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BlueVine Online Loan Reviews

Easy to set up, quick implementation, and no burden to my client. I had looked into factoring companies, but I would have had higher fees and my clients would have known that I was using a third party. One of them actually had "collections" in their company name.
We have been working with Bluevine for more than a year now and has been an excellent experience. Our Account Manager Sewar has been very prompt and helpful and I can't recommend highly enough.
Great service and FAST
BlueVine is a business partner for invoice processing that provides exceptional customer service. The little things like prompt return of phone calls, quick support by email, and follow up are the standards you can expect from BlueVine. BlueVine is the true solution for invoice processing.
They helped me out tremendously
Very fast and swift. Easy to deal with.
Mary Eid has been of great assistance to us, overall great experiance.
Blue Vine reps are courteous, straight talking and very responsive.
Very helpful with explaining process and what products are out there.
I am very pleased with the responsiveness of what Bluevine brings to the table. My account representative Sewar has been incredible to work with and I'm very pleased to do business and share our growth together
Paid off early with credit card transfer. Make at least 25% more than when they first approved me. They force closed my account due to paying off early. This is the business version of a payday loan, stay away. Also, they didn't report my $10,000 loan to D&B, after being told as their sales pitch that they do report. It did what I needed the first time but this isn't a way to build a business relationship.
I applied for a business line of credit. The application process was quick and simple. I was approved and funded in less than a week and the terms were very acceptable.
As an owner of a fast growing consulting firm, I was looking for options to get a line of credit to cover payroll between the times we get payments from our clients. I spoke with many lenders including BlueVine. Only BlueVine came through with their promise, everybody else ended up using the old Bait and Switch where they would start the conversation with promises of low rates but end up with interest rates of over 30%. If you are looking for a business line of credit, look no further.
Getting set up and getting paid has been an extremely fast and easy process. Their website and dashboard are very simple to use.
Very easy to use and reliable and a great customer service
Excellent communication Very customer orientated developed a program that fit my needs Simple to apply
It's nice to have money available when we need it. It would be nice if the early payment option were easier to find.
I am a Independent contractor and business owner in the transportation industry. Cash flow was often a juggling act , that is until i found BlueVine. BlueVine couldnt make it more easier to get cash for your unpaid invoices.Their staff is great, and their turn around time in most cases is 24hrs. If cash flow is your problem BlueVine is your answer.
In my opinion, the process was very good. Efficient, explicit and easy to follow. Staff were very knowledgeable.
I am truly grateful to have a funding company that allows me the flexibility to run my company in an efficient and effective way by providing the funding we need to operate. I am wholeheartedly obliged to you for giving me financial support in my difficult times.
Roy & Martin Merencillo were a huge help. Frequent follow-up and escorted through the entire process. Good, fair rates as well. Looking forward to using BlueVine over the next several months to handle some slow paying client invoices.
Line of credit and system to use online is very efficient. I would recommend to other business.
Easy to use, fast and professional
We like that we can fund one invoice, not our entire receivable. Generally, they are very easy to work with and are accommodating when "situations" arise. We have been with them a few years now and are happy with their service.
Always easy to work with and they are super accommodating when it comes to clients paying late. Only reason I didn't gibe 5 stars is it can get kind of expensive if all your capital is funded through this source.
Blue Vine has been very easy to work with and have funded me for invoices in a matter of days, where as before I would be waiting 30 days to get a check from my commercial accounts. My subs are more willing to show up because I can now pay them in a matter of days and it is easier to stay on top of charge accounts with my suppliers. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has to wait 30 days to get paid.
received an invite from Quickbooks and this was the first time looking into this company. I previously researched several companies that provide funding such as Ondeck and Lending Club and also have an account with Fundbox - but for only $2500. I setup my BlueVine account and had everything going within a few hours. I was approved and was able to get funding the next day. I wish EVERY company was this seamless to work with. Great job guys! My company, No Time for Social is excited to be using you. Maybe we can help out with your social media in the future! Bill Combes
The process was pretty straight forward - just have to upload all the documents and then you're done with it.
Great service and always there for me.
Expensive but they were able set up a LOC for my company and made it very easy to apply and receive the funds.
Being a start-up of 1 year, it is discouraging to try to attain funding to support a rapidly growing practice. While banks have strict guidelines - including 2 years in business as a rule of thumb - BlueVine understands start-up needs and offered a line of credit to assist with paying for costs associated with growth while revenue comes in. I've recommended to other businesses in similar positions.
Easy to work with but weekly repayments are not convenient way for accounting purpose or keeping a track.
They were easy to deal with, we sent the appropriate info. and the next thing o know my business got the cash needed. I would recommended them to every business owner. R Shevlin NC Business owner.
Very easy to work with, process was painless and pleasant people.
