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Excellent Platform for Extended Invoice Resolve!
Behalf has help me with the financial needs of my business. The service is convenient and terms are reasonable. I would definitely recommend it to any business looking to expand. Having that extra cushion is definitely valuable to a business' success.
Super easy to schedule payments. Vendors are being paid quickly and I can take up to 6 months to pay it back which greatly helps my cash flow.
I love behalf it really helps when I don't have enough money to pay my bills , its awesome I love it
i am really happy with this tool , helping my bussines....
Behalf's payment options allow you to hold yourself accountable, in doing so you are able to build business credit and get needed product / marketing for your business. Some quirks, for a while they were showing payment almost immediately and then that slowed significantly which can be challenging, there was also a flub where they glitched and removed a sizeable portion of my credit line and screwed a transaction up that I had been planning for a while. It's all back on track now so patience can be needed.
This is not right.
Great company and great experience!!
Quick review of these online reviews, 90% look fake.They Keep soliciting me and sent me an email that my Mastercard is active. I do not, and will never have a Mastercard through behalf. Call to customer service got me a phone room somewhere, not the office of a financial institution. I will update this review if I actually get a call back.
Perfect service!
Great company, excellent service
Filled out everything they asked for, added my business bank account and then nothing. Nothing else to do on their page. I would like to do is know if I did something wrong since I have good credit, my business has been in business for over 16 years and it has good credit references and we do over $50K a month in sales through the business checking account I gave them access to. Was contacted by email by the end of business and hopefully everything gets resolved.
Behalf is so easy and reiable. Once you get to using it a few times. They are always willing to add a new vendor to the list. Thanks for the business support.
This is very helpful and much appreciated. However, I can find only one vendor who will participate. Maybe I'm asking the wrong vendors. I need some suggestions!!
Behalf has always been behind all my purchases that except them .. I just wish they would offer more than 10 days for the first payment.
really the best, they help you grow your business. the number one in the loan industry
Great company always willing to work with you Avaliable moneyvwhen i need it.
Thanks to behalf helping me with my purchases for my co. I am able to move forward now.
Thank you Behalf
Thanks for your support ! Good work!
Love how it saved my business. Without ot i would have had a much harder time getting invitory
Great Company easy to paid to the other companies
excellent ,great help for small businesses, grateful, thanks
Poor customer service. I find that the length of time it takes for a customer service rep to get back to you when there is an issue is ridiculous, especially when there are timelines and vendors who need their payments before they will ship to you. There is also no direct contact number for customer service. The concept of Behalf is great for small retail businesses like mine, but the customer service and their ability to solve problems is extremely poor.
So far, everything has been great
Ease of use is tops unfortunately it does take sometime for them to actually clear your payments after your bank has issued the funds.
Very easy to work with. Very good and fast payments sent. Quick to resound to any and all questions. Very reasonable fees.
They've come through every time I've needed to pay a vendor. They approved me when no one else would and have increased the dollar amount as we have built trust working together over time.
Knowing the fee up front, when you pick your terms to pay, is awesome, and no fee for those that offer a 10, 15, 20, or 30 day to pay, when going through BEHALF is terrific!! Great !!! **********
Great business and they try to do whats right with there customers!
They are the most supportive and the best !
Behalf has changed our business for the better. If you need short term financing for inventory, equipment, etc. you need Behalf.
Once everything was set up the process has been smooth. If I require to use their service because of cash-flow Behalf has made it easy to use.
When you start a business, and all your capital spent on opening, it is hard to fill up the store with inventory, but behalf allowed us the opportunity to get inventory and pay back later..? It is very nice to be able to make money on inventory before you finish paying it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH BEHALF!!
"Amazing Service" Applied for extended funds and after submitting my financial documents in one day...had my extra funds the following day. Mr. Avi Zimmerman was outstanding in working with me and my CPA. I would recommend Behalf to anyone looking to buy now and pay later program. Eddie Huebner / Stylish Vapor LLC
Excellent service,fast, courteous, informative ! Always have my back !!!!
