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Advance America Cash Advance Online Loan Reviews

First and foremost if you're reading this, please DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! I just got back from CVS and Walmart thinking that I was going to get a $1500 loan. It was too good to be true being that I hadn't been approved for a loan. Here is the catch though; they wanted me to send $180 through Money Gram. They said that they would give it back to me, I told the lady at Walmart about it. She told me that one of her friends had did that and that it was a scam. While filling the form out, I was also looking at these helpful reviews on this website. I told the lady I was speaking on the phone with who also her English was terrible that this better not be a scam, she had the nerve to swear on Christ. This is about business not religion and at that moment I realized how unprofessional and desperate this woman was.

I just dropped the pen and proceeded to leave the store and just hung up on her. She had the nerve to keep calling me multiple times after that and I just kept denying it. After about 100 times of her calling me, I picked up and I told her that I read the reviews and how wrong it was to scam people and thank you but no thank you! Point blank guys, you shouldn't have to send money to receive money, word from the Walmart lady, if so - you are being jipped!!!! And if they don't speak English and you're having a hard time understanding them, you're being jipped!! And if it also isn't going straight to your bank account, you're being jipped!!!! Good luck and God bless all you guys that are trying to get loans!

I applied for a cash advance loan and received at least 15 missed called from a foreign man sounding like he's from India. When I called back I was told that I was approved, but needed to pay an upfront fee for the loan. He gave me detailed information about going to Walgreens, Target and some other place to buy a Money Pack Reload Voucher which I should use to load on to it $100 which is the upfront fee for the loan. I told him that it sounded like a scam and asked him to email me the detailed information so I can review it. He said he would and guess what? I'm still waiting for him to email me. Here are the numbers he called me from:



Be very aware of this scam!! He claims his name is Byran ** but sounded like he just landed from India!

I keep receiving phone calls from some Advance American Loan Co. saying I have been approved for a 3,000.00 loan. And they are wanting a bank acct. # or drivers license #. The problem is I never applied for a loan. They had all my other info, address, phone # and my address. When I told him it was not me that applied, he seemed to just ignore what I just said and continued on about monthly payment options. I just hung up, and now they are calling me off the hook. All day long. I won't answer.

I have a friend that has been using Advance America for a while now but since my ex-sister-in-law from 12 years ago works there and her brother and I just went to court for custody and I won, they will now no longer loan my friend due to animosity when there has been no problem in the past. And in reality this lady helped my friend less than a month ago and now all of a sudden there are problems, I think not. DO NOT ANY ONE USE THE ADVANCE AMERICA IN GILLETTE WY or speak with a girl named Kim. if you do, they will red flag you and they will no longer help you. This is not right and we need to put a stop to it!!!!

I gave my two week notice, left on good terms. Part of my pay was delayed for almost a month! And that's cause I called! Today Feb 15th and still no W2! Oh but Advance America better get these customers in the door "DO THE DEAL, DO THE DEAL." ** if you ask me.

Keep getting calls from same people telling me been approved for 5000.00 loan. Bottom line to everyone if anyone wants money it is a scam. Do not do it. Is not just Advance America. There are other companies wanting online bank info. One wanted me to take picture of check on my fone and send it to him. Not that stupid. Too many online loan scams. If anyone gonna give you loan will not be upfront money. They will just verify everything and put money in your account. It is that simple.

Greetings fellow victims. We were approached and approved like all of you were. The same send me $225 was requested and sent. Then came the wire transfer fees, which we refused to pay. Next came the good faith call, "I will make a deposit in your account just send it back..." Well this caller failed to realize just what he was dealing with. Needless to say funds withdrawn account closed notified proper authorities and submitted all documentation and self-recorded conversations. Preying on someone in need is sick however sticking it to these people even if just a little did make us sleep better.

Hopefully they get the point and get some morals about their actions. Probably not but they learned today!!! See when you understand clearly without panic because of your need at the time, you get it. I am starting a class action, criminal investigation against these PARASITES!!! I am asking all who have lost money and those who could have lost money to join me in this extermination. All interested parties can send their inquiries to **. Let's take it to them!!!

I received an email regarding a loan. I responded. I then got a call. The loan offer papers had been emailed. I read, replied "I agreed to the terms monthly payment for the loan" of ..Frank **, (although he was not american) put me hold and came back said they could not transfer $$ to my bank because someone in my area did not pay their loan so something about their company not making bank transactions here. He said another problem was they needed verification that I could make the 1st payment. Since they can't see in my account I need to buy a money pack for $250. I did although I had never purchased that before. Frank ** then had me give him the number on the back and put me on hold. He said a few more minutes and he will call me back. So I drove home. He called said they will western union my loan and the $250 but I needed another money pack to cover the wire fee for $149. I did it again. I had begged Frank ** to please not let me be falling for a scam, he assured me it was a true loan. Frank in the meantime emailed me saying he was sorry, he was a kidnapped 20 yr old Asian slave in Nigeria being forced to do this and may not live another day because they know he emailed me. He called one final time and said "sorry". I blew $400.

I received a phone call today from someone claiming to be from a collection agency. I could not understand the man I was talking to due to a very thick accent and could not understand his named or the name of the collection agency he was calling from. The phone number is **. After letting him know I had never applied for an online loan with Cash Advance America, he argued with me and wanted me to give him my Social Security Number and e-mail address. When I informed him I do not give that information over the phone, he hung up on me.

So I called the number back and asked him to give me his name and the company’s name. His accent got very thick again when I asked again. He hung up on me again. I then called back and asked to speak with a manager. He informed me he was the manager and said I needed to pay this debt or I would get paperwork within 48 hours on court proceedings. Then hung up on me again. Now, when I tried calling back I get a recording stating to leave a message, but then it says the mail box is full.

New product, conversing w/Ms Watson. I borrowed $700; she reviewed w/me that no more than $900 to pay back via monthly payments. Got my first statement due, $50. I really appreciated that but he next payment due, $187.50. Really confused at this time. Next bill $435 +. I am so ready to take them to court. I called during my lunch to discuss this matter, some lady put me on hold twice during my 30 min. lunch breadk so I will need to discuss this matter in person. Let me know what can be done about this if anything. Very desperate and upset about this.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GET ANYTHING OR GIVE ANY INFORMATION FROM THESE INDIAN PEOPLE. They called me from a Google number **. No one answered and it said I reached a Google number voicemail. ** out of here. There's no way you could be approved for a $3,000 - $10,000 that easy. These people are scams. Do not accept calls from these numbers. They're also texting me as well. So annoying. I reported them as well.

I have a $120 payday loan with Advance America in Georgetown, Delaware and I was due to make an interest payment of $20 or pay the loan off for $120. I didn't have a new check to write on my Jan 27, 2012 visit but I had my extension payment of $20. The Georgetown office would not take payment without a new check. I ordered new checks through my bank but they have not come yet. I made the office aware before hand when I saw that there was a possibility that they weren't going to be here.

The loan officer I spoke with basically responded in a nasty way. "You would be wasting your time to come in because you have to have a new check." I asked if I could speak to a supervisor for the Georgetown office and I was told that the loan officer wasn't allowed to give out numbers. I can't believe that this would be true. All businesses should have a way to contact their supervisor and the customer should be able to do so as well. So I wrote the complaint office a letter. There were no numbers online to call.

I am very upset as my checking account is in danger of being intercepted for the full amount $120 this week due to my not having a new check to write. I tried to communicate with this company, offered to make the payment and asked if something could be documented in my file that I will bring in a new check as soon as I received them probably this week.

They basically didn't want to work with me. I don't feel that this is right. I have been an excellent customer with this company for 3 to 4 years. What would be wrong with taking a blank check at the beginning of a loan and just have the client sign the check? And, if anything were to come up, the company has the right to put a date and amount on the check they have for whatever it is that you owe. This would save a lot of checks for the customer. I don't see why this company wouldn't consider something like this. Can you help me?

Just like all the other reviewers have mentioned, I received an email stating I was pre-approved for $8,000 and to call 646-583-3387 to complete the confirmation. They caught me at a low point, so I called back. Spoke to "Alan **" who sounded more like Deepak Patel. He proceeded to verify all my info, claiming it was from my application. Never happened. I never submitted any application to these boneheads. Since I didn't have any money in my account to "prove my good faith", I was told to call back when I did. I spent that time researching this group and hearing all of your stories regarding these turds. I called my bank, had my account and debit card changed and requested a flag for any withdrawal over $100 to require my approval for the next two weeks. Then I called Cash Advance America back and said I now had the money to proceed with my loan.

