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Avant is amazing.....
Avant is amazing! I had a recent death of a loved one which had caused me to be in a financial bind. Thanks to Avant I was able to pay for the necessary needs. The application process was easy with guidance if needed. I heard back immediately of approval. The money was sent to my bank quickly. They even set up auto draft for repayment. Thanks Avant!
I tried to close Avant card after 10 years and am shocked and horrified how they tried to talk me out of it. It was so underhanded, I really fear for old or vulnerable people who can not stand up to their subtle bullying tactics. I did not expect a financial institution to stoop so low.
I managed to pay my loan in full before the expected payoff date but once done, i could not apply for another loan and instead was recommended to apply with RISE whose interest rates and terms were most unacceptable, especially for somebody who had now pay off two loans and made all payments on time. I simply thought that Avant was a place where someone with less than perfect credit or finances could go in order to secure reasonable terms on modest loans. I hope this review can serve as something of a statement.
Avant worked quickly to approve my loan. Great customer service.
With Avant I get my loan really fast and very easy .
Great fast service! Thanks
Awesome service. Received my loan very quickly. Low payments.
I couldn't be happier with the service of this company. Not only does Avant make the process simple, but they are excellent at communicating with their clients. Thanks Avant!
With average credit you can get a loan. The agents are polite, friendly and professional. The only drawback is the high APR. Borrow only what you know you can budget with a pay off target for half the period of the loan contract. I recommend a short term Avant loan for 24 months or less to anyone on the cusp of reaching a good credit rating, and needs the service for an emergency such as a major car repair, or paying off bills.
Avant Credit was the only one place that would give me a loan that I did not have to pay back right away. This has saved me from sinking even deeper and now I can get the repairs I need for my vehicle. Thank You!
They were very responsive and gave me a decision very quickly. thanks, now I have a new Heat and A/C!
5 star company very easy process all the way thru.
Try avantcredit it works
Great experience, fast, easy and you can do everything online. They provide what they promise.
Quick responses, affordable products, great customer service
Nice n fast. Glad for your help
I was very impressed with the quality of customer service. It was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Excellent relationship
Fast, easy, and convenient! Literally took only 2 days to receive the money!!
It was very easy to apply and my approval was very fast. The money was in my account as promised and I was able to pay off all of my credit cards. Having one payment to make is much easier and my credit rating will climb now instead of fall.
Very easy to go through the loan request process. Excellent customer service.
I was in need and Avant was there for me. It was quick and easy to apply, and I received the money in my account very quickly. Fortunately, I was able to pay off my loan early, and again the process went very smoothly. I could not be more happy with the entire process. I will recommend Avant, and would definitely use them again. Hayward S.
The process was effortless. I did everything online with know hassle. I am pleased with the company as a whole.
This was an awsome experience for me. I wanted to cosolidate some of My bills and i did it with no hazle. It was a very quick process and kept Me informed at every step. Profesional but caring. Thanks to all.
So, as a person that is reliable with all finances, but had a stolen identity issue that wrecked my credit, I found that an emergency quick loan was almost impossible to get, even making 70k a year. Avant, though automated, approved a loan that allowed me to pay for surprise expenses. The finance charge and fee wasn't too much and they have an automated payment method. One thing I frown on is the bank verification method (they should do like PayPal does, but the don't) takes a lot of trust, but being in a pinch sometimes means you don't have a choice. The service was fast and helpful. Next day it was available in my account. I recommend for emergency.
I hadn't heard of AvantCredit before. I received a advertisement for them in the mail. At the time, I was quite stressed.A few months ago my daughter left my 20 month granddaughter in my care, I work, but daycare is expensive, to make a long story short, I got deep with payday loans. When I received AvantCredit , it was scary at first but once I realized and spoke to their customer service representatives, during the process, I relaxed, and as quick as the weekend I was approved, and funded within a few days!! I have already recommended them, and will continue to sing their praises.
Broken promises and false claims are constant. Their incessant claim of approval within 24 hours is grossly inaccurate. It takes at least 3 or 4 days simply to submit all the documents and information they require. This company is very withholding of information and contact. They ask you for documents one at a time instead of all at once. If they would allow an applicant to provide all of their required documents up front, the process would be much more streamlined. When you call their phone number, often times at their request, the agent on the line can not tell you any status or other details of your application. They simply restate that in 24 hours you should have a decision, which is never the case. The application process is unnecessarily time consuming and tedious. Also, they ask for webbanking login information, a huge security risk!!! Ultimately, I got my loan, as advertised, and promptly (after it was approved)
Would suggest this company to anyone having problems getting a loan. Very easy to work with.
