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Amscot Online Loan Reviews

Have always worked with me in times of need.
Excellent service and exceptional experience/ beautiful people/ excellent client service and treatment.
god customer service
The employees there are very rude and harassing all the time to you!
I love it it helps me out a lot
Kayla really is a master at her job. She was very knowledgeable and made sure I know the next step in my cash advance process.
Helped when we needed it.
Ok experience
Great place to borrow money when you need it. Great staff there. Free money orders. Open most hours.
Great great.
I've am very grateful to amscot for always helping me out in my most difficult of times Thank you
I love Amscot!
Amscot has always been there when I needed them. No questions asked, no funny looks over the eye glasses just good professional service. I would recommend it to anyone.
Service is good... prices are reasonable , and staff is friendly.
Everyone there was very helpful and friendly. Definitely go back if I need to get money again.
Maybe a weekly payment plan works better to pay loan back
Amscot is very helpful with me to help balance my budget. I have one slightly negative comment. I’ve repaid every one of my advances, in full, and on time !! I’m referring to 20-25 advances with a perfect record - pretty good, huh ? But even so, I cannot get an increase in the amount of the advances . I hope my records are actually reviewed, based on my comments. Thank you, Anthony T.
Ive been to several locations in the central Florida area and all but one have been absolutely wonderful !
Good service,
Always polite, efficient, and pleasant.
People go out of there way to help you get the lone you need!!!@ Ty Urself @ Apopka Amscot in Florida
I love that Amscot is open 24 hours and always there when I need them. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I've been a customer for 10+ years (off and on) and I've never had a bad experience with them. I'm thankful they're around.
They give you a loan very easily and quickly, how can you not give them all the stars?
great employees
Always there when you need them!!
Excelent service to the public help the people so much, thank you also I can rate the excellent customer service provided by each and every one of Amscot team workers!
Super nice people!!!
Easy to get an advance. Never had a problem. Once your account is set up it takes only minutes and you're in and out. Friendly staff is a plus.
Always a pleasure working with Amscot. A great help indeed.
Very rude service. Doesn't tell you all the facts before going forth with the process.
Customer service is always pleasant and helpful!
Good friendly staff. Very helpful when im need.
It’s great to get the money you need when you need it and it’s so easy
Excellent customer services very fast service
Good customer service in all the stores I have been to.
Amscot was excellent!
Great service every time.
Thank you so much to offer the services that you do.Like myself, there are many people who need extra money from time to time to be able to make a rent payment, put funds in the bank to cover a check or an automatic draft or just for gas to get to work till payday. This service is VERY MUCH NEEDED !!!!! Many times I could not have made it through the week without you !!
The amscot n hialeah at 49 street is horrible. The people that work there are very rude and take for ever to help you and instead of handing the tootsie roll that throw it to you like a treat for a dog. Horrible experience
Very good customer service everyone is very professional
Excellent customwr service
Amscott is always professional and a pleasure to work with when I need money orders or a payday advance.
Fast, easy way to get a cash advance without a hassle.
Amscott is easy! Amscott makes things pretty simple. The free money orders are great and very convenient. Cash advances are also easy here, but they still charge crazy interest rates for people who need money in a pinch which isn't very fair. Overall amscott is pretty good.
Always There When You Need Them No Hassle
Would recommend mascot to all my friends and family. High quality customer service' reasonable' very respectful' and on task with taking care of customers.
Very nice lady very helpful I am so happy and God bless her ! Deserves the best !
They are always polite nice and accomodating.
Great customer service. Never any complaints
This service over all is great. However I don'y know why it takes so long to establish history in order to be approved for the $500.00 cash in advance. This is the only negative comment.
I can always count on them when I need money fast
Employee was great
I have received multiple cash advances from AMSCOT over the last two years. They are quick to process your request. The interest is the lowest I’ve found. I would recommend them to anyone in need of financial assistance to get them through to the next payday.
Fast and easy experience. Staff made me feel welcome!
