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Aquinas Capital Funding Online Loan Reviews

stay away from this people, They will make false promises and ruin your business and then just leave you in the dust! And of course they will try to deny what their intentions were! Make money even if that means hurt your business!
They have been great to work with. Quick and honest with they could do.
Ben did a great job for me he was very fast to respond and was honest !!
These guys were completely professional. They understood my position and helped me. I was able to get the capital I needed quickly. I am sure they get a lot of people looking for money to their business but they were able to make me a priority. What we were able to put together kept me going.
I have been contacted by several funding companies over the years. I have actually been funded by over 20 in the past 6 years. This was by far the easiest and most intelligent group I have EVER had an advance with. I was contacted almost immediately by the CEO and was in constant contact with him and the rest of his staff throughout the entire process. It took less than a week to get my company funded. Which is really great considering everything that had to take place. This IS by far the best company advance & loan company I have encountered hands down!!!! Since getting funded by them, every company that was "like everyone else" keeps calling me. Even former companies I have used. I will only work with ONE company from now on....and it will be Gregory John and Aquinis Capital Funding. Period.If you go with anyone else, be prepared to waste a lot of time and ultimately money. This company is GREAT!!!!!
My company was in a very bad situation and the team at Aquinas came through for us when everyone else couldn’t. Greg and Vinnie was very easy to work with from the start. They keep things simple and transparent. I have worked with many company’s like Aquinas before and I can tell you these guys are different. They keep there word. Hard to find guys like them. Thanks
TOP *** OF *** THE *** LINE , ..............Greg, Of Aquinas Funding, Literally Andd Unapologetically, GETS IT DONE !!!! Thank You, Boonchai Gamsa Medical Clinic, Los Angeles, CA
Best Customer Service! and always available!
Researched and explored many options for funding companies before deciding to go through Aquinas Capital. Best experience possible. Immediate communication, personable employees, and the process was quick and painless! Highly recommend.
Great Service, always available! Delivered exactly what they promised.
Gregory John and his associates at Aquinas Capital Funding run a top notch organization with amazing knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication and trust. They rate a 2 thumbs up!
These guys are truly the best. Honest, professional and friendly. I could not believe how are they worked to get our funding in one day. I highly recommend Vinny and Greg to anyone. The best
Amazing customer service and fast pay. They explained everything so thoroughly and were extremely helpful and courteous. I am a small business and this defiantly is the place to help you get your business off the ground. Thank you Greggory John JJS OWN, LLC
I would definitely recommended Aquinas Capital Funding. Gregory is the best. They care about their clients and take time to make sure you get the best possible experience. Thank you Gregory for everything you have helped me out with!!
Greg is the only one I trust to get me funds when I need it for my business. He always finds a way to make it happen when other funding companies can’t. He has helped me grow my business and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing business funding!
Greg Johns has been so helpful. I have been working with him for my business financing needs for the last year. He has gone above and beyond to help me. I would recommend him to anyone.
The experience was a slight tug of war, but Gregory went the extra mile to see to it that I was served what I asked for. Being in a industry of JANITORIAL, it’s so competitive and cutthroat whereas you need to have invested partners ready to fund that next big project/contract, and staff. So to the team, I say Thank You!
They keep sending unsolicited emails.
Gregory assisted me with finding short term funding for my business. The process was fast and without difficulty. Highly recommend Aquinas and Gregory John
Greg and Erik really made my experience with Aquinas Capital Funding worthwhile. They really do have my best interest in mind and are continually going above and beyond to earn my trust. I would recommend them to anyone needing business funding!