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Great experience, great staff and fast process.
These people are here to really help you not just string you along and tell you they will give you money until right to the end and tell you your not accepted . I applied on a Wednesday night and by late Thursday I had money wired to my bank account .Even tho it wasnt as much as I needed it really helped me towards the equipment that I needed being as I didnt have any collateral.. Thanks again Jesse Vock
BFS was awesome expediting the paperwork and the logistics for the loan. Mark Benavides
Transparent and professional.
Fast and simple. Very professional and easy to deal with.
Great Service, fast, easy. Confident the whole way
Andrew Leach
Matt Cain was excellent. Delivered as promised and fast. Thank you so much for your hard work.
Fast excellent service.
Very professional 2nd time dealing with them.
Great Service. Set up payment deductions on a convienent day.
Wonderful company
I've been getting working capital financing through BFS for about 3 years now after working with many other companies. Their rates have been fair and they have always funded quickly and according to their promises. My last funding took place the same day we made the deal. Although I always comparison shop, I have ended up renewing with them each time. Bottom line: Will I use them again next time I need more cash? Answer: I will do a comparison with their competitors but I have little doubt that I will once again stay with them.
The process is simple and easy Everything is straight forward and you always know where you stand.
This is a great company to work with, especially compared to previous experiences with other competitors. Everyone I've dealt with has been not just pleasant, but extremely timely and efficient. Would definitely recommend BFS Capital to anyone looking for quick working capital. -Carlos
A great company and very easy to work with. The whole procedure is fast and painless! The people are ready to help.
Easy, smooth experience
We looked at several loan companies. BFS was the only one who had the speed to let us capitalize on the situation. Without them, we couldn't have. Other people were simply too slow.
Excellent experience! I really appreiate the hard work Kurt put in!
A pleasure to work with. They provided the right product. Very courteous and professional.
Fast Friendly Service! Every time!
I have done multiple loans from this company with no issues. Very timely
Smooth quick and easy
Mitch was very courteous and professional.
I have used BFS Capital for quite a few years now. The procedure is professional and workable during the process. I recommend BKFS Capital to anyone that is seeking capital to help grow your business.
Very easy and quick process!
I’m appreciative and thankful for the confidence they showed in me. My business will do bigger and better things because of BFS! I’d recommend them to anyone.
it was quick and easy, the people was nice all the way, I got the funds in less than a week.
BFS Capital got the cash I needed and I recommend this company highly. Five Star Service is what you will receive. Royal Treatment
Good service. Quick turn around. Very professional
They are very easy to work with and help full all the way thru hole lending process. They help walk you thru final process with great patients in my case I'm real bad on a computer. This was my Third time using BFS Capital.
Thank you for a fast pleasant experience. I will use this lender again in the future.
Would do it again any time with BSF
Rick Sarett was very helpful and professional. I get tons of offers but I felt I could trust him Gary Fessenmeyer
very positive. All I have spoken with were courteous and professional.
Best experience.
Good people to work with
William and John were great to work with. John worked with me to thru the process and concerns I had. The entire process was quick and they kept in touch very well.
It was a different experience for me but the people that work for you all helped me understand it and for that I am truly grateful thanks Timothy Green
Tyler and Leo did a great job getting us funded and consolidating another loan. Our firm will definitely keep Credibly/BFS in mind if we need future funding.
Everyone was great to work with and made the process easier. I am glad they did their due diligence so I had a second opinion on the cash flow side of business. Let's face it ,its a lose -lose for everyone if it doesn't work out .So it was reassuring to have guidance.I would like to thank Matt and Steven Cody for their expertise. I will recommend you. p.s. I think you should send a survey a year from now as a follow up.
Nathan was the best! He made the whole process very smooth. Jared was great as well. When we needed that final push, he was there for us.
Hi BFS Capital/ Corey, Chris Smith with Trailer Mania, I want it say that I am very happy with my experience with BFS Capital. I look forward to a great relationship that bendiest both us. Thanks, Chris Smith.
BFS was so easy to work with. I have worked with other companies in the past and my experience with BFS was much better than I am used to.
I have worked with BFS for a little over three years. I find them to be easy to work with and flexible enough to meet my needs.
Was a great experience! Very helpful to my business. After talking with them 24 hours later had capital for business. Would recommend to business owners.
Very helpful. Quick, friendly service. - Phillip Tharp
Awesome company to work with. We were actually finally able to get a loan / cash advance that isn't going to hurt our cash flow! They were extremely helpful, always available, and very fast! Would highly recommend!
BFS was honest, quick and communicated well.
This is my 3rd loan from BFS CAPITAL and it has been a very positive process from start to finish , and go the extra mile for you to get you funded .. I want to say I am very blessed to have had them in my life .. Thamks BFS CAPITAL.
Robin and her team took time to understand my business and get me the best deal possible. They were unlike any other lender I've dealt with. Very professional!
The BFS experience was great. All individuals operate with a sense of urgency, they are polite and direct. I was able to get the money I needed quickly and with reasonable requests for information. I will definitely use BFS in the future and I am happy that my business has access to companies like BFS. Paul, Illiinois
BFS processed my application and had my business funded quickly. I was very satisfied.
