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AmOne Online Loan Reviews

I was impressed with my experience with AmOne. Alison Baker, provided me with several options, some that I had not thought of. She answered my questions and didn't make me feel stupid. I was able to make the best decision that was right for my situation and it also educated me for future resolutions.
I worked with Amanda and she walked me through the process every step of the way. She was courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. She took my information and matched me up with several lenders. I was instantly approved for the amount I needed and the money was deposited into my account within two days. I recommend this service. Thanks Amanda!!
The whole process was quick, easy and effective. Our loan has made a great difference for our family and we are great full for the help!
Was not able to help me but did refer me to someone that could thanks
They helped me find the lender to consolidate my debt when other places had turned me down. I am able to pay my debt off sooner with a lower interest rate. They are saving me $100 per month.
When you are denied a loan it is comforting there is a service to help you with other loan options.
With the help of AmOne I was able to get the loan I needed within hours from the comfort of my home. I don't know what I would of done without their help. Thank you AmOne so much for your help.
I'm so grateful to choose Amone because they help me to get a loan for just a minute,I'm so relieved now and solved my credit card debt. Thank you
The help was great
Convenient and quick service.
Their service was quick and thorough. Funded in only two days. Would recommend their services to anyone looking to borrow money.
The agent with AmOne was so kind and helpful, I received my loan within 3 days.
Well after almost giving up I tried AmOne and was pleased to have been referred to a finance company in my area. I was approved for 9k online and when I got there I ended up getting the full 9k. Very pleased with these results and this service. Thanks AmOne!
I was really pleased with service I received. The service rep was very pleasant and helpful and knew job. I would recommend them to any one. Thank you very much. Service well done.
I was matched with a loan specialist and got what I needed.
The entire process went smoothly. The people were kind an knowlegible. The entire process was handled expediciously. My only gripe is the client/myself, had to go to the facility to pick up the check. Otherwise, great service! I will reccogmend this company.
I received the loan with less than stellar credit numbers. Main One was the offer and Steve was greatin the office I was sent to. AmOne you were about your word which is a plus. Your company is definitely on my shelf for use.
AmOne matched me with a lender quickly.
I was very pleased with the service provided to me by AmOne. Communication is key with any transaction and that was achieved to the fullest. I applied for a new loan in the morning and before the end of the day I received an answer. It was quick and painless. I will recommend to all of my friends.
My experience with AmOne was exceptional. Thank you so much. So fast and fair. You guys are great!
I felt very comfortable and secure with the services provided and my experience with AmOne. Their service people were helpful and friendly and knowledgable in all aspects of the application and service. Thanks for a wonderful experience!
They were very helpful and professional. They matched me with a lender and followed through with the loan very quickly. I am very happy with their service.
The person I worked with was very helpful, upbeat and encouraging. She also was very knowledgeable and responded quickly. I would highly recommend AmOne to anyone. It was a pleasurable experience.
Thank you AmOne for your Professional & Prompt service in my Loan Assistance. I am truly amazed to receive my loan to the penny that I requested, placed in my personal Bank Account in less than (24) hours. Your service is appreciated.
Very good customer serice
Not all of the companies were helpful to computer illiterate customers.However I did find one local company that found the phone can do the job just as easily.I did get some good advice from the Amone counselor.
My experience with AmOne was great! The customer service representatives were so very helpful and patient. Judson McMullen, AmOne rep,was able to guide me in the right direction. Would highly recommend this company!! Amanda
Help me locate loan company that fit my needs thanks
Worked with LendingUSA and they were patient as we worked through the loan approval process. I was tied to one person and Cecilia was excellent at keeping me up to date and the final necessary items to complete in order to get my loan approval. Very smooth from start to finish.
Very useful service for people who have difficulty getting approved for a loan. They did find me a lender! They were professional and helpful.
Wow! What fast ad efficient services!
The people who helped me through the entire process were very friendly, competent, and efficient.
My experience was ok and I would recommend am one
AmOne was very willing to help me find financing options for money needed for major Auto Repair. They provided several options for different types of companies that provide credit to someone with a lower credit score. I recommend them for anyone wanting information of financing options. it's great to have someone find companies without the frustration of trying to search the web on your own...
amine got me a lender and my loan was quickly approved I highly recommend them
Excellent customer service by knowledgeable associates. They were kind, thoughtful and patient.
The one main offering found by am one really helped me out a lot and I appreciate the assistance and additional options.
Your service was right on the money the top pick on my list provided me with exactly the loan i was looking for. Thanks
I would recommend your services!
last year lead me to Lexington Law that help this time Thanks arry
This is a very good service it takes a look at your financial situation and hooks you up with the best possible loan companies. I found all the companies that they provided me with were professional and willing to work with me.
I didn't get approved but thanks for giving me a chance to appply
I am very pleased with the expeditious decision made on my loan request. My loan was approved within a few hours. The service is unbelievable and I am so relieved and happy!! Thanks so much AmOne!!!
AmOne offered a good service, but I had already made arrangements with a lender before I heard from AmOne. I did arrange with an AmOne rep to check back with him in a month or so after I have paid off my credit cards for possibly a successor loan at a better rate to pay off. this new loan plus other debt.
AmOne provided the help that would have taken me months to do. The rep asked me a few brief questions and provided me with lenders I had a higher approval odds based on my answers. The application was easy and I was approved within a day and reviewed money in 3 days. Extremely happy with the entire process and would recommend to everyone seeking debt consolidation help!
The service is outstanding and very timely.