Behalf is awesome! I have always self funded inventory for my boutique. Now with Behalf, I don't have to use my paycheck to keep up with inventory demands. I love that there is not a penalty when you pay back the funds early. I recommend Behalf to all of my friends who own businesses. It's clear and easy to use with no hidden fees. Everything is shown to you up front.
Behalf is a great way to grow your business,will meet you on your terms.
Behalf is an AMAZING service for any business. We've been with the company for a few years and through their transitions they've become; stronger, more efficient and successful. We are proud to be connected to such a great service!
Power to buy, power to make money with stress free and the best thing is you select your own payments option.
great folks to work with I must admit when I first started using behalf really didn't understand how it worked had a few times I wasn't happy with it only cause I didn't know how to fully use it but now I used behalf many time its perfect
Very easy to work with. Fast, efficient, one of kind. We needed a small line and Behalf fit the bill.
They have been able to create an easy flow of sales. Thanks to their service our expectations of sales have always exceeded.
We were using Behalf back when it was called Zazma. They helped us get our business started and continue to help us from time to time when funds are short. We appreciate the great service and automatic credit line increases that Behalf has given us.
It is a great service for us
I have found Behalf to be very simple to use. Behalf has cut time spent on paper work in half. One thing I would recommend is to create a list of companies that accept Behalf.
Behalf has been a great tool in helping our business with financing needs. With their help, we are able to compete with our competitors in maintaining a good level of inventory when its needed.
Behalf has allowed my business to grow. Them giving me funding to allow me to order more product at a time. I contribute my success to them. And will definitely recommend them to other business who need funding and find it hard to get traditional credit.
I have enjoyed using Behalf and their net 15/30/60 day terms with no financing charge! It allows us to stay ahead of the curve with inventory!
They have been very kind and understanding, just wish they provided longer pay back terms. They work with you and the process is really easy and quick. They are also very quick to respond to your questions.
Excellent rate for unsecured financing with minimal paperwork and hassle to be approved. Very organised display online with our account. System works perfectly. I'm happy to use their facility on an ongoing basis.
Very good for purchasing supplies and equipment.
I was paying really good on my account. They some broke into my store and that put me behind , I was so scared that behalf was not going to do business with me. That understood and they work with me to I got back on track and we are sting doing business together. 5Stars. Good company and very very nice
best way to finasece a phone
Excellent vehicle for low-cost (in my case with a low maximum borrowing limit) items that are needed immediately but not worth going to the bank for such a small loan.
Great experience working with Behalf! They have flexible payment plans and accommodate to your needs and help you out with your financial needs. They've really helped my business thrive. Thank you Behalf!
Great help for business to grow, it's been great help for my business.
Behalf payment system is a great way to meet a time issue, behalf has bought me time and helped me expand my buisness reach.
Using Behalf has been one of the best decisions I've made for funding my business. I highly recommend Behalf to anyone needing help with small financing.
Easy and prompt
Awesome Company!!!! It has made my company grow tremendously. I am tracking 500k in sales this year, double from the year before. Could not have done this without Rich and Neil and the Behalf Team
behalf works well with my business, the only thing I wish they did was have a calendar part of the web page that showed the whole month and the days the payments will be processed, do this and they will be perfect. Besides that behalf has always worked with me, easy to communicate with in emails with quick responses and the fees are not out of this world. Yes I would recommend behalf to a business owner
Once in while a true small business help comes along, Behalf has arrived to stay. I am very satisfied with Behalf; the staff very knowledgeable and courteous. Behalf terms are really good, thanks to them we have other options to enhance our services to customers. Highly Recommended !
Never a issue. Pleasure to use
Behalf reliability and quickly makes payment to vendors, usually same day. Behalf's customer service is also very responsive to questions.
great for business
I like dealing with Behalf. No matter what day of the week, I always get a response and they pay my invoice almost immediately.
best company to deal
Excellent way to make vendor payments - safe & secure.
