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I live in the Los Angeles area -- had no problems applying for a line of credit. I called customer service to clarify a few points that were not clear. They charge $0.77 per hundred dollars per day. For a $300 loan, I will pay interest of $2.31/day or $16.17/week. They have a very liberal 60 day period before the first payment is due. Warning!! At $2.31/ day for 61 days (30 day month #1 & a 31 day month #2) the amount owed will be $300 + $140.91 interest or $440.91. Your payment will only be $76. See how easy it is to get in over your head. All this is explained, either on the site or in the loan docs. It is not fair to claim that you did not know the conditions of the loan. Every loan available today for people with poor credit are exactly the same conditions. This is why they are called "High Interest" loans.

As for multiple payments being taken from your checking account -- that will happen if you have missed multiple payments. That is also explained in the loan docs and signed by you. Easy enough to stop it - call your bank and place a stop payment on the company. Cost you $30. I suggest you only pull small loans and pay them back ASAP. In comparison -- if you go to Speedy Cash and take out a $255, the payback is $300 in 31 days. That calculates to $1.45 per day interest X 31 days = $44.95 interest + $255 principal = $299.95. You go to Advance Financial and borrow $255 - you are paying $1.925 interest X 31 days = $59.68 + $255 = $314.68.

Please don’t waste your time! They ask for so many important documents to be emailed but don’t give you a approval or denial! They just seek more information from you not knowing where these documents will end up!! So much runarounds wasted 4 days trying to get a application status but kept getting told to send more documents! Bank statements proved my income was way higher than applied for but they gave me the runaround to send in images of checks and statements and so many other documents but yet they couldn’t tell me if I was approved! Too many “hold for a minute while it’s being reviewed.” This place acts like if they are lending 20K+ plus loans to ask for too many documents!! With a interest rate of 240% they should feel pleased to approve customers who are in desperate need of a loan!! Never again!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!

Other than the rates being HIGH, they appear to be a great company. I know, I know, that they say the rates are high and should be used for the very short term, but... was able to do it all online which is easy. If you are looking for money fast and can pay off fast, this would be your company.

Please do not attempt to do business with this company; as you never get them paid off (unless you come into an extra 2000 or so, and who does that). The interest rate is sky high and the payments keep ballooning! I'm drowning in debt and misery due to this place!

Poor customer service. Lack of communication with customer. I feel like it's false advertisement. I sent all required documents and different representing saying different thing each time I call. Never again!!!

I borrowed 3700$ in small quantities over two months. I have paid over 2k in interest. I paid 2900 yesterday. How do I owe 1500$? It is ridiculous. They need to be investigated. They are taking advantage of people that simply need a little advance every now and then. How is people suppose to pay this off when they keep jacking the price sky high. It's a shame!!!

Absolutely the worst financial decision I’ve ever made! I fell short one month, and was easily approved for a $4000 flex loan. Seemed harmless enough, I borrowed a small amount at first, but found that the minimum payments were biweekly and quite high, so I had to borrow more to cover my bills due to the large payment here. It snowballed. With a 279% APR, it’s incredibly difficult to pay back. My biweekly MINIMUM payments skyrocketed to $454 bucks every two weeks! I was finally able to pay off a large chunk of $2800 off the principal, and felt like I would finally get out from underneath this crippling debt...only to find out that my payment 2 weeks from tomorrow is STILL gonna be $408.34 (and that’s with only about $850 left on my principal balance). My payoff right now is still $1600- NEVER AGAIN will I do business with this CROOKED organization.

I wanted to write this review in hopes to help someone to understand the fine print before they think a loan from AF is a good thing for them. I started with a loan of only $500. Got into a bind in life like everyone else. But felt the payment would be manageable to get back on my feet. First thing you have to understand is the more you borrow the more your monthly payment will be no matter what the beginning payment was. It WILL increase. If you make your payments on time they will increase your credit line (I went from $500 to $1400). And when the payment went from $126 to $424 overnight and making that payment only putting $100 towards the loan. It's not worth it. Do not borrow any more if you want your payment to stay the same. Also in their fine print they have it that once you link your account and a payment is missed they will pull it from your account.

The auto-enroll button on the site means nothing. They will still pull your account. Also they will call you everyday with different numbers to get that missed payment. The increase in the monthly payment and the high interest is not worth it if you just trying to get back on your feet. It will bury you further in debt very quickly. Also they do not accept American Express or any other payment option that does not link to your bank account. They also have issues reporting the correct amount you have borrowed and your credit line. So if you looking for a loan you can pay off in a month fully plus interest then this is for you. If you need more time, well choose another company. I hope this help someone before they decide.

I was blown away by the amazing customer service. The associates were super nice and very helpful. And it was so easy to get the money I needed. Super fast and super easy. And local. It's nice to have such an amazing 24/7 financial so close to home. Thank you Advance Financial.

This place is extremely dangerous. This business let someone open a loan in my name and now repayment is falling on me and I didn't take out this loan. I don't really have a way to pay back this overpriced loan. This place is very dangerous.

