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Great service. They have settled 6 of my accounts. My only complaint (not with Americor) is I am having major problems living with the income I have left after my Americor payment.
I'd like to call out Josh Ballard. He was my first contact with the company, and he helped me feel comfortable enough to go forward with the plan. He was friendly and gracious while also clearly extremely versed in the business. I feel very relieved to have a service handling my debt resolution plan.
It was a pleasure speaking with Mayra S today. She was very helpful and precise i handling my case.
Was told to stop paying my credit accounts and let them go into default so that Americor can negotiate a settlement on the accounts. Know one of my creditors has retained an attorney that has given me 10 days to pay creditor or face legal action and since there is a holiday the 4th of July coming up I only have 4 days left. Another creditor is threatening legal action against me. Tried to contact the debt settlement coordinator that was assigned to me, but she seems to be always out of the office and doesn't return my calls. I need help from the people who said not to worry, everything will be taken care of. This is affecting my mental and physical health, not sure if I want to continue with this company or go somewhere else if it's not to late (It might be).
My experience with Americor has been great. They have settled 3 of my accounts already. They are very helpful and courteous. The entire Americor staff is great. Juan Rosales has been working very hard on my behalf. If you are in trouble with creditors, Americor is the place to go to get the help you need.
Ryan S. was great to deal with. He answered all my questions and was very patient while I looked up information he needed.
It was amazing this experience for me, everything was clear and honest with their explanation, and I want to say great excellent to Mr. Joshua Ballard who gave me high-quality advice and help to have my loan and over of his knowledge that he is defiantly an expert in his job, he is very positive and patient to explain my questions and it was amazing experience for me. thanks to Josh and Americor, deeply appreciated for this excellent Service.
He knows his stuff. He helped me understand what Americor is and even more credit and debt info. I did not know. Johnathan was patient and kind. If you were to ask me if Johnathan is an asset the this company I would said "yes" 100%.
This is a very scary time for me and everyone I have dealt with at Americor so far has made me feel like I am not a failure and this is something we can make better with hard work and determination. Thank you
They are always there to answer questions. Very helpful and patient. 2 debts settled so far!
yes Ms.Arlease was pleasant exprience. profational and so kind
I spoke to Ryan he was very clear and helpful and also advice me he would sent me by email and mail forms I need very polite person to have working at the company
Started my journey in January,,, I am so glad we found Adam Zucker and Elizabeth they are great and dont make you feel bad for what is outta your control... explained the process with us and has helped us out tremendously I would recommend this company for debt solutions to anyone who needs help.. great company with great people..
I would have to say that Americor is a very helpful company that you can go to for financial problems. They are fantastic at debt settlement and have really good people working for them. There is one person I would like to thank for a fantastic job done . Ann Marie Jones go way above and beyond the call of duty, She is a great asset to Americor Funding. Thanks for the great job that you do. Michael B . client # 5809
Simply trustworthy and thorough
Ron was helpful, polite and understanding of my situation!!
I was a little leery of the process of debt consolidation, but these two were patient, kind, empathetic and professional, which made my decision to work with Americor a perfect fit. Knowing I have a team to back me up and listen makes this whole process even more worthwhile. Thank you!!
I have been using their program for 18 months now and have never missed a return, they only settled 3 of the 5 accounts that I provided to them. Now I have a judgment placed against me from Discover and can not get a single phone call returned for the past month. ...and they STILL want me to continue to pay them while I now have to pay on this judgment. LAUGHABLE.
Americor has helped me solve my financial problems and they are helping me regain my credit rating. Thank you for your professionalism in handling my situation.
Everybody I've dealt with have been very helpful.
I'm like 4months in and they already, got me a 40% settlement
I had the most calming experience during a "welcome" call from Roger. Everything we went over on the phone call was what I had read in the welcome packet - that kind of transparency set my mind at ease. Roger was clear in his explanations. He was patient and had no problems putting me on a brief hold to get more detailed information to clarify some of my questions. The caring and professional manner in which he conducted the welcome call made me feel secure that I made the right decision choosing Americorfs to handle my financial affairs and helping me get out of debt.