My AmOne representative was very helpful. She made sure I understood that if the loan option I was pursuing did not work out, she would continue to assist me with other options. She also made sure I was well informed about conditions and restrictions of each option presented. I appreciated her honesty and also that she was able to connect me with a loan option that met my needs. Not only will I refer this company, but I will also use AmOne again for other services. Thanks for all of your help!
I love the services they provide and the care and attention you receive and they just make sure to give you a satisfaction I highly recommend them.
Your people are wonderful to deal with. They made the whole process so easy and convenient. Thank you
I'm very happy with the speed, kindness, and help given to me.
The rep I dealt with there was very professional, nice & respectful and worked out a loan that met my immediate needs. I would recommend OneMain to my friends and family.
Just wanted me to sign up for credit repair programs. No real help. Produced.
Was referred immediately thank you.
The representatives of AmOne were very respectful and timely. I was impressed with the speed in which they were able to process my loan.
With just one short phone call, I had the info I needed . Alex was very helpful and explained everything so I would understand. His recommendations worked and I got the money I wished for.
Honest about what I needed and can trust them from the beginning
AmOne worked very hard to find a loan suited for me. I was surprised and thrilled that they got me a better loan than i could have on my own and so quickly too. I recomend AmOne to Anyone who is needing help.
I was having a hard time getting a loan. AmOne gave me some suggestions on loan companies that I would have a good chance to get a loan with and the first one I applied to gave me the loan i needed! Thanks AmOne
They were very helpful with finding me a loan when I had been turned down already they stayed on the phone with me and talked me through the whole process I was approved the same day I would highly recommend this company
very helpful was able to get a loan in two days
My experience with Melissa @ One Main was very positive. She explained the terms of the contract completely. I would definitely refer anyone looking for a positive experience to go to AmOne for their financial needs. Qualifying was quick and easy.
Take a few min to fill out and provide proper Info,got approval in about 5min and money was deposited the next morning! Doesn't get any easier than that. Pleasant hassle free experience
Tom from AmOne was extremely helpful in helping me choose my lender. He gave me two options after hearing what I was looking to do, and helped me to understand that even though I may have not received the interest rate I was looking for, once I followed through with my plan, my next round would result in what I was previously looking for, and my financial situation would improve, as well as my credit rating. I never really looked at it that way, and certainly didn't understand how a couple smart moves could make that much difference. Thank you Tom!
AmOne was extremely helpful, found me the best offers and followed up to make sure they were taking care of me.
I needed funds quickly and they provided it quickly. Highly recommended!
very professional, ;know what. they are doing very good explaining everything
It was easy and I got enough money to pay off a pay day loan and get checking acct in the black. They gave me a chance when no one else would.
They have great customer service
I wasn't sure if I could even get an unsecured loan, I was matched up with quite a few and was approved within minutes
AmOne successfully recommended several matching loan companies for my needs. First one on their list resulted in loan completion. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!
nice people.... some nicer than others .... intrest is too high but had to have it but will work with them again ! im sure!
It was different for the first time I deal with people who wanted to help I'm very please thank u very much
They found me a company that approved my loan in four hours and my money was in my bank account next day.Thank You Amone
AmOne offered me five different options to apply for a loan. I was "totally surprised" that I was accepted and given a loan by the first company, BorrowersFirst. As BorrowersFirst made the process simple, once I submitted the documentation required, I would definitely go to them again if ever in need of more funds. Thank you.
Easy and quick access online. I received a prompt response and was matched with a lender company that is located near me. Can be trusted for meeting your needs!
Very courteous and fast help. Recommended companies worked out great. Had money in my bank account the next morning.
I highly recommend AmOne any day. They came through just like they said they would.
very helpful & good experience with Springleaf
AmOne came thru for me in a big way. Their representative, Cody, kept in frequent contact w/ me by phone and email. As a result of one of his suggestions, I was able to connect w/ an organization to get a loan. I was already stressed, but I was also preparing for major surgery. Everything came thru just in the nick of time. Such a blessing! I can't thank you enough :-).
AmOne was fast at helping me and I got a loan fast! I would go through them again if I needed too. They gave me all the information I needed.
And they keep checking back to see that you secure financing
Had applied to this company last year and was denied personal loan. With your help got loan and was able to consolidate a few bills. thanks so much for your help.
Very professional company an my overall rating is a 5 star
it was made easy everyone was very nice and i would use them again dorothy lombardi
I got my loan promptly from the list of companies they sent me!
I had a very positive experience with AmOne. I went in looking for a desperation loan, but what I ultimately needed was help with debt management, which they were able to connect me with DebtWave. I was nervous at first, if this is what I wanted, but the more I learned and investigated, I realized this was exactly what I needed. I am glad I called back to find out what AmOne had to offer because I think I'm finally on a journey to financial stability.
I had been searching on the internet for a company that could assist me in consolidating my credit card debt in this company responded very quickly and very efficiently I am pleased with everything
They connected me with a number of lenders that offered me a relatively painless process with fairly good terms for my credit situation. They also gave me good advice and followed up with me in regards to the loan. Good job.
Not helpful at all. No able to apply online.
I recently applied for and received a loan through AmOne and found the process to be nearly effortless and very quick. I would recommend their services to my friends and family.
I needed a loan for a new roof. There was a major leak in my house and i needed the money fast. The approval and money was deposited in my account before the roofers came to fix the roof.
AmOne was the perfect choice for me. They helped me get started with the right lending company. They were professional and very understanding. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family!
Got approved through one main financial apr. high but process was fast & easy
I found exactly what I needed, and my loan was approved in minutes. I highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a loan.
I am very interested in doing a loan with you everyone was so nice Thank you
This company can truly help an line you up with companies more than willing to help you with your loan needs