Bet helpful and easy to work with.
The people at Bluevine are very sensitive to your capital needs and their terms are much more favorable then the daily lenders.
Great, fast results, very little hoops to jump through.
As long as you do what you are supposed to do they take a very back seat non invasive approach. The best option out there as far as I am concerned.
Excelent company
Good program ,fast funding and service
Very fast, easy to apply. Great follow up. I recommend.
fantastic company with the funds you need when you need them
Application is simple and easy. Customer service very responsive. Document submittal, review and to decision took 24hours. Loan terms explained on website and with loan rep thoroughly. Fund request received in 24 hours via ACH deposit.
Easy to work with and had my money in the bank the next day.
BlueVine is a great company to partner with. We have worked with them for invoice factoring for a few years now, and their customer service has always been top notch. Mary Eid is our account manager, and she is always there to help with any needs or questions I have. She makes our account feel like a priority. I would recommend BlueVine to anyone in search of a factoring company.
Working with Bluevine was such an easy process. I provided the docs, next day I was approved, and I accessed my line credit the next day! Payroll was met and my stress level was reduced.
it is easier to use, payment is very faster, the loan is very flexible. but the APR is too high for me.
Easy process and great people to work with!
BlueVine was fast and easy, their team did a great job in no time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get their business quick money.
Bluevine and it's staff are probably the most responsive set of bankers I've come into contact. Great communication and very transparent processing mechanisms enable them to fund same week and often overnight! Special props to Clair K and Lacour M - great working relationship with my software firm's needs.
The worst lender ever hiding fee's be careful not to fall in to their games.
The team and staff at Bluevine is exceptional! You would think a tech online company would have a hard time talking to their customers, but BlueVine is the exception. I've been able to chat about my invoices and needs almost instantaneously.
Was very easy to setup. Have made multiple loan requests. Very easy and fast to receive funds and to also repay the loans back. Great company to deal with and also customer telephone support was very helpful and pleasant.
It has been nearly a year since we discovered and partnered with Bluevine. We are a staffing agency and we process payroll weekly. Bluevine has certainly eased our cash flow concerns. The transactions are quick, easy and absolutely painless. Great Company! Great Partner! Thanks Bluevine
We are an apparel and footwear business and use Bluevine to assist us with our cash flow on a daily basis. Their customer service and support is incredibly responsive. The entire platform is user friendly and efficient. The only thing I would request is more app integrations and perhaps a PO financing solution too. Go Bluevine!
Looking for some funding for my business. Found BlueVine via Fundera and they gave the best rates and most credit. Very simple interface, fair terms, and excellent customer service. Very satisfied.
very smooth and fast experience , excellant
I have used Bluevine since I started my company two years ago. It has been an excellent experience. My company growth far outpaced what banks were willing to help and Bluevine has always helped us get though tough times. Sewar Nasser is the best account representative and always makes you feel like her most important customer. I couldn't have made it this far without my partnership with Bluevine and Sewar!
This has been the best experience and terms from any financial institution we currently do business with. Easy process to request funds, and terms are very clear to understand. Great Job!
I was pleased to find BlueVine, and so far, everything has been just as they promised, and things have been easy and convenient. I needed short-term funds to manage delays when cash didn't come in as planned, and the Merchant Cash Advances offered by other funders were way too expensive. Unlike BlueVine, other funders would often seem to bait and switch with the promise of low rates, but ultimately they were very costly. BlueVine is not cheap, but it is the best option I've found, and things have worked well. I paid off the first draw in 3 weeks and then several weeks later needed another draw. It is nice to have a Line of Credit in place.
BlueVine Really went above and beyond to keep in contact with us throughout the entire process! They tried very hard to help us and are continuing to help get our company on the right path! Even after the loan was completed they contacted us to make sure everything was fine and that we saw all payments and refunds made. We would definitely recommend BlueVine!
Working with the folks over at BlueVine has been great. Our rep Troy has been very responsive and willing to help in any way he can. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who needs it.
Thanks to a great recommendation by a friend I was able to get a decent credit line to help with my business. It took a little bit of back and forth to get it going, but once it was set up the process to get money was easy. Looking forward to working with them more in the future. I will keep you posted!
My experience was first class. Could not have asked for a better experience.
Started with this company two months ago and they are absolutely great. I am pleased to be able to call and talk to a real person. I recommend this company to any small or medium sized business so you don't have to wait 30/60/90 days for accounts payable to finally kick in. Keep up the great work, BlueVine.
The easiest way to obtain working capital. Definitely, will continue to use Blue Vine for future requests.
I had excellent experience with these guys. Ian helped me to go trough the approval process that was super easy. My company got approved for nearly three times as much as I requested. All the paperwork was processed online and I got cash on my account the next day after approval. I contacted three other companies to compare offers and BlueVine was by far the easiest to work with. Highly recommend this company.