I worked with Tyler K. who was extremely helpful and walked me through debt negotiations that I couldn’t do on my own.
I just started the program a little over 2 months ago, so I really don't have much to say except that I am very satisfied with the excellent and professional customer support that I acquired every time I get called from Americor. Ryan really knows how to explain everything in details and makes me feel comfortable about my difficult and embarrassing situation (that led me to this company). He also ensures that I understand everything that he has discussed with me as well. Overall, I am very pleased and gratified about choosing Americor as my credit card debt resolvers.
Thanks Americorf for helping me get back on my feet again for giving me the opportunity to enroll in your program. I thank you guys for taking care of me especially to Mr. JUAN ROSALES who has been aggresively settling my accounts and so far has settle 2 of my accounts in just 8 months. Thank you soo much Juan for being so hands on on my account and always updating me. I really appreciated all of your effort Americorfs you are really taking good care of your clients.
Americor has been very easy to work with, and settled a very large debt for me in a short amount of time. There is a bit of a struggle with communication, however. At times I wouldn't get a response to my email requests for several days, and at others I would get a call from 3 different reps in the same day regarding the same issue. But it's a small price to pay for the great help they have been so far.
I learned this trick when I took over a college radio station that was seriously in debt. My first day I called every one of our creditors and told them I was the new manager and we would come up with a pay-back plan within 30 days. From then on it was easy-peasy. I'm now doing the same thing with my creditors. Let them know first, and ask that they communicate by mail only (my reps suggestion, thank you Mo!). Might want to get a new phone number, too. Don't suffer needlessly. Stress and anticipation of phone calls can be eliminated.
Americor started by listening to my situation, and moved directly to finding solutions. There was never any criticism or judgement. Now we have a plan and I feel like I have a life again. I can't thank Americor enough.
Karla was extremely helpful in my 60 day review. I would recommend Americor Financial to all friends and family who need it.
All of the customer service reps go above and beyond my expectations. Americor is truly a great company to deal with. The customer service is outstanding. Everyone that I have spoken with have always been very professional and have had my best interest at hand. I can't say enough about the level of professionalism of the people I have talked to!! I will definitely recommend Americor that need debt consolidation.
Karla Castillo is great. Easy to understand the process. Great service.
Thanks for your help Ryan S. You have been very helpful
Richard at Americor goes above and beyond the normal range to make sure that all is explained before any settlement is done. Even though they are busy, any time you contact this company, they take care of you and any concerns. Highly recommended for anybody who seeks financial help in unsecured debt.
From the moment I made the call with Americor Financial, I have received excellent customer service, great understanding of my financial situation, and a dedication to getting my accounts settled. Imagine my surprise when less than three months into the program I've already received my first settlement offer and my negotiator Michael George is working on a second settlement offer. I figured we wouldn't hear from companies for a while. Michael has been especially wonderful. He has patiently, diligently, and thoroughly answered every question I have asked. He has always been very honest and upfront with me and he is working hard to get these accounts knocked out. I appreciate everything Americor Financial has done for me. I can't wait to get the call about the second settlement.
First time doing this type of transaction. My poc Luis Zeledon was very efficient, effective, and knowledgeable in walking me through the entire process. His expertise is greatly appreciative.
Cherie - Tulsa, OK. I would highly recommend Americor Financial Services and Andrew Pilson to anyone. I have been with the company since last summer and we have paid of 2 of the 4 accounts so far, and will have the other 2 paid off by Fall. I went into severe debt when battling my father's tongue cancer - 50K ..... Andrew and Americor are giving me my Life back, and made losing my dad a little more bearable. Thank You
They have close 2 acct. with in a year. Verry happy
I was very skeptical since I have heard stories from friends but when I called amazing since the start especially Robert Arevalos very understanding and explains the process step by step. Returns calls and is very informative. I love it and so thankful that I called. The best decision.
