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the Amerihome team was helpful and effective all the way through my refi process. We were able to complete the process fast and flawlessly.
Definitely would recommend Walter with AmeriHome. He answered all of our questions. Very patient, efficient and friendly.
My mortgage was sold to Amerihome before my first payment on my house was even due. I paid the first two or three payments no problem and then with no warning and no letter or phone call my bill jumped up 170 a month. After researching I discovered they screwed up and estimated back taxes the previous owner had been behind on into my payments. All of which was caught up and paid before I closed on my house. I talked to three different customer service people one of whom had no idea if what I was talking about and was rude as hell. They said they would have my escrow re-evaluated and of course. Nothing. The second person said that all I had to do was send a copy via email showing what my actual taxes are and that they correct my bill on the spot. Still nothing. Emailed twice and my original loan people contacted them as well. I’ve overpaid two months in a row now and they expect me to wait until February for the escrow to be checked again. Super fed up and filing a complaint with better business bureau and the attorney general consumer complaint department about this. I have the proof that they are overcharging and this should have been resolved.
Excellent. Very patient and easy to speak with. All questions answered promptly and with great detail. I would definitely recommend this company.
I live in Florida and I think you know where this is going. During hurricane Irma AmeriHome offered a 3 month forbearance. You do not pay for your mortgage and those three payments would be applied at the back end of your loan-at least that's what the customer service rep said. 3 months pass and in December the story changes. I was told I had to apply for a loan modification and it did not necessarily mean the 3 months would be put at the back end of the loan. Furthermore, the rep misinformed me in September. I sent my packet by mail and continued to make monthly payments. I did not hear back from Amerihome and I was just told that my packet was never received and my house is now in active foreclosure. I cannot begin to tell you the stress this has put on me and my family. Why offer hurricane victims a relief , when in fact it's more of a trap for us to lose our homes. I managed to work extra shift and save as much money as possible, to see how I can save my home. Also, Amerihome if you are really reading this don't reply to contact customer service if you are not really going to help.
THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. They cannot get anything straight and punish the customers for their mistakes by charging late fees. I have called this company MULTIPLE times trying to get my payments corrected and they NEVER get it right. They stopped my automatic drafts WITHOUT my knowledge; then sent all payments BACK to me and then charged LATE FEES to my account. No company, in their right mind would send back payments when they know they are due on a loan. I do not understand how it continues to operate. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR A LOAN...YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam, Kannchana and Howard all did an excellent job to get my mortgage refinance completed quickly. All my questions were answered and they all made sure I understood what was being done to complete this transaction. I would highly recommend this team to anyone who is seeking a mortgage or refinancing a current mortgage. GREAT JOB!! Thank you!
Howie was of great assistance to Me. He went above and beyond to take care of my customer service needs promptly. If I could give him 5+ stars, I would. Thank you Howie for taking care of me with such professionalism. Thomas Baptista
Frank and Howie were very knowledgeable and great communicators throughout the loan process. However, Susan could use some improvement in the area of communication. I understand that we all get very busy. I was a production manager for several years with over 60 direct reports and 9 mid level managers relying on me. It was extremely challenging however, I made it my number one responsibility to communicate well and they appreciated it very much. Susan was very kind, however:) Thank you, Bob
While the process started out smooth, after being moved on to the loan processor the communication broke down. Items that need to be re-done, that should have been caught before that point were holding us up. Even though I was calling and leaving messages for the processor it would easily take a day or two before a response. Had there just been better communication and a expectation of what the time line of this process would look like a lot of frustration could have been avoided.
David Kim working with Annabelle Kannchana provided me with the best service possible for my recent refinance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Excellent customer service and a very pleasant person.
Amerihome bought my mortgage before my first payment was due. I'm 2 years in now, starting a 3rd. Have called a hand full of times for various reasons, like verifying my taxes being paid( 2017) , which I had to do the leg work for them to pay them on time, and increase in payment(2018) , which was explained to me that my insurance went up and my estimated property taxes would be higher at the end of the year so my monthly payment went up 29.00 a month more . Called my insurance agent, he varified my insurance did increase, 20 bucks a YEAR.. called county tax office, they said taxes would DECREASE... so I'm expecting a check right? Lol no . I got a lady on the phone after 20 mins of holding telling me I was wrong. Almost 200 a month in escrow comes out. Estimated at 2300 a year. My taxes are 650 to 680 a year . Insurance isn't 1700+ ,( I am not sure the exact amount of my home owners ins at this time but I know its not 1700!!), I know it doesn't add up but the rep for amerihome said it was around 250 SHORT this year...SHORT? WHAT?. So I called and they said there is no refund of overcharging me, infact there is a deficiency. Ummm... no... So now I'll be like all the other complaints... I'll get a reply saying we value your opinion and want ME to go OUT OF MY WAY to contact THEM. Nothing is done right these days. Gotta watch out for thieves everywhere. Yes I'm calling amerihome mortgage thieves. Why? Because no one has been able to provide to me the facts I have are incorrect. I know I'm right!
