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They really went that extra mile to help me
Overall not bad for trying to get a better rate on a loan. Only drawback is that it took a long time to approve, compared to other sites.
Yes William I share the exact same experience and would like to speak about a law suit against Argon Credit. They should be ashamed of their horrible business practices. I as well have saved the contract I signed and took a screen of the page that showed my approval and the amount.
Put order in received it 3weeks later with a bill for£11-88p for customs duty, wasn't warned about any extra payments.
Easy application process. Customer service line was not great. Held for 25 min then system disconnected me. Once I did get through the rep answered my questions.
It was very hard to get in touch with the person whom called me, he did not call back as promised, and I had no ability to provide information to assist in a favorable decision.
I am grateful to Argon Credit for helping me help my grandson. He needed money for school and I was able to help him. It's very comforting to know that in this tough world in which we live, there is still support for those who have done their due diligence. I encourage my grandson to be diligent and I thank Argon Credit for helping me with my commitment to family.
your company is very helpful. Only one thing is that when I called or emailed I got no response.
Very frustrated with this company. I have been fighting with them for a week due to the fact my account has been debited twice for payment. They keep giving me the run around and now I am just Angry. Spoke with a representative Thursday and he straight lied to me. Knowing my frustration he told me the "system" needs to update and to call back Saturday. Well it's Saturday and they are closed!!! It's been a week I have sent them documents showing the debit twice and I keep getting told they didn't receive it!! My fax machine says it sent just fine. I expressed the urgency of this matter every phone call..that was my car payment they took. I get shuffled between numbers hung up on..emails go unanswered it's just Very very poor customer service! I am off to the bank now to complete the long process of disputing the charges. It could have been simple I sent them the proof fix it. But no they want to drag their feet while I get further frustrated. I have resources to keep my bank from going into the negative and my bills not getting paid at the moment thank God. But if I didn't this would be a HUGE set back!! Bank fees late car payment and so on. Who makes them accountable for these mistakes? I ask to talk to a supervisor and I get disconnected. Really?? This situation has just made me sick. I will be stopping all future transaction with my bank. They will receive my payment directly from me. No more direct debit. They don't want to own their mistakes!
Very easy and friendly to work with. Could do better on the amount of time it takes to go through the verification process.
I appreciate Argon Credit working with me during a financial hardship in my life at this time. I got approved quickly and there was not a problem with submitting my documentation. Once my documentation was received and verified my money was in the bank within 24 hours. The customer service representative was very polite and helpful.
I apply for a loan. I received a respond right away. The process did not take long, I was very please with the services,
"Interest Too High"
Everyone i talked too were very Professional, knowledgable, and they dedicated.
The only problem that I had was no one to answer the phone. The phone always went into a voicemail and it was always full and you could never leave a message.
After going through the application process, and being told that "I WAS APPROVED for $5167 that would be deposited within the next 24-48 hours into my bank account," that is when I offered the very private bank account information, and even allow them to have instant access so I could get my money faster. After going through uploading the needed information, I didn't receive an email at all from them. I went online and sent them an email to ask how soon my money would arrive? No reply, then I went back to their site and called their toll free line, spoke to customer service. Only to find out that the loan had been declined! I do not understand the change because everything that was listed on the credit application was verified with written documentation. The only thing the customer lack of service rep would say is;" I'm sorry sir, nothing I can do! Your loan was declined!" So don't trust a company that tells you one thing to gather your information, then will not stand behind their word! I hate businesses like this! they shouldn't be allow to be called a business!!!
It was a good outcome but I believe the interest rate was super high and shouldn't have been so much. But I was able to get what I wanted in the end and handle what needed to be done.
Helpfull really got a great deal on a loan.Within my price range thank you Argon.
This is a company who really helps like they said!
While applying for a loan was easy, and the credit checks thorough, I was surprised to find out only AFTER I had agreed to the loan that my interest rate was 49%. I will be paying off this note in two months, and find a cheaper note.
Fast service!!!! Excellent customer service!!! Absolutely a great experience!!!!.. Very,very,very,satisfied!!!!!!!
Awesome service, great friendly people! I'd highly recommend to anyone
I was in a position to where no one would help me and my family Argon credit came through for us and we are very appreciative.