The guy starts to give me the line about how to go to a MoneyGram location and all that garbage, while I'm acting like I'm falling for it, hook, line and sinker. He kept asking me if I had the cash in hand. Finally I tell him that he doesn't have to worry about if I had the cash because I no longer wanted to pay for a loan, that the whole idea of paying for a loan was just a scam. I told him if he or anyone from his company tried to touch my account, there would be swift action from the local authorities, since they were already being investigated for fraud. He was not a happy camper after that, and began calling me all sorts of vile names and ended the call by telling me to ** his **. Very professional, wouldn't you say? I've learned my lesson, but I'm still broke.

Applied for a payday loan. I was contacted by email saying I was pre-qualified for up to $5000. But first my credit score needed to be raised. Manager Ray ** said the accounting department would deposit $950 into my account and that I would have to pay back via a MoneyGram and that would raise my credit score. Sounded odd but I was desperate so I did it. No loan & $950 negative in my bank account. The money they deposited was a ghost check and came back as unpaid so my bank charged me. Now I am in more debt thanks to Advance America Cash Advance. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE LOW LIVES. It is all A SCAM.

I needed a short term loan. I went to Advance America to get a short term loan for an unexpected bill. I took two lien free auto titles with me to use as collateral. Both vehicles had $5,800 in equity between the two of them. I applied for 30 day loan in the amount $2,300.00 loan, an interest rate of 345% and a finance charge of $2,980.00. I also just filed my taxes and present them proof of a tax refund in the amount of $6,000.00 payable in 14 days. They took the information I provided them. Went to the computer, clicked a couple buttons, handed me a piece of paper that said DECLINED. Now wait a minute. I gave these people the GREEN LIGHT to rip me off with an absurd amount of Interest Rate with a astronomical finance charge and I present them 2 lien free vehicles exceeding the value of this loan and they DECLINE it??? This loan would be any reputable Lenders DREAM! Fools. I'll never go back.

Good Morning. I got a call from this number (209)266-1399 saying I was approved of a loan for 2000. I had to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak card from Walgreens. I did it. I was told that the money would be in my account in one hour and they had me stay on the line. These people are using your company name to sound legit. I called and now I can’t get through to them. When I call, the phone rings once and then there is a busy signal. The names are Henry ** and Michelle. I know I can't get my money back but these people should pay for what they did. I know I was stupid. It sound good so I did it. What do I do now?

I borrowed money from Advance America in 2003 and 2004. I paid the fees up until 2004, when the money and fees taken out of my bank account became too much and I was left with no money for other bills. Long story short, I lost my job because I was being arrested for bad checks and later on, jail time. This happened because of the hidden payment fees. My question is, why haven't I gotten my repayment from the 18 million lawsuit?

I received a call from a man in Illinois with the number 779-400-0927. He said he was calling from Advance America Inc. He told me I was approved for 5000.00 and asked what I needed it for. I explained bills, car repairs. He then said he would send my app to the underwriters. He came back to the phone said I was denied cause of my credit score which is over 600. He then said they will deposit 900.00 to 1500.00 into my account, I need to go to Walmart with my debit card, send the money back to them and then they will update my FICO score in 2 hours then deposit the actual loan I qualified for in the amount of 5k by tomorrow morning.

But first they need my username and password to link my account to the ETF electronic transfer machine. I advised him that's not legal. He told me it is. They will provide me 3 hard copies of the application and terms for the agreement. 1 for me the bank and 1 to keep for myself really? So then I told him you don't need my password and username to my checking account. He said he did in order to update my credit report and deposit the actually loan amount I approved for. Well I hung up... NEWS FLASH. DUMMY. I collect on Advance America and all other payday loans that are delinquent and have taken out one my self and this isn't how it's done! Oh by the way the loan amount was 5k, the int rate was 10 percent and the monthly payments were 156.00. Too good to be true. So glad I wasn't desperate.

I have never applied for these people, to the best of my ability I don't remember doing it. Now I'm getting call from new york and dc and Texas and have 5 different agreement all stating I have to pay up to 250 to prove I financially stable enough to take on the loan. I'm not paying anything upfront for a loan, I made that mistake once and was burned. I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN EVER. I don't believe you should have too.

Here is an email I received. I believe it is spam and have not returned their email or called them. "Dear Customer, As you are aware, you have a small pay day loan bill of $1289.86 that remains unpaid. We feel we have done everything possible within reason to collect the money you owe us. We have decided that unless you make immediate plans to repay us this money, we will write this debt off our books and claim it as bad debt loss to the IRS."

"Did you know that any money you owe us and don't pay should legally be declared as additional income for you or your business during the year in which you incurred the debt? If we decide to write off this debt, we will use IRS form 1099-A which will show the IRS that the $1289.86 became income for you and bad debt for Advance Cash America. You can avoid the unnecessary actions by immediately getting in touch with us either through e-mail or through phone. For any queries feel free to e-mail us back. We will be handling this matter over with you and will be providing you some payoff or Settlement options if available. Thank You. Advance Cash America."

Here is a simple question: Do you really want the IRS poking around your tax returns to see if you claimed that money as income? Wouldn't it just be easier to pay your bill?

I received an email from FCS Corporation telling me that I owe Cash America a sum of $822.14. I don't even know who Cash Advance are and I have not applied for a loan of that amount, I don't understand why I received this email. Please stop this at once!

On July 13, 2017, I was contacted by a man with an accent, who identified himself as Nick **, loan officer, with Advance America, responding to my request for an application for an installment loan. He had all my personal and financial information as he read it off to me. During our conversation, he advised me that I had been approved for a $2,000 installment loan with monthly payments of $197.00 for a 12-month term. However, in order to get the loan, I had to go through a verification process, which he said was in accordance with the rules governing the Federal Trade Commission. He stated the $100.00 verification costs was not a fee and that he was only looking for a code reflecting the purchase of a pre-paid card to prove I had $100.00 on the card. This really peaked my suspicions.

Furthermore, he stated that I should purchase this pre-paid card from either Office Max, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Family Dollar, Dollar General and Krogers. Even redder flag! The first email he sent me was on what looked like $Advance America, Cash Advance stationary. On this official looking stationary was a huge watermark that read “Seal of the State of Illinois”, with a logo to the right that read “Department of Consumer & Business Services” and to the right of that was a BBB accredited business logo. This pdf document was a dummy mockup of what appears to be an authentic loan servicing documents. It did not reflect anything we discussed.

The first page of the 5-page PDF ** read, “Only customer have to prove himself/herself in front of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission of US Gov) that she/he is financially strong and capable person and after getting this loan will not miss any payment on installment date”. This is exactly what was on the form spelling, grammatical errors and all. What a croc! Nick also said that the loan documents requiring my signature would not be sent until I verified the purchase of the pre-paid card for $100. Legitimate loan companies will always send you documents to look over and read before committing yourself.

In order to confirm my suspicion about this company, Advance America just so happens to have an office in my hometown. I called them and explained to them about this so-called loan, the loan number, the amount and how to retrieve it. I was told that in no uncertain terms, THIS IS A SCAM! When Nick call me back, I told him they were running a scam. He then threatened me by saying if I did not take the loan, he would flag my credit report. That was the last straw, I hung up the phone in his face and I had no further conversation with this scammer.

I found a couple of addresses claiming to be Advance America Loans. The loan servicing phone number on the pdf is **. The address is **. The address on my approval email is **. A man by the name of Paul **, is the Sr. Manager, Advance America, **. DON'T BE FOOLED! PROTECT YOURSELF BY CHECKING TWO AND THREE TIMES THAT A COMPANY IS LEGIT. No lender is going to send you to Rite Aid, CVS or any other retailer to have you purchase a pre-paid card.

I just read the review from **, and she said word for word what happened to me except he wanted 180, so I gave it to him and never saw it again. I have a signed Advance America contract so how do I get the money and if this is a scam, is there a real Advance America company that gives installment loans?

This a scam, they tell you can get 5,000 and Pay 200 a month back but they tell you to buy green dot cards from CVS or Walgreens, give them the number off it. It was all something, "there were issue with your zip code", they give you fake tracking numbers. They call, you stay on the phone with you while they take the money off your cards for 20 and 30 minutes. The India Man Mark Ask me do I want be his girlfriend at the end of our conversation. I hope they get caught, Mark, Alex, India Men's.

My story is the same as most of these others. They ask for money upfront on a reload card, take the money and nothing. I was also a victim of identity theft when getting ready to do my taxes this year and I believe one hundred percent it had to do with this scam.