Missed my homeowners insurance payment due date. I called several times, as well as, my agent and there seemed to be excuse.
I know that everyone's individual circumstances vary when it comes to life experiences. My wife and I married 4 years ago, 5 weeks after our wedding, my wife was in a car accident. We spent 2 years apart due to her health needs, my job, and attending college. During the second year of marriage, we decided to purchase a home, in place of continuing to lease, due to circumstances the accident caused. We purchased with a conventional loan and the loan was eventually transferred to AmeriHome Mortgage. Contending with the accident, we, unfortunately, were placed in a position to consider refinancing our home. We contacted AmeriHome to see if there were any options available for us due to the short time of 3 years in the home. Phillip Zhin was my Loan Officer and Sabrina Thornbury was my Loan Processor. We were stunned when he told us that homes in our neighborhood were selling for as much as 35K more than we purchased the home for. We arranged to start the process and Phillip was very professional throughout the process and maintained contact as new tasks arose. The appraisal came in 5K above Phillip's conservative estimate which was 25K more than ours. The process was very smooth to the extent that Sabrina didn't need anything more than a few signatures for the state we live in. Shortly after, we were notified that our loan had been funded and funds were in our account before we were aware. We chose to work with AmeriHome due to the service they provided and we have been very pleased. We live in an area under constant threat of hurricanes during Hurricane Season. We received correspondence when Hurricane Irma visited our city uprooting trees in the yard offering a 3-month grace period for being impacted by the storm. This is why we chose to refinance with AmeriHome. They have been great to work with and we truly believe they care about their clients. We would recommend AmeriHome Mortgage and hope if you are purchasing or refinancing, that you would consider giving them an opportunity to earn your business. Phillip Zhin and Sabrina Thornbury would be a great place to start!
I could not have asked for a better experience than what Joe Totah did for us. Joe Totah was very helpful and attentive to all of our needs. I hope to work with Joe Totah in the future if we need it.
Great service from my refinance team! Jonathan and team kept us up to date as we went through the refinance process. We even closed a week early!
My loan was sold to this company and it has been the worst experience. I have set up ACH automatic withdrawal payments 3 times and they still don't work. When I received a late notice after receiving a letter of confirmation stating it went through I called to try and have the late fee waived and the lady was snarky stating I did receive notice that the ACH had something incorrect on it. Why would I call if I received a letter stating something was incorrect? Also, my fiance is the account holder and gave me authorization to handle the account when we initially starting setting up everything and now they are saying I don't have authorization when I sent in the form they requested. This is only a couple examples of issues we have had. They also send out so many notices for random things and blow up your phone refinances and yet their site is not user friendly and I have not had great customer service since the beginning. I really wish our loan had not been sold to AmeriHome Mortgage. It has been nothing but a nightmare from the beginning.
this is the worst mortgage company I have ever worked with. If they offer to help you after a disaster refuse the help.they end up damaging your credit, lie on all aspects, their call center people all give different answers to your questions lie. lie. lie
Cynthia was great to work with. She was kind, knowledgeable, and efficient at what she does.
Horrible company and just like the other Florida reviewers have stated the so called forbearance plan is a scam by Amerihome. After Irma hit we had damage that we had to deal with and asked for forbearance, to which in the beginning was fine. Once December came and I called to ask how the process would work I thought the response of option A or B was legitimate, but when I called again in late December they told me we didn’t qualify for the repayment plan and they would be in contact about other options. We just got the letter in the mail a month and a half later that is threatening foreclosure if we do not make 3 full payments on top of our standard monthly payment. We could handle the partial spread across 6 months if we steal from Peter to pay Paul, but a full payment is not in our ability. I had hope that we could work with this company until I landed on this review thread. Now we may be shopping for another mortgage company because of how horrible Amerihome is. If you are in the process of working with them it may be better to look elsewhere. Horrible company and horrible customer service.
Refinancing my home with AmeriHome Mortgage was a wonderful experience. Philip and Lisette made the entire process go so smoothly and quickly. They answered all of my questions and were always available when I needed them. They were with me every step of the way, from my initial phone conversation with Philip until I received my funds. The entire process took less than a month and very little time and effort on my part in providing documents, signing, etc. I would highly recommend working with these folks, they have helped me reach a major milestone on my path towards achieving my financial goals!
Very good experience working with Aisha Golden, Anabell and Jonathan Wu during the refinance process.
Mr Carlos Reyes is very professional and knowledgeable. Returns calls and makes sure you understand.
Very helpful and attentive for work matters!
David from Amerihome was helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all our questions, and emailed promptly. I enjoyed the experiance.