Your crew is the kindest, most understanding people I have ever worked with. Renata, Vanessa, Alex, Todd and everyone I have talked to are amazing. I would recommend your company to anyone and everyone who asks for advice. Thank you so much! Tina Krogmeier
I just started this program to financial freedom, it was explained to me by a very professional, kind Teresa Godinez! I have complete trust in her and can't wait to see the results from Americor. Warmest regards
I am a little over 3 months in and so far so good! I will certainly update if my satisfaction is met or if things do not go well. One settlement was just agreed upon and the dashboard shows 3 are in the works. That gives me a little relief that I made a good decision. I hope I made a great one as my debt is significant, like about $60000.00, The communication has been solid with monthly checkup calls. My dashboard is always up to date. I read that many are satisfied, and some are not. I am optimistically cautious. I have been treated respectfully and the staff appear to be knowledgeable. I will update as things progress.
The experience has been easy. It takes time to build the funds to pay off the accounts but it is worth it. They keep in touch regularly and answer questions honestly.
Excellent communications!
I had a great deal with my settlement and it was done quickly thanks to Americor Financial.
So far they have been very professional and on schedule, within 6 months settled my first debt for 50% . Fast response when i emailed them with a question.i would recommend to anyone that needs help with finances.
I especially wanted to thank a customer service individual, Sally. She spoke Excellent English. With other occasions, I OFTEN get someone that doesn't speak good English, possibly from another country, so Sally was a treat !
I would recommend them to anyone. If you do not know how you are going to pay your bills, call them and leave your worries behind you.
Americor is an awesome company. Everyone I have talked to have been great. Juan Rosales has been very helpful and has explained everything I had questions about very clearly. I couldn't have asked for better service. Americor is my lifesaver! I couldn't thank them enough for helping me get my finances back in line.
Financial debt can be a frightening process to deal with on your own. Josh Ballard really helped to navigate things. He took time to answer all of my questions and make sure everything was covered. He's caring and empathetic and always ready to help, Josh really goes above and beyond!
I’ve only been in the program for 3 months. But I am happy with the service. Lesley Salgado has been informative and readily available for me.
entering into a debt payment plan is always chaotic at first, with creditors barraging you with phone calls, but the counselors explained everything, and it's pretty much turning out just like they said it would! Very satisfied with my experience so far...
The first financial settlement negotiations for my first creditor were Awesome! Thanks Juan :)
Ryan S. was very thorough and patient with me. He answered all my question and kept me informed with is going on in my account. I am very pleased with my service!
When I first enrolled with Americor they make it sound so good - you'll be paid off everything within "this" amount of time. Well, almost a year later - I have had 5 of my 7 creditors take me to small claims court - and I have had to make "private arrangements" with two of my creditors to prevent garnishments. I almost don't feel that I am really saving any money because the fees that are charged are almost if not more than what they have saved me. If I had to do it over - I would not participate.
Michael George is professional and respectful. He was very timely and informative about the process and transparent in the steps throughout. He made me aware of what to expect and enabled me to present myself in a confident manner. Thanks so much Michael!
Renaud was great to work with. Got a good percentage off and we're on our way!
Mahalo Nui Loa.. Mai'kai... What an awesome experience to encounter Hoaloha customer service (110%) from Jordan Z of Americor Financial Services. From the GET GO, Jordan showed compassion, excellence, and full knowledge of his company's dedication to help me reach and achieve a goal, that i believed to be impossible. Both Jordan and Michele made it simple ( and fun) for me to process all I needed to know and trust that all things are possible and that light at END!!! Really will be brighter...