I received a text and email said I was approved for 5000 dollars from Cash America. The guy name was Keon ** email = ** and his direct phone line is **. I called and he said I was approved for 5000 dollars, but he needs to verify my account that I am not broke. He told me to go to Walgreens and buy 980 dollars worth of iTunes cards and send him the picture of front and the back due to they put the money in my account, also told me to scratch off the code from the back. I was not thinking and I did what they told me. Also they said for me to do money gram for 600. They keep telling me that my credit score was low and that was why they ask me to send back money they put it in my account so that they will give me the loan for 5000 dollars. I was scam now my bank frozen my account until I pay them back the money. I was only trying to get a loan to pay off my IRS account. Now I am in more debt. Please do not fall for this scam.

No offense, but these guys who I called sounded like Raj from Big Bang Theory, lol. Anyways, I got a email with a document (looking legit) that I was approved for $4500 loan (which I was applying on payday loans for $200). He insisted I take the loan for a higher amount so I thought I go with the flow. He asked for my bank info (which of course you got my info, why ask for it again). He said it was for verification purposes... so I gave him a wrong account. Then he had to verify it... which he came back on the phone saying "good". So as I was listening to him, when I disagreed on something, he started to bite my head off. In the end, I had to "show" the money for them to deposit the $4500 to my account... which I told them... "You want $250 from me right now when I asked for $200 because I'm broke? Does that make sense?" *hang up* Don't bother calling these guys, waste of air and time. Bunch of Clowns. They don't even deserve a STAR for this review but because it's required... so be it!

I received a loan in my email. I apply but I never received this money in my account. When I verify my account, I see someone takes the money in my account. After I got in my bank, they verify for me and see saving makes money, take the money in my account after my bank call them, and cancel. They never give me my money back. After one week, I received a call. Cash Advance America tell me, "You must to pay for your loan." I tell him, "Which loan?" The man is an Indian, he tell me, "If you don't pay for your loan, they coming to do something on you." I verify my account. I never received money in my account. After I received several call, the Cash Advance America he tell me they have case on my name, they have my all information. I don't know how USA is a big country accepts people vBulletin call you and do something like that.

I applied for a loan 4 months ago... I knew it was scam once I spoke with the (first) Indian man. So I called him out on their bs. He told me to and I quote "SUCK HIS **". I WAS APPALLED. I cursed him out and blocked him. Now he and his friends call and text all day everyday. I tell them I don't want their money. They're scammers. I blocked them. They call from 50 numbers. I blocked that. They find another number and text or call right back in 5 mins. I know you're saying well just change your number. Not that easy when all information with kids school's and important business contacts has my number. I wish to God I never applied for a loan.

I applied for a pay day loan and I got an email this morning saying I was approved for 7000 dollars. I told the gentleman on the phone who I called around 1 pm, he told me to hold the line. I said, “Ok.” Then he came on and asked me how much money I needed, I said “Only 300, I thought it was a payday loan.” He made me hold again then came back on the line and told me quickly 7000 will be in my account in a half hour. Anyone else have this issue? I'm afraid that they could of had access to my social.

I was contacted by email that I was approved for a 4,000 loan. Then I had to buy a visa card put 250.00 on it call them back with all card information. Then got another call saying the Federal Reserve was holding the money and that I had to buy a second card and put 350.00 on it for the Federal Reserve to release the money to me. They called twice and said the money would not go thru my account that a code of 408 kept coming up. So money was suppose to be a MoneyGram. I had to pay 248.00 for my codes for the MoneyGram. Then I was told they sent the money and gave me two reference codes to get my money which would include the money on the cards and the fee paid to get the money and the transaction numbers didn't work. So I am out of $859.50.

I received a call today from 347-474-7041 from a man with a very thick Indian accent. I could barely understand him. Something about an unpaid payday loan

from Advance Cash America. I called back and he was easier to understand. He wanted to send me something about paying back a loan. I asked him when the loan was sent to me and I see nothing on my account.

I asked him to send me the information showing me that I took the loan. He got all mad and said that all he could send me was information for me to pay it back. I said I'm not agreeing to anything until I see that I took the loan because I can't see anything. He got mad and hung up. What the **?

I received a call from a company claiming to be Advance America. They stated I had been approved for a loan but due to my credit I would need to pay insurance. The representative stated I needed to pay 212.43 up front and I would have the loan in an hour. He also stated I had to pay this through MoneyGram. I asked if I could pay with a credit card and he said no. He also was insistent on knowing when I would be going to MoneyGram. I told him I was not comfortable with that and would think about it. I ended the call and then called a different, legit Advance America office. I explained the situation and was told that is a scam and the only way to obtain a loan is by going into an office of Advance America.

Today 9/14/2015 I received a email stating I was approved for $5000 and that I needed to call asap. So I call and someone with a heavy Indian accent claiming to be the senior loan officer. He asks what bank I'm with and I tell him AMEX, but then he says they don't go thru American Express. I'm don't think nothing of it at the time because I just recently lose my job so he refers me to two banks that they deal with Texas Capital and Prosperity Bank so as I'm riding around trying to find one of those banks I stop and think if he want to deposit money he could of just direct deposit right into my account but that sneakin ** wanted me to add money into the account so he could withdraw it and when they say you will have the money in 30 to 45 mins that's how long its gonna take them to wipe you out.

I know because they got me with that my vanilla debit card. It's true what they say - if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Be careful with your personal info. If you think your info is being used fraudulently flag it. My best advice don't put private info on the internet because when it's out there there's no way of getting it back.

Got the offer for $5000 from SC and TX from Advance America, did not apply with them but did applications for loans online. They had all my info, ssn, banking info. Anyway Alex ** lol because his accent was Indian said I didn't have mobile deposit so I would need to put $175 on prepaid cards at Walmart. Alex also asked if I could use someone else's bank account! I told him no. He was so adamant about when I would be going to Walmart and assured me it wasn't a scam even though I didn't ask. He also asked if I was single and wanted to know my social media accounts. He placed me on hold several times and at this point I had an idea of what was up and knew it was a scam. I'm still receiving text messages from various numbers. Googled the company for reviews and behold! Go with your gut people, don't let these ** take you for a fool in desperate times!

They called I was approved for $3000. I talked to a male named Sean **. He wasn't white. He sounded Arab. First I had to pay a fee so that they could get my credit score up to get the loan. I ended up paying over $640 to get said loan. No loan. Can't contact them and now I can't pay my rent which is why I needed the money in first place. Check they used was fraudulent.

What a scam... I lost $1500.00. They kept promising me I would get them money. I told them I wanted my money back. They said I would have to send more money. I was looking to pay bills off and get on my feet. Whoever reads this, don't do it. They left me even worse off than I was before. Don't ever do business with these people. I am getting a hold of the new york attorney generals off to have these people found out. They don't belong doing business. Also going to News 4 to expose these crooks.

I had a close call with these crooks the other day. I had applied for personal loan and received call from 202-436-9791. The man had thick Indian accent. He told me to call a number and give approval code. The phone # was same as one he called from. A different man with less of an accent gave me address in Washington DC that he claimed was their location. His name was Edward ** (so he claimed). He asked me to come up with a password that he could use so that no one else could try to take advantage of me (lol, that's a good one). Told me to go get Green Dot card and put the $180, that would be the first payment on it. It was to show that I had the means to repay loan and I could spend the money after loan went through. This was to happen within a half hour of getting card. He even located a grocery store near me that sold them.

He said when I got there I had to call back so he could help me get it right. That he would stay on the line while I bought it. I got suspicious since he was so insistent. I looked up company and saw all these reviews. I blocked them. I went to my bank and explained what had happened. They would not give me new account even though I have had acct with them for over 10 years. I'm broke so I guess the joke's on them if they try to rip me off. I'm getting new acct at a different bank ASAP. Chase bank wasn't much help since I was overdrawn. Well luckily I have a job interview this week. I knew anyone that was willing to loan me that much wasn't on the up and up. But I'll keep my money in a jar buried in my yard before I let some stupid thieving foreigners have it!

I applied online for an installment loan and I guess it was a site that sent your information to other companies. I was contacted originally by email from this particular company telling me that I was approved for a $3600 Installment loan that would require $167 paid for 24 months. It told me to call the number listed and someone would assist me further with my application. It seemed normal, so I called. I got greeted by an Indian or foreigner named "John" and he went over my application and so on. He advised me that I would have to provide a verification amount of $167 to insure that I would be able to pay for the loan. I was ready to give him my credit card information and he advised me that I would have to go get a GreenDot Visa or Mastercard to use to load my payments on. He stayed on the phone with me until I went to Dollar General to buy a card.

