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BlueDog Online Loan Reviews

Chuck was patient and informative.
Today was the first day of installation. My experience with customer service, the install, processing, and the follow up so far have been exceptional.
I have had no problems with this company and I would recommend them to anyone!
Rick Warren is amazing to work with. Completely understands his customers and works with them to get what everyone needs to make a solid account. I appreciated how kind and patient he was with me with all the questions I asked. Very happy with the service he provided and looking forward to a long-term business relationship with Blue-Dog.
Many added fees that were never discussed when signing up. This puts a huge dent in profits considering I am a very small business that does low volume sales. Everytime I look at my bank account there seems to be a new fee being taken out. I will just cut my losses and terminate my contract as I have found a company much more open about their fees and have much better prices.
Very helpful! They were very nice and helpful in the sign-up and start process. Patient and explained information well.
I have used Blue Dog for about a month and they have been extremely helpful. I had questions about how I was billed and their staff was able to explain everything to me. Also, I was nervous about using their fetch system since I never operated a chip reader before and they walked me right through the process.
I have not had much practical experience with Blue Dog, as I have just switched over from my previous processing company, but I have to say, the customer service is a great improvement over my previous company. I have talked with representatives from Blue Dog more in two weeks than I ever did in the 4 years I was associated with other companies. And all this conversation is mostly Blue dog reaching out to me to make sure everything is OK, not me having to call them. I look forward to working with Blue Dog. Update: Still loving the relationship I have with Blue Dog. My previous company, I had to deal with 3 separate entities, a credit processor, an e-statement company and the company that ran the equipment. With Blue Dog, I just call them and they take care of it, or transfer me to who I need to talk too. Simple.
BlueDog is Excellent!!! And their service is the best ! If you study long you study wrong so go and get BlueDog on the Phone!
Blue Dog was responsive and extremely helpful in getting me set up to do business! If you're an FFL looking for a 2A friendly payment processor look no further than Blue Dog!
Very good group especially appreciative of Rick Warner
Blue Dog customer support is top notch, but mostly not needed as the service works perfectly. Great people to work with!
so far so good. Michael and James have been very helpful.
Best processing on the planet!
This is the first time we've dealt with a credit card processing service which put US as the customer first! Dependable, reliable and with fees that are reasonable, they feel like a partner, not merely a service. Forgot all those solicitation phone calls you get to "change" to another company. Pick Blue Dog and it will be the only one you'll ever need.
Very easy to use and I was given thorough instructions.
Excellent service! BlueDog was very helpful and thorough in setting up our new terminal. It is very good for our business at our Kiwanis Thrift Store.
good rates, a little slow on credits for switching easy to get a hold of
Everything is excellent except sometimes I have to manually enter card numbers and this costs me money. Great company!
We've only been with BlueDog for a short while, but so far, with one minor exception, everything has been smooth and professional. The sales staff has been very responsive.
Customer service personnel will tell you one thing and do something completely different. Fees are higher than they say. If you are forced to close your account, they won't work with you on fees and charges. They even send a shipping label billing the shipper (You) for the return of the rental equipment. Bottom line, IF YOU VALUE YOUR BUSINESS DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH BLUE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome service Jon is great!!!
My experience with BlueDog has been very positive. Rick Warren has been very patient, informative, and helpful in assisting me in getting things ready for my online business venture. I'm am very appreciative of BlueDog's services and help during this, at times, daunting experience.
Awesome Service and help
The worst company i have ever done bussiness with. I no longer use them. The card reader woild not work. They charged me for a card reader that i sent back. They changed their account number to evade a a stop payment on my account. They still e mail me like i still have an account with them. I hope I can keep another company from getting hosed by these guys.
Good rates, and easy to contact if we have an issue.
Too many hidden fees. Then in the beginning promises were made that aren't kept and I can't hardly get ahold of anyone now.
I would recommend Blue Dog and I have to other businesses. In my experience over the years, I have found the Blue Dog staff to be knowledgeable, professional and honest.
Mack does a great job!! Loving the new service!!
Excellent. Great company!
Great communication from the sales personnel to the services and setup contacts. Precise and easy to follow online software.