Have started using them a few months ago and they have been great. Very reasonable charges and very quick.
I'm just grateful that Behalf gave me a line of credit to make purchases that would grow my business. I commend Behalf for the timely manner she makes payments to Seller on my behalf.
Behalf has been a godsend for us. We had multiple issue with our ordering credit cards getting hacked. Behalf gives us that in the middle protection against that for a small service fee. We love it.
This is the first time I have used behalf. But I am really satisfied with their service.
Easy to use with flexible repayment options
Simple, quick and effective cash flow assistance for small business,
They, help me quickly and in good maner, thaks Behalf.
My company went through a rough year last year and we learned and grew a lot. Even though our relationship has had its ups and downs Behalf has been a great ally for the small times when we needed help. It is a nice thing to see that companies can compromise and be thoughtful to their customers, For companies with great cash flow Behalf is a wonderful resource to acquire the things toy need to be able to flip for a profit. Randy Dinwiddie Jett Communications LLC
I needed help in purchasing inventory and behalf had my back!!!Thanks
Best company I have worked with since owning my new restaurant. Very happy I found Behalf as when I needed help they were there quick and easy.
I've utilized their services with more that 30 of my clients and not a single complaint from my end or my clients. I get paid within one business day and my clients get up to 6 months to pay back the full amount with more than reasonable financing fees (possibly the lowest in the industry).
We are very impressed with how BEHALF has changed over the last year-- how user-friendly the website is and how timely they are in getting assistance. Furthermore would highly recommend them to anyone starting a new company or someone just needing a working capital to help with necessary finances.
there always there when you need them
They will always have your back!
This service has saved my company's butt a few times as a new startup. Unfortunately there are some issues that Behalf needs to address. One, I responded to some emails from Behalf regarding re-payment issues and never received any response. Two, they claim they pay your merchant in one business day after you generate the order, when in reality the merchant doesn't truly receive the funds for 5 days. Be sure to place your order AT LEAST 5 days before your merchant payment is due. That being said I am extremely grateful this service exists. As stated before, it saved my company in the beginning.
Behalf provides us with a vital tool to help close new and existing client accounts. The added options Behalf has enabled us to provice have proven to be innovative and succesful.
very good experience and trusty company
I think behalf is great. I haven't always been able to pay as agreed but they continue to work with me. I think Behalf is great. I do wish I had a higher borrowing power but I guess I don't deserve it yet.
I have had a relationship with Behalf for almost 3 years. They have been fair honest and transparent for the many times I have utilized there services. I have had issues where an adjustment was needed and they were responsive and understanding. Without reservations I recommend this company. Fees and rates are reasonable. Customer care is quick. I don't know Rick Gennis but I am truly beholden to him as he has provided me excellent service. I feel like I am in good hands.
Great Tool. Inexpensive financing option. I use behalf once a week for lumber orders and it keep me at net 60 day payments.
This purchasing facility has been very useful to us in our procurement of materials in our business. Behalf's processes are easy to understand and very reliable.
Always helping
When cash is tight and we need to make quick purchases, Behalf has been their for us.
Very good service to my customers and to my company
Behalf made a huge impact on my small business. I started up with very little money, and a whole lot of ambition. The financing I received from behalf helped grow my retail business from struggling to buy small lots of inventory each week, to now actually having large quantity of goods ready to sell at better prices in less than 2 months. I'm very grateful for them.
Very bad customer service
I really like them for now
Unacceptable I was denied immediately after only giving my business name and address. ???? I'm totally confused.
Money when I need it! enough said... I make purchases of inventory and payback when sold. Only use the $$$ to make profit. Thanks Behalf, RichMo
We couldn't be happier with their service and rates, both of which provide small companies with the funding that they desperately need to grow.
Behalf has always supported me with my Business, Excellent and honest customer support team that is always available to help you reach your business goals. Thank you Behalf Support, for always being there for Truer Image & SoundExpression, LLC Have a wonderful day.