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I went to my local pawnbroker with my Rolex watch and they offered me £500. I didn't think this was very good and tried Borro after I saw their TV advert. They offered me £1000. I only needed the money for 3 mo nths until I got my bonus. Paid back and got my watch back. Great service.
I sent off my Tag Heuer watch in which they were very quick to get, but when I declined the offer that they had given me it took them 3 working days (rang Monday, got it Thursday) to return the watch despite saying it would be back within 48hours. By this time I was abroad. A few days later I recieved an email telling me they sent the wrong package. Not only did they send me a different Tag Heuer model but the fact that mine was fully boxed and completely different and this one just came in a clear resealable bag with no box. I understand a mix up but they claim they take photos of the watch etc. when it comes, yet they couldn't distinguish the difference between the two. Anyway once they recieved it the day after they delivered my watch by courrier which I was very pleased by. Opened up the watch, everythings fine APART FROM the fact that my spare links are missing. So I call them at Borro and they tell me that they photograph everything and they didn't photograph that even though I am 100% certain I placed them under the cushion of my watch. She also assured me that they don't remove the watch (even though my guarantee card wasn't in the specific holder) but they are 'going to check the vaults for me'. I am now 3 links short and a VERY DISSATISFIED customer! Would NOT recommend BORRO.COM to ANYONE! Despite that their staff were very helpful over the phone/email.
Cash arrived fast but once settled try and get your goods back in 24 hours :-( been told over a week to wait for over of £3000 worth of stuff. They use the excuse of waiting for the safe to open. If you want your goods back dont pay anything or even send anything until you have something in writing otherwise you will end up lending to borro without earning a penny and be put off on the phone with excuses. BE WARNED !!!!!
Easy transactions, friendly people. Always nice to have business with them
I repaid the loan and have been waiting 4 days so far, they will not come tomorrow because i have not had an email stating return details, this meens going into the 5th day, hopefully it will come on day 6, if not i will be extremely annoyed, as i am going on holiday and wanted my items back for then. Be WARNED if you want your items returned quickly, you may not get them.
I borrowed £2000 against my Rolex. I found the service fast and friendly. I signed up to monthly repayments and repaid after 4 months. I would recommend.
great service and got my cash the same day. Went into london office and staff were very friendly and helpful. Would use again.