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It is easy to say that we had a great experience with Camino Financial when they helped us get our first company loan, but this is more than the loan. This group is responsive, and they took the time to understand our business like a financial partner should. We are quite pleased and now plan to use them for future financial growth.
As an accountant and small business consultant, my clients and I grow together. I have been fortunate enough to have several opportunities when my SMBs require additional funds to purchase new equipment, assets or further scale their companies. However, we have not had the best luck with our large or local banks. That's when I went searching online and found these Harvard Twins with an incredible business model & mission: Helping Small Businesses Learn, Grow & Succeed. I have worked with them as a referral partner for over a year and they have assisted several of my clients obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars. I highly recommend you give Camino Financial a chance to see how they can help your business access the capital you need to stay on your path of growth and success. Mariette Martinez, Small Business Consulatant
What I appreciated the most in working with Camino Financial was how easy everything was. As a business owner, time is important to me. It only took about 3 weeks, from start to finish, to get my funding. Perhaps the best part was how knowledgeable the staff was and how friendly they are. It’s easy for me to recommend them to anyone who needs funding for their business growth. Thank you Camino!
I’ve been recommending Camino Financial non-stop. Why? Their one-on-one service and attention. That’s rare nowadays. Yvette was able to help me all the way through the process. Speaking of which, the process was fast and easy. Other companies asked me for a ton of info and paperwork, but Camino was able to execute easily and quickly. Highly recommended!
Camino Financial is absolutely amazing. They worked tirelessly on our behalf, even working the bank all through a Saturday. In the end they got everything done we expected and more, and I trust them 100% and would recommend them with zero hesitation to any small business owner. Best advice in town and top notch execution. Thank you Camino!
We had a great experience with Camino Financial, Yvette and the whole team was amazing, true a lot of paperwork to prepare but well worth it, They saved us a lot of time, headache and money. Other companies over promised and never delivered... Camino Financial is the company that you would like to build a relationship with.
We were impressed with the dedication of Camino's team - they were in constant communication with us during the process; from day 1 - until closing date. I truly recommend them to those that value service, and going the extra mile.
Friendly, accommodating staff - specifically Victor Lizano, representing our interests and Marisol Loza, our go-to-person for procedural instruction. Communication was always available, timely and accurate. Fortunately, I have a substantial history and education in "Merchandising for Productivity" and did not need direction for my use of the capital requested. Camino Financial is in a very competitive market and there is, currently, substantial amounts of investment capital in the market place. To be successful 'Small Business' ventures, I do believe that the company should show (or at least professed) an interest in Mission Statements, detailed Business Plans, future benchmarks, and offered opinions as to the possible needs of future financing and options that may have to be addressed.
I was a able to receive a loan for my trucking business thanks to the help of the people at Camino Financial. It was a very easy process and they helped me with everything. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you for your help.
They were very friendly and easy to speak with. No one tries to pressure you and they don't get frustrated if your loan doesn't get approved. They find a way to get you the capital you need. They explain everything in plain English or Spanish. I really recommend them to everyone who is looking for a business loan.
I would use them again and again.