Highly recommend
Do not attempt to obtain a loan through these guys. They suck! Credit Karma WILL RECOMMEND THEM, THEY WILL PRE- QUALIFY YOU THEN MAKE YOU SUBMIT AN APPLICATION WHICH WILL HIT YOUR SCORE AND DENY YOUR LOAN. I worked sooooo hard to get my score up over the past year (from 538-698) for them to come and throw it all away! So frustrating! I DO NOT RECOMMEND
Interest rate is higher than I expected but so far so good
I had to talk to them a handful of times, I signed the contract for about $200 less then I was asking for but then after about the 3rd phone call of oh you need to upload this for verification I had to resign a different contract for an amount about 1/3 of what I asked for. It would have made the entire process easier had they let me put a co-applicant on the loan and include my husbands income but it was helpful none the less and even though my rate is pretty high I didn't have to have collateral and they approved me so all around mostly good experience. I would recommend to someone that couldn't get a loan elsewhere for sure.
The process was fast and easy and money arrived earlier than expected. Helped me clear a lot of small debits and ease my worries. thanks!
Handle very professionally.
Excellent and fast service!!!
I must tell you that if you need cash fast and/or facing an emergency, then you need to contact Avantcredit now. They have provided me with quick funding and the process was fast, efficient and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who need cash right away.
No way! I could not believe it. I had the money on my account in less than 24hrs!!!! Everything was done with my iPhone. Clear instructions, top customer service and great app
My experience with Avant was so simple and quick. I received my money within 24 hours. I read and understood the terms. I would recommend Avant to all my friends and family!
I payed off my load on time and early and once I applied again I got denied not a good lender what a waste of time
I needed to consolidate some credit cards. I didn't know what I was going to do. One day I was reading my emails and I saw the email about Avantcredit, You are pre-approved for a loan. I read on and filled out the application. I was very skeptical about my banking info, but I tried it anyway. In about 15 minutes I was approved. Avant said the money would be deposited into my account the next day if approved by 5:00 p.m. The next morning I went online to my account and BAM there it was!!! I was so excited, and relieved!!!! I am not happy with the interest rate, but maybe I will be able to pay it off before time. My payment is so reasonable, and that made me happy too. Thank you Avantcredit!!!!!!
honest and dependable company. quick answers and money was put in accou nt inreasonable time. would reccomend them to anyone.
I highly recommend Avant. The process is smooth and easy and quite expedient. They extended me credit when others denied me in spite of my low credit score.
Loan was approved quickly, easy application process.
If your credit score is fair but not the best, Avant is the company you should seek out first for a small loan. Avant was there when I was in need of a small emergency loan. The paperwork was minimal and approval was fast. The terms and conditions were more than fair. I can't say enough about this company's willingness to offer me a loan. Thanks, Avant!
This is my third load with AVANT, and no problems at all. no surprises
Have no complaints paper work easy
It was a fast and easy process!! Got my money a day before I was supposed to. I really love the fact that I didn't have to put anything up to stand good for the loan. If you are looking for a loan Avant is the way to go!!!
Very thorough review process and quick response on loan approval. Funding was in just a few days.
Very easy application process and you get your money FAST
good customer service and fast
I was amazed how quickly this went for me!!
Fast service!
My first loan was 8,200.00 with no problems... I paid it off in full early and tried to reapply.. The service was horrible. Everything had changed!! I couldn't get my bank to upload with your system.. Never a problem when you were able to deduct from the same account. I was only approved for 2,100.00 this time which sadly disappointed me!!!!!!! It took 3 whole days of me jumping through hoops of collecting my information and you calling my employer.. Which nothing had changed and I have been at the same place same job for 16 years so you tell me how I didn't get approved!!!! I think that this is a ridiculous and poor decision on your company's behalf!! You just lost a loyal customer that had a 100% pay record of 377.00 a month.. And I also plan to put the word out that this has happened to all my friends, cohorts, clients, and anyone who will listen..though I know that sadly you don't care!! Sincerely, Wendy Ward
This process was really fast and easy and it's true my money was deposited the very next day.
Fast to get a loan but the interest were a little too high.
I was notified right away of my status. The funds were in my account in less than 48 hours!
Everything's fine fast and smooth
Avant is fast, and has great customer service and respond in a timely matter to your request, I am very pleased.
They were very helpful and professional and handled everything in a timely manner.
Easy, fast and convenient.
Wow what a fast and efficient process. There are the Best I have ever experienced. Blessings, Brady Bulger
Very good & excellent
The application process is the easiest! After your a customer WATCH OUT!! I had a recent breakup from my ex and needed to change bank accounts. So I called one month prior and gave them all the new bank info. Sounds easy right? NOT!! They went into my old account and made it negative after I told them that account wasn't good anymore! Then I contacted them about it....got the run around saying it was my fault I didn't send in the proper docs?!? But they were able to read back to me all my new bank account info! So what docs was wrong? So I emailed them my new bank statement like 10 times. Then the payment was late because of there mistake! I rescheduled a one time payment for them to pull the payment out of my new account and guess what they do?!?? Pull out TWO PAYMENTS!! Then tried to go in for a 3rd time making my 2nd account negative!! Then when you call them to correct it....they apologize and don't do anything else! I'm reporting them to fraud and today I have to go to my new bank and report the extra payments that were NOT AUTHORIZED!!!!!!! Oh and to top it off I'm getting harassing phone calls from the reps about my payment that they messed up and already paid TWICE!!! They need some serious training!!!!!!!!