Once I purchased the card, he told me to NOT register it and give him the information off of the card so that he could verify that the funds were there and upon verification, in 2 hours the $3600 loan and $167 would be deposited into my account. Yes, I also provided him my bank account information thinking that this was a real loan company. He took the information and told me that the money would be in my account in 2 hours and if he needed anything else, he would call me back. He called back. He told me that my credit score was not high enough to receive the loan so I asked him would I be getting my $167 because I wanted to cancel my loan application and he said that he would do all that he could to get it back.

Now, at this point, I felt something was wrong so I called my friend and asked had he ever heard of these people and he said no. He looked it up and seen that it was a scam loan company. I called the BBB and I put in a report with them. I called the guy back and told him that if he didn't return my money to me immediately, I was going to call local pd and report that they are a scam company and he hung up on me. I called right back and said the same exact thing again and he said that he didn't take threats and that he was trying to get it returned. Well I snapped and cussed him out, long story short and I said I was calling the police. He then tried to calm me down but it was too late at that point. Now I am posting everywhere about getting scammed out of my $167.

I had applied for an installment loan in the amount of $1,000 online and was contacted by John ** with Advance America in South Carolina. He said that I had been approved for an installment loan in the amount of $2,000. My payments were to be $131.00 per month. He then told me I had to pay a fee of $110.00 upfront and then my funds would be wired within 10 minutes of receipt by an "iTunes" card. No funds were wired; however, he then informed me that I needed to pay the Loan Document Fee upfront also. This amount was $399.00. I asked to speak to the Manager of the Branch and told him to deduct that amount from my proceeds.

He said they had already wired the funds and could not change the amount, but that my funds would not be released until they received the fees (once again by "iTunes" card). I told him that I felt they were committing fraud and he assured me that was not the case - it was just their policy and that I would have funds within 15 minutes of receiving the Loan Fees. I told him that I had better have my wire or I was going to report them for theft/fraud. He assured me on his Mother's grave that he was being truthful. An hour later, I still had no wire and he called back to say they needed to have Federal Taxes collected upfront, once again paid up front.

I told him I would not send him another penny and that just as I suspected, they had committed fraud. I demanded he send me the $509.00 I had already by wire immediately. They refused and said they were going to keep my funds. I did not sign anything or agree to anything allowing them to keep any funds if I cancelled my application (which I did not fill out on their website anyway). I intend to report this company and John ** along with his supervisor to the FBI. A person would probably think how stupid and naive I was in giving them the money upfront anyway. I certainly do feel stupid, but in the last 4 years one thing after another has happened, and in this case, I badly needed the funds for a surgical procedure co-pay. I hate that this kind of people make it very difficult for us to trust anyone.

They have called my job several times, after my District Manager has asked them repeatdly not to call me on my job. They have also brought threatning letters to my job as well, after being asked not to. I have agreed to make arrangements with them to pay off the debt, and they told me they would not take what I had offered them. I offered them one hundred dollars at first.

Kelly came to my job today threatning me, she was not discreet with her purpose for coming to my job she started talking loudly in front of my Assistant, I asked her please not to come to my job and she would not leave and got an attitude with me saying she can come here whenever she feels like it. She was very rude to me after I asked her several times not to come to my job and tried to explain to her that I have been trying to make arrangements to pay off my debt. She still refused to leave and insisted that she would return.

Consumers should be aware of this company. They called me and said I was approved for a loan and only after they verified my information he informed me in order to do the loan I would have to pay a processing fee in the amount of $200.00 and I would have to buy itunes cards to pay for it. After realizing this was a scam and their company having my banking information I changed my banking information.

This company is a total scam. I got email notifying me I had been approved for a loan for 5k. I called the number on the document. The person I spoke to was ** (he said so). He went over the doc they sent, then went over my info. Odd because I could not recall contacting the company. Assuring me that I had the loan he just needed to verify my account info, which he apparently already had, but then told me they needed "insurance" that I would repay, so they would deposit 1K into the account & then remove it to make sure my account was valid. Then he would call me let me know I was verify & in 20 minutes there would be 5k in the account. Then he asked for the online ID & password to my bank account-yes RED flag. I told him NO he didn't need that & I would not be giving it out. He then tried for 5 minutes to "convince" me that all was good & I was being stupid, that this is the way to improve my credit score instantly. I hung up.

A man with an Indian accent called verifying my personal information. I googled the name of the company while I had him on the line and I advised him that his company Advance America is a fraud and a scam. He asked for my online banking information, which I declined. He then suggested that I verified myself in another way and I declined and hung up. 30 minutes later, I received a phone call from my banks toll free number. I answered and it was the same man chewing in my ear, frequently representing himself as one of my banks reps and wanted to confirm a deposit from advance America, I said no, and told him I decline and I was contacting the BBB and the FBI... These people are a disgrace and prey to destroy people's lives... DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR INFORMATION. I HAVE A LEGAL TEAM ON THIS RIGHT NOW.

They have called numerous times and I called back to ask them to take my name and number off their list and the man started cussing me and was very disrespectful. Also I have it recorded and I'm forwarding to the BBB, file many complaint for this company, and their main office.

I received an email today. I should have checked this before I even called from. They asked for the Green Dot MoneyPak. When I stated I couldn't get it today, they told me to go on my lunch. I again reiterated I cannot until I get out of work. This John ** asked that time I get out and that the time difference so conveniently they close hour and half after I get out. I'm glad I read these before I did anything. This was very helpful. Sucks I'm back to square one but at least with everyone comments I didn't lose anything. Thank you.

I received an email from this SO CALLED COMPANY, the documents look very legal and authentic. I decided to BLOCK MY NUMBER and call the number provided… The voice mail recording said THE MAGIC JACK CUSTOMER IS UNAVAILABLE to take my call! What legitimate business would use MAGIC JACK!!! (Not really a question.) Then I googled and found many complaints! So I'm adding another complaint!

I had the same experience with this company. To be fair, not the real company. The ** that are claiming they are a lending company. They pulled the same crap they did with everyone else, telling me that people in my area had defaulted on their loans, therefore the bank rejected my deposit. When I asked for their license number the guy Anthony ** told me to "write it down" and was a complete jerk. When I asked to speak to manager, the guy who was supposedly the finance manager said he was only manager. They had me wire money to a Timothy ** in CA. It was my rent and bill money. I hope these ** rot in hell!

A caller with a very thick Indian accent from a call center in Santa Barbara, CA (805-308-0293) representing themselves as from Advance America called my number twice, asking for "Derek". When I advised him that, as I informed him the first time he called, there was no Derek at this number (we have had this phone# 5 months). He then proceeded to obviously cup the phone and call me a "**" and "** sucker" over and over until I hung up.

When I called the number back to speak to a supervisor, he said to me, "Why are you wasting my time?" I told him I was going to file a complaint and he nonchalantly stated, do what you have to do. It's been a while since I was a Call Center Consultant, but I am guessing this type of telephone interaction is still greatly frowned upon by the FCC/FTC, etc.

If anyone gets a call from 904 584 2089 says Advance America. DO NOT ANSWER THAT CALLS. THEY ARE LYING SCAMS. They have your email saying you are approved for loans say up to $5000. It's crock. They stole emails, phone numbers, your birth date etc. They want to look in your bank account to see if you have at least $150-$200 in there. They are stealing your money.

CALL THE NATIONAL FRAUD LINE IN WASHINGTON DC AND REPORT THEM. THEY WILL RAID AND BUST THIS PEOPLE. They go to jail. Again do not answer those calls. It's scams even from that number say Florida. These people do not speak English hardly at all. They are stealing money from American people. I warn you if you do you will get your bank account dried up by these fraudulent people. Thank you for your attention to this warning.

Phone **. The India dudes sound English not complete but saying I was approved for $4000 plus send $200 to MoneyGram & my loan amount of $4200 in 45-60 minutes which sound kind of odd. Plus I'm in need of that loan. Red Flags. Be careful People. Karma will come back look for them.

I got a call on my work phone from someone claiming I defaulted on a $300 loan and criminal charges would be filed against me tomorrow for money laundering. It got me thinking because he told me I had to Western Union it to him then I thought I never got a loan from this company so I called the company Advance America and they don't have a record of me. They even told me it's a scam. So of course I called the ** back and cussed him out good.