Easy transaction. Americor has taken the stress out of my life
Americor Financial Services is a great company and very helpful. I have only been with for 7 months and they already settled 3 of my accounts and paid them off. This a great start to becoming Debts free and bring my credit score back up. I recommend the program to everyone that wants to become Debt free. Sharon from Boston
Thus far the Americor Financial team has been very informative, patient and professional. This review is only covering the initial interview and welcome. We hope the results in the future are consistent with the start.
Very good experience. Excellent work, excellent job by Tyler Kenzy
Financial debt is frightening without a go to guy like Josh Hall to rely on. He's caring and empathetic and always ready to help.
Americor has, thus far, been an incredible benefit to my family. The level of service that we have received has been superior (Daniel O'Neil is my personal hero) and we have felt empowered to make the decisions that are best for our family. My only frustration is the amount of time that it takes to update the dashboard when deposits are made. I know that's probably a dumb thing to be frustrated by - but both months so far I've had to email and request that my dashboard be updated to reflect my accurate RAM balance (I have waited both times for the stated 48 hour window to pass) and so in the back of my head that gives me pause - and is the only reason I can't provide 5 stars at this time. I will update throughout our process should my experience change but on the whole I cannot recommend Americor enough.
Karla Castillo was fantastic! Answered all my questions. Very helpful! Thanks for everything!
I was in over my head with debt I ran up after the death of my husband. I looked into the different options available. I finally gave a call to Americor Financial Services. From the first phone call, the people at the company have been so helpful. Whenever I call, I get answers to my questions. I have only been working with the company for 9 months and they have already worked out settlements on 7 of the companies I owed money to. I am very happy with their efforts. I would highly recommend Americor Financial Services to anyone who is drowning in debt and needs help with to get out of it. It is a great solution!
Very pleased with the service and help especially Nora Salgado hope for a continued progress
Tyler did an excellent job with his part of what we did today and we reached a settlement agreement with AMEX Creditor, I don't believe I could have gotten such a good settlement without his work and assistance. He gets 5 Stars and he should get a pay raise!
Karla Castillo was very helpful in explaining the process, reviewing my account, and answering my questions.
The communication is constant, the reps are patient and take the time to explain everything. The keep guiding you every step of the way. Why didn't I do this earlier.
I am very disappointed. For several months we told this company that they should settle with the legal company first before negotiating with our collection accounts. lol and behold, we got a summons. When we first signed up, they told us not to worry, less than 1 percent of clients get taken to court and when that happens it doesn’t go the full distance. All they care about is their fees. I noticed they will negotiate accounts first that makes them a lot of money. If they dealt with this account when we told them, it wouldn’t have gotten to this point. Now we are scrambling with no specific response or help from the company.
Arlease was empathetic to my situation and negotiated my savings payment twice so it better fit my budget.
I am very grateful for your professional service and treatment all the time. They have been a great relief to the heart and soul. Thanks to all.
Karla Castillo was great! Thanks
First settlement in less than 3 months.
From the first day I called for information about their product, I'm safe to say I've been in great hands since August 2016. Now, just imagine how happy I'm today, two accounts so far have been settled for 40%. Great job!!! JUAN ROSALES has been corresponding with me through eMails, phone calls, etc and has provided a PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES that has become parrell to none. Keep up the good work all!! GREAT JOB!!!
I have a question I received a letter stating that I have been approved for $31300 loan and there won’t be any payments for 15 month plus 0interest rate for 15 months... is it real or scam
Marshall N. is great to work with and quick to respond. Kudos to Marshall! He is very professional and helpful.
We have found American Financial to be most helpful in explaining the process and working on our behalf. Andrew Pilson has represented us in all negotiations, What he his been to accomplish in solving our situation is unbelievable. When he calls he is both professional and personable. We knew nothing about the company but Andrew is an excellent negotiator . Andrew and Americor are 1st. Class. Kare and Chick
I was in a tough situation and I was contemplating Bankruptcy. I called Americore and they were very professional and did exactly what they say they were going to do. Communication is valuable with them and they stay intouch with you throughout the process. i will recommend them to anyone.
