The fact that they dont ck your credit ,the tires (%)prices are way too high basically you pay 2 times of the regular prices on tires I will recommend never get this option (ACIMA) (SORRY BUT THATS THE WAY I FEEL)
I have autopay set up with my debit card to come out on the days I get paid. I trusted that I would not have to keep track of my Acima bill, like I do my utilities and phone bill. I've never logged into my account until a couple days ago, because I wanted to go ahead and make an extra payment. I see a notification that my payment is past due. I check my account and see the payment was deducted on a Saturday instead of Friday and was still pending. Thought it was no big deal and probably happened like that because of the holiday and waited until Monday to see if it would show differently. It's now Monday and it's still showing past due. I call customer service, and they say the missed payment was from a month ago because they had a system issue and a lot of payments were declined. I never got a phone call with a voicemail letting me know what happened. They never attempted to take the payment again. They just let this late fee accrue on my account, and wouldn't even waive it when I requested it, since it was not my fault.
I like Acima because i can buy what i need and they call to make sure ive received my merchandise
I have had at least 3 loans with the company and each time I have been satisfied with the service received with each I was able to payoff within the 90 day period and if I had any problems or questions customer service was always easy to access and talk with.
Great job. I just wish they had a store in my area.
It's been good Just hope it helps improve my credit
I had no problems with acima.
Great for when you need them, key is pay back early to save on intrest.
Acima credit has been awesome. I’ve purchased with them before and they made my experience quick and easy each time . I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!!!
Bought a futon, on credit with Acima. Easy to work with. Would use them again.
I had a good experience with this
Soo horriable i would not reccomend going thru this company they dont bot work with u at all bad customer service and seriously they just dont help even if its over 100 bucks they want every little penny u got!
They offer a great service and it was easy to use. Allowed me to get the sets of tires i needed for no cost to me at the time of purchase. Im not sure what I would have done withouglt them!
Very good company to deal with will help you to get the purchase that you want and payments are really easy
i paid it on time so i have no issues.
Easy process - very good to work with!
Easy to deal with and no hassle loans
it ok an average
This is my third time using this company. Each experience has been great. Also great customer service when you call and ask a question.
A few months ago, was in need of a decent washer, as the one we had had played out, but didn't have funds at time for at least a good used one. An appliance store we had dealt with before, had leasing info, so applied and approved for $4500, went to the appliance store, and process was seamless, they even delivered and took away old washer(a big plus). Paid off lease a few days early, recently. I was skeptical at first, as I had never went this route before, but at end of day, happy I did (as well as wife). I would/ will recommend to anyone, in need of an appliance(or anything), to look into Acima Credit. Will use again if need arises. Wish more places local would offer this plan with Acima.
Unacceptable, unreasonable and rude conduct sums it up... unreasonable If you cannot pay with 3 days of payoff (with a $75 fee) do not sign up for this. Unethical company. I hope it gets investigated and fined.
Excellent Experience. First class company. Will be using again in the future!!
As a long time customer, I have needed to purchase new tires for several of my vehicles on many occasions...Acima always makes the process easy and stress free. With a small down and the ability to pay off your account in 90 days or less with no penalties, there is no reason to risk your life, your family's, or the lives of others driving on bald tires.....Acima has your back, good credit or bad!
Always there when you needed them with easy results.
When ever I called and spoke to customer service, I've found them to be friendly, and competent along with engaging and displaying integrity along with outstanding customer service.
Great choice if you pay it off during the 90 days same as cash period.
Fair, good and treat people respectful.
Perfect for my needs. Interest is higher but you can pay in 90 days without all the interest or pay off early with some interest but no penalty.
I thank god for the help of ACIMA credit.They help me keep the lives of my family safer on the road by financing my tires and parts for my car to get my kids to their dr.s in Little Rock and home.I would recommend them to anyone first.
great optons to choose from and easy to deal with
Easy process with great pay back options.
Has always been enjoyable
Easy and no hassle finance solution!
I have had nothing but positive and convenient service.
Terrible fake scam company. They charge you a monthly rental fee plus tax and payment bi-weekly. They add to ur credit more than what you owe them. They should be out of business.
Got approved for tires quickly. First vendor processed sale & then wouldn't return calls, texts or emails. Acima's customer service immediately offered first to step in to resolve & ultimately (within a day) canceled my order & helped to expedite financing with another vendor. This is my third time utilizing their services. Excellent service.
They are putting fees and making up payments I do not owe them. They also were going in my bank account illegally and trying to deduct payments before the due date. I get paid every two weeks on Tuesday, They were trying to get payment out on Monday and stating it was late. They also made up That I owed them an extra payment of 68. 70. I have payed all my payments on time. They are using deceptive practices to rip people off. Today I went to make my payment and they blocked the portal so I can't make any payments at all. This company needs to be investigated on their business practices. They also forged my signature on the lease and emailed it to me before I ever read it.
The company was true to its words, and that means a lot.
So, trying to take care of my father's account. BTW he is no longer here. And I explained to them what happened and to cancel his bank account. In good faith I paid on my CC. How about they deducted out of my CC another payment. But now they can't speak with me.
You’re amazing!!
Great to work with Flexible
Horrible experience with Acima. Run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.
I've paid off a sectional, and almost done paying off a bedroom and table and chairs! Great payments and excellent customer service!
Nice company to do business it’s economical and easy payment plan allowed me to pay off and own my entirely new furnished home
Acima gave me credit 90 days same as cash when I needed it. I was very grateful.