I got a email saying that I got approved for a 1000 dollar loan and I had to pay $230 cause it would not deposit into my account and do it through Green Dot and I did. So now I'm broke and I thought it was legit with all the documentation that was sent. The number is 8036398340. Please be careful.

It's an expensive short-term loan with an astronomical APR. They are very upfront about this and that's why you should only use their service if you're in the middle of an emergency and have no other options. That said, my loan was approved in minutes, deposited into my account the next day, and I paid it off on the due date which satisfied every obligation I had to them. It was a simple, pain-free process. Helped me to catch up on a few bills after a couple weeks of not being able to work as much. No mysterious Indian men, no prepaid debit cards, no one continuing to debit my account after everything was paid off. I'd absolutely use them again if I was in a tight bind.

Representative of Advance America Cash Advance threatening fraud, 3 felonies coming to my work to serve papers, would not tell me what he is talking about... Scary I don't have a loan there and he had my last 4 social and work phone number. It terrified me. Now for sure I would never do business with this company -- I hope they are aware. There are many reviews with same and similar complaints.

Recently, I was applying online for a cash advance to help with my kids Christmas. Shortly after, I got an email stating that I was approved for a loan between 2000 and 15000 dollars. I thought great! Then today, I get a call from a ** number. It was a man with a very strong accent, I could hardly understand him. He then asked me how much money I needed and verified my bank detail, my address, my ss number, even where I work. I thought nothing of it until he told me to hold on while he deposited my cash but quickly came back to say that I have to first send $112 dollars for some insurance but I couldn't send it through my bank account. Please don't fall for this. I am sure that it is a scam!

I keep getting emails stating that I have been approved for a $10,000 loan with the interest charge of $1,000. Whenever I call the number back and ask what the emails are in reference to it was a foreign who I could barely understand that was a lot of static on the end of their phone and said, “Yes you applied for a loan and I got you approved.” Somehow or another this person had all of my information including my bank information. I told him I have not applied for a loan and to quit sending me emails and disregard all information. I feel that this is a strong scam that is being processed through people's emails to try to get money out of others who has done nothing to ask for this. Please be aware that the scam is there. I am a single mom of 4 kids and that is the last thing I need is for someone to try to obtain all my personal information as if I don't struggle enough. I don't need anybody to help me with that.

Applied for a loan online and received an email from a Mark ** at Advance America which turned out to be a scam. Approval letter said I was approved for a $5,000.00 loan at 10 percent interest. He claimed to be the Senior Loan Officer. Because my bank is a small mutual bank he said he couldn't wire the funds and would have to go through MoneyGram. I questioned him about this and he assured me this was a legal business and this was normal. He told me to wait at Wal-Mart and he would wire the funds. I waited 4 hours and still no money. He then told me I had to pay the first payment of $250.00. I had to send it by MoneyGram. It made sense so I sent him that amount by MoneyGram. I went home. He asked why I went home because he was going to wire the loan money to me. I told him I couldn't sit in Wal-mart anymore. The next day he called me at 9:30 am and told me that I had to now pay the fee for him wiring the amount.

I asked why he couldn't take it out of the loan amount and he replied that it was against policy. So being naive I wired him the money. He told me I would have my $5,250.00 in 20 minutes and to wait at Wal-mart. Three hours later still no money and now a Peter ** told me I had to pay the taxes on the loan or the Federal Trade Commission wouldn't release the funds. I got angry and told him "this was scam" and he said it was definitely not a scam and it was perfectly legal. I once again wired him $272.00. Still no money. I tried to call today 8/10/15 and they will not answer the phone so I blocked my number and someone different answered the phone and asked for my name. I was put on hold and no one ever picked up.

I have now found out that these same people are doing this to other people daily. This is unacceptable. The phone number I call is a Miami FL number 786-600-1175. I have filed a complaint with the FBI but they are so inundated with these scamming complaints I doubt anything will happen. I am sincerely hoping that Consumer Affairs look into these guys and get them shut down. Besides this being a crime it's immoral.

I received an email with a loan approval contract attached yesterday. The loan was for $5,000 with payments of $225 for 24 months. I called number on contract; Mark **, Sr Loan Officer. Ask me to purchase $200 worth of Itunes gift cards for verification. Being stressed because my medical dog was attacked by a pit bull and had to be put down I was excited because my Doctor said I needed to get a new medical emotion companion dog as soon as possible. I gave Mark pin numbers on cards. He said my money would be deposited within 20 minutes in my bank. It wasn't.

I called Mark again. He said CEO Bob said needed wire transfer routing number from Bank. I gave it to him, still NO MONEY! Six hours later my daughter speaks to Mark on phone for scamming money from me and me being on disability. Mark promised her my $200 would be returned to me today, March 11, 2017. So-called company will not answer phone today. The company is supposedly in Texas but address is not on loan contract and Mark will not answer phone or emails now.

I have just been scammed by this people for 900.00 dollars through the use of the green dot money pack card. Had to purchase it at CVS or Walgreens to pay for verification of payment and insurance and finally State taxes. All in all I didn't receive the money for the loan amount promised. I too now have no money to pay rent and hopefully these guys can be stopped!! Now here's the twist. The jerks are calling me back saying they located my money from these spammers and they are working for the United States government and if I want my money back!!! Of course they want $275.00. I told him to go get bent and hung up!! So pissed.

I received a call from someone with a thick Indian Accent on 04/09/2018 asking me if I was still looking for a loan. I said yes, so he proceeded to tell me that I was approved for $5k. I said I did not want that much, I only wanted $600.00, to which he replied that the minimum was $1500 to be paid back at $70 a month for 24 months. I figured it out and it only came to about $156 in interest which I thought sounded great (too good to be true actually). He then verified all my information which most of which he already had including my address, and the last 4 #'s of my bank account. Which I did not think of as odd as I had been looking for a loan.

He then said that because of my low credit score that he would have his financial team deposited a "small" amount into my account to verify that everything was ok. They could not deposit the entire amount until it was "verified". I asked him how much they would deposit and he replied $800!! That was the instant red flag, so I told him, "Thanks but no thanks." I did not want that done and to forget the whole thing and hung up. He called back immediately and I did not answer the phone, however when he called back a 2nd time, I had my husband answer and they had some not so pleasant words to say to each other. Without going into the details, it ended up with my husband extremely angry at what he was told to do.

We called back and when they finally picked up, the guy immediately told my husband to go ** his mother, and my husband replied that we would report him to the BBB and Consumer Affairs... Which we are doing right now. Watch out for these guys and if tell you they want to deposit an exorbitant amount into your account before they can deposit the loan amount... Hang up QUICKLY. And don't answer when they call back or you'll get cussed out just like my husband did. Bad people at this place and karma will get them and bite them in the ass eventually... Hopefully.

I received a call from phone number ** saying that they were a collection agency for Cash Advance America and that I owe them $400 for a loan that I received in July 2011. I never applied for a cash advance loan or whatever it is called. When I asked for some information on this company, they hung up on me. When I tried to call the number back it kept going to voicemail.

First and foremost, I am one of those people who Google everything. I got a phone call from a heavy Indian-accented guy telling me I was approved for a long-term loan, which is what I was looking for. I needed help for the short term loan I had to keep up with the bills. Once you get on that track being a mother of 2, it's hard to get out of. The guy proceeded to tell me I was approved from 2000 to 10,000 dollars. I gave him my information to look up my credit, supposedly. He put me on hold, came back and said, "Great news, we can give you a loan for 2000." Being that my credit was low, they would deposit a check into my checking account and to verify it is really me, I'd have to send some money back from that check through money gram. Nothing else, no western union, only money gram.

He never said an amount. By this time, I'm talking to 'David **'. So he told me he deposited the check to send 500 back to him using my debit card. "Do NOT use the atm," he said. "Just use your debit card". I was trying to Google these people, but they used a cellphone jammer. I couldn't look up anything. I couldn't even look at my account to see what they did. I had $468 already in my account but he told me this is all we have to do and they will deposit another check and I'd only have to pay $138 a month back. The woman at the money gram asked if the recipient would be able to provide an ID, I addled this David ** and he said yes. He told me the recipient was Lorenzo **. The agent heard my conversation. I believe since she asked this question. Now by this time, I'm getting a little upset.

This has taken over 40 minutes, these people kept putting me on hold and not once let me hang up or use the atm, but I'm willing to do anything to get home to my family. This was right after work. So I sent the money. He said, "Okay, wait 10 minutes please to make sure the money was there". He put me on hold. 10 minutes later, he comes back and said, "Okay now I need you to send 900 back to me". I said, "Okay, I don't understand what's going on, how you deposited these checks because I have USAA and the closest bank is in Texas".

