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I walked in to the office to find out about pawning my title. First, the lady did not say hello, may I help, or anything for that fact. She was talking to a man that had his sleeves cut off and was using foul languages. When she turned around to notice me, she asked me to hold on. By that time, she and I am guessing her husband were fighting in the office. I made a comment that I would like to be helped and she stated I could go somewhere else then.

On March 22, 2011; I went into the check cashing business to make my April payment for my title that is due on the second of every month. Nicole ** gave me my money back and told me to call Rick ** and to see if he will give me a payout. So I called and he gave me a payout of $550.00 and he said I had until Friday - March 25, 2011 to come in with the $550.00.

I didn't make the payout because every time I go in to make my payment my payout goes up instead of down and this is my second loan with them and I always pay a few dollars over and the employee Nicole ** told me that this is the best way to make my payments now. When you go in to make a payment they use a simple receipt book that you can buy out of any store.

You have to buy a money order from them and you sign it and they keep the whole money order and they don't even give you the receipt. They will only give you a written out receipt. On May 5, 2011; I went inside the business I had Nicole ** call rick ** to ask him about a payout and also to make a payment. She asked him and he told her to make a payout for $1,000.00.

I asked him how did it go from $550.00 to $1,000.00 and he told me he thought it was a signature loan that is why he said $550.00 and I told him he was lying and when I spoke to him he told me he didn't have his laptop in front of him and that is when he said it was a title loan instead of a signature loan and I told him okay and that I would make my payment.

He told Nicole not to accept my payment which is the second time he has refused to accept my payment and he was being very unprofessional. He was yelling at me. I then asked him who was his supervisor and he stated that he didn't have one. I then hung up the phone because he had me so upset. He called back hollering and screaming at Nicole and he told her to revoke the $1,000.00 offer and told her it's going to be $1,500.00 to make a payout if I wanted to get my title back.

That afternoon, I called Approved Finance home office and I talked to a lady named Mary **. I told her what my concerns were. She then put me on the phone with David which told me Rick's supervisor name was Darrell Martin. I left a message for Darrell to call me back which I never received.

So today - May 10, 2011 I called and spoke with Mary ** again and told her that Darrell ** hasn't returned my calls. He finally called me around 3pm this afternoon and I still don't get a clear understanding as to where my money is going. I would like for someone to please look into this matter.

Am currently sitting outside the store where all the lights are off and door is locked. Though was here only 30 minutes ago trying to arrange a payment plan was told couldn't do it had to pay off today so said I'd be back in 30 minutes to do so and was never told no one would be here. There is no sign no indication at all when anyone will be coming back.

I received a disturbing phone call from Sheila after I received a loan due to an error on both of our parties. I spoke with Sheila approximately 2:10 pm on the same day. She then started calling my phone which I did not have with me at that time. When my 11 year old answered, Sheila screamed at her, "Where's Katrina!" She handed me the phone and Sheila proceeded to scream at me

As I was trying to calm her down so I could find out what was wrong, she stated that I knew I wasn't supposed to leave with loan. I then told her there must be some kind of misunderstanding and that I would be right there. Sheila continued to scream at me as I was trying to explain that this matter will be taken care of as soon as I get there and that I am on my way right as we spoke. I then realized that Sheila had hung up on me.

While on my way to the loan company to resolve the matter, I received 3 phone calls. One was from an upset pregnant daughter who was told that Sheila had said that I was going to jail for theft. Then, my sister Holly called and said that when she and my other sister Carletta arrived at our place of employment, Sheila was there, waiting in the parking lot. Sheila loudly proceeded to tell them that if I did not contact her at that moment, she was going to have me arrested while I was at work that night.

Meanwhile, Holly explains that mom was upset and I needed to call her right away. In between these calls, I arrived at loan office, upset. I then explained to Sheila that there is a misunderstanding. Sheila blurted out that I am on camera and that I knew I was not supposed to take the money with me. I asked for manager's number so that I could make a complaint but was advised that the manager was standing there then, and also was when I received the loan. I then left and went to my mother's and she already had this page up to file complaint on them due to misconduct of improperly handling this matter unprofessionally with her phone call from Sheila as well.

A lady by the of Toni waited on me. She was very pleasant and very knowledgeable. She took her time to make sure that everything was correct. Was very satisfied with my visit and will return if I need Services again.