We were recommended to Blue Vine by a financial professional. They were able to handle our business credit problem quickly and at a reasonable rate under the circumstance.
This is what I needed, Bluevine gave me a line of credit to build my business credit, I have been in business for 11 years and relied solely on my personal credit. They help me by starting with a reasonable line which enable me to expand my government contracts. I referred two of my colleagues to this organization. The other companies charge rates that are just glamorized payday loans. Thank you Bluevine you came just in time!
Great, efficient customer service! Would highly recommend BlueVine for sure!
quick decision. Very professional.
Bluevine and Sewar Nasser rock !
So far they have been great to get our invoices funded...we shall see when customers start paying...their rates are reasonable for A/R factoring...just wish they would allow for invoices less than $500.
BlueVine have been a great option for our business, as we have pending invoices.
BlueVine's offerings to small business are affordable and easy to manage online. Highly recommend them as a source for working capital for small businesses
Great folks to work with
Bluevine understands the need for cash flow for small business owners and makes it an easy experience.
BlueVine helped us get through to the process quickly and fulfill our needs. Highly recommended.
We have been working with BlueVine for a couple of years now. Our account manager, Sewar Nasser, is amazing. She provides understanding when we are delayed on getting documentation to her. She offers a level of professionalism yet friendliness that is unmatched. Even with our delayed responses, she is quick to always respond to us. We recently had the opportunity of working with Drew Schneider as well. I must say his thoroughness and professionalism also speaks volumes. BlueVine is doing an amazing job in regards to hiring employees who offer a personalable experience for their customers! We will continue to do business!
From a click at my desktop dashboard l was able to immediately access cash flow 10-15k To meet my pay out, get materials or rent equipment to keep my operation moving between invoices.
I use the Bluevine Flex Credit more than anything else. It is by far the easiest program I've seen. I can make additional pmnts towards principal and save money on interest. There loans are not front end loaded like most others and I love that. I can do a wire transfer for 15 bucks and receive funds within an hour or I can do same day (midnight) for free (ACH transfer). I can login at anytime and see my updated pmnt scedule after making a principal pmnt. My dedicated acct manager is always available to answer any questions. Credit lines and increases are easy to qualify for as well especially with the invoice factoring. Good company.
Blue vine has been very professional and helpful in all their dealings with us. We could not ask for a better organization to help us with our line of credit.
Extremely happy to find Bluevine as an option to help my business grow. Having the funds available when I need them is the perfect solution for being able to fund the necessary production runs or other payments I require. Easy to work with and great staff to answer all the necessary questions I had during the initial loan process. Thanks Bluevine!
I use BlueVine for invoice factoring and I am extremely happy both with them as a company, and with the ease of use on their platform. They are super fast to respond to the invoices I submit, and they have helped me to maintain my businesses cash flow needs. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to solve their cashflow needs!
They were helpful from the very start, very informative and taking my calls when I had any question's. If you have a business in need of capitol quickly I would highly recommend Bluevine.
Blue Vine is an excellent option for our cash needs. Is not crazy expensive to pay off as cash advances and is very flexible with small business without a very big credit history.
Very simple and easy to use. This is the first flex line of credit I have used for my business and I am pleased with their speed and transparency.
The best option!, I was approved in just 2 days. Really quick process!, Thanks Bluevine!!
Has been very easy to deal with in getting a short term business loan at somewhat reasonable terms.
The whole proicess was easy and quick.
All handlings with BlueVine have been a great experience. Only drawback for us is the lack of repayment options. This is just our scenario and other businesses may not find this an issue.
Very easy Application Process. Its all done online and you get a prompt response. I can see everything about my account online.
I found BlueVine while browsing the web. I was looking for a business line of credit and they were offering one. The application process was simple and the reps are super friendly.
Could be made a bit more user friendly.
BlueVine is very responsive and has excellent customer service. Follow through is also excellent.
Really great service when needed and was not hard at all to apply.
We have had nothing but a great experience with Bluevine. They did a complete evaluation when setting us up and have been easy to work with. The website is easy and very manageable for business owners to use. Our dedicated representative, Sewar Nassar, follws up on each advance we submit. She continues to evaluate our needs throughout the process and follows up with us to see if we need anything. I enjoy working with her and she makes sure are requests are processed immediately. This has been a tremendous help to our business and we wondered why we did not do this sooner than we did.
Excellent service. Straight forward procedures to enroll just like the way it's described on the website. Roy and Phil were responsive to our inquiries. Overall, I'd recommend Bluevine to anyone!
BlueVine was great to work with, they kept me informed during the application process and once approved walked me through their website, pleasantly surprised.
Very easy to work with, got funding quickly!