Real easy to deal with good customer services
They are very easy to deal with
I decided to try to use Acima as a financing option for a washer, however there were issues from beginning to end! I ultimately decided that I should cancel the transaction so I did so same day (Friday), however there were several problems even with the cancellation that should have been processed the same day. 1st it was give us time because it is the holidays (Christmas was the following Tuesday), then it was yes we see the merchant called about the cancellation, but we need it in writing- we told him to send it to his direct agent and he is out of the office so now we need him to send this to resolutions, and once it was received NOW we have to work it in a particular order and it’ll be processed by late this evening or tomorrow!! BUT the manager the day before told me she assures it will be processed as soon as they receive it! This has been a total nightmare and I would NOT recommend using this company EVER! It was only one helpful manager and the remainder have acted like pure butts!! This by far has been the worse company I’ve ever dealt with and it is a pure testament that I should have just paid cash for the washer and avoided all this drama with Acima!! I am hoping to have my cancellation processed and my refund processed by the new year at this point!!
Easy process no issues what so ever. The only problems you’ll have are the ones you create
Very Easy To Deal With. I would use there service again.
I've been using the service's of Acima Credit for a couple of years, and have been completely satisfied with the level of service I've received.
I have always found the consumer service to be superb. The service that I have received has been second to none. I would recommend Acima to any and everyone. They believe in helping those who have experienced a set back to regain their credit status back again.
I hate that I have to give them 1 star. I purchased a Serta Mattress from Badcock. I let them deduct it from my bank account twice a month for 90 days for the amount of $267.00. So October 16th, 2018 was my last payment that I will have to make. I have Chase Bank they notified me of a overdraft fee because Acima took $104.01 on December 27th 2019 and on January 10th 2019 for $104.99 and January 23rd 2019 for $104.99. Is from my account that I have to call them and ask why because I know that I payoff the amount that I borrow from them since October last year. What they told me that I haven’t pay the last week payment so now I have to pay more than $1,200 because I haven’t make that last payment of $267.00, the bank didn’t go through that what they said. They didn’t contact me, email, phone call, or either mail me a letter when they absolutely have everything on files. They could have just contact me that say the bank didn’t go through that last payment that I would have to make so can I pay in a different way. So now they want me to pay another $1,200 and that would double the price of the mattress I have purchased. And who knows that they’re the one that didn’t take that payment so I couldn’t pay and now I have to pay more. Please stay away from this company. There are so many reviews that I saw on here that have the same problem like I have. This is seriously a scam.
Acima is so easy to work with, i will always do business with them.
perfect!! a great deal!
Convenient and the process is quick and easy. I have used Acima twice and would recommend them to friends and family.
Quick easy and worry free
We made every payment on time. We went to pay the final payment of 554.95 and they had gone and drawn from our bank of 54.00. That 54.00 is still in our bank which makes our pay out date pass due. They are telling us it won't be a problem. We are not paying those extra fees because they haven't taken the 54.00. That is all we owe. You can talk to anyone. Our payout date was January 24th and the money is still sitting in our account. We will never do this again.
There approval process was simple and I’ve had no issues with their customer service. I highly recommend them for any type of purchases.
It is fast and easy service I like the 90-day payoff option but I don't like the expensive Finance fees if you don't have the option to pay off that quickly
I rated 5 stars because the customer service was excellent, if I needed to know anything about my bill they would tell me instead of giving me the run around
Not straight forward. Too much of deceptions
Great funitrue they will work with you for your payments just be on time
Wonderful Experience! Will do it again.
Really good no complaint at all..
This company is by far the most difficult to communicate with. I’ve worked with snap finance and others which all was simple and helpful. I’ve been trying to do my early payout with them but have had no luck getting thru to make a payment I’ve called a bunch of times with 30mins and longer hold times being I work in the oil feild I explained if this company is good they said yes to find out it’s not. I’ve even tried this chat with them but never gotten thru once, now I finally have for my first time and I can’t do my early because it’s past the date which I explained I’ve reach out but without luck i explain im ever limit on internet service and best I can do on my down time is call which never work. They apologize saying I read and opened prior emails stating my early pay out date, which I once explained again that’s why I’ve been trying to but no luck. Now they stated there sorry nothing they can do but pay as they respond back what I like to do I couldn’t even respond back without them saying something I didn’t get to read then booth me out the chat just to try and start all over again when I explained how hard it’s been to get a hold of somebody. Im beyound upset by this right now and looks as if ima stuck paying the amount without help or anything from them it shows this company is clearly more about there money this customer service and is impossible to reach. I’ll never recommend anybody to this company and tell them to stay away.
This a great company...
my son never even bothered any money or get them to purchase anything and they are taking money from his account every month.
Service is good but interest rates are a little out of hand.. It could be a lot lower.. Helping people with credit issues should be easier not harder.. It would also be nice if you had more retailers that would use your service..
Amen WHAT a rip off ive been trying since early Jan for them to come get their stuff.. oh my God i got 750. credit paid over half they still trying there best to milk me & to rip me off. they now states i owe 1900. I said who in what world would ever do that? in what world ? they went into my bank account 3x a month and was only had my permission to be paid once a month.. Crooks i tell you i have recorded every conversation. And told them so we need a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST THEM ASAP.
I've used a acima credit three times and I've always been satisfied with the outcomes. I would recommend the acimato any of my friends if necessary. Acimaa I give you my five star rating.
Easy to work with and very reliable.
They help when you don’t have perfect credit and when you need assistance doing the period of the loan they are there for you. The BIG plus is they report to the credit bureaus.