In a nutshell, approved for $2200 line of credit last March and have borrowed about 1600. They've been taking 260.00 every 2 weeks from our account since July, prior to that about 75 to 100 every 2 weeks. In all, we have paid over 2,200 on a 1600 loan. The kicker - our balance (they say) is 1900. What comes to my mind are the thousands of hard working people this company has ruined financially - at least for a period of time. The majority, if not all, of these people probably wouldn't have borrowed from this crooked, thieving company unless it was important. You know, like keeping a roof over their kids' head and food in their stomachs. Or repairing their car so they could get to work. Whatever the reason, everyone is already strapped financially and in the whole when they borrow - the company knows that. If a person borrows 1,600, I doubt they have 3x or 4x that amount to pay back.

I never thought I could get a loan because of my credit. But Advance Financial really came through for me when I really needed it!! I have recommended them to several friends and to my boyfriend who also got a loan from them!!! Thanks a million! I will be back in the future to get another loan!

Hello, I'd like to bring to your attention, the great service I received from the young lady that really spoke volumes for me. Omg, she was very skilled, patient, and determined to get me that loan. It came at a point when I really needed a lending hand. I'm very satisfied with the results, I would really recommend that to anyone that's looking for temporary help. Once again thank you for the time and patience.

I don’t usually write reviews this negative but this place by far is the worst at customer service. I was asked to send in documents. I sent them all in. I was told I’ll receive a call back shortly regarding the loan. Nope. No call nor email. I been calling and emailing all night just to finally hear my loan was denied. Said they needed bank statements and I already sent them bank statements. The gentleman said, "Oh well you were denied." I honestly think this place is a ripoff. It just sucks that I sent in so many important documents. I will be calling my bank to get a new account. Pls if you need a loan ask every member in your family go anywhere but this horrible place!!!

My experience with Advance Financial 24/7 was nothing short of excellent. I went to your Mount Juliet TN location and the girl working had me in and out in 30 mins! I was able to get a loan on my lunch break! Thanks Advance Financial!

Ok, I got approved for a loan and I was making regular payments until my hours got cut at work. The card that I was using to make my payments with was not supposed to be on file at all. So I contact the company via email to let them know that my hours got cut but I'm willing to make a payment plan with them so they can still get paid. I got no response from them so, they take it upon themselves to run my card that I was making payments with without my permission. This card should have NEVER BEEN on file at all because I didn't put in my documents at all and the stupid rep which is some ignorant woman named Sherita wanted to argue with me about this transaction. She tells me basically that I should be braiding hair. I said, “Now you just said that because my name is ** and today I should start babysitting.” If I could've reached through the phone I would've.

If I'm saying hours with my job have been cut from 40 plus to 25 and I'm still willing to try and make some type of payment plan with you guys and you still want to put up some type of argument with me literally an argument now I'm at the point send it to collection because now all my accounts are closed and I don't give a damn when the company will get paid. Do not take a loan out with them because they have ignorant stupid workers who would rather argue than get their company paid. I told her if I never had plans on repaying my loan I would have never made one single payment for the start. I have literally repaid more than I even borrowed.

Satisfied. I am very pleased with services from Advance Financial.

Advance 24/7 is nothing more than a predatory loan. A shark in the water, so to speak. Unless you want your account completely drained, of over 1,000.00 dollars, at a time. Stay clear! They will take 3-4 payments AT A TIME, on the same day! Even when you have not authorized automatic payments! The interest rates are over 250 percent. They do not care, at all, if you've lost your job and they clear your account, month by month. Leaving you with not a single dollar, to your name. Please, heed my warnings and stay far away from this company as you can! I've only left a single star, because no stars isn't an option!

The rep was very very friendly and helpful, she made our visit relaxing. Damon I think her name was went above and beyond to make sure our loan was correct. I would recommend this company to all my friends and family. I love how it's set up like a credit card.

I had a great experience until I tried to change my banking information 3 months ago and they have been giving me the runaround ever since. I have spent hours on the phone with them just for them to be unhelpful and uncaring!!! Last month they tried to take my payment out of a bank account that I had told them 2 months prior was closed and they say it’s my fault even though I used the correct debit card to make my payment. Now they want me to pay an extra $300 in interest. The statement online doesn’t even match for what they say is due versus what the total pay off is. Worst company ever!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Flex Loan - Was a reasonable quick transaction. Would like to see an office move closer, but you can't get everything you need. Will recommend Advance Financial to my friends and family.

I am a person that doesn't usually write reviews. I in this case had to speak on the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. Most of the employees I spoke with were very rude and distasteful. I sent in 3 documents to verify my bank account and over a 3 day period was still being prompted for more. Every time I spoke with an employee it was a matter of if I just send one more document I will be done and processed. This is the worst company I have ever experienced and I did all the work online myself applying. If you want results in Jackson, TN... please go to Check Into Cash on Vann drive. It is pleasant, fast, and customer service values exist.

The two gentlemen that talked with at the Athens TN office were exceptional. They both worked fast to get all my information into the computer system and got me approved for a loan. I appreciate your respectful and very professional attitude while doing business with your office. I have never been so impressed with the process and time it takes to get approved for a loan as I was with Advance Financial.

Got approved for 2730.00 with easy payback options. Definitely coming back here to do business again. My money was in my account the next day! Better than a payday loan because you don't have to pay anything back right away. You just pay for how long you keep the money.