The lones always move super quick. Staff is professional and always smiling. Ive been late a day or two on paying my loan, if i call they say no problem and wait till i come in VS putting my check through the bank.
Great place and great service....
Amscot has been very good to me
Very easy and customer service very professional
The Amscot cash advance service is very helpful in need, but I still consider that the interest rate is to high by weekly. Most of people who are using the service complain about the same thing!
He was very helpful
They suck...
Great professional staff!
Friendly efficient SERVICE
Great Service Top Notch!
Excellent service, people friendly, and staff innovative approaches.
Quick and easy service from the employees.
I had a very good experience and will recommend them
i was very please with all the service i got. it was my first time using this service. will be back when needed.
Your company is excellent in a time of need at short notice on help me
I have been a dedicated customer for a while. I always pay on time when ever I borrow at any cost. Just recently after I borrowed funds I lost my job and found a new one really quick. I had called for an extension and explained my pay day will be on Fridays now no longer on Wednesday. Two weeks go by and I get a payment reminder for Wednesday. I called right away to avoid any issues and explained that I get paid on Friday if he can allow me tp pay my loan then after work. The gentleman agreed. Why on Thursday the store put in my check through my account. This did not only over drew my account it put me in a bigger financial set back. I'm so disgusted with the situation. Your word has no value. You truly have shown me that you don't care about your customers. I will share this with all social media and with everyone I know.
Always polite and go out of there way to help.
I use the paycheck advance loan all the time. I am very thankful they have that option.
Fast, easy, friendly staff.
Excellent customer service allways
I came into Amscot on East Colonial Drive in Orlando Florida this evening. I get paid on the 15th and 30th of the month, but riding Lyft for a month has left me without enough money for food until the 15th. They were very nice and were very thorough in the procedure. I submitted a drivers license, payroll stubs and a bank statement. They gave me enough money that I would need for food and to keep the electric company happy. I would highly recommend them.
I always pay the $500 loans back on time and I can't speak to those who don't but their customer service is wonderful in the 3 locations I've visited. At one point I asked that they not contact me via phone calls because I was letting my check process instead of coming in to pay and they stopped them (which I really appreciated).
James was very helpful. He juggled a lot of customers and never let anyone feel like they were left for to long. Customers there however most very nice others rude and should have been turned away. They did not do that here they truly helped everyone.
Applying was easy as long as I had the proper paperwork.
There the best that's y i go there all the time.They help me when I need them the most.That's y they are Amscot the best..
The staff is vey efficient.
Very slow service.. Employee takes a very long time to process.. Makes me feel very uncomfortable waiting over 20 minutes standing at window for what should be a 120 second process. Employee continues to 'lollygag'. Very disappointed.
Nathalia, was so help with my payday loan. She made me feel at ease with the process. This is my 1st time getting a payday loan at Amscot. Her customer service skills are on point and she is awesome. Thank you Nathalia for your great customer service.
Great service, efficient and courteous employees
In and out quick. Young lady was very nice.
Any time I need Amscot they make it happen for me....Thank you again Amscot
Customer service is wonderful Well done to all people that's work at amcost
Customer service excellent and is a good manner of you need cash advance
sometimes its a little wait but its worth it. Service is always awesome and I can get what I need. Cash advances are the best.
Fast and friendly customer service
The service I received was everything, there were two employees that was very helpful with everything I needed. Also they were mannerable and polit.
My experience with the less mature customer representative is very unacceptable. They are very rude. I will always waitfora more mature and well experience representative to serve me.
Very helpful employees, fast service.
The process was smooth but the waiting time was long to get attended to
Has help me and my wife a great deal
Excellent service and very courteous
The Customer support is awsome. The managers are great, very helpful.
The cash advances do come in handy, but the wait is a long time when I'm in a rush.
They could be a bit nicer. Not everyone is on welfare.
Helped me fill out the paper work and explained everything about what was going on. Fast service and excellent personnel
Great company to works with. They make everything looks simple