I was very pleased with Argon Credit. Process was simple and quick. Interest rates are high, but if you are able to pay a little extra each month it will make a difference since the interest is accured monthly on the outstanding balance.
Chuck who made this all happen because all of his efforts to get my loan request approved and how he worked to get final papers through. It could not have happened without his efforts. The only thing I am requesting since it took passed the 13th due date on your disclosure statement because things were being held up to get funds into my account, as funds did not reach my account until October 28th, I am requesting that the first payment scheduled for Dec. 13 be extended until the 28th or 29th of each month, beginning December's payment. As I am retired and on a fixed income that reaches me by the 29th of each month, I am asking that due dates be changed to the 29th of each month so the money will be in my account. If this does not change, and payment is sent to my bank before the 29th, funds will not be in my bank and bank charges me $35 each time an ach is attempted. Please let me know by email your response. Again I will say without Chuck getting this loan approved and his extra efforts to get the funds into my account , I could not have gotten this loan without his efforts. He should be recognized for his efforts. Again, thank you Chuck.
My Loan was Funded on 12/30/2015, I received a contract with the amounts and due dates which I E-signed and sent back to the Company, on the contract they were sure to include an "out" if you read the fine print, they have not committed to make the loan until funds are deposited, it also states on the second page of this "CONTRACT" Unavoidable delays as a result of inadvertent processing errors and/or acts of god may extend the time for the deposit. We will begin to earn the finance charge on the effective date(IS THAT LEGAL) PLEASE READ YOUR CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!!!!!!! How can a Finance Company Fund a loan and tell you they don't know when it will be deposited????? And they are not BBB accredited(RED FLAG)
Thanks I'll was very please with your service. That told my sister about your company.
They where quick with there response easy to use website and funds where deposit into my account the next day after approved
I would refer you all Professionalism to anyone and everyone that needs help!!!
My experience with Argon was quick, simple and completed from the comfort of my home, in my time. No hassles, no back-and-forth exchange of or request for documents. Just old fashioned professional!
excellent service and most efficient oportunity
I have had loans with them before. So when I had some unexpected expenses I went to them first. I submitted all of my documents with my application because I knew what they needed. I was preapproved for a much larger amount and then approved for the loan within a week. However, it took 5 WEEKS to get my loan paperwork to sign electronically. I thought I missed the email so I called several times. I waited on hold for hours on several different days and at different times of the day. I never talked to anyone. I left a voicemail but never got a call back and the mailbox was full when I called in the future. I called the technical line to see if they were still in business. They said they were having some internal paperwork issue. After 5 weeks, I got the paperwork. I guess it is better late than never but I was disappointed with the lack of customer service.
The experience was pleasurable and I want to thank you guys for giving me the money that I need it
Everything went well. Just had to call and text to find out what was going on.
Great experience... They were fair and honest
The process of applying for a loan to actually being funded was great! It was timely, efficient, and well explained (detailed) through the website and documents. I have no negative comments. It was a great experience!
Helpful service and well trained personnel. The entire cycle was a breeze.
This company is quick, efficient and I would recommend them to everyone.
I was down on my luck falling behind on bills tried argon credit not knowing what it was and sure enough they came thorough when I needed it
Application process went quickly and smoothly. I was kept informed at every step.
Argon Credit provides flexible options and competitive finance rates.
I really liked the service. It was quick and responded to e-mails and calls quickly. However, I wish that I would've got confirmation date of deposit of funds via e-mail. Thank you.
The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because I really needed twice as I got. But they aren't necessarily to blame,
I would get emails that additional information is needed but there is general information instead of exactly what is needed. Depending on the time of the call you will have a hard time connecting to customer service. Instead of asking how much money we want they should go through the process and let us know what we qualify for.
Argon has the easiest process and the most amazing customer service of any loan company I've dealt with! Keep up the good work, you have a return customer.
Process worked well but took longer than expected to receive funds. Be sure to have all documentation available particularly a clear picture ID before you start so they would not have to ask for some items.
The experience was not bad at all.
Good experience and they were very responsive and I received very quick approval. The entire process only took a couple of days.
