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California Check Cashing Stores
California Check Cashing Stores

California Check Cashing Stores Online Loan Reviews

I filed my taxes here. The Filipina woman who helped me told me that I would be getting $500 something after all the fees, and $77 for my state tax return. I made more in year 2010. I asked her why am I getting so little. And she said that it's like that. So, I waited in less than a week. She called me and told me I can pick up my check. She again repeated that I would be getting $500 something on the phone. She said it in two occasions. When I came to pick up my check today, Saturday at 12:00 pm, she told me I will only get $384 because they charged me fees and e-file, etc. She said there is no way that she made a mistake somewhere.

I asked her why am I not getting the original copy of my W2. She said it's for them to keep. But I insisted to get a copy of it at least. She disattached my W2s and gave 2 parts of my W2s to me. And she was already being rude. And then, I asked her why am I only getting these documents. It's because last year I filed in turbo tax and they gave me all my tax documents. She got mad and started raising her voice. She told me: "Well, nobody has ever complained before. You are the only one. So, I don't think we are making any mistake here.” I was very embarrassed by the way she talked to me so I had to tell her, “You are are so ..” Then, as I was walking away, I was almost in tears because of the way she assisted me. I yelled at her. Other customers were there too.

Incident occurred 2/20/14 approximately 12:30pm. I purchased a van from a co-worker, she took the check I wrote her to this place. The worker Melanie or Alini called me with only her name. I had to ask what company she was with. She asked me to call my bank on 3-way to verify I had enough to cover the check. To me that's a red flag because my own mother doesn't know my account amounts. Because I have the van and title I want to make it as painless to my co-worker as possible, so I called my bank Wells Fargo on a conference call with the clerk; the other workers in the clerk's office were loudly laughing and playing.

I asked my bank the balance of my checking account, there was 3-times as much as the check. The check cashing clerk interrupted the call taking over the conversation repeating the same question as mine. After the banker read a 3rd party disclosure & verified her identity, the clerk only gave her first name (ironically, now the clerk respects privacy after she's in my account), the banker verified my account number on the check and the amount in my account. We ended the call, clerk said thank you. I get a call from my co-worker 20 minutes later stating the clerk refused her check I wrote because she had to verify my check further, however, the clerk didn't keep the check to verify.

My co-worker heard her verify my account and the clerk stated she verified my account amount. My co-worker came back to work from break late and angry, with the check I wrote. The clerk gave my co-worker no exact reason yet said it was not personal. My co-worker uses this place for her payroll checks in the past. My co-worker is of African descent, given there were no other blacks in the office, the lame excuse, the reason narrows down to discrimination or the company just invaded my account for future fraud. I will have my attorney friend investigate how many people in the same position (verified account & ID) were treated differently then we will pursue discrimination charges.

I had to close out the checking account due to a fraudulent withdrawal from the account. Somehow, this company is causing me to accrue insufficient funds charges over and and over again. I had received a threatening phone call from someone who sounded like he was from India. I could barely understand him and told him to send me something in writing. The situation is anything but resolved.

I was not told it was going to be more than $69.00 to e-file. My refund was for $380.00. I only received $97.00. If I was properly informed, I would not have e-filed.

Male named david from corporate office/customer service contacted me about my loan since I had dealt with a disrespectful, rude, liar, unprofessional male by the name of juan that called first but treated me like a criminal. Cut me off when I spoke or mentioned to work with me so I could try to pay back their loan only to turn out the same way like juan. Poor attitude and demanding!!! Yet david is supposed to be in a higher position than juan?!? This company trains their staff in a very unprofessional way. All these clowns over the phone will not let you speak and wont care what you have to say. If their service was much better maybe a lot of customers that owe back money would want to pay back but when you have ignorant staff working for your company people will just blow you all away just as you guys do to customers!!!

I am doing all in my power to make sure this david gets chewed out. He was yelling at me (screaming at me over the phone then laughed and proceeded to say I was the problem why juan couldn't helped me and talked all over me while I spoke. He also threaten me with calling legal enforcement on me if I called back and hung up on me and said he wasn't going to help me and was going to send my file to collections. I am filing all kinds of lawsuits on his ** now because I know what you can and can't say to customers. I worked for a collection agency and I'm glad I will get his ** off this company soon!!!