I'd like to take a moment to point out the Fantastic work by Elizabeth Garcia. She continually exemplifies customer service skills and does so with a pleasant demeanor. I really appreciate her hard work and having me understand the process is necessary to fulfill our goal in reducing our debt, while maintaining sanity. Thank you Elizabeth and keep up the good work.
I am very impressed and satisfied so far with Americor Financial, Adam and Michelle! After only about 6 weeks my first account is on it's way to be settled. I am beyond gratefullness! Everyone I have talked to at Americor, especially Adam and Michelle have been so helpful in an intelligent, professional and patient manner. I further look forward to working with Americor Financial. Thank you very much, Adam and Michelle for always being there for me!
Half my 14 accounts settled in 9 months. The process is easy and fast. I should be done soon and save even more than I thought I ever would. Tyler also crushed it today in getting me a quick settlement that is in my favor! Way to go Tyler Kenzy!
Renewed faith! Thanks Michelle and Joseph!
The guy I originally spoke to, Joe, was very nice. We scheduled an apt today at 3:30 and I called in, but never spoke to anyone. Whats the deal? I was really looking forward to getting my debt settled....Please call! Yolanda R.
Arlease was very friendly and answered all of my questions
Dept consulting working with creditors.
My time with Americor Financial is not long, but I have very good experience with staff and their effort in timely manner.
Ryan was excellent. Walked me through everything easily!
He made the experience very easy
Very Good experience
Americor financial has really stepped up to the plate with settling our debts with the creditors. They are doing an awesome job!
It is too early to call
As my life and finances were falling apart, they made every possible opportunity for me to succeed. Unfortunately my options went south. But they did do every thing they could do to help within their ability.
I paid off a debt with Americor then needed a personal loan, which they helped me out with. I got a quick rate that didn’t impact my credit score, used a fully-secure online application to e-sign my contract, and I got my money through electronic deposit the next day. What doesn’t this company do?
The outcome was the same as when I entered the program. Complete waste of time, energy and not to mention my credit is wrecked now because of it. The whole thing was to get out of debt. Not keep it with higher interest. My credit cards had lower interest than my loan at the end of the day. Disappointed.
very good at everything they do
I am pleased with the professionalism of Juan Rosales and the overall thoroughness of Americor with my accounts. I have had four settlements in the past two weeks. Thank You, Juan for Peace of mind.
"Buyer" Beware: Yes, Americorp reps are friendly and will help negotiate down your debt, but they will not explain all the fine details of their service or clearly explain all that can happen during the process. After almost two years working with them, I have discovered that there are so many caveats to this process, I would have been much better off working with my credit card companies on my own. Here is what you need to know: 1) They will not start negotiating your debt until you have paid enough money in to a special account, and then only one at a time. 2) They may cut your debt in half, but the fee you have to pay them to do that pretty much makes up for the other half, so you are not really saving anything. 3) Going with companies like Americorp does not mean your credit card company will not take you to court. Americorp will not help you if this happens other than connect you with a lawyer to have a letter written. You will still have to pay court fees, etc. 4) Also, please note this: You will also have to pay taxes on the amount debt relief savings. So, if you have a $5000 credit card and Americorp cuts it to $2500. You will not only have to pay a hefty fee to Americorp, you will also have to pay taxes on the $2,500 they "saved" you in debt. So in the end you could end up paying more than you owed on the credit card; but to give them credit, despite all of this, you are still paying less than you would on interest had you just paid the minimum amount due on your card. retrospect, I probably should have gone with a consumer credit counseling service, So while I will now pay the consequences for my dumb decision to use Americorp (or companies like them) I am hoping someone else reading this review will learn from my error. Don't be afraid to call your credit card companies if you get in trouble or use a credit counseling service. It is sure to be a lot better deal than you will get with this or any other debt restructuring company.