Theeeeeeeeeee worst company EEEEEEVVVVVEEEEEEER...... We've only been in our home for a year and a half, do you hear mean a year and a half. We went from paying 1204.10 to now paying 1425.00. Okay from October 2016 we were paying 1204 until September 2017 and then they did an escrow analysis and we were short the 680 and our mortgage jump to 1317 as of October 2017 and guess what , all of a sudden they did another escrow analysis on March 2018 and our payment jumped again to what we have to pay now and that 1425. That is less than 6 months when an analysis should only be done once a year. We have literally called almost 20 times a week trying to get understandable answers and No one seems to know what they're talking about. We were told because our escrow was short 680, but when they did the other analysis we were short 1600$ like really in 5 months you run our stuff twice and messed up our payments. We were told that we asked for an analysis (not true, really), "we were paying to little in insurance", "taxes went up", "unfortunately when you buy a home you never know what you're going to get that how things goes", "one lady that was helping me laughed when I told her i wasn't understanding and she says I'm sorry i am not laughing at you it just seems like I'm not explaining myself right", another said that we had to get on Texas escrow schedule I could have spit my water out are you freaking serious did you just say that and then topped it off and said the analysis that was done in October was irrelevant so the one that was done in March is the one that matters. Guys we have never been late on our mortgage until they started messing with our account we have been late and can't pay the month its due we LITERALLY LITERALLY LITERALLY will not be able to pay other bills if they keep messing with our account. We call them and ask how can they help us and you know what they said we don't qualify for a modification, we don't have enough to Refi, but if we don't pay we will be losing our home or it goes into foreclosure. Really we haven't even been in this house for 2 years and you mean to tell me who we're giving money too can't help us and trust me we have been calling and pleading for help and all we get is nothing. It like they don't know there own company or how to treat the customers and they don't know what they're talking about. Like how can you talk to 20 people and they ALL say something different ALL different nothing was in harmony with the other Rep. This is sad. We honestly don't know what we're going to do. It was there fault they did the analysis 2 in 5 month,we didn't even have enough time to pay the 680 shortage but now 1600. This company is a joke. The Policy is in Jackie Allen name I just use my wife email. But this company is no help and they could careless for some of their customers.
Loan agent was quick to give answers to any questions I had.
My mortgage was sold to AmeriHome a month after closing in May of 2018. As of today 2/27/19 my property taxes for 2018 have NOT been paid out of my escrow account. When I was made aware of the situation I gave AmeriHome a call and they informed me taxes were paid. After going to my county tax office, I was informed that taxes were paid for the incorrect parcel number and in the incorrect amount and the check was returned to CoreLogic in November. I have made several calls to Amerihome and sent numerous email to delinquent tax, as well as faxed documentation showing: A. Property Taxes have NOT been paid for my property B. That the check they mailed for property taxes was returned C. That the payment was made on the incorrect parcel number/address D. The current delinquent charges After three plus weeks of calls to Amerihome I have only received reassurance, apologies, broken promises and no results. I have never received a follow up call as promised. How could something this important be overlooked for months, the check was returned in November of 2018 and it is almost March of 2019. Today alone I have called twice and received different information from each representative.
Justin is knowledgable and honest. I felt he had my best interests in mind.
Cynthia St. Claire was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her work was quick, efficient, thorough and made our refinance very easy. she showed genuine concern that we received the best possible loan product and service. She maintained excellent communication throughout our loan process and responded to any question or concern immediately. I was very satisfied and pleased with my dealings with Cynthia. Bravo Zulu! Ross Perry
Our experience with AmeriHome Mortgage was one great always quick response on questions we had and quick with our process definitely helped us a lot to be specific our mortgage banker Carlos A Reyes did an amazing job. We would definitely go back to him if we needed his assistance again. Always helpful and made everything clear for us to understand thank you Carlos. We would definitely recommend AmeriHome Mortgage to any of our friends and family.
I tried to arrange an automatic debit to my account for my monthly payment as suggested on my statement. This would seem to be advantageous to the company. They said to go to the website or call customer service. It took a week to get on the web site and all attempts to register were accompanied by a time-out. After a long wait, I got someone on customer service who told me she couldn't take care of my request and for me to go to the website. A wretched company. I never chose them-- they bought my mortgage from someone else.
Cynthia St. Clair is a very good professional in Amerihome and all the process with her was very clear and efficient.
I was very happy with the quick response I received from Amerihome after I sent a request to a question that I had reguarding my refi. Very professional!
Nothing extra special. Nothing to complain about
Spoke with Joe Totah, helped me setting everything up and it was amazing and fast. Very friendly and good team work with Roam Hicks in finalizing the entire process from head to toe. Thanks guys
From start to finish the team members at Amerihome were amazing. Aisha, Anabell and David were smart, helpful, knowledgable and supportive throughout the process. And the process was quick and truly easy. I would recommend Amerihome to everyone. Thank you David, Aisha and gave me a Merry Christmas and have blessed my New Year!