I was approved and sent a funded email on December 14 2015. The very next day recieve another email saying that due to increase loan volume all funds were put on hold til further notice and I would recieve an update by January 2016. On January 3 I recieve a phone call saying funds were available and had to update my info. The next day they call me and say that instead of 3-5 it would be 5-7 to recieve funds. Here it is halfway through January and still no funds. Now they tell me they can't give me a date as to when the funds will be sent to my bank, hopefully by the end of the month the lady on the phone says. This company is unreal. I mean either you have the funds or you don't.
The process was so easy and fast. I loved the convenience of submitting documents online. The payments are also very reasonable. Very satisfied customer. Thank you Argon
After having some financial difficulties, Argon was kind enough to put me in a program that didn't damage my credit score and put me back on track with making my payments on time. I'm very grateful.
Id like to say thanks to argon for taking a chance on me. 10 years ago I didnt value credit and basically blew off every bill i got. I have really been working hard this year to clean up my credit and apparently it paid off. The process was pretty quick after i was approved on day 2 it took 3 business days and my money arrived. Im going to quickly pay this loan to get another with a better rate. Thanks argon for taking the time to approve me not just my credit score, which did jump up 50 points from this i might add!!
Was very easy to navigate and up load documents for loan. Don't really have anything negative to say about them. Keep up the great and fast service.
Short application process, very easy to maneuver through and conveniently online accessible
I checked the reviews before I applied and had no problems with application, they kept incontact with me until it was finalized.
No1 good job thank you. No5
The process was quick i did application on the weekend a saturday evening and received an approval through email that same night, then received another stating need more information. I submitted info and received another email stating approved. Then I received the loan agreement.. Then an agent called me and he was very helpful with followups and other things that were needed. THE NEGATIVE IS THAT THEY HAVE YOU SIGN THE LOAN AGREEMENT BEFORE THEY VERIFY YOUR INFORMATION. Which to me is backwards. Overall the process was quick and easy and I received my loan the next day.
You have done a great job in a timely manor.
I am very pleased with Argon Credit and how they were able to help me get a loan so fast and quickly. I will refer this company to my friends and family
Hello, i was very impress with customer service, was real great in help me with question and get answer. I'm sharing my honest experience i was very disappointment with the turnaround procedure it took for me to actually receive my funds into my account so i rate 3 stars out of 5. thanks
Great to get access to quick funds, but was not funded what I was orginally approved (much less). Their customer service dissapointed what had been a positive experience to that point.
Im very thankful to Argon credit for letting me borrow. So far a very good experience!
This place is so bad, I don't understand how they remain in business and never change their ways. Their rating on the BBB is a big fat "F" and now I know why. Now I am not some angry random person who is mad I didn't qualify. No, I am a previous customer who has had two loans with these guys BOTH paid of EARLY and never late on the due date. I also paid more than minimum to avoid the huge fees since the 79% rate was horrible. Despite that, since my previous experience was ok, I applied for a new loan and was approved . I verified my bank account online and so they got all my banking info, plus I am a recent previous customer. So after a week, I get several emails asking me to send yet again, my banking information . They told me they need a hard copy too, cmon why go through online verification where they pull your bank statements if I have to fax a hard copy anyway??? Now again I get asked to send it yet again over and over. THen don't even count on these guys to report your loan properly to the credit bureaus. Mine has been paid off 6 mos ago and on the credit report , it shows that I owe the full amount still, I placed a dispute but oh brother to do this with a previous proven customer, I thought if you were a previous borrower it suppose to e EASIER to get a new loan not even harder???
quick, excellent response time; friendly; community oriented; frank and professional about everything
I got 3 calls from 3 different people asking me for the same thing. When I already did it on line. Took a week to get it done.
Worst experience ever, i emailed this company over and over and nobody ever responds, it sucks giving a company your info and social security number and they never get back to you, find a lender that cares about there customers cause argonl credit doesnt care
When no one else would help me they were there. The process was painless.
Arogon really came thru for me, I would recommend them to anyone.