Found a better service company with better rate. Never received the machine never did one transaction I'm still waiting for a refund almost two weeks later
I have had 3 other merchant providers and none of them even came close to the customer service and great service Blue Dog has provided. I would definitely recommend this Blue Dog to all other merchants looking for a great product with great customer service.
As a partner for over two years now, I am very pleased with the level of customer service we have gotten to enjoy with Blue Dog. Their sales team and support team always get back to us in a timely manner which we appreciate very much!
Never hear from them. In their newsletter they stated they could correlate Quickbooks with their service so we wouldn't have to enter credit card numbers every time we ran cards and that turned out not to be true. Promised big savings that don't seem to be reflected in their statements. Not too impressed. Never did anything crooked, however.
Had to pay the monthly fee for 2 years even after we stopped processing payments with them. Changed business locations and needed a pos system and they wouldnt work with us because we didnt give them 90 day notice before our contract was up. Rude people on the phone also. If you're under a contract, and they can still collect your monthly fees, they could care less about your needs.
Very helpful in the process and knowledgeable people to work with
The staff worked hard to get our account set up quickly. Great so far.
Great Company. Was very helpful in setting up our account.
Everything the salesman said was an outright lie. No monthly fees; no contract; no early termination fee. Not one was true. Now I am stuck with higher rates and outrageous monthly fees. Buyer Beware! Read every word of the contract before you sign on, including the fine print, regardless of assurances by a slick sales pitch.
Always friendly and great customer service !
everything has been running smooth with no issues
Whether it's simple processing questions or training the folks at Blue Dog know how to get the job done!
Great and fast service. No delays in payments
Pricing does seem less. Everything running mostly smoothly now so not really interacting but at beginning while setting up, they were easily available.
Wish I could provide a zero. Blue Dog is satisfactory in the service it provides. However, Merimac Leasing is a company they partner with that is a scam when it comes to the hardware they provide to process your cards. You are signing your life away when you agree to do business with them. Don't do it.
Highly recommended. Great customer service including setup assistance etc. It was a smooth experience all around. The app and card reader are working seamlessly on my iPhone. I’ve spoken to 3 different reps over the course of the process, and they were all proficient, down-to-Earth people with an honest appreciation and understanding of the industry. Thank you!
Rick Warren over at BlueDog helped me to make a decision on the best credit card processing solution for my small gunsmith business. Several other credit card processors either would not take my business because I operate from home or because it is firearms related. Others wanted to charge many hidden fees for services I really didn't need. Rick helped me sort through these agreements and get into a plan with BlueDog that truly fit my business needs and is affordable on a monthly basis. I feel like they are upfront and honest about their practices rather than trying to scam small businesses like mine through shady practices. Thanks Rick and Thanks BlueDog!
The fastest, the most personally responsive to questions and issues. And their name is auspices for us. [inside joke]. Just saying we are excited to be with BlueDog
The representative was very nice,respectful and helpful
Getting setup and going was a breeze. Nicholas explained everything that I needed.
Blue Dog's customer service is very responsive and excellent. It's a good company.
Unfortunately, even after two attempts the support personnel were unable to successfully switch my POS/credit card terminal over to Blue Dog from my current processor.
Couldn't ask for better support. Thank you
Very happy with our choice to use Blue Dog for our website processing as well as using their “Fetch” reader for our face to face transactions. I deal with Chuck Legg and they have been a great choice for Precision Arsenal.
They told me they would only charge me a small fee per month plus a service fee on what I actually processed . That was a lie they charged me excessive fees when I didn't process anything they are liars, I contacted them and they denied what I was told over the phone awful company stay away from.
They stepped up to the plate when we needed them. I'll not forget it.
System works... fees are competitive... customer service is horrible... once they sign you up it's like pulling teeth to get someone to help you... been waiting over 2 months for a new reader and still no info... every email answered the same... sorry your emails were going into my junk folder but I will have an answer for you by end of day... that was my third exact response from blue dog and it was 14 days ago... nothing eh maybe it should be 2 stars...
Very pleased so far. I'll let you know more after we are online and working!
always willing to help!
always had good help and quick responses if I ran into a problem. very well pleased with customer service and cost. money always hits my account the next business day
Very friendly and extremely fast service. A++++++
Very Professional staff Chuck was a pleasure to talk with and handle my account, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Very cooperative and helpful.
Michael Lore was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to getting started.
