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Fast, honest .
Our business was fortunate enough to grow considerably within about a 30-day period, which required significant up-front capital to fund our additional payroll. We reached out to BizLender to see what they could do to help. Within 5-business days we had the necessary cashflow to ease through the transition and continue our forward momentum. I would like to thank BizLender, and in particular J. Burns, who have enabled me to sleep with both eyes closed and a clear conscience. Thanks for your temperament and responsiveness. You get my vote.
Bizlender has been a great asset to our company. They are always prompt in there response and they always do their best to help with our financial needs!!
John Temple was amazing!! I told him exactly wheat my company was looking for and he delivered quick without feeling uncomfortable. Thanks so much!
My experience with Bizlender was terrific and very straight forward. My company was able to secure funding in a much needed time with a favorable interest rate and the entire process took less than 5 business days. The best aspect of the process was our Funding Specialist, Sinead Devlin. Sinead was incredibly professional and responsive. We're early in the stages of our business and needed some hand-holding. Sinead provided a high level of service and checks in with us frequently. Thanks Sinead and Bizlender. Will Manley
Patrick was very professional from the beginning to the end of this process. It took a little longer than he originally told me but that was not his fault and he stayed on top of things and was very responsive to anything I or the lender needed.
First time in this arena, had a lot of worries, staff went all out to ease my concerns. Big thanks to Benjamin (sorry for the headache I know I gave you Ben). Thx David, and Jason. Really appreciate everything and hope we have a great relationship moving forward.
All Good. Nick Yiambillis rocks
We have utilized Bizlender to facilitate several financing deals in the last 1 1/2 years. Thad and Bizlender have adapted our unique requests and provided innovative solutions that met our needs. The process was very fast and they were always available to adjust, explain and push during the entire transaction. They definitely do what they say and follow through to completion. We have been completely satisfied with the Bizlender service and would definitely recommend them to anyone. Paul Leue, GM CRS Inc
Ben at Bizlender walked me through the entire procedure. He did so thoroughly and very professionally. I am quite happy to recommend Ben and Bizlender to others.
Sinead was an awesome Rep for Bizlender, she answered all my questions and got me a loan FAST. It's good to know there's still wonderful people in the world, Sinead was a total pleasure doing business with. HIGLY RECOMMENDED A+++++++
Louis Moore and the Bizlender team where on point and did everything they said they where going to do
Not only were they efficient and professional. They would go the extra mile on my behalf without my even asking them to. I love it when someone anticipates a customers needs and works for them without questions.
i tried a few companies before for funding bizlender was the best and working with people like steven primavera and eddie made my experience with bizlender much much better these people are professional in the same time honest thank you steven and eddie
they are good people to work with . they are somewhat fexible. thanks for the help
Louis Moore went above and beyond to get a business loan for us! We are very pleased with his professionalism, honesty, and fast turn around time! We are looking forward to a bright funding future!
These guys have come through for us 3 times now, and each time was within 48 hours! Thanks again for helping us take on more growth!
Would recommend!!
Great company, smooth process without and issues. I would do it again! Thank you John Temple
The folks here are professional, helpful and courteous. Showed a greater willingness than the commercial banks to work to find a solution to our working capital needs. I am truly thankful that they are around to help because the commercial banks were not helpful at all.
Got the funds I needed. Paper work was fairly easy
The process was quick and easy. All staff with BizLender, Funding Metrics and Lendini were courteous and professional. Great experience.
Everything was handled in a professional manner by Scott Williams and his crew. The review was submitted by Dave Ladley. Have no clue how my daughter Amy Ladley is even in the loop, has nothing to do with the business.
Nice work.Quick Service.
Great explanation of the services and the expectations.
Louis moore was very professional and patient with this old guy and walked me thru the whole process. I would recommend him to anyone
So far i am satisfied except for the interest rate and the low early payment discount. Let's see how it works out in about a month from now
Very fast in processing loans.
Your staff was very helpful, especially Mark Howard
they send spam, seem to be a disreputable company. They sent unsolicited emails promising to secure funds for my business (which doesn’t exist) and qualify themselves based on a five-star trustpilot rating (which I assume is made up of bots).
Very good front end service, and fulfillment. Delivered on time, and with minimal headache.
When I called Ed he answered his phone and we walked through this together. This was great.
Truly a great experience - Worked with David on obtaining financing. We have formed a great bond and him and his company are honest hardworking and very dedicated people. The level of service is amazing - always returns phone calls and provides detailed updates. Really made us feel welcomed and simply put if you are looking for MCA style loans this is the place to be!
Started with "we are internal lenders" we can do what you need. Ended up with a more expensive loan than I has with another lender but decised to stay with Leon because of his skill to convince me that "this is the only option i have".
Thank you guys for a very easy and fast process in obtaining financing for my small business. Hoyt assisted through the entire process, from application until funding
I felt as though throughout the entire process, Bizlender was dead set on understanding why we needed the funds, rather than selling me a loan. In other words, i never felt as though the loan options available were anything other than appropriate for us; not too much, not too little. The daily payments which have started, seem to be spot on with what we can afford, while leaving enough capital to continue to work with on a daily basis. Overall, the experience was professional, directed towards helping us grow the business.
Goog service
It was fairly quick. It wasn't simple. It cost more than a loan of the same amount that I had already secured. The fees the lender charged were outlandish. You pay back daily via ACH. The first debit towards this loan was taken out the same day the money hit my account. In fact, the debit was taken out first! The pay back is $625/day or $12,500 a month. Most folks who need a loan, can't pay $12,500 a month! No, I won't go this route again.
Jamal did a great job with my case got me the loan i wanted... im very happy with the great service
My contact was informed and stayed in contact with me the entire length of the process. Underwriting process was easy. Great experience.
Bizlender processed my paperwork and got me funded in a short time period and with very little trouble. It was a very straightforward process and very helpful reps.
Jamal was great he help my company get the extra money we needed. The process was quick and easy! Thanks Jamal
Bizlender has been easy to work with and is transparent in their fees, etc. Yes you might be able to get it cheaper somewhere else but you will have to do more work. Just depends on what is important to you. I like the speed to fund, the ease of payment, and the fact that I had to do very little.
These guys are spammers. Do not do business with them. AVOID.
Clear, no nonsense help when I needed it.
Straightforward process to get the funds we needed. Personable service is a nice bonus.
Great company for customer service!
We had a very good experience. We sent the info that was requested and the money was in our account in a few days.
My business needed $1.5 Million+ and Sinead made it happen!! Thanks so much!
It was an ease and pleasure working with BizLender
We worked with Jason Maury and he was so helpful, always responded ASAP! I would highly recommend Bizlender and Jason!
David is very good to work with, very friendly and time efficient.