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Best Egg Personal Loans Online Loan Reviews

Fast application, quick approval and funding.
Applied on line. Supplied requested information. And loan was delivered. Simple and easy. Thank you.
The quick funding has got me sold
Loan approval process was quick and had my money quickly. Paid off all my credit cards and a personal loan. The interest rate is a heck of a lot lower and now I can manage my finances more efficiently and save money! Best decision I ever made. Thank you Best Egg!!!
The entire process took three days and was the easiest loan transaction I've had in 50 years. I eliminated all my credit card balances which were at a high interest rate and within 2 weeks my credit score went for 705 to 752
We had a wonderful loan experience - thank you so much!!!
I was able to consolidate some bills with the loan that I got. My credit score shot up to 720 to 770. I got a better rate through Best Egg than what my credit union offered me.
Received an offer in the mail. We were looking to consolidate our credit cards. Went to our bank, but wasn't approved. We have decent credit, just not high enough to get the rates we wanted. We through best egg and was approved immediately. I liked how they offered a few different loan options and showed they showed the monthly payment. Everything was simple and up front. I picked the loan I wanted and submitted the application. Everything went through in less than two weeks. No issues so far. I would highly recommend and would use again.
My Best Egg loan has a great Rate. The money is taken out of my checking account each month, you are notified of the day it will be taken out. I paid off a old account, did some improvements in my home.
BE makes getting personal loans easy online. Their rates are competitive and allows for one to be able to consolidate other high interest loans to eventually become debt free. This is my second loan on the path to finally paying off higher amounts. This loan will save me a few hundred per month after I pay the other loan off which will in turn allow me to pay off my final two loans I wish to get paid in one year!
Well worth looking into !!!
You make it too easy.
Through you God gave me a second chance!!!
Great place to deal with.It was a smooth tranaction,money in my bank in a few days.
waited 2 weeks no answer or no messages from best egg, have very good credit score 725/ sent them all paperwork for them to say no , because i put wrong income amount asked them to change it they said cant very upset with the way they handled the whole thing.will make sure i tell everyone not to use them ,nobody there has a clue . very sad , and also spent over 25 minutes on hold last time i called . . and who do you call when you have an issue a name of somebody would be nice
Best egg is the worst company or group to get a loan from ,it took one week to decline my loan and not even they not even have the attention to say why .but they have all my confidential information ..I will not applied to this group again
I like the fact that they give you the choice weather you want 3 or 5 year
I was more than a little disappointed when I applied for a debt consolidation loan and they offered me an interest rate of 25.99. This is more than I already have on my accounts. Since I am current on my payments I will stay the way I am, was looking for a cheaper interest rate. Oh well everything is not always as is seems. Evelyn, DE
Very easy and fast good job!
So far so good. Best Egg was fast, easy to use and explained every step perfectly. I'd recommend it to anyone needing to consolidate high interest credit card bills.
A little slow with the paperwork and further instructions until I got on them with several calls and explanations. Once everything was 'accepted', funding happened the next day.
Very easy and prompt service. Great rates
Everything went very smooth I was very pleased
Best Egg was quick and easy and they helped me consolidate my credit card debt with a loan that I can actually pay off.
Great rates, painless application and a great way to consolidate debt.
I just recently obtained a loan from Best Egg. It was easy to apply and my loan funds were in my account very quickly. I especially like that my loan was set up as an automatic debit right off the bat.
Quick. Easy. Convenient. Love the experience with Best Egg.
Straight forward, easy application. I was approved same day and had money in my account the very next day. Couldn't believe how fast and easy it was.
Quick, easy, and efficient process. Paying off my debt in three years with a low interest rate!
Quick and easy process. Good company when you’re in need. While other companies try to take advantage of your situation, best egg is the best option (my opinion). Good reasonable competitive rate. Thank you.
Had funds within a week after applying!
This is the first loan I've taken out ever. The process of this was very well handled. Interest is higher than I really think it should be but it's still very doable for me being g on disability.
Easy to apply for loan. Quick approval and money deposited in my bank account quickly. Experience hassle-free and I did not have to leave my home.
Customer service agent Kimball Love. Absolutely the best. Had an issue with an online payment. She assured me that the possible double payment would be corrected and was even willing to check the next day when it posted to make sure that it was taken of. Thank you!
Best Egg has provided nothing but the best service thus far.
So easy! Took about 5 minutes!!
Got my high interest credit card down to a balance I can deal with.
Easy, fast and no ding on my credit report! New Egg helped me to improve my credit score immediately and help me on my way to purchase a home!
Egg Loan provides excellent rates, fast and cero hassle. Customer service reps are friendly, genuine caring and willing to do assist you.
Good loan..way to go!!
Best Egg made the process amazingly fast, and easy. The interest rate was extremely competitive, best I found. After decades of making minimum payments on my credit cards, I was able to pay them all off, and save over $400 a month in payments. And now I know in three years, they will be gone forever.
I have been paying payments on my CC that sums over a 1000.00. Now I can pay less and reorganize my life. The process was easy and within minutes. Thank You.
So simple and easy to do. Any questions or concerns I had were answered quickly and the approval was fast. I had tried another loan supplier that ended up not living up to their promise. Best Egg was great!
I will recommend to everyone that needs a loan
We just met and so far, the relationship is excellent! Thank you for being there for me. Maria T. Cantu
Straight forward company. Process extremely quick and simple.
Excellent Company
This company seems to offeri loans with superior credit scores when I applied I had a score of 736 the rejected me then my wife with a similar score was rejected so don’t believe all those 5 sat ratings you see , I got a loan from Marcus with a low rate
I wish there was someone I could call when I had a question after I sis my app
Would definitely recommend this company to others in need of financial help. Best Egg helped me when I really needed it.