So they start getting fast and hurry-hurry mode. "You need to get this out fast so we can give you your check fast". I got put on hold again, a different guy comes to the line asking me if I have a boyfriend, he looked at my social site. I'm very beautiful. Now this David ** comes on the line. I tell him about this guy hitting on me, he said, "Sorry about that. I never had to talk to him again, just please send this money."

By this time, it's been 3 hours, nothing seems right. I hang up. They called me 39 times. It took me 2 hours to get my phone back to normal, phone calls, messages online, even WiFi wouldn't work. I finally was able to look on my account. They deposited 2 checks, 1 in my savings and 1 in my checking. I NEVER gave them my savings info at all for them to do this. It said the checks were not available to see yet, but I could see they deposited it by phone. One for an amount of 1200 and 1100 and change on both. Now the next day comes, different phone number and I answer. It's him being irate telling me I need to send the rest of this money, I told him my bank, put a hold on both of them which they truly did. But they took out another 900 overnight.

I'm assuming because I used my debit card, they got that info as well. He got mad, insisted in order to receive my money I had to send the rest of this back, call my bank, demand the money. I just hung up, blocked the calls and called my bank. The woman I spoke with said just wait till the checks cleared and we'll take it from there. Over the week, I went 500 in the hole on my savings, 500 in the hole in my checking and my little bit for rent was gone. By the time the checks cleared, both checks were nonsufficient funds. 2 names I never even heard of and on both checks they forged my name. I am all trying to recover from this. My bank said it takes 7 to 10 days to investigate but since I gave them my checking info, there might be nothing they can do. But since I didn't give them the savings info I might get that back.

They will fully investigate, see where and how they deposited the funds and take it from there. I lost a good 1500 dupatta that I don't even have. I don't make that much. So my bi-weekly check I get had to cover what was there to close my accounts, close my debit card, get a whole new checking account and debit. Please, I hope and pray you do NOT fall for this. Karma will get them, unfortunately, not soon enough. By them getting my account info, they hacked into my account, hacked into my life like I needed this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let them do this to you.

I received an email that my loan for $5,000 was approved, and that I needed to call David ** at ** to finalize the loan. David told me that I needed to send $257 using Money Gram to Dania ** for insurance on the loan. The next day it was changed to $379 to John ** in Florida. Today David was requesting $250 for taxes that I owe. These people will do anything to get your money and you will not see any funds from the promised loan. I am disabled and live on a fixed income. The loan would be VERY useful; but not at these costs.

To all consumers who have been being a victim of this horrible fraudulent crime and identity theft, these kind of acts are not tolerated and i pity the fools to send rapid emails to consumers which are fraudulent and highly contagious. I have been a victim of their crimes, Which include my social number and banking account information. The crooks have all my information and has stolen money from my checking account. But to shed some light on this i do remember going to a website ** which i did not get approve for any loan. I am recalling some things here. What i think "is that payday?", ok sold my personal information to these crooks and i receive an email from Advance America Cash Advance saying i was approved for a $4,000 loan. I was asked to purchase a vanilla reloadable card and load $300 on the card and i will be able to get my $4,000 loan. I E-sign the loan document and sent it over via email, Then I was asked to call my loan specialist so i can have the $4,000 wired into my checking account with in minutes.

I was threaten by these crooks from India that they would come to my home and kill me, i am not worry about that. But to let all you who is reading this i begin to search their telephone numbers to see which telephone providers they were using. I know for fact that they are using VOIP services. See all you have to do is please follow me and my link so that whenever they post any kind of telephone number you will be able to get in contact with the provider they are using to shut down their phones, I have try this method and had 6 telephone numbers disconnected. Here is the link i want all you to go. ** and also this link.. **. Now when you put their telephone number into the system it will then display their number and what VOIP they are using. So Please let us all stand and fight back the right way. Take care be blessed.

I applied for a $500 payday loan and was told I needed to go buy Green Dot MoneyPak card to pay $100 to get the loan but they would deposit $600 into my account to pay back the $100 to me, plus it cost me $4.95 FOR THE CARD. I called back with the card and was assured the money would be in the bank in 18 minutes.

Then the guy came back on the phone to tell me it would cost another $130 to transfer the money into my bank... transfer fee because they were a national bank transferring it into a state bank! I told him I didn't have the money and no longer wanted the loan and wanted my money back! He said he couldn't do that. I suggested he mail me a new a new Green Dot MoneyPak card. Said he couldn't do it. He said the only way to get my money back was to come up with the $130 and they would refund me all my money into my account. It was against my better judgement to take out this loan. This company is a total rip off!!!

I'm in need of some additional cash due to an extended illness, and applied to a few different cash advance/short-term loan companies. I received an email from Advance America today, with an attached loan document (which I did not download, only previewed) indicating I was approved for a $5000 loan at a 2.5% interest rate over three years, for a monthly payment of just under $150.00. Sounds great, right?

I called the number provided and spoke with a man with a heavy Filipino accent, who let me know I was indeed approved for the loan but they needed to verify my bank info to determine whether it was in their network or not (I bank with a small regional bank that operates only within the county I live). He placed me on hold for a minute or two, then came back on the line to ask me if it was a real bank (yes, it is a real legitimate bank, just a small one) and if I have both a checking account and a debit card, to which I responded "yes" to both.

He then advised me that my bank is not in their network, and immediately asked if I would be willing to open an account with US Bank. When I told him I am perfectly happy with my bank and had no desire or need to open a second checking account with another bank, he couldn't hang up quick enough. The impression I get is that they likely only work with huge national banks because of the sheer volume of customers they have, which helps to camouflage their actions; additionally, large banks are notorious for bad and impersonal customer service, so complaints are not as readily addressed and followed up on. A small bank like mine, however, is going to take notice of their shenanigans and be proactive in dealing with something that looks like a fraudulent and/or suspicious situation.

I got an email from Advance America cash advance that I was approved for $10,000. After the initial interview I was transferred to the Senior Loan specialist. At that point I thought this could possibly be true. Then the specialist tells me about the Greendot card and I would have to load $400 in order to get my $10,000. He even stated that he would stay on the phone with me the whole time. Luckily, I was at work and unable to do it at that time. This gave me time to research this company and luckily I came across this website with all of these great comments. I knew it was fishy from the get go but these comments were the icing on the cake!!!

I had a need to get a payday loan, and got $400.00 from Advance America in Evanston Wyoming. So two months later I thought the blooming thing was paid, since they dinged my bank account for it. What came next was a disaster. First they kept on trying to get more money reproducing my check, so I told my bank to no longer honor the withdrawal. Thinking this was over, came the 1st of May, 2017 I went to get money from my account. Hey I only get $800.00 a month from Social Security Disability and found that Advance America had withdrew $500.00 out of my account.

Of course the bank (Wells Fargo of Evanston Wyoming) sided with Advance America. So there I was, no way to pay my rent, or utilities. What I did next was hit them back the way they hit me. I snagged the same amount through them ($500.00) on my bank account at Wells Fargo. What I did next was open another account at another bank, bad ethics on my part? Maybe but they bit the wrong paw of the wrong wolf.

I applied for a loan almost 3 months ago from Advance America Cash. These people are scam artist. I was on it though now they’re harassing me every day 4x a day from different numbers. Please be aware people. If they have an Indian hang up fast.

After many months, got find someone to advance me some funds. Last week I received a text from Jack ** and here it is... "Hello, this is loan officer Jack ** texting on behalf of Advance America. This text is to inform you that your loan application has been approved for up to $8000.00 from Advance America Loan Company so if you are still in the market looking for a loan with cheap interest rates and better monthly installment without any upfront payment, please kindly get back us on **. Thank you."

I called them and he told me that he needed my account information. I was desperate to get funds. So I did exactly what he asked me to do. Including give him my bank details. He told me that his Advance America needed to make sure that it went into the right bank account. He asked me for my security answers, which I gladly gave him. They changed my security questions and answers while on the phone. I was sleeping as Jack ** would call me for 2 days. My bank stopped my card from being used. My online banking was also stopped. I called my bank the next thing to find out that this was all fraud. The deposit they made was in someone else's name.

Jack told me to get the funds out and send it to Apple thru Dollar General, Family Dollar stores or CVS Pharmacy. I talked to the person in charge of my bank accounts. Amanda is the name of the fraud investigator. My bank accounts are now closed and I can never go back to us bank. I used to bank with US Bank. Watch out for texts and phone calls. I am a victim.

