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Big Picture Loans Online Loan Reviews

The process was very easy and quick. The site was user-friendly and the information provided was easy to read and follow.
Very helpful and appreciated
I was a great experience so far
very friendly and helpful quick thank you for your help when it is needed most.
The only thing preventing me from giving Big Picture Loans 5 stars is there extremely high interest rates. I appreciate that you pay over time. My interactions with customer services has been pleasant.
I found the whole process extremely easy to maneuver through the online application. I received my answer and funds very quickly. Also I was given a good explanation of this loan and that it is an expensive way to borrow money; try to pay extra with each payment to get it paid back faster. Everyone I have spoken with has been very professional and friendly. Also know what they are talking about. Very satisfied!! Thank you, David
Fast, quick and friendly
Very fast process, very fast service and very friendly staff.
As of right now being my 1st day and getting approval the process seemed very simple and easy and the representative(s) were nice and easy to deal with.
The procedure was quick and easy. Representatives were knowledgeable of the process.
Easy application, fast approval, excellent customer service
They did good job
The customer service people are very polite and speak english very well. It was my pleasure to use you as my loan shark
Very nice representative! Thank you for the speedy assistance!
Simple process and customer service was knowledgeable and kind.
I would have rated higher but it took 3 times to get this loan started and by the time it was able to go through the amount I was able to borrow was substantially lower than what I’d originally been offered
They have always come to my rescue when I needed it most. Fast answer, fast deposits and great customer service. The interest rate goes down with each new loan.
Big Picture Loan is the way friendly very experience representatives and will work with you if your into expected mishap making your payment
Total redemption. They handled a very small issue on my first loan and I was instantly approved for loan 2!
to charge someone 2000.00 for a 600.00 dollar loan should be against the law you are terrible I thought loan sharking was illegal
You guys are great the only thing I wish you would do is to give your loyal customers a better interest rate for being with you for awhile. And yes I would recommend anyone too you. GB Cambridge,ma
Great and convenience service
Nice company
I would highly recommend Big Picture Loans. Great customer service and very friendly & helpful! Thanks again!
It’s fast and convenient
Quick approval which is excellent!!
Money was deposited as quickly as they say but the interest rates cause you to pay back double the amount borrowed. Use a better option if possible.
Still waiting for the money to be deposited but so far the process was super easy!
Very fast and easy to do. The loan application is not complicated at all.
Very helpful and courteous. Thank you!
The initial customer service experience was excellent. All questions were answered without any hesitation. Will refer others in the future.
The process was quick and easy to do and very transparent.
Great! Got approve immediately! Easy to apply online!
Big Picture loans is fast and easy to apply for .
Friendly knowledgeable staff
Very friendly and thorough!
Fast friendly service. Very professional, yet they seemed non pressured.
Fast quick and easy
Good service I would use them again
Extremely easy and versatile.
Great customer service I got disconnect once but all employees are very polite and helpful
Easy to access cash. However a bit invasive having to call the bank with them on the line to verify last two deposits from job there should be a more discreet way, perhaps calling my employer but other than that embarrassing moment it was an easy process.
Great Customer Service, very helpful in explaining everything
The woman I spoke to was friendly and helped walk me through the application procedure. It was easy to do, with her help, and was approved by the next morning, the funds are due to be deposited tomorrow. She could not possibly have made the application any easier.
It was a smooth process.
fast and easy very respectful
I was very happy with the process, except that I would have appreciated an email to let me know I had to call to finish the application process. I would have gotten my money sooner, but it’s okay.
I would not hesitate at RECOMMEND BigPictureLoans to any of my friends Great servicesnand good customer relations.
Extremely fast processing and Not bombarded with tons of phone calls.
Need to check and fix daily, online system error between 2 pm -6 am
Is quick but where is the funds they're in my account. Where is the deposit. tanks!!!!.
It was fast and easy! Helped us out financially!
Very courteous, helpful throughout the loan process...this company will take you step by step with explanations for all the questions that you may have....this company is very professional and very proficient with their service and how it works. I highly recommend this company.
Although any financing of a loan requires that you have to pay so much more money than you borrow, the process is made simple and there are no hidden fees that you don't see that accrue that make it seem like you'll never get this loan paid off. Very easy to deal with. This is my 2nd time using them.
Very fast and quick and fast loan terms to pay off
They did good quick and easy interest kinda high but if in need they will proceed.
I was very happy with how fast I got this loan. The interest rate is affordable. It was a good ecperience.
Loan when you are in urgent need's the most fastest and most dependable
The loan process was easy, i am completely satisfied.
Thanks. Seamless process...
Great process quick and easy, but the interest rate is astronomical. Pay it back quick, like a month LOL
Very fast and reliable and customer service representative was extremley nice and polite.
Satisfaction easygoing process
The process was quick and fast approval. They came thru when I needed the money to get repairs done on my car.
The customer service representative was great
I would like to say thanks for giving me a chance to get a loan with your company. I'm looking forward to working with you again in the near future
Very helpful, and now I can get my bills paid on time !! Thank you!!
FREINDLY BUT CONFUSED Very friendly, only issue is recieving an email saying that they're Still reviewing my application after speaking with customer service they told me I was approved for $600 so I'm not quite sure if they're clear from the customer service aspect if they know the actual amount you're a approved for otherwise again they are very friendly
Super fast and easy application process !
Second Loan from BPL. Always quick and easy!!
awesome and quick
quick and easy and you can pay your loan off ahead of time with no penalties. Great for when you need some cash till payday.
Quick fast friendly knowledgeable
Very Professional, fast service ☆☆☆☆☆
Clear instructions and guidance
When I initially applied for the loan, the website was down for several days.....When the website was operational, and I called the telephone number posted, it took serveral hours over two days to get someone to answer.....In my opinion, very poor customer service, however; when I did reach someone, the service provided was excellent....The representative was very professional and answered all my question.
Easy application process, results right away! Customer service was great, no pressure, information about loan upfront and easy to understand.
Very comfortable people to talk with,also they answer your questions right on the spot!!
VERY quick with responding back for the verification process. Money was available the next day. AWESOME!!!.
I've been a customer for a while now and they've always treated me very well. The customer service people have always been respectful.
Very easy to apply and excellent customer service
Great service, fast response, good payment options
I have gotten 2 loans from them and they r quick courteous and very friendly. Best loan company out there.
I am very please with their customer service.
I was a bit hesitant about the outcome of this service. I had never used them before. However, I’m over impressed with the speed of which my funds were deposited.
great service and fast turnaround. Couldn't get approved anywhere else and they came through for me when I needed it most
It was amazing and overwhelming the professionalism exhibited by every single person I talked to during the process of my loan. It took just 8 minutes for my loan application final approval to conclude. I am highly impressed with Big picture loan services.
Good and fast customer service thank guys
Very professional. Very polite and helpful
EXCELLENT !!! Great customer service and I would recommend to anyone who is in time of need. Thank you
They are quick, fast, responsive and help you out when your credit is not the greatest. Appreciate it Big Picture Loans!
Great experience! Fast process.
I had an excellent experience with Big Picture Loans representative. She helped me through the process and she was very polite. I liked that. I would recommend Big Picture Loans.
I was in a pinch, Big Picture came through for me in record time. Thanks.
Very easy process, and fast decision being made.
they explain each process into the application
chant hare krsna and be happy
Even though the interest rate is high...They will give you a chance when nobody else will......Thanks BPL