Customer service is absolutely horrible, you are lucky to reach a live person and once you do they will be in "wrong department"(I guess the right department is voicemail, wich don't hold your breathe for a call back,I have been leaving messages for the last 3 business days) interest rates were extremely high, and trying to figure out how to get on their website is a joke. So, now trying to figure out how to contact them to payoff loan, leaving messages and have talked to 3 live people, none have seemed interested in helping me to payoff this account. BE CAUTIOUS if considering this loan service.
I did like the fact that the process was very easy once a the documents was submitted.
I applied for my loan on a Friday, I spoke with a customer service rep on Monday to see about the status of the loan and was told that it was in the review process. I spoke with another customer service rep on Wed. of the same week and was told the same thing. Both times I was assured I would hear something within 24-48 hours and did not. I called back a full week after the original loan app had been put in and was told that it was in the verification stage and they were doing a debt to income ratio study before they could approve the loan. I did get the loan in approximately 9 business days. The only complaint I have with the entire process is that the website says loan approval in 24 hours. If this is the case I should have been told yes or no within 24 hours not 9 days and 5 phone calls later. In addition I still have had no communication with the company, informing me as to when the payments are due or anything to that nature.
The entire loan process was fast and easy to understand. I would like to thank the person that helped me thru the loan process his name is Justin (I don't know his last name) but he was very professional and patient, so Thank you Sir for you"re help
Very professional , answered questions when needed , got loan quickly
You all are great at argon, Thank you so much for lending to me ,I needed to consolidate some bills and with your help It made things a lot easier on me, thank you for the funds in such a timely manner and the ease of the whole process
Good and fast approval.
Thought transaction was pre-September close...had to re-execute PN due to dated original...very slow turn...
Interest rate is ridiculous but they gave me a chance when noone else would.
A seamless loan process from start to finish!
The final results were good, timely and delivered as promised. The problem was getting all available information together and getting a response on unavailable items. The time from start of process to completion could have been greatly reduced with feedback. The staff in customer service handling telephone calls were helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.
Very Happy with the Service I got no complaints Thank You
Grateful for this company.
The application process was easy. Unloading my documents was also easy. Contacting your company, impossible. Funds were a week late, because of an error of your side. Rep said you had input the wrong state for my bank. Yet made me wait a week before you'd look into it.
They we fast and fairly easy to use.
Best lending company ive been with, just few documentation has needed to submit, after that got aporoved with low APR. Next day the money its on my bank. Defenitely recommended!
Very thankful to Argon Credit for the opportunity to borrow money and get back on track. Great customer service too!
Easy process, love it
Not able to access my loan from the website to make payment in full
Professional, courteous & helpful staff made it easy to obtain my loan. Thank you Argon, Mr. P. Green
you or doing an excellent job in helping people in their times of need. keep up the good work i would gladly recommend Argon Credit to anyone that who would need help thanks for give me the opportunity.thank you from Robert
Was pre approved for 10k only.needed less then half was approved within the next 2 business days and had the cash in my account within the week very easy to work with
Your sales people are very helpful and considerate. The one we worked with was compassionate and concerned about our needs. His suggestions helped us to make a decision that was within our budget. Great customer service.
Go for it and be a winner winner with a chicken dinner
Argon has moved to the top of my list for loans. They never once told me yes, and then said no. I was approved the same day I applied and the loan was funded in 1 - 3 days as quoted. Not only that they have given me the shortest term to repay my loan and at an even lower rate than everyone else. Argon is who I would recommend to my family and friends in their time of trouble. Thanks Argon
Argon was very professional in handling my loan. If you have decent income and can prove it and an active bank account, they will work for you and have your money in less than a week.
I trust no one especially doing business. I checked every scam site that exist to fine something out about Argon, found not one complaint. I did read reviews that was my very first step. I was really completely not trusting of these guys. Guess what Argon called me I expressed my concerns the GENTLEMAN explained why people give dishonest reviews. when in doubt about giving this company accurate information meaning lying on your application leave it out. STOP giving false reviews because you didn't qualify for a loan because YOU WERE SCAMING. Thank you Argon for helping my family. :)
I was approved for a decent amount and got. My wife, who makes more money, was approved for more and got nothing in the end. I think their underwriters are still learning.
Very user friendly with their on line process as well their staff...Very professional....Would highly recommend...
Fast and easy application Low rates