I have been a customer with Advance America since Nov. 2012 with no problems. And I only get paid once a month, which is the last day of the month. But when I renewed my payday loan on March 29, 2013, the clerk (who was talking on a cell phone) had me returning April 12 instead of April 29. I didn't notice this mistake until April 8. I contacted Advance America to inform them of this mistake, but the clerk who has done my loan wasn't there. But the girl took my message. On April 9th, I went to Advance America and the clerk who has done my loan was there and informed me that it was taken care of, and my payment wasn't due until April 30.

Then on April 15, I received a phone call from Advance America stating my loan is due. I told this clerk that I wasn't due until the 30th and explained to her what had happened. She said it was taken care of, that my loan would be due on April 30th. I didn't hear from them on April 16, but I had a message on my phone April 17 from them stating I needed to call them. I was unable to call them back on the 17th due to me not getting message until after they had closed. So far there have been no consequences, just a lot of aggravation dealing with this issue. I believe that this wouldn't have happened if the clerk wouldn't have been talking on the cell phone and was paying better attention on what she was doing.

They called me telling me I was approved for a loan I needed to pay for a medical procedure for my son. Said that I wouldn't need to send them money upfront but I need to send them a voided check by email. The next day I have 2 checks forged and withdrawn from my account for $900/$970. Luckily I have the original email and checks and reported to the fraud dept of my bank right away.

So, I just online chatted with a rep from Advance America and when I asked too many questions and informed them that they were reported as scammers, I was told to "** off dumb ** idiot women!" Yep, bad grammar and all. BEWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS!! They wanted me to go buy an iTunes card and load money to send to them as security.

I had to pay my rent and car payment and was in a bit of a cash crunch. Advance America Cash Advance had e-mailed me that a "Loan Confirmation and Approval" for $3600.00 dollars was available with a two year term and monthly payment of $167.00. I decided to contact them and they had all my bank and resident information already so I assumed I must have used them in the past. In their confirmation letter they also claim to "not believe in any upfront in form of cash, credit or debit card. Only a guarantee is required from the customer which your loan officer would tell you how to process." It also went on to say that I would have the cash within 30 minutes.

Both statements turned out to be outright lies. They told me because of my credit rating I would have to pony up the first payment of $167.00 upfront and not by a debit or credit card but by a card (that has to be purchased at $5.00) called a "Green Dot Money Pak". I bought into it and purchased the card and put the $167.00 on it and forwarded the information to "Ray", my loan officer (Phone # **). He then called me back and told me that after even further review of my credit that they would need an additional $280.00. Knowing that my credit is in pretty bad shape and being desperate to pay my rent I fell for it and got another Green Dot card with $280.00. He then called me back to let me know that I had made an error and that the cost was $218.00 not $280.00 and that they couldn't accept the $280.00 Green Dot money pak and that I would have to get another one for the $218.00. I figured I could at least use the $280.00 card to put towards my credit card payment. During this time I was getting quite suspicious and asked for something in writing as a receipt for the money they had received.

What I got was a pdf letter from another CEO (Jose Sanders) of Cash Advance America that after coming up with the amount of "$218" (no typo, that's the way they wrote it out) it would take a maximum of twenty minutes to transfer the funds into my account. I never received the funds and all three Green Dot cash cards had been used setting me back for a grand total of $665.00 on the cards and the $15.00 to purchase them. I lost my apartment as well and was evicted along with my 83 year old mother and my car is probably going to be repossessed soon as well. Yes, I am feeling pretty stupid at this point but I was desperate to save my home and I let that guide me instead of common sense.

I am currently an assistant manager at AA. Let me tell you, AA will NEVER ask you to pay money up front! NEVER!! Our payday loans range from $100 to $500 in increments of 50. Our title loans range from $300 to $5000 (up to $10,000 depending on your state) and a few centers offer installment loans. I do not recommend giving out any information via email or phone. If you fill out an online app, (on a team member from your local center will only contact you to set up an appointment and to answer any questions you may have about the loan process. We CANNOT tell you what you are eligible for over the phone, whether it's a payday, title, or installment loan. Our corporate office is based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. They speak perfect English!!

If someone ask you to buy a green dot card, wire money through Western Union, or Money Gram, IT IS A SCAM!!!! Hang up immediately and do not give out your personal info! We see these scams attempted all the time through Money Gram! Remember, these scam artist are very good at What they do and even have others working with them to make it sound legit! If you need a loan, our team members will be happy to assist you inside the center! The process usually only takes 5 min!! These scammers are everywhere! Craigslist, Ebay, Email, and so on! Never Ever wire or send money to someone you do not know personally! If the offer sounds to good to be true, it usually is! Call your local AA if you have any questions! We love helping our customers and we don't want you to lose the money you've worked hard for!! Good luck!!

I was told I was approved for the loan of up to any amount with as many months and all I had to do is go to Walgreens and call to be conceded to their bank person. To provide verification of available balance, to prove that I'm a honest and trustworthy person. They said that they can't verify it by a set up they have because it's AGAINST THE LAW! They said 30 government bond that I need to get but I have no government bond available for any loan that provided that I've found or heard of before. They want to make me give him the same thing that my friend was done. They money launder or fraudulent deposits and get the unsuspecting computer to help because of desperation. No way. I am not falling for it.

I received an email from this "company" - said my name had been given to them. The guy I talked to was Christopher - he was one of many. I wish I would have investigated them more and had the luck as CA had - I did not and have sent them money for "fees". Today they said the loan was ready but they needed another $400 for additional fees. I told them I don't have it and had already sent them $$$$. Their remark was they would hold my file for 2 weeks. I replied no such luck - you already have $$$. I asked if they could send my "fees" back and they said it was against some federal lending corporation rule. I am just sick that I fell for this scam.

I have already sent you a complaint on this company. I received an e-mail from you saying that your team determined it did not meet their guidelines for publishing. It shows that it is on hold and waiting for review history. Today I received a call from the law firm they said they were calling from. Mark Rothman and Associates. It was Mark Rothman and he said that he was returning my call I left them. He said that they are a scam and they do not work with Advance Cash America. He also said that They are a SCAM and for us to report them to our local police dept. and our attorney general. He said that they have been getting a lot of call like mine about this Company.

Again the call was from a person saying his name was Kevin ** and I had a loan with them. He said that I would be arrested on Monday and they will drag me out of my job. He said that I was a fraud. Also said that he will show me how the U.S. law works. I told him to go for it and hung up on him. Also I did not have a loan with them. Again the number he was calling from was (646-583-0840). He gave me my full name and ask if I was that person. Told him I would not answer any of his questions. That made him really mad. This need to be added to my old complaint to you. You need to know what just happen to me today. Hope this will help you out so you can report them. Thank You.

I have been contacted and notified that I was charged too much interest on payday loans but I lost the contact letter. I don't know how to find out the rights I have.

I got an email stating I qualified for a $5000.00 loan and payments would be $300.00 a month. When I called an eastern Indian man named ** said they needed me to go to Walmart and verify through western union that I have $300.00 cash. During conversation and after hanging up the phone, I felt something was not right. I then typed in "is a loan company suppose to ask for money verification at Walmart?" I then have read all the responses on this website and would like to thank everyone for saving me, I would have made a huge mistake.

This company is a scam. No company want a customer to give money, when you are trying to borrow a money... and go buy a Green Dot card and put $250 on the card, to receive $4000. No one speaks American.. Poor English.. Please be aware. Thank you.

I filled out a few online loans and these Indians or whatever the hell they are called me numerous of times. I rejected a few of their calls and tried filling out other loans places and was denied. So I eventually picked up for them. A man with a thick accent asked, was I trying to get a loan and asked how much I needed, then told me I would need $190 to secure the loan, good faith or whatever. So I told them I would have to wait until my payday which was the following day.

They called me back and gave me directions on what to do next. The ** told me to go buy a reload-it card from CVS, 7-21, dollar tree, and/or home depot. So I loaded what they asked and stayed on the line with them for 30 mins. Told me that it should be in my bank account. Then I called back and they told me to wait another freakin' 20-30 mins. He said that he would be sending my paperwork for the loan to my email, and call his non-speaking English ass in the morning. I'm highly I want to know where they are and why do they feel that it's okay to take money from working citizens. Let's get these maggots and pull off their towels!!

Tried to get a payday loan, they said I was approved for 2000 dollars but had to get a MoneyPak to pay them half a payment first... so I got one for 90 dollars and gave them the pin number, then they said something was wrong with my bank and I would need to go to Western Union to get it but I had to get another MoneyPak and give them 118.00 dollars, so I just hung up because then I knew I got scammed. Now someone is calling me saying I owe them all this money and they are going to my job to put me in jail and they got criminal charges against me (everyone of them sound Indian or something). They need to be put in jail.

