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AmeriCash Loans Online Loan Reviews

I took out a $1700 loan and had to pay back $5000. I can't believe this is legal. I was broke for 7 months because of them. Don't take a loan from AmeriCash. The people were cool on the phone but way too much interest.

I received a loan one week before Thanksgiving and paid it off the three days after Thanksgiving. The 30th of November to be exact. I was to receive a refund after paying off such loan and as of today, the 27th of December, I have not. All I can get as an answer is that it is in the mail. In today's technology, why would you have to wait for a refund in the mail? To the reply to this question, well not a reply but a verbal assault and continuous lies. I will never again use this company and think they should be investigated.

I have received 3 loans from AmeriCash Loans located in Lansing, IL. I have received very great customer service, and I am usually in and out within 15 minutes. The interest is high but payday loans usually have high interest rates. Right now I have a loan out for $1000 and by the time I am finished paying I will have given AmeriCash Loans $1500. In my eyes, that is NOT a bad deal! I as the customer, have the option to pay the loan off early and avoid interest or let it build up and pay it monthly for 6 months.

AmeriCash Loans as the lender are taking all the risks, why not charge 200% interest? I am just happy I was able to get my car repaired and pay my rent on time. Thanks AmeriCash Loans. If you are in the Lansing, IL area give this location a try. They are the best! AmeriCash Loans also has a sister company, iSpeedy Loans, and I have taken a loan from there as well and I have the same great things to say about iSpeedy Loans. Both great companies who go over the details of the loan and how much you are expected to pay BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. What more could you ask for?

If you need a fast loan go to Laura in AmeriCash Loan in Arlington Heights,IL. She's very friendly and always willing to help. I always and only go to Laura in Arlington Heights. If you want great customer service she's the one. I wish there were more like her - always friendly with a smile. I recommend anyone to go to her if they want great customer service!

Keep calling my cellphone even after I asked them to stop looking for somebody who is not at my number, which I've told them repeatedly. Not very smart. I'm on the DoNotCall: reported them 2x.

Do not go to them!!! They are terrible. I requested $500 and wasn't approved but was approved for $400 and that's ok for me. And my monthly payment was $75.37 automatic every month. November 9th 2018 was suppose to be my last payment. A month ago I checked and it said my balance was $273 then I check yesterday night and it says $309!?!? Wtf!?! How??? I'm dang near about to pay almost $900 when I only asked for $400 not $1000. I would not recommend this place to no one. They suck!!! And the rep didn't go over any info or details. And my approval letter stated that I asked for $1000 but online said $400. Smh. It's just so stupid and ridiculous. NEVER AGAIN!!!

I made a personl loan of $800.00 on November 30, 2006 with Americash. On May 7,2008, a garnishment was issued at my place of employment. The principal stated on the order was $5686.29, additional interest $1994.25, court cost $157.00, and the subtotal of $7787.54. I thought the principal was the amount borrowed without the interest. How can this be legal? The reason you can't pay is because they make it that way. How can I owe them almost $8,000.00 in an 18 month period for an $800.00 loan? This is down right wrong and the law upholds businesses in doing this?

I can't afford to pay an $800.00 debt for the rest of my life as a single parent. My blood pressure elevated again after just returning from the doctor for being treated for it the same day I received the order from my job in the mail. I wasn't able to go to work on June, 30, 2008. I can't sleep for the thought of this that could drive someone like me to suicide.