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was NOT expecting to be blown away by the opportunity and options they have for you to select
Called around and everyone suggested these guys for my title loan as quick place to get it. got the money a few months ago and almost paid off the loan.
I did not have alot of experience with loan companies before but they will teach you everything you need to know and how to qualify for the loan that will benefit you the best!
Simple and easy process. Hassle free.
Needed to get a loan fast in an emergency and they made it happen
They are reasonable and friendly and will do whatever they can to help you.
They asked me to review, I had the best experience and glad I can share the great experience with others.
I had a great experience with these guys off Pulaski hwy. They were very nice, great customer service and made my experience enjoyable. I definitely recommend.
I was really doubting myself and my need for a loan, but they showed me how much a loan can help you when in a pinch. No regrets using them!
I loved my entire process with Auto Equity. I have gotten a title loan from another company before and didn't have the best experience which is why I found Auto Equity to begin with. Only reason for 4 stars is because I wish they had a location closer to my house in PA. I highly recommend to anyone looking for short-term lending though!
Better Title Loans by Auto Equity Loans (I think that's the full name) is the best do not go anywhere else they are good! SO much help and assistance understanding all the fine print and details.
Single mother of three a needed a loan quickly and they made sure I was in good hands. This momma is grateful!
Was not prepared to get a loan and felt over my head, but the helped me feel good about my situation and understand what I needed to do for my loan
Was not expecting to have such a great experience, they’re awesome!
these guys were great and got me money fast. thanks team
Very very fast process. Simple. Smooth. way better than i thought it was going to go.
Was struggling to pay for my loans and they readjusted my payment to help me out. Thankful for BTL!
Kinda expensive but they did get me my money really quick. So 3 stars cuz of price but service and how they helped me would be 5 stars. I used the location in DE, they acutally have a bunch of locations I guess anyone could use and probably are all the same in reality because its the same company.
Got great service and advice when getting my title loan a few months ago. I just finished paying it off and honestly glad I could get the money when I did.
It was okay, I hate doing the loan process but they seem to know their stuff. I got my loan about 6 months ago and everything has gone great since. I would come back to them for the same in the future.
great experience and staff
Brenda helped me a lot and she was so so so place to visit if you happen to be getting a loan.
It was okay, I hate doing the loan process but they seem to know their stuff
AUTO EQUITY LOANS IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!! Started working here October 15th 2018, worst company to work for thus far! no I’m not being Bias I’m telling the truth behind this unorganized unprofessional company..let me just say one thing the Owner David awesome incredible dude!! but as far his team of Management, he has some cleaning up to do! this company is definitely dedicated to playing favorites and yes they talk about every single client that walks in the door. Megan is the worst manager and she can chew one...they couldn’t even come to me to fire me, they got the one African American manager of the company to fire me because they knew it was something ridiculous & it was hatred beind it I made one mistake of being there for 2 months & instead of a warning or a wright up I’m fired right then and there forget Megan all she does is sit on her lap top with her red bump infested mouth instead of doing her job as a manager and not play favorites she’s had something against me since day 1. they work you like a dog to only pay you $12 an hour. This company is full of it truly and it’s a waste of time. working conditions are dangerous as well you talk to psychotic people all day and the min you deny a loan your threatened by these people and they expect you to be alright with the conditions. Do not work for this underpaid company! It should of been a huge sign when I first started here other girls were getting fired randomly as well This is a warning!!!!!!
Great service and they are so very nice.
Auto Equity Loans has an amazing reputation across New Jersey and after using them to get a loan, I discovered why they are so highly regarded across the area. Amazing!
I needed a loan from them and made sure I was able to pay it off within a few months
I had so many questions...concerns/worried, but they always knew what to say and had answers, these guys do their research and must have an intense training to work their because they don't hesitate to answer anything throuroughly!
Love the team at several of their locations, and easy payment online lets me pay on my way to work in the car or on the train.
got a loan a few months ago. I just received an automated email to review, so I think they deserve some praise as It's smart to ask customers for reviews and 2nd seems like their new campaign to ask for reviews is working. They were so nice to me and the payments could have been worse. It worked for my budget and time. I would use them again.
Same day service is great
Why waste your time anywhere else? They� Are very trustworthy and will give you the confidence to take the steps needed for investing with them! 100% recommend to anyone.
I’ve only used them but never had a reason to go elsewhere, they’re good and know their stuff!
We are a gay couple and were a bit nervous about getting a loan together, they were super supportive and didn't discrimate against us. Auto Equity Loans is by far the most progressive company we have found when getting a title loan and made sure they respected us
They took amazing care of my family! Very family oriented and friendly. I would rexcommend going to them to get a title loan.
Many people in my town recommended Auto Equity Loans and said they were the best, I found this to be true!
Could NOT have asked for a better group to use for my loan. Great teamwork and effort.
thanks for the loan guys! They really help you get out of a bad situation when you owe too much in bills.
Walked in with no appointment and in no time at all I was set up with a title loan that got me the cash i needed quick. great people.
Totally changed my viewpoint on the loan process, great locations and awesome agents
Auto Equity Loans really tries to make sure you are recieving what you need.
I was in a really tough spot and auto equity was there for me. I couldn’t have done it without them.
I've been doing business with auto equity loans for years. John is always very friendly and knows me by name..he is awesome!
Phenominal staff and care, East coast customer service at its best
I lost my job and needed a loan to afford my rent and they made sure I could still get a head and rebuild.
Used their services mostly from online and they were very quick to respond to emails, calls and forms I filled out. Overall would use them again especially if you are very busy with work and cannot find much time to pop into an office location. I live in Delaware and work in Manhattan so travel takes up a lot of my time but their remote access made everything possible. Great team!
I couldn't imagine using any other service. By far the best!