They have called numerous times and I called back to ask them to take my name and number off their list and the man started cussing me and was very disrespectful. Also I have it recorded and I'm forwarding to the BBB and their main office.

Receive phone call about a loan. Man with heavy accent tells me I'm approved for a 5,000 dollar loan and I had to send 220.00 dollars because my credit score was a little low. He called from 646-396-8709 on 9-2-16. He went as far as to get one of my friends to deposit in their account to get their info. I ignored the call and then I get a call from another number.

My husband applied for a personal loan online but NOT w/ this company... Several days after, 'Daniel **' called to advise he was approved for $5K based on his online application. (He had already been denied by several other local companies so this seemed too good to be true.) He always wants me to verify the info before he agrees to anything so I talked to 'Daniel' who tells me it's $200/month for 26 months. First red flag... the finance charge is only a few hundred dollars he says after the loan is paid off. I asked him if we could do $10K instead of $5K, he says 'of course, the payment remains the same but it's 55 months for that amount'. Then he tells me he needs to verify our banking info & needs our ID/PW to our online banking... 2nd red flag... BUT, since I know there's less than $100 in that account, I give him the info, just to see what he says.

He calls me back & tells me that our bank won't accept the mobile deposit so the only option is a Wire Transfer, which is $350! I continue to go along w/ it for now, asking how we are supposed to pay the $350, does he need a cc? He tells me OUR bank won't accept Debit card purchases from them so we have to 'purchase' a company card & I'm to call him once we have the $350 in cash so he can provide further instructions... 3rd red flag... I continue to play along asking how $350 cash in MY hand is going to help with purchasing 'company cards' & what is the purpose of this card?

He told me I needed to purchase a certain card (oh like a prepaid Visa or something?), I said 'there's a Wal-Mart near me, what do I need to purchase?' Apparently, that wasn't good enough, I needed to go Rite-Aid & call him when I was in the parking lot, he would tell me exactly what I needed to do... Final red flag... I know this is long but I wanted all of the information out there so no one falls for this BS!!

I applied online for a loan, I received a call on 7/26/2017 from Mr. Daniel ** from Advance America in New York, saying Congratulation I was approved for $1000.00 and I said I needed less than that and he said minimum $500.00 but he ask me for something weird, online username and password and since my credit is low he said they needed to increase it first, what he did was deposit two checks one of $881.00 and told me that I had to refunded to make sure I will pay back, and the way was buying iTunes cards with the amount of $880.00 and give the password of the cards then another check of $1921.00 and that I have to return it or else would have legal problem, so I purchase another iTunes cards and took pictures and send it to the following #** and the company fraud Advance America number is **.

It was a text mobile to the Wells Fargo bank in North Miami. It was deposited and the check was under United States Treasury and it was a false and got in trouble with the bank and they closed my account for suspicious of fraud and they said they were going to fix it but never did since yesterday 7/28/17, and don't pick up the phone. Is totally a scam. Please don't fall for it.

I recd this text. I knew immediately it was a scam as I have had payday loans with the actual local company. "GREETING FROM "ADVANCE AMERICA". This message is to let you know that your loan application has been successfully approved by our company. If you are interested in collecting funds, do reply us with "Yes" along with the last 4 digits of your social security. Phn # ** Regards:- Kevin **"

This person, Rachel **, has contacted me on several occasions about a loan that they say I have taken out. They will not provide me with much information and stated that they are with Cash Advance of America or USA Cash Advance. They have threaten to fax papers to my job that would cause me to lose my job, as well as to have someone come to my place of employment to have papers served to me. She also stated that I would need to have my attorney to contact them.

I was unable too pay a loan back in full, but made the effort by sending 30 to 40 dollars in money orders each time I pay. They mailed me the money orders back. I thought you were not supposed to deny someone of payment if they're making an attempt to pay in any kind of loan?

I get a phone call ** from a Melissa ** of Liberty or Plantersville, Texas saying I supposedly got a loan back in 2012 of $890.00 from ADVANCE AMERICAN PAYDAY LOAN online using my email address. She gave the address where I use to live but not the city or state, where I use to work. Then Melissa ** begin to say if I didn't send in $450.00 before 5 pm, she was going before the judge to have an warrant issue for my arrest. Then she said that I could call this other number 888-550-8358 to give my credit card number to a Samanta **, then she would have the charges dropped. While I was at the social security office I get another call from Melissa ** stating "You are going to jail ignorant **." So I did what I had to do to makes sure these people are exposed to the fullest. Beware of these people. I HAD TO PUT A FREEZE ON MY CREDIT.

I am receiving emails saying I have a small loan in the amount of $1086.55 that remains unpaid and they are threatening to submit an IRS form 1099-a. I have no knowledge of this company or have ever taken a loan out with them. The loan number they give is ** and a phone number **. This is fraud and I am a victim of Identity theft.

Let me first off just say that I was not in dying need of the money, but since I got scammed by this company, now I am. I recently put in an application for an installment loan & the next day, I got an email from a guy named Mark ** saying he was with Advance America. I called the number ** which was provided on the email as soon as I got paid on Friday. He told me that in order to get the loan, I had to prove that I had the monthly installment fee of $143. I went to Home Depot like he said and got the REloadit card he asked for. I sat on hold for about 15 minutes for him to come back and say that my funds will be in my acct in 30 minutes and I will have access to them.

Later that day, after I checked my account, I seen that I had no money in my acct & was livid. I called Mark numerous times and he did not answer. Finally, he called me back to inform me that there was an issue depositing my money into my bank acct since it was coming from "Texas". He said I would need to get insurance just in case something happened to me and I was unable to pay the installment fee (insurance was another REload it card with $129).

After I paid the insurance, he then told me that I needed to get another $149 to pay to "Derek **" from Western Union so they could send it Western Union instead. So, me, being a dumb***, decided what the heck since this is all I have to do and my money will be sent to me, I did it. Well guess what? Yeah, you guess it, I didn't receive my money & I got a call from Mark the next day saying that "Western Union's system has crashed" & they need a new card with all the payments I had recently gotten all on one card. BULLS**. He asked for another $348 and I told him he would talk to my lawyer. Now, I am broke until next Friday, can't pay the deposit on my new home and can't get my car fixed neither. I'm at a loss for words, and there's nothing I can really do.

I sought a loan via on-line payday/loan sites. Got a call from a person said to be representing Advance America Cash Advance...and was passed on to "Harry **" (also with an Indian or maybe Pakistani accent) @ **. After dodging my questions he hung up on me. Was called by another (similar accent) Max ** (Senior Loan Manager) from **. Essentially, wanted me to purchase a Green Dot Money-Pak and provide him/them with the critical card number, after which they could deposit the $2500 loan into my account. Never happened. Another call from ** came in an hour or 2 later (representing a different company) with the same process being put on the table. NOT GOOD.

I applied for a loan. They responded with a offer of $4000 with a payment from me starting off with $100, then it kept changing by calls from the account David ** stating that the IRS woman is not accepting my Wu small acts will not refund and $225 without a postage fee of $35. You called again today wanting $40 to complete a scam.

July 31 I borrow 350 - interest 61.25. Contract say no fee. By August 1 I cancelled and had to pay 61.25 fee. I want my money back. The store is locate in Centre, AL - 1931 W Main St Centre AL. Phone 256 927 8548. Contract says rights to cancel this loan by August 1 and avoid paying any fees.

This place is a joke. I got a call from them (alan **) indian sounding. Saying I was approved for a loan. I told them I only needed an 800 loan. They said there the lowest I could go is 2000 so I did. And they got all my info, IDK how, even my mobile banking. Don't fall for it please.

This company took advantage of me while I've been at a very weak point in my life. Every time I paid them what they asked then they would tell me the money would be deposited into my account. Then they would come up with another reason for needing more money. I now don't have any money and things I pay monthly for are being disconnected. I realize this is my own fault for trusting someone. Believe me, I will be punishing myself for this for the rest of my life.

Please don't let this happen to you.

I'm amazed at how many people have fallen for this scam. But I believe now that these scammers have tried to get my husband. He keeps getting calls from Indian sounding people trying to get him to do a loan. They sometimes call several times a day. I've actually used this Advance America Cash Advance place before and walked out very pleased at how simple and easy the process was. The real company is great. I paid them back on the due date and never got a phone call from them since. Very professional and polite staff too.