So far so good. We still have not purchased a lap top which we will then have to download the swipe simple app. Lance and Robin have been very helpful... Pam, Anderson IEC-FECC
We are very happy with Blue Dog. I've never had any problems or issues and we are very grateful for the low rates and great service provided by Blue Dog staff. Steven Schwartz President, PD/GO Digital Marketing Vero Beach Florida
Brandi got a problem fixed that had been happening for over a month! She fixed it with a 5 minute phone call!! Thank you!!!!!
As a computer illiterate anti tech person, this system is perfect for me. It is simplicity itself. Very user friendly and the staff has been great in answering questions and they are very prompt. Can not say thank you to BlueDog enough. Frank Buzz
BlueDog is the BEST. I did a lot of research and selected them after reading the credit card processing comparison article on RocketFFL
I am very impressed with the people at BlueDog. I am looking forward to a great relationship!!
My experience with BluDog has been exceptional.
This is Glenn Gutierrez owner of All American Discount Flooring. We have been using Blue Dog for the last two years and we are very satisfied with the rate and customer service that Mac provides. We highly recommend them for your business.
Most merchant companies are crooks. These folks try to do it right.
I wish I had picked any other company. BlueDog is all about extra fees and pushes liability down customers throats. Why should I pay for PCI compliance? My site is hosted and I don't see any card details. When I call for help it is a series of transfers and calls dropped between this siloed institutions. Go anywhere else, they make Square look like rockstars!
Great customer service and the fees are unbeatable.
Great customer service! Appreciate that they are there for us business owners and not just for themselves.
If your business involves an FFL and selling firearms BlueDog should be your choice.
We are unable to process certain cards with BlueDog and we are able to process the same cards with When I spoke to customer service, they were not helpful. We are considering leaving BlueDog
So far, everyone from the owner, who answered my call after office hours, to the technical staff that got our e-commerce site integrated, has been great.
Blue Dog is so easy and efficient. I have had another company before Blue Dog and was so unhappy with it. Blue Dog has made my life so much easier. Love it.
In 10 years Patrick was the first person to be willing to give me rates before I gave my merchant statement. Now that’s confidence. And he earned my business!! Glad to be a part of the BlueDog family!! Everyone I dealt with was very professional.
Not off to a good start
Blue Dog has been great, easy to work with and helpful in walking you thru any problems or questions.
so far we are very happy. Michael Lore has been very helpful in getting set up. He has done fallow ups to make sure we have everything we need.
bait and switch, they say they've dealt with RapidPOS hundreds of times but everyone I've dealt with is on their first rodeo, lots of oh you need to pay this fee and then oh shoot you need to pay another fee, promised to drop rate but no follow through, much of the work is kicked back onto the customer to follow up on.
This is one cold call I'm so glad we answered! As a nonprofit the bottom line matters. By switching to BlueDog we've seen our credit card processing fees drop by at least 4%. We've been with BlueDog for over 2 years and have been impressed with their products and professional customer service.
Just started using BlueDog, but it's been good far!
Very smooth transition
Brandy at Blue Dog has been a wealth of knowledge and really helps us through the process. We love the product and service.
BlueDog has been amazing to work with!!! I would and have recommended BlueDog to other business owners that we work with.
Haven’t received my equipment as promised
Thank you Michael Lore!!! We have just recently began services with BlueDog. The only reason for the 4 stars is because of the short amount of time with them. Our rep, Michael Lore, was thorough in every aspect. He was not pushy, very knowledgeable, and let me do things at my own pace. Michael was very helpful in switching providers, but really too new of an account to give the company a thorough review. I will do an update review after a few months. Thank you again for all your help Michael Lore!!
Our decision to go with Blue Dog was simply based on the fact that they are a local company and we prefer to support local businesses. Also, the transition was very smooth and we have easy access to our reports.
Not happy with there service, cost to much, Then when I wanted out, cost even more. Bad Company!!!!!!!!
Dave was very nice and courteous in introducing himself.
Sales people tell you one thing, but later you find out it is not true!
I would and have recommended BlueDog to friends and associates. They have been very helpful and upfront with all of our business dealings.
Very easy to work with to get everything set up and accepting payment.
Corey Mantell made the switch to BlueDog very inviting. His thorough explanation of the savings and benefits made it easy for me to accept the invitation.