I recieved a correspondence from Nest Egg in the mail. I have a high interest credit card that I just put a larger than average charge on. I was going to get another credit card with zero interest, but I have one card and don't need another so I tried NE. Amazing, it took me about 10 minutes to secure my loan. It has a no pre-payment penalty option which I will use. After repayment I know where I can go again if needed. Thanx Nest Egg.
Your company was introduced to me by the Budgetnista... I had been battling getting this credit card paid off for years. Your process was straight to the point and no haggling... the rep that called me to verify some information was great at customer service... I appreciated the entire process... Thank you!
Super easy, super fast.
Awesome service! Professional and very timely in getting loan completed. Eager to help me and work with me due to job on the road.
This was a fast and easy process to get the money I needed to rearrange things financially to help me get back on track to being debt free. This is my second time using best egg and they haven’t let me down.
Besides selling your loan almost instantly, good choice!!
Quick and easy! Saving me over 150/mo.... with a clear structured 3 year plan !
Best Egg helped me not only pay for my daughter's wedding, put a roof on my house and pay for my trip out of State to attend the wedding. Also helped rebuild my credit after a rough divorce and bankruptcy.
Best Egg is wonderful. Best Egg saved my credit! Thank you!
I was just hoping to get the loan, and was so surprised at a sudden funding without any uploads, etc. WOW!... what a great company. I found this company while checking, and, boy, did that ever pay off for me...God bless, and thanks to both companies for helping me with great relief from old debts.
I think your loan is my money in a few days.I would recom mend it to all my friends
Very easy to WORK with
I was in some serious high interest credit card debt and I didn't see a way out. Best Egg provided me with the confidential, easy, and fast means to get out of that vicious cycle. If you are in doubt, don't be Best Egg Personal Loans are the most professional discreet company to work with. Trust yourself and them and do it TODAY!
Although I have a good income and no credit issues now,I have been turned down by other companies due to a few items on my past credit. Best egg gave me the chance to prove myself without being interrogated first, you know blood type, what you had for dinner,where did you live 20 yrs. ago etc. Most companies want to give a very minimal loan which is generally not enough to truly get one out of debt, which only compounds the problem. I was able to consolidate and now have one payment at a better interest rate! I would highly recommend Best egg to anyone who is truly serious about not only paying back the borrowed amount, but who wants to become debt free. Very, Very pleased. I would definitely use them again if necessary.
I had attempted to borrow from several other companies before going to Best Egg but it became too cumbersome...too much back and forth between the loan company and myself. Dealing with Best Egg was fast and easy and I had the money I needed in a very short time. It was one of the best experiences I have had.
Application process was easy and simple. The approval was quick and the loan dispersed the next day. I had no problems or bad experiences at this point and would recommend Best Egg to others.
You were professional easy to understand the process and did everything in a timely manner I would recommend you guys to everyone I know
Best Egg has made borrowing money easy. A few questions that you would expect to be asked and then my loan was processed. Thank you, BestEgg.
Loan application was completed from the comfort and privacy of my home in less than 30 minutes. I would recommend this process to anyone needing a loan!
Easy process and got the money fast
You guys freakin’ rock. It took two days to get funds into my personal account. What more do you need to say? Crazy good!
Thanks a lot for the chance to be granted the desired loan . The loan specialists were really very helpful
Quick service. Answers in a timely manner. Easy to apply
I am very pleased with Best Egg!!!! They are very efficient and had my money to me very quickly! Their payments are reasonable and customer service is extremely helpful!! I would recommend them to everyone!
The loan was quickly approved and the money was in my account pronto. I have no complaints....Mike Neal
The whole process took about 20 minuets from start to finish. Very happy with this company...
It was so easy to accept the offer. The fee/IR is fair and invaluable when it helps you fix your credit score. Love Best Egg
Am planning.
The ease of application and the timeliness of closure, are only a few important points to consider when applying for a personal loan. In dealing with Best Egg, I found the entire process expeditious and simple. My interest rate was far more competitive than other companies. I would recommend Best Egg without hesitation.
Excellent to work with, did exactly like they said. Took only a couple of days to get my money. I would recommend to everyone!!!!
quick, fast, easy
I had an excellent experience. One of the self employed specialists caught an error on my tax returns!!! Unbelievable.
Representative gave me misinformation before completing the process and they ran my credit and now it is on my report and I find out after that he had given me the incorrect information plus wasted my time.
It was quick and convenient. They answer your questions everything is transparent
No one would help the best eggs was there. For me to help plus very fast 24 hours money wss in bank thanks
Interest rate could be better or lowered. And the amount could be higher for more qualified customers.
Easily done in a timely manner. Excellent and courteous staff.
The process was quick and easy. There was no hassle at all, and I received the money in my account promptly. I would definitely recommend Best Egg to anyone for their personal loan needs.
Easy, friendly and caring way of borrowing money.
Loved this loan, when I was in a bind when I knew I would have cash coming in soon and it not being soon enough. This company offered me a lower interest rate then I could have gotten anywhere else. The process was quick and simple. Online access was quickly available, I was able to pay off one loan quickly with no prepay penalties. All together a wonderful experience.
Fast and easy way to consolidate.
Upon reviewing other offers, Best Egg had the Best service, ease of application, Best of all, excellent interest rate of all the others presented.
Very easy process. Rates not bad for fair credit
Provides great service on loan with a great rate.
Very easy and fast with fair rates
Convenient, and they were helpful.
It was an easy process very customer friendly