Joe T. and Sabrina we’re exceptional to work with . All questions or concerns were addressed immediately and professionally! Great team to work with . Certainly recommend Joe on the front end in a heartbeat . Sabrina was wonderful to close with . Thank you again , Joey
This process was so easy. Everyone we dealt with through this process was professional, considerate, informative and patient. Would highly recommend using Amerihome.
Amerihome deceives clients, offering remodifications after disaster only to render stress and agony. We were told after Harvey we could place 3month of payment at the back end of our loan. "Lie" We have started the remodification process three times due to loss paperwork that was faxed and poor communication. We never get to speak to the same person. It's just sad how they treat their customers. We have supposedly been in underwriting on three different occasions because they need this document and that document. It's all a game people. If they really wanted to help, they would. Instead this company is in the business of destroying families, and stealing people's homes. I'm so disgusted.
got a lower apr, smooth process
Well JG Wentworth sold my loan to this company after only 1 month after refinancing with them. Today is the due date of my first payment. Website won't let me register and I can't make my payment over the phone either. So they are off to a horrible start. I guess I will call again tomorrow and try to pay my mortgage. I read the reviews on here and I really hope they don't screw me by not paying my items through escrow or I will be very angry. I can definitely see a class action lawsuit the future involving this company.
Proof positive to keep it in the family. We just stayed home with Amerihome to refinance our mortgage with some cash out and could not be more pleased with the entire package and stellar customer service from Christopher Doung and Julie Ho. Seamless process and all time lines respected and held to all the way. Very pleased to refer Amerihome Mortgage..
Too many people in the loop and no communication. Very disappointed.
offering a forbearance for hurricane victims for up to 90 days of course they sound like they are helping but unlike other mortgage companies who are applying it to the end of mortgage THIS COMPANY AMERIGROUP is having victims pay the 3 MONTHS in full at the end of the forbearance...this is absolutely ridiculous how do you expect people to pay 3 times their mortgage in full one payment
This is by far the ABSOLUTE WORST mortgage company in the industry. They owned my loan for about 13 months and made my life miserable. My loan has been sold to different financial companies many times and I have never had an issue before Amerihome. Once my mortgage was transferred to Amerihome, my monthly payment went up by about $200/month. I called multiple times to ask for the reasoning and they kept answering that my property taxes had increased as deemed by the county even though I had the actual property tax statement and it had only gone up by about $50 per installment (6 months). I left it on the backburner and one day received a notice from the county stating that the last 2 installments of my property taxes HAD NOT BEEN PAID and they were charging me late fees and would put a lien on my home if not paid by the following month. I immediately panicked and called Amerihome and the woman asked me to fax her my tax statement, the county notice, and current mortgage statement. I faxed them to her the same day and she assured me she would look into it and call me in 24 hours. Two days and no phone call later, I called the company again. They had no record of my first call and asked me to send the information again, which I promptly did. I called my personal loan officer who confirmed that my taxes had never been paid per my parcel number and she made a call to Amerihome on my behalf. Turns out, they took MY MONEY AND PAID TAXES ON ANOTHER PARCEL WITH IT. I called them to get the parcel number corrected and told them about the issue. They apologized and said they would escalate it to their tax dept and I would hear back within 3 days. Three days later, no call. So I call again. Same answer, wait 3 days. Another 3 days and a call back to speak to a supervisor (all the while, getting notices from the county of my increasing late fees and penalties due to non-payment). I was told a supervisor would call me back. Of course, no call. Fast forward TWO MONTHS of weekly calls and emails, and finally they tell me that they’ve gotten a refund from the county of my money and will send out a check for my property tax and the difference of what I had been OVERPAYING for 13 months would be returned to me after an audit of my account. But, since no one knows what they’re doing at this company, they SENT ME THE PROPERTY TAX CHECK instead of to the county. Are you kidding me?! So, after 3 months and over 20 phone calls, faxes and emails later, they finally paid my county taxes. And, what do you know, a week later they sold my loan to another bank. I guess they finally figured out that some homeowners are too smart to STEAL from. On top of that, I have been asking them for an audit of my entire mortgage and escrow account because I am not liable for the late fees and penalties incurred by the tax board and I was assured by everyone at Amerihome that they would not debit these from my escrow account. They really think I must be dumb to continue believing anything they say after this. If one penny is out of order, a lawsuit is coming their way. It’s been a month and, of course, no audit statement yet. STAY FAR AWAY from this company, check your statements, and question everything they tell you. They’re crooks with a bunch of know-nothing’s who work for them. I would love to give a list of names of the people I spoke to who “didn’t know” or “didn’t believe me because that can’t happen”, but then I would be stooping to their level. Shame on you Amerihome for stealing people’s time and money.
