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Amscot - The Money Superstore Online Loan Reviews

The other day I got a check in the mail and it was for 35.89 and the day on the check was 1-27-17 and on the check it said you have 180 day to cash it. It was a check for a old job. I went there and the lady told me "We can't cash it. You can go to your bank and cash it." I went there to cash it. Anywho they are so expensive to cash any thing I don't know why anyone would cash anything there.

I received a Western Union from a family member in another state and went to Amcot to do the Western Union transaction and after filling up the paperwork I was told they couldn't do it. When I asked why the uh said because my husband owes Amscot money. I told him the Western Union is already paid by someone else and also that I did not borrow mine from them and they said doesn't matter that he can do it cause the money that was borrowed wasn't totally paid back. Unbelievable. They did it to me before when I tried to cash 2 money orders that I bought from them they wouldn't cash because my husband owes them money not me. What the heck is going on. How can they keep getting away with doing this kind of stuff to people? Why doesn't someone in authority stop them from these practices that are wrong?

Received a letter in the mail from Amscot, because they gave someone that I hired cash. Unfortunately, he did not finish the job and took the check from an employee and never returned any of our calls because he knows he did not fix the ice maker which he was paid to fix. So, we stopped payment on the check and Amscot paid him for the cancelled check and is holding us accountable for that now that they realize it's cancelled. This is a horrible company to rob the victim... this is happening to a lot of people and essentially Amscot is making their money from people that are in the wrong and cashing checks fraudulently. They will get sued eventually and I'm sure there will be a class action suit against them at some point. Avoid these places at all cost.

Same day, lunch and dinner. Pressed no tip button because a cash tip was left, and was still charged a tip on my card. When customer service was called, I was told that it's their policy to place a tip on hold because they don't know if a tip was applied. I find this interesting that I receive a text about my charge before I even leave the restaurant. They are stealing until that money is returned. It was never authorized. Maybe time to change cards.

I've written checks at Amscot many times... according to THEIR CONTRACT I HAD 30 days to repay. Check written on the 8th. Amscot cashed my check on the SEVENTH causing me a $37 fee. I will make a $280 deposit on the 8th. I want my $37 back and never do business with them again. Images can follow after Thursday, June 9th.

I have used Amscot occasionally in the past for various money orders apparently never over $1000. I needed one for $2130. First off the clerk barely spoke or understood English unless I spoke slowly. Really? Secondly she was in training... On my time... I had to give her my ID then she proceeded to verify all info was correct address, phone number, and even my place of employment! Now I began to feel like my privacy was being invaded. Very slow process since she was being trained. I was curious why all the questions this time, was it the amount? I asked what amount. Apparently they are NOT SUPPOSED to tell customers what their policies are!!!

The amount is $1000. I said I was just curious I'm not a criminal and that's how I felt I was being treated!!! They finally told me it would have to be 3 money orders, again because of the amount, they can only make them for up to $1000 each. Who knew!? If I had known what a pain in the ass this was going to be I simply would have deposited the cash into one of my bank accounts. I thought this would be easier going to Amscot. I questioned what do they do with the information like my occupation, etc.? No answer other than they have to put it in the computer, the computer asks these questions. I was not upset at all just curious and wanting to BE AN INFORMED CONSUMER. They do not want this. The manager came over and inserted herself unnecessarily which THEN THAT upset me because I am a nonconfrontational person, but I will ask intelligent questions. Summary, if you're smart, do NOT go to Amscot! They don't want any questions!!!

So, I have not gone to Amscot in 6 years because they charged me 150.00 bucks to cash a third-party check from school and I will never go back. Today I sent my son in Florida some money via Western Union. I have sent it before and there has never been a problem. Tonight they gave him trouble. I called the Amscot customer services line and they said he should be able to get the money but call back when the clearing office is open. So this went round and round for hours. I called the girl named Lafawn that works at the counter. She was new and did not know my son like the other girl that is usually there. I told my son to never go to Amscot again. They are money hungry and could care less about their customers. My son will wait until the morning and pick it up from Western Union.