Morons like david that works who knows where but attends the greater sacramento california cash checking stores customer service is the worst person I have ever dealt with. I will never do business with this company again!!! I will inform all my friends and associates about this matter as well as family and you will lose a lot of potential customers. I will post his name in any consumer affair websites and I will also be contacted headquarters about this matter. I will also investigate what is legal and pursue this case with the law and make sure they know he threaten me!

After seeing many complaints online about this company I know many people have gone through this and I will not be just any regular victim here that does nothing. I want justice and I hope headquarters address this matter immediately and investigates him asap. He is bringing your business down with his poor attitude and I will wait to deal with collections to pay back my past due loan and I know they will work with me. I didn't hear a automated system saying calls were being recorded so I will also investigate on that. Maybe that's why this idiot wasn't afraid to yell at me and curse at me like he DID. Also threatening me to call law enforcement. I called back, well who else am I suppose to pay my loan??? He is forcing me to deal with collections legally!!! I have the number david could be reached out. If any attorney sees my message please contact me!

I went to cash a bill payment processed check. They refused to cash it after stamping it for deposit to their account. It was the rudest service I ever had and after all the "Oh it's okay, I have to verify," they still refused. The sign says any checks. It doesn't say any check, but mine.

I got a title loan on a 2006 Pontiac Solstice for $2,500 for an emergency. I hesitated but the loan was described as a simple interest loan with no prepayment penalties. I told them at the physical store site that I want the automatic withdrawal to be on the second of every month. They said no problem, come in next month and change it. I did but their corporate offices continued to withdraw on the 21st. Overdrafts contributed to my account closure; predatory and severe compounding interest charges. I have paid over $2,000 in interest charges and was told over the phone that I have a $3,011 payoff. I have requested numerous times for written documentation and have not received any. I have been threatened repeatedly with repossession. I have every intent to pay what is reasonably owed. But this loan is not what was described to me.

This company wrote two checks in my name and cashed them. When I called the store they gave me their corporate number. I wanted to touch bases with them to fix the situation before making a police report. The lady in the store was nice but when I called corporate the lady laughed and said, "Let me transfer you to our IT dept" and then hung up on me. I have the check images and they are not my checks. And on it says "Your customer has preapproved and authorized this check." I have done no such thing. I will be contacting and making a police report, contacting my bank again, and finding out if there is anyone else I can contact.

It's afternoon that time at San Mateo, Norfolk branch. One of your staff, I don't know her name, but she is a Spanish girl, a medium-built body, little chubby. It happened on June 18 afternoon. I bought a money order check, and then I just asked her where I can see the date where I purchased the check. She said purchase with a smile. It's a big foul. I felt so humiliated and so ashamed because one of her colleagues heard what she said. It's a guy in the counter. I want to tell her that if I pronounced it wrong, she doesn't need to say it again. She said "purcheese" with a big smile in her face. I'm like a candle slowly melting because I'm so ashamed and had been humiliated. I hope the owner will see this and I hope you will teach your staff to not become a bully and give respect to your customers. I'm just hoping that you will have an action for this and it won't be erased and forgotten. Please teach your staff to respect your customers because we pay for a good service and respect is part of it.

I cashed two checks that were given to me by a bill pay. The person that I didn't receive the checks and put a stop payment. In the meantime, I cashed the checks. Not only did they charge me $59.00 a check, the checks came back to them. It isn't my fault that this happened and they refuse to stop calling. They said they want the $2000.00 back that was cashed. Excuse me, but I didn't get $2000.00. I don't mind paying it back but they aren't going to get money back that I didn't get. Plus they are flat out rude and ruthless. They have called my friends, tried to call me work and are now calling my boyfriend. Go get the money from the guy who owes it to me and don't try to charge me for something I didn't get. They need to get a clue. Plus why would I want to deal with a company that hides behind a completely different name.