Obviously, this company does not know how to handle a VA loan and how to handle escrow. I changed insurance companies and notified AmeriHome not to send payment to my old insurance company, they sent payment to my old insurance company and my new one, my escrow doubled. I sent my old payment to AmeriHome, called them and told one person to apply the payment to my escrow, he said it was taken care of. It was never applied to escrow but, to my Principal. Another person told me, it was a mistake on their part, but never resolved, which puts my escrow in a negative. I am trying to refinance with a different company and pay my own taxes and insurance since AmeriHome can not calculate. Charles G.
Very responsive and fast convenient refinance. Cathy was very helpful and got us where we wanted to be.
Read the reviews from every customer. Whether it’s escrow problems, natural disaster issues, or just customer service this company is the WORST. I challenge you to find a company that has worse ratings . I am writing this while I am on hold waiting for a supervisor. I’ve been on hold 45minutes, previously I was on hold 60 minutes before I “somehow” got disconnected . People don’t chose amerimortgage, they get stuck with them.
***Update**** Amerihome has resolved this issue and I appreciate it very much! I was frustrated and did a review regarding my escrow issue on 2/16/19. Thank you getting the right people to take care of me. It was fast-tracked and handled very well.
This company is the worest mortgage company ever, please anybody who are trying to get a loan please avoid this company. I got my loan through them a year ago and things was going smooth until the end of a year when they send me a separate bill in DECEMBER $1007 indicating, my escrow is going to be short by this much for the next year due to city tax increase and unless I pay the amoumt in full the money is going to be distributed over the next year. I called the city to find out if the tax really increased but I found that the tax actually decreased by $450. I called agin AmeriHome to confront why they send me a bill when the tax actually decreased. They told me they will re-calculate in February but I have to pay the prorated amount which is $124 more than what I used to pay for the last 12 month. For January I payed thinking it will be adjusted in February and the extra amount I pay will be payed back later. Again I called in February to find out if it is really adjusted and now they told me it won’t be re-checked until April, I am stuck with this company and I don’t know what to do now.
Terrible service, and really antiquated servicing and online system.
Joe took over my documents after an issue with someone who had them previously. I couldn't have been better cared for. He made the process as seamless as it could have been and kept me informed each step of the way.
Frank was very helpful in making this happen. Lisette Kennedy is also a credit to your company. I would not hesitate to recommend your service . Sincerely Matthew Hampel
Excellent Professional Staff
Thanks to James Lowell and the AmeriHome Mortgage team for a smooth and seamless transaction. This by far was the best experience our family have had weather buying or refinancing a home. Mr. James Lowell who was our loan officer was an outstanding communicator and by far the best we have ever dealt with during a major purchase. From start to finish we were clear on all details of our loan and questions were answered in seconds not days as you may expect with such a big financial company. The professionalism of the entire team was 100% satisfactory and we will definitely do business again with AmeriHome Mortgage. We would recommend all to buy or refinance with AmeriHome Mortgage. Thanks The Smith Family
Joe and Ed were absolute princes during the entire process-both gracious and very patient. It took a little longer than expected, but overall, we had a very positive experience. So glad to be able to do business with Amerihome.
Amazing work !! Speedy, honest and accurate.
I decided to use my current Mortgage Broker to re-finance my Home Loan and am really glad I did. Was a great experience working with the folks at AmeriHome Mortgage.
If you see this name on the mortgage notice the response to all negative reviews, same sentence... answer is "'well the system generates those statements, there is nothing I can do about it" . I had 3 statements send in 3 days till march of 2019 with wrong payments due each statement. I called 3 days in a row spoke to 3 reps, same answer, i asked for supervisor. Guess what the answer was ? " "'well the system generates those statements, there is nothing I can do about it" LOL Then I told her time to reach out to BBB, she then stated just disregard the statements !!!!! Amazing! Why would a mortgage company exist with system errors in this century !!!!! Other than their extremely high rates, another good enough reason to refinance my mortgage with someone else! Bye bye nonsense ....
Chris was knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks for making the decision for choosing a lender much easier!
Terrible customer service after they bought my loan. Still trying to vet someone to address our issues after monthly call-ins since October 2017. Stay away if you can. Andy Lynch
Simple and painless. My experience with my mortgage broker Chris W. was great and his support team made the process very easy. I would highly recommend AmeriHome Mortgage.
Loan process went better than expected. I was guided using the correct loan procedures.
We had put off refinancing our home to drop the PMI for a while mainly because all of our experiences in buying, selling, refinancing homes have always been a nightmare! Luckily, we were put in touch with Chris Williams at Amerihome and the process went more smoothly than I could have ever imagined. Chris was attentive, explained everything thoroughly, followed-up throughout the process and put me in touch with a great team of people to finish up the refinancing process. Thanks Chris for all of your help and I will FOR SURE be recommending friends and family in the future!
I have to say that my experience with Amerihomes was a great one . Everyone i spoke to over the phone was the up most professional and took the time to work with me when I didn't understand some of the process. I will definitely recommend a family or friend to Amerihome Mortgage ! Thank you for all your help!!