Purchased a money order. Money order sent and receiver said it was lost. Went back to Amscot to cancel the original money order. Yes, I have all the proper documentation and records including the receipt. Cannot do that on site. Go through the process of the money order being canceled and reissued. Now, I find out it's going to take 30 to 60 days. Wow. So we're absolutely positive the money order was lost. Absolutely positive that the money order wasn't cashed. And yet they won't re-issue a new one for 30 to 45 days. This is just unacceptable. There's a money order out there that has been lost and not cashed and yet they will not cancel that money order immediately and reissue a new one.

I visited the location on Memorial Boulevard in Lakeland Florida on April 4th. I paid my light bill and got a money order. I left out of the country. When I return home I received a notice of Disconnect because my light bill has not been paid. I go to Amscot to have them pull up my record of payment and no one wants to help me. They say that they have too many to go through and they can't find it. I called corporate which they are not being helpful at all. They claim that if I have the money order number they can look up my whole transaction.

Contact my landlord. I get the money order transaction number. I take it back to them. They still cannot find any record of my money order or my light bill so therefore I'm stuck paying my light bill again so instead of my hundred and 48th and now owe them $300. That is including the late fees. The people and the managers in Amscot were very rude and not helpful whatsoever raising their voice at me cursing at me. I plan to do a lawsuit of discrimination against them and I plan on taking every action to make everyone boycott Amscot in Polk County.

Amscot has no problem taking your money for money orders but if you need to cash one and owe them money they will hold your money orders hostage and say that until you pay it they won't do business with you, but they have no problem doing business with you when taking your money. When you ask for money orders in any other business that's called stealing. How is it that Amscot gets away with this practice, there needs to be some kind of regulation of this company, where they are required to make that clearly stated prior to a consumer making a money order transaction. Perhaps a class action suit will do it.

I just create this account to complain about this company of ** who made me lose 1 and half hour of my time not even in a loan or something like that. I just needed to send money by Western Union. But this inept worker couldn't find out how to make a money transfer from this company. And no happy with that start making me question about where is my money coming from and how do I do to get it like WTFFF. As fast as 5 mins - that's the time I usually spend in any other Western Union with no question just with my ID. Please everybody don't waste your time in this inexperienced and poor company. Sorry but it sucks. It was in Miami - little Havana Amscot cashier **.

Okay... Has anyone ever been banned from "Amscot" for trying to get their own money??? I went to Amscot to pick up $1600, unfortunately the person didn't have all of my money to send at once... so, two days later I went to pick up my 1,000 (the rest of what is owed to me,) and they started asking me personal questions like, who is she to me, what is she sending the money for, why didn't she send it all at once, why is she giving me the money... all while on the phone with someone! So, after 20 minutes of waiting they tell me that they can't do it (didn't give me a reason!). Okay, I leave and come back after doing some shopping to SEND someone some money. I asked them, "Could I at least send money???" THEY TOLD ME THAT I AM BANNED AND TO NOT COME BACK!!!??? What the ** was that all about? Can SOMEONE PLEASE explain this to me??? What did "I" do wrong??? It was via Western Union.

I called Amscot located at 87 and West Flagler. Spoke to Marian. She gave me details of what documents I needed to bring to the store. Not once she told me if I had another cash advance open. Also she never mentioned to bring the statement from the bank 30 days old. It was May 8 when I went to Amscot. When I got there she said the statement from the bank was from April, so I left. Didn't want to argue.

Came home and took the print from My bank statements, because I did not received May yet. Once again I went back the manager in charge on May 8. Took my driver's license, the check, I filled out the application. He called my home to verified the phone was correct, he called person listed as friend, he put everything in the computer, then came to me and told me it was not approved because I had an open account online with another cash advance and that in the state of Florida was allowed only one open. He had me in there for two hours. I requested to have all signed papers. He refused to give it to me.

He said he was not allowed to get me back with the application I had filed. I told him I was never coming back to that place. He refused to give me the application forms. He had all my information, I wonder what did he had in mind to do if I told him I was not going to use Amscot services ever again. I worry there is a lot of scam. The guy and Mariana were arrogant, and they were hiding something. They are not professionals, they were very unprofessional. Why do they keep my application in file. The manager had a face of a crook. I want my original application back. I'm writing to the better business Bureau and to Corporate. AMSCOT LOCATED AT WEST FLAGLER 199 W flagler and 84 zip code 33144, phone # is 507-9245.