We have had a wonderful experience with BFS. Joe was so patient with us, we were skeptical, and had our guard up, he listened, understood exactly what we were looking for, and helped us to find it! We are very happy with our experience and recommend BFS to everyone we know. They earned an A+ in my book. Thank you for taking time and caring about my business!!!
Application was easy and response was quick. Thank you
Fast and easy funding.
Great service. I’ll use you again for future funding needs. A+
First of all, let me say that they are an easy company to work with. Funding is fast and easy. Up until recently, communication was lacking, but they seem to have fixed that issue and communication has been much better. But their rates are a little high for a small business. I understand that they are a high-risk lender much like payday loan businesses, but high is high. That said, their rates are lower than almost everyone else out there. Interest is insane. 34% for us. Thats why I gave them only 3 stars - I dont have any actual complaints, but I dont have any actual praise either. They are good at what they do - just be prepared to pay dearly for it.
Nathan was great to work with. Would recommend to any business in need of funding.
My processor Paola was amazing. I made contact with her in the morning. She called with offers that afternoon and then the contracts were sent out.
Professional service in a timely manner.
Ken ....did a great job ....there are two types of people in this world problem makers and problem solvers...he is most definitely a problem solver...... Great job Marc
garbage company...all information was sent to loan officer who said the loan would be no problem..had well over 600k in sales for the year and yet they still gave a bogus reason for denying the loan..EVEN AFTER they had all the bank statements and credit information prior to....STAY AWAY..GARBAGE COMPANY
I started with Michelle Craig as my capital fund adviser, she took time to explain in detail how the capital funding works, she was by my side from beginning to end, when I signed up for my 1st ever loan, I did it with clear understanding of its benefits. I love BFS Capital, most definitely the best company out there, great customer service, prompt response on loan updates, best ever experience!!!
Joe explained me the process with patiently, very professional and good service.
they gave great fast service i would recommend them anytime! Steve
Great and fast service
Quick response. Interest rate similar to others, but we discussed the options i will have with future rates and loans. I look forward to working with them in the future, and am happy with the current loan.
This is my second loan and both times has been easy to get it done and they were very helpful as far as my terms and what fit my budget. I will definitely come back and recommend. Thanks
Great service !
Great and fast customer service
Great experience excellent staff
Been working with BFS for over 10 plus years always the best thank you very much for all you guys have done for us sincerely Christopher Rushing Rushing and Sons Automotive Tucson Arizona
Excellent experience working with them. All of the representatives were helpful and kept me informed through the process.
Great customer service and more than willing to help to accomplish the correct loan. Happy with the results.
The transaction was relatively easy and met our needs.
The process was extremely efficient, and the agents were friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you. Donna
I was introduced to BFS Capital in 2017 when I received my first business loan. BFS is very efficient and responds to my business financial needs. I would not entertain any other company. I trust them.
Very easy and straightforward. Questions asked made sense and process was very quick.
From the beginning until funding, the process went very smooth. BFS staff were professional, efficient and helpful. I definitely recommend BFS.
Very professional and considerate
Great staff and quick results. Renewal was even less painless than my original loan. Unfortunately, traditional lenders simply won't lend to some of us business owners for whatever reason they may have, and make no mistake, I am paying a pretty penny for my loan, but it's great to know I DO have an option. I've been through the high price unsecured loan process w a number of different companies over the years, and I definitely have had nothing but positive experiences with the entire staff that I was in contact with through the loan process. T.M.H.
The rep(Robin) is great. She explained everything from start to finish and answered all my questions as needed. I will use them in the future.
Thank you for the great service. Gabe wnet above and beyond to ensure the process went as smooth and quick as possible.
Jared was awesome. His patience is priceless.
Wonderful experience doing business with BFS Capital. The staff is professional and the process was quick and simple with every step being explained very clear. I would definitely recommend BFS Capital to family, friends and anyone with desire to grow their business!
They were very helpful, they made that process easy in comparison to other lenders
We are very pleased with our funding experience. Brett is wonderful to work with and we look forward to a lasting business relationship!
Easy application process, great help form account manager, fast funding
BFS Capital is a great lending institution, highly recommended!
Easy to deal with. Quick response time.
BFS funding procedure was quick and stress-free. Thank you, Stephanie
Professionally competent staff.
very reputable company to do business with. treat each customer with respect. they are experience, and dedicated in working to get you funding as quickly as possible. very reputable company.
My representative, Roy McCalister was extremely helpful and knowledgeable through the funding process. He was able to help me with the necessary steps that need to be completed to get the funding finalized while keeping me informed during the process as well.
It was frustrating that we borrowed over $750K and paid back well over $1M but this time around faced more scrutiny during the underwriting process. We walked away from a few deals that we had contracts on because of the promises made about relationships and working together. We almost where forced into accepting less even though we needed what was promised.
Communication was great and Anthony was wonderful to work with. Thank you again!
BFS Capital will very likely have saved our small (fast growing) business - future will tell but the outcome is looking good now again - to get there the team relentlessly has been working on a solution where all others (besides friends and family) had given up because they all -contrary to BFS- rely only on cold algorithms and scores - BFS listens to your story and understands what it is to be entrepreneur Yay for them and thanks for being around for us! JP Hepp Founder Chocodiem
Nathan did a great job guiding my expectations and helping me through the process. I had options and opted to renew with BFS because Nathan provided the type of service I was looking for.