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We worked with Deena from BizBloom to get our company funded for purchasing some inventory. We applied for the loan on a Tuesday and money was in our bank account on Friday of the same week. That's how quick Deena was able to get us funded. The reason why we accepted the offer from BizBloom when we had offers from other companies was because we found the factor rate lower and total funding amount higher in the offer we received from BizBloom. Also, Deena was able to decrease the underwriting and origination fees for us and helped us to save around $750 which is really huge for us. I can't thank her enough for all the efforts she has put in to get us funded so quickly and she gave us the best offer possible. I highly recommend BizBloom and especially Deena for her excellent customer service!!
Our company was so impressed with Jason's work for us and got funded 7,000 for our company needs. Mr Evans Ohio
Anne was great to work with she did everything she said that she would and even went above and beyond to make it work for us. She is a true professional and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with her as well as the company.
The folks at BizBloom, in my case Bill and Marvin, were great. They do great work, answered all my questions, and explained the process each step along the way. They were able to give me a number of different funding options from which I chose the one that best suited our needs. I would certainly come back to them again in the future.
George Tsepatis, was awesome money was funded in 24 hours, excellent in keeping In touch even after business hours. George really cared about helping us!!! Great Company, Great Person!!!! 5 star rating from us!!!
I had a very nice quick and clean experience. Deena went well out of her way to help me. In fact she did all the work. I would recommend her to anyone.
Thomas has been great to work with, they actually listen and help work out solutions to my needs, payments etc..
I've been around a while now ,and have dealt with a couple of company's then I received a call from a Rep from Biz Bloom Deena . This woman had me on the phone for over an hour and really cared about my business . She asked a lot about every aspect of my business .Deena has went over and above her normal task's . I have never had dealing's with anyone in her field who really seemed to care about what's going on with my business . She's excellent and because of Deena I would recommend Biz Bloom to all my friend's in my field . THANK YOU D !
Very informative and compared a few renewal loans before picking the best one for my business. My second loan with BizBloom and having someone to talk about my options and answer questions gives me piece of mind. Would recommend to anyone
Anne M was great. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a business loan Thanks
Received funding in a timely fashion. I didn't have to wait weeks on end for help. YOUR THE MAN!
Good communication, not pushy and information was given as requested. Persistent and felt almost pushy at times but if I requested time it was given. I'd recommend.
Thank you George for your hard work on behalf of me and my business! I look forward to continuing my relationship with you! Anna B. Heiniger 136 Grant LLC, Santa Fe, NM
I have worked with Dave Cannata many times. He is very professional and on point with the whole process start to finish. He has never let me down and he is definitely my go to guy. If you want things to go smooth from start to finish. Then, I highly recommend Dave Cannata and BizBloom for your next lending needs. Awesome customer service! :)
Jerry was very helpful in helping me receive the funding I needed at this time for my company. He made sure I did didn't over leverage my business and get into financial trouble, by barrowing more than I needed at this time. He was a total professional. He was very confident and sure of himself. His knowledge of the funding business was extremely helpful. Jerry was the best and we will be doing business in the future. Thank you, Ray Hobbs.
Deena fought hard and quick to get me the fund .Unbelievable !!! It's amazing !! less than a weeks i was able to get the fund and operate my business .. I will strongly recommend bizbloom to all my friends . Thank you so much !!
I worked with Jerry and he was very helpful all the way thru the process. I had some items to resolve and Jerry worked with me to get all the questions cleared up. It was a very smooth process and I will use them again in the future. I would recommend them to anyone. Great Experience!!
I worked with Deena and she provided tireless service thru some snafus but got the job done for me.
I was approached through e-mail marketing a few times by bizbloom and i always have hit the erase button. One day then i thought to see what it is about and well.. it was a smooth and quick Deal. No hassle and no BS. we got the funding.. we will pay off with quite a heavy interest but that is part of the business. Just be careful to invest the funds for business growth and not to fill up potholes you have left behind. They will only grow bigger !
Anne Mingacci was very helpful through the entire process.
I was very pleased with my dealings with Ann Mingacci--she was extraordinarily personable, compassionate and understanding. I had no experience in applying for a business loan before working with Ann and BizBloom. Ann understood my reservations and fears, and was very patient in walking me through the BizBloom requirements and terms. I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from Biz Bloom and Ann Mingacci in particular Bill
We had received a number of offers for funding our business, Northern States Electric, and chose BizBloom because of the great assistance and attitude of Deena Neuman. Not only was she extremely personable and professional, but she genuinely showed a concern for our needs and provided the assistance we were hoping for. The procedures from beginning to funding were easy and far less cumbersome than we had found with other companies. Great job, Deena. We are so happy to be your customer and look forward to a very happy relationship.
Just can't believe how easy going and personal this company makes u feel ,and thank u all for the opportunity to grow my company. And look forward to keeping all my business protected and people that really have your back. :) thanks again guys ,simply amazing group.
Frank moved forward and sorted out and presented the best paperwork for my three companies. When other companies keep asking for more paperwork, Frank pushed forward to clarify our paperwork and got the funding done.
Great job George!! I do really appreciated all you have done for us, as you were the one who took our concerns as yours. You were very kind and full of energy and all the job was done professionaly and fast. It was pleasure working with you. Many thanks Irena
Jason contacted me while I was working with a different company. They dragged it out for a week and then it fell through. Jason got me funded within a few days. He rocks!!
I want to say thank you, to George Tsepetis from BizBloom. He is a real Superhero! George was phenomenal. He answered all my questions in a timely manner and updated me along the way. He gets the work done! George goes above and beyond. Every time I talk to George on the phone I could see the smile on his face. George had the best outlook,most positive and friendly personality that I have ever encountered in business. Thanks to George and his team, my company will accomplish great things. This loan has allowed me to grow my business as well as provide my customers all the special services, that set us apart from the rest that they have all grown to appreciate. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Thanks again. Shannon
David Cannata went out of his way to make my experience pleasant and happen so quickly!! David communicated with me every step of the way! Great customer service!!
It is not often, that you do business with someone you have never met in person, and conclude that whenever you need or decide to conduct that type of transaction again, they will be the ONLY person that you would ever contact to do business with. George Tsepetis is Amazing! I never would have thought that a single business deal would completely transform the dynamics of my business. Not only was he thorough and friendly, but he went the extra mile to make it happen. Thank You, George, for your incredible talent and commitment to helping small businesses
Great company, and great service. They really helped our business grow
Our Business Finance Expert Frank Macri was great and made the process smooth. I will be back.
I was skeptical at first so I wasn't responding as quickly, recently I've been contacted by a few different Lending companies but, after researching them, I saw many negative points regarding those particular companies and the rates were high so I figured all of these lending companies were the same. Well, I'm glad to say I was wrong. Michael worked hard to get me funded, even when a few things weren't in my favor, and I got a lower rate than the other companies and I didn't find any negative remarks about BizBloom online. I decided to go ahead and proceed with the offer and it looks like I made the right decision. Really appreciate Michael Rawson and BizBloom for working so hard for me and getting me funded. I look forward to continue working with Michael and BizBloom. Thanks!