Business Funding New York BFNYC Reviews

Business Funding New York BFNYC
Business Funding New York BFNYC

Business Funding New York BFNYC Online Loan Reviews

We just closed our business loan with Ben. He was very honest and reliable with his information. He would return my calls or text me if he was busy.
Very helpful and timely With their service!
I had the pleasure of working with Ben & Guy and I couldn’t have picked better people to work with. Financing was fast & easy; I didn’t even think it was possible. Thank you for your hard work and for enabling me with the funds I need to build my business.
Good experience! I knew this site was safe and I could get a loan easily. It was everything I expected with clear terms. I have no complaints; would recommend.
Thank you for your help, supplying me with the cash needed to grow my truck business from one truck to now already 4, keep with the good work
Thank you so much great service you save my company I appreciate
Great company. Awesome people Highly recommended
They are the best 100%
Great service from honest people
Very professional and easy to work with, Guy helpwd me with all of my needs and make sure that I was making informed decisions the whole way through. 5/5
Business funding New York helped me get $50,000 when I was short on cash for my A/C business. I’ll definitely come back to do business with them in the future. Thanks guys, god bless!
Great company to work with, they really helped me out with my business.
Great service and responce.
Great service, very professional . I had a good experience with them and I’ll use their service again.
Very helpful, provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision.
Ben Idan was very helpful and with consistency follow up all the step toward completeing the process successfully. I appreciate his works.
I inquired about getting a business loan, I only needed 15k and they ended up getting me approved for 50k! Needless to say, I put the extra money in my company and year over end we are up 300% in revenue. Thank you guys so much!