After being laid off and without a patcheck for a month, I was falling behind on bills & couldn't catch up. I have always paid on time and now when I needed help I couldnt find any. After hours of research and countless loan rejections I was about to give up. I didnt want to use my car as colleteral and refused to pay an insane interest rate. I heard about Avant Credit and gave them a try. Avant was my saving grace. They offered loan amounts, repayment choices, and fair interest that allowed me to make the best decision. Thank you Avant!
My name is April I have Been a customer for a year to now, The very first time I tried it I loved it that was quick it was easy got approved paid off my loan early so I went to reapply online and tell me I was approved tell me how much my payments would be and when my payment was due then they sent me an email saying I was denied so I was so disappointed but my thing is if I was denied then it should have said denied and not tell me when my first payment was due and how much it was you should've just said you are denied the people who do the loans need to make an effort into helping the customer just because you call the employee at one time if I don't answer doesn't mean I don't work there you should try back to call so yes I'm very disappointed because I thought this was a good company to help me and my first song I did pay off and paid off so that should count for something applied yesterday June 23, 2016
This is by far the most convenient and efficient service I ever had when applying for a loan. It was quick and easy. Absolutely hassle free. I would recommend it to everyone looking for a loan.
Great Customer Service, received money very fast
I appreciate the help and respect that ya'll have shown me with the questions and answers and I would recommend ya'll as well thanks for everything
Avant has been exceptional to work with again and again.
Fast response!
These people make borrowing money way to easy !!!! Very simple and very quick !!! I personally had a few problems with my application but called customer service and it was handled quick an very professional !!! And I am gonna get a $50 Amazon card once my first payment is paid on time which means I will finally get my new kindle reader !!! I am so happy this company is around. And this is my second time I used Avant and it’s such a relief to know I can pay off a high interest credit card ! Thank You AVANT
I thought this company was too good to be true but I was so wrong ! Excellent and easy way for approval!!!
I did got a great experience
They have an unnecessary amount of call backs for the same basic questions.
Getting s loan was extremely easy.
I thank God, for this because ,this company made away for me to get my meditation, pay some bill. In life sometimes you have to do what you have to do. God Bless,and Thank You All .
Excellent customer service and very informal on the products offered. Thank you, Uri
average so far
Loan was easy to get and funded quickly. Courteous staff as well.
I would recommend you to apply with Avant Credit. A very simple one page application and get approved in seconds!
I had some financial issues come up and didn't know what to do. Avant Credit gave me options while making me feel valued. So many times borrowing money feels shameful and they made the whole process easy and everyone I spoke with was very kind! I can't begin to thank them for the help and providing me the assistance I needed!
Very fast and painless process
My experience with this company was awesome. My credit score was not that good and they took a chance on this disabled veteran and gave me a loan. I was able to buy me a vehicle. At the best time I needed it. I went a yr with out one no finance company would give me a loan for me to buy a vehicle. This company did. I highly recommend them. Thank you for your trust and service to us us veterans. No one else would do that
Money was in my bank the next day!
Great service, quick approval and deposits directly into your account.
tks for everything. but took a longer than it should have. my payment are takening straight out of my checking. never late.
Trustworthy and reliable. Fast with loaning money
One of the simplest and easiest application processes. Would highly recommend. Received our money within 3 days of doing the application
After reading all the great reviews I thought I’d give a try. Worst experience ever! Site was having issues when I was submitting docs called customer service many times for help they told me everything was their. Then I get turned down for identity and income. Apparently those weren’t updated. Since then have gone back and fourth with customer service and resolution Dept to get no answers. Now I have a hard hit on my credit report. Not Happy
Avant is probably the best online loan service will recommend to family and friends great service
The process was very simple. I got the fund the next day. I was very happy to see how fast I got the fund.
I paid my loan off early. When I spoke to the person I specifically asked her my pay off amount. She told me the amount. I asked her if that included the payment that was do, she said yes. Well apparently it wasn't, they took out my payment and the pay off which made my account bounce. I will never use this company again.
Had the amount I requested the next business day, extremely satisfied
The process was quick and professional. I was so thankful to find Avant.
Getting a loan was super quick and easy!
Such an easy experience. Easy approval, a couple clicks and I received my money very fast.
I can't say enough about my experience, twice over, with this provider. They are a convenient and timely alternative to traditional lenders.
Avant came through for me when I needed it. So thank You! It was quick and very much needed at the time. I feel I have an "A" in my corner when needed.
A painless method for optaining funds I neede for taxes Extremely satisfied with this leading agency. Thank you