This mortgage company is a joke. They will not help you for anything, not even a partial payment due to having to have chemo treatments for my husband. They don't care if you live or die cause then they get your house. I have written emails to see about missing 1 just 1 month to make sure my husband got his chemo treatment that he needs ASAP cause the cancer is attacking his kidneys. I tried to refinance with them and the guy Scott Petrie never called back. Then I emailed and someone named B. Baez returned saying that they do not remove PMI from your loan when you pay your 20% down on your loan. She said you have to carry PMI through out your whole loan until paid your loan is paid in full. That is BS. Whatever you do, stay far, far away from this mortgage company. They have zero compassion. They only thing Rob offered was to have a loan modification of your loan, instead of receiving a partial payment. This is ridiculous. I have other loans that are willing to work with me but not AmeriHome. I hope you people really read this and know before dealing with them. I didn't choose them, they bought my mortgage from my original mortgage company. If I ways able to give a zero rating I would have, so I guess the get 1. And I think that it's a pity star. Brenda A.
They are really good and helpful
Brandon Gibbons and Kathy Gaynor were awesome to work with. Our refinance went faster then expected.
Our mortgage was sold to AmeriHome Mortgage, this would be one of the most HORRIFIC situations, we could imagine from dealing with a mortgage company. We were devasted by Hurricane Irma and was offered 3 months of payment deferment, with the understanding that the payments would be placed at the end of the loan and we would resume monthly payments in January/2018 as per several reps assured us. We began to pay in December so as to get ahead of the game but much to our surprise, we were told that ALL 3 months were expected in January...IMAGINE THAT!!!! How can AmeriHome take advantage of their customers that were affected by a natural disaster after offering us help??? We documented countless of phone calls, many of which we were hung up on, they place you on hold for so long that you'd like to give up (that's their mission), they transfer you to another rep only to get nowhere because nobody seems to know anything. Our insurance company assessed the damages to our home in excess of $72K. We began the repairs and forwarded the check, which was made payable to my husband and AmerHome to them only to have them receive it and sit on it without disbursing any of the funds. We have provided them with ALL of the documents and the final inspection of our home, that they require in order to release the funds. Today, 4/20/18, over 7 months since we were hit by the storm, we refinanced with another company. The new company paid off the full amount of our mortgage to AmeriHome on 4/5/18 and AmeriHome was supposed to transfer the insurance check as well but they continue to have OUR, over $72K in their possession. THIS COMPANY IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL, INCONSIDERATE, UNTRAINED/UN-EDUCATED, UNETHICAL, CARELESS, MANIPULATIVE, ETC...COMPANY THAT EXISTS!!!! Our attorneys have stepped in. Please do your research and STAY AWAY!!!! BBB and every social network has been informed of their shady operation. P.S. I would also give them a -0 rating if we had the option. By the way, you'll see how they reply to every complaint in the same manner...blah, blah, blah... and if you see anyone giving then good ratings, it's their own employees!!!
I called Amerihome in search of great service and a deal for refinancing my home. Carlos Reyes made everything simple and easy to comprehend. He gave us all the information we needed and would answer any questions we had.He was always available and that is what a client wants and needs. Overall 5 stars for finding me the best deal and the best service.
Great to work with and very informative indeed. Our pleasure to work with Phil !!! He got the job done...
Jonathan Wu is very helpful and professional. He was always available to respond to my email and phone calls. This company is doing a great job. Thank you, to everyone who worked on my loan. I highly recommend this company!
I just refinanced my home, and the whole process was so painless and quick! They even sent a notary to my house for me to sign the closing documents, and everything else was handled electronically. Everyone I dealt with was so friendly and helpful! I can't recommend them enough!
They processed my first check for my mortgage without issue. I now have March, April and May's payments still in my account and they want to charge me late payments. I cringe thinking that I have to work with this company until I pay off my mortgage. You guys are awful. TAKE THE DAMN PAYMENTS OUT AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They reported me to the credit bureau after my February 2018 payment was misapplied. They had my mortgage payment from February 8 until March 21, when they finally found it (after several attempts for them to actually acknowledge receiving the transmittal fax from my online banking rep). An when they finally DID find it, they returned the money to my bank account! I had to send it right back to them. I received letters from them about being late and when I called them to address it, their customer service rep told me to ignore it. I spoke to them no less than a dozen times to rectify this. They actually reported me to the credit bureaus even when they had my payment, were working with me to find out where it went when misapplied, and then returned the money instead of just really applying it! and by the read of these here yelp reviews, i'm not the only one. It sounds like they WANT their customers to default. I've worked with their customer service reps who keep referring to the people who handle credit reporting as "they." The people who handle reviewing electronic transmittals are "they." The people who receive faxes from banks are "they." It turns out they outsource their customer service to Cenlar, who are very nice and decent people. AmeriHome, however, refused to speak to me directly. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and will be dealing sternly with my local mortgage broker who sold my loan to AmeriHome.