I had a bit of trouble with money recently. However Auto Equity Loans made the process SUPER easy. I had NO problems. Great managers too!
I would use them again. They really understand the need for money fast. Thanks Des for all the help!
good but not great, could use some improvement but overall better than most
Horrible company. After ending my loan I got calls from their payback department for two years. Every time I called back I was told it was mistake on their part. They called multiple times a week.
Really nice people, they are there when you need help because its a title loan place that gets you money quick.
wow. they have made getting cash quick, even faster and easier than i imagined.
get a title loan from these guys. better than the rest.
They did a great job getting me my title loan.
These people lie to sell your information. Was quoted at least 1400 over phone. We drove the 2 1/2 hours to get there. After we went through the whole bit she says 800. I w9uldnt have picked my head off my pillow for that. Our car has been appraised at no less than 2100. You can eat off the engine. It's garage kept. She said she gave fair appraisal. She's lucky she's still breathing.
Marsh rd and marrows locations are easy to get to and very flexible with your schedule!
good experience and team there
I went to auto equity loans off Concord Pike and they made sure to be honest and transparent with me. I have used multiple loan services before, but this company made sure to not scam me. I did not feel worried like there were any hidden fees or information for me like I have from previous deals with other companies.
Had to get real honest during my meeting and my agent didnt judge me and made me feel better about needing a loan
I’ve had many title loan places try to scam me and create payment plans to screw me over. The only place in the New Jersey area I’ve found that is trying to help you rather than sink you.
I used the manners rd spot and from the moment I walked in I felt welcomed. I was greeted with smiles and offered help before I could even make it to the counter. They setup various appointments for me, phone calls and assured evertyhing would go smoothly (which it did). THey seem to really care about their work and made sure I was taken care of the best way. THE BEST IN DELAWARE! Thankful for their help and what a wonderful experience. They also have a great humor and keep you laughing the entire time. VERY very personal staff. :)
Getting a loan can be so boring but their energy keeps you awakeee!
Love love love Auto Equity Loans, they do a phenominal job! I was able to get a loan super quick and then was able to pay my bills on the phone right away. I almost had my phone shut off but these guys saved the day.
They are not limitied to options like a lot of other companies seem to be
Lost my job and needed a loan before my new job starts, they took great care of me and worked payments out to make sure i could afford them!
Couldn’t have had a brtter experience with them! awesome job! I would recommend talking to Julie, she was super helpful.
Simple yet effective and the best bang for your buck!
Locations in state are amazing, got mine in DE and was able to get my loan on my way home from the office without having to miss dinner with the family. James was really helpful and so was Julie!
my parents needed a loan now that they are older and not working and they made sure it was okay for them
Not your average title lenders. They truley care about you and want to help. I would recommend them to anyone!
Really hassle free & helpful
you get what you get, nothing hiding from them, good guys and gals
Anytime I needed to meet with my guy at AEL concerning my loan they always picked up the phone or called me back within a few minutes. Very attentive.
I’ve lived in New Jersey for 30 years and taken out a few loans since I moved to the state. Yet, Auto Equity Loans outdid all other competitors. Amazing service!
Last review removed :/ ... for some reason my last review was removed but anyways, LOVE this company and they really helped me out when I needed the money. Thanks to all of you over at Better Title Loans!
They made extra time for me to meet with me and stayed after closing to help finalize my title loan. I felt so special and taken care of!!! They really put the BETTER in better title loans by Auto Equity Loans.
By far the most amazing loan company out there
I move to America from Mexico 20 years ago and my english is not very good. They made sure I had all things translated to me in Spanish so I can understand. Los amo mucho
simply the hardest working people in the title loan equity industry. they get it.
After 50+ years in the customer service industry I finally found the best place with the most outstanding customer service!
Tried to get a loan from them at first but was told had to wait a bit while the checked details, Darren (my agent) reached back out to me and had found a way to make me get approved.
Auto Equity Loans is the best I have found.
Something seemed a bit off with a few other places I went, but when I entered their office I knew I was in a place not trying to gain all my money
I wasn't vibing right with my agent and the manager made sure to find another agent who was a better fit for my personality and it ended up being great
The best option for a loan if you need one in Deleware!
I got my title loan and paid it back with no issues. Called them when i was worried about some things and they helped make it work. thankz AEL!
Just recently moved to Deleware last year and when I needed help my friends referred me to BTL. They were great and I am so glad that I used them/found them.
they were really nice but the cost was really high. next time maybe use a cheaper option.
They had free coffee in their office, which made my day so much better and they help you fill out all the paper work
Had to cancel my loan before accepting it and they made sure everything was taken care of
Took out a title loan in 2002 with Title Max and it was the worst experience. Auto Equity Loans changed my opinion of the loan process. Very helpful.
They took care of my title loan in no time and made sure all my questions were answered. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for quick cash and you have a car with the title.
Got my loan the same day after only a little paperwork. I would def come back to get cash quick
lost my wife to cancer and needed a loan quick to pay some bills and they made it happen no problem. Thank you for your help during such a difficult time Auto Equity Loans
Needed a loan for my kids doctor bills (I have twins) and they made it happen no problem, very thankful for their help and my twins are doing well now too.
Was having a bad day when I went in and the concord location they helped me get the money I needed quickly and easily. I recommend Better Title Loans over the competition any day tbh.
got the money i needed and didn't have to wait all day.
I had read a few reviews before about them and everyone seemed to point positive images of this compnay. So I went to my local Auto Equity Loans in Deleware and all the reviews lived up to the reality. Truly fantastic! Don't use anyone else, their service is the only service like this in the area you'll be able to find!
New Jersey isn't known for having great customer service, but Auto Equity Loans does not meet that stereotype. Great customer service and friendly staff. I don't usually review stuff but they deserve a little praise.