Our Experience with David Kim, Kannchana Thay and Anabell Libio at Amerihome was extremely professional and they made the process so easy for us. The customer service was above and beyond any experience I have had. I would highly recommend this Crew to take care of your loan needs.
We have been attempting to resolve an issue with two of our loan payments that AmeriHome Mortgage states was never received. We have been trying to correct this since January 17, 2018 and are still attempting to rectify as of March 12, 2018. We have made 17 calls to customer service and are still unable to get anyone on the phone that can help us fix this account issue. Due to their ineffective payment process, this is now impacting my credit. To resolve this issue, I do not want to be give some generic Customer Complaint number to call. I want to be directly contacted by someone who can genuinely assist me.
Cynthia was great, easy to reach and always trying to help.
i realy enjoy working with nice lenders from amerihome like Mr travis , and Mr ed .they took good care of me during the refinance of my loan . i am now very proud of them . i think i can recommand amerihome to frends and family menbers . i am very satisfy for the very good service . thanks .
The process was very easy and quick We were very impressed and will do business again.
Stay away. Customer service is snarky and grossly incompetent. Every interaction is horrible. They disbursed over $17,000 from my escrow account to pay taxes on two homes I do not own and they have another $9,000 in queue to pay for another home I do not own. This is criminal, and if they don't correct very quickly I'll hire an attorney to see that it is fixed. Worst ever. I will likely refinance through Wells Fargo. As for the response below - I never had an issue making a payment. Your company continues to make incorrect disbursements from my escrow account. Over the last three months I've spoken with three different supervisors - making 13 calls in total. I still have not had the $17k properly refunded to my account. I checked CFPB and there are dozens of similar complaints. I added mine as well. Escrow is supposed to be a convenience. At 12/31 MY REAL TAXES are unpaid. I wanted to take advantage of the final tax benefit for paid taxes as of year end but your crack team said - mam they won't pay that until January. Really? It's my money - and I want it back.
Cynthia did a great job handling my refinance.
I needed Howie to help me with some technical issues in sending documents for our refi.......he was sooooo patient with me and tremendously helpful, getting all issues handled and performed in minimum amount of time. THANK YOU HOWIE !!!! Mission accomplished.
I set up an automatic draft back in June. My payment doesn’t come out by the 5th of July. I figured that my automatic draft hadn’t registered in the system. I make a one time payment and the next day I see that my automatic draft was withdrawn from my account in addition to my one time payment. So I thought, no big deal let me just give them a call. They’ll understand. Big mistake. I call and a representative reccomends that I put a stop on my next month’s payment. That takes me off of the hook for the next month. Cool. I did that. On the second month when my automatic draft payment is supposed to come out of my account guess what happens? By the 5th of the month the money hasn’t come out. I give them another call. Turns out that after a stop is placed on your automatic draft the following payment must be made manually. Nobody mentioned this to me. I’m a little annoyed at this point but I make the payment anyways. I just wanted to be done with this. I make the payment and I receive an email saying that I paid the principal amount for my mortgage in addition to extra in the exact same amount as my principal. I never authorized to be charged an extra amount exactly equal to my principal. Same story different day, I call back and they suggest a stop payment. At this point I have a manager on the phone (his name is Justice ior Justin, couldn’t hear him well), and he informs me that he couldn’t return the extra amount back for at least another week and a half. If I run into any fees for my account being overdrawn I’ll have to send something in by fax or mail. He was clearly trying to make this process painless for me. If it sounds like it’s a nightmare to deal with this company it’s because it is. Hey AmeriHome, do you ever wonder why your ratings are so low?
We are being over charged either by deceit or incompetence. I made a very large equity payment on my home mortgage bringing my equity to over 60%. Additionally the home value has greatly increased. We should no longer have to pay mortgage insurance. We are seniors who have NEVER been late on a payment. We have a very high credit rating. When we contacted Amerihome loan, the agents were very polite and accommodating but we received different and conflicting information on each call. This issue has gone on for weeks and we are still continuing to pay a totally unnecessary PMI payment. IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE DON"T DO IT
We've had our mortgage with Amerihome for 3 years. It's always been just as expected and easy to service. This led us to decide to use Amerihome for our refinance of the same home and bring in our home equity line of credit as well. The refinance was so easy and the team there made things a breeze. James and Mark were excellent. Thank you!
We have had nothing but bad experiences with this company. We are first responders that had to stay behind and work during Hurricane Harvey. We are having to completely remodel our house due to Hurricane Harvey damage (house currently down to studs. First they take our insurance checks and refuse to send us any money to get started. They tell us we have to fill out all this paperwork and pay for the work first out of pocket. Then they will "reimburse us". We have to pay our regular bills (mortgage, vehicle...ect) plus a whole other set of bills (rent, electric, water....) causing double the amount that we really don't have because we are trying to repair our house all while still waiting on reimbursement checks for the paid receipts that have already been sent in and there is no idea or explanation as to why we have not received the reimbursement checks sent in over a month ago. 2nd they won't allow us to do the work ourselves and tell us we MUST have a contractor to do the work. They won't even let us rebuild the fence that we had just built ourselves a month prior to the storm. We HAVE to have a contractor due it. I get it they want to protect themselves and the loan on the property but when is it gonna be enough. We have drained our saving trying to get things done to the house so we can stop driving 45 mins to and from work everyday in 2 vehicles because we work different shifts and nothing else closer is available. My brand new truck that was bought a month before the storm now has 15,000 miles on it, it had 2500 on it before the storm. No one seems to know anything when you call or they don't want to talk to me they only want to talk to my husband who is the loan holder and gave them written notice (their form) for me to have permission to handle everything on the account for him (who works graveyards). We have decided to refinance after the house is complete to get rid of this crooked company.
Mrs Cooper was very professional, knowledgeable and most importantly very quick and efficient in helping me. She is the epitome of superb customer service and I believe that she deserves the highest promotion possible because she performed the impossible by making it possible. A++ on her end.
I sold my home December 21, 2017 - I have made over 8 calls to get my escrow refund check and to this day I have not received it. I continue to get the same response over and over again! It’s a simple task and shouldn’t take this long. I guess I’ll have to go to BBB
Chris Moore did not tell me the truth from the very beginning and it didn’t end even down to how much I was getting in the refinance. I plan on finding a new mortgage company at a much lower rate in the coming months.
Extremely helpful, answered all questions in a timely manner. Excellent customer service.
My principle concern with Amerihome Mortgage company is their severely deficient online payment portal. It's extremely difficult to make a payment-go figure, it's almost as if they don't want a payment or simply make you pay for it when paying for it.
Chris and his team did an outstanding job helping me with my refinancing. Chris communicated openly/honestly and very responsive throughout the whole process. Thank you Chris !!! Chaiporn
Amerihome takes too long to refi a loan. They request the same docs from clients over and over. One department does not talk to the other. High turnover of employees! I would go with any other company but Amerihome. I sent an email to the CEO of this company and some one else called me back to get all that transpired specially since they already service our loan. No action taken yet! We are bringing our mortgage by $90,000 which any company would love to reduce their liability!
I live in Florida. We were impacted by Hurricane Irma. I spent almost $700 preparing my home by boarding up all my windows with plywood, buying water, food, batteries, etc., (I have only lived in Florida for a year and a half, my first hurricane with my daughter and 2 year old grandson). After the hurricane, we went 7 days with no electricity, and now that we finally have electricity the air conditioning system is not working. I called my mortgage company on the 9-14-17 to get a deferment of my mortgage payments and place 3 payments at the end of the mortgage. I read that by law the mortgage companies needed to offer this to homeowners. I was told by the Amerihome rep that I would receive a deferment package in the mail and not to worry. Today, 9-20-17, after not receiving the deferment package, I called them once again and spoke to a collection's dept rep employee #2162. She said that Amerihome was NOT offering me a deferment, that they were only offering a forbearance plan for 3 months. Basically, after the 3 month period, I will have to repay the back mortgage of the 3 months (almost $3,000) and the current month mortgage as well. How does this help me or anyone impacted by this Hurricane? The Cust Rep then goes on to explain that I may be able to apply for a "loan modification" after the 3 months, to which I explained that when I had fusion back surgery 7 months ago, I applied for a loan modification and after 6 months of jumping through hoops, I received NO modification from Amerihome whatsoever. I had to borrow money to catch up with my late mortgage payments. Now, we get hit by this natural disaster, where our state has been declared a disaster and once again, no support from Amerihome. I am going to file a complaint against them with the State and Federal Trade Commission. I am fortunate enough to be connected in Los Angeles (where I worked as a Paralegal for over 25 years) with very high profile attorneys and will have my old firm investigate this company. I will contact journalists and news organizations as well as post on social media about this company and how unfairly they treat their customers. This is my second complaint in two months! They can not get away with treating Senior Citizens like this anymore. One month of deferment even would have helped, but they offer nothing more than a forbearance. Shame on you Amerihome!
They service our mortgage, and their systems are incredibly antiquated. They don't take credit card payments, and if you do a check over the phone they charge you $5.00. I sent in a partial payment before the due date with plans on sending in the other half, and they sent it back to me saying they can only except the full amount. Never heard of a company that won't take your money when you send it. Maybe if they upgrade their systems to the current century, then they might be ok. Customer service was also horrible to deal with. If you don't want to invest in systems to service loans properly, they you probably shouldn't do it. I'm stuck with them since my loan was sold to them, but avoid them at all costs if you have a choice.
David, Kannchana and Anabell were awesome! This is my second refinance through AmeriHome and I couldn't ask for a better or smoother experience. Thank you Amerihome!