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The level of service, support and personalized attention I received from CF staff was beyond expectations. As complicated the process of obtaining mortgage is, the CF staff made it look very easy and worked closely with me to address every possible concern. They were very diligent in their service, and they were ready to ensure that we can address the worst case scenarios, which was amazing since my situation ended up hitting the worst case possible, yet with CF support and readiness, we managed to still close on same day with results that exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend CF for any person looking for mortgage or refinance, no matter how complicated you think your situation is, CF representative will help you choose from various options that will suite your situation, the same way that they did with me.
I have had many excellent experiences with Cardinal Financial, especially with Dave Amsellem as my personal correspondent. I am in the military and have refinanced one home and purchased 3 homes through Cardinal. All were good experiences! Rates are low, and so are fees. Correspondence was great, and all homes closed on time. I'll keep coming back!
We purchased our home with Cardinal Financial in March 2016. At the beginning of this year(2018), Cardinal decided to increase our monthly mortgage by $101.94 per month for the next year. Our homeowner's insurance and property taxes have only increased by a total of $338.01 annually. In 2016 our escrow had a surplus and we did not have a deficit in 2017. Our HOI and Property tax increase in January of 2018 should result in a monthly mortgage increase of only $28.17. I have spoken to 2 agents that agree that the increased amount in our monthly mortgage is wrong and doesn't add up. this is very troublesome. I asked for an escrow analysis and their calculations are nothing short of fraud. I will be reporting this to the State of Georgia, The consumer protection agency and 5 on your side news.
Had a great experience securing a loan for a new home from Yll, my loan originator. He ran the numbers a number of times to ensure I was getting to best deal for my financial situation. He also suggested a rate lock which saved me three quarters of a point by the time my house closed. I was able to close on time as well.
Cardinal was the second to respond and were quick to point out how much better their reviews were compared to Quicken. When doing an Internet search they indeed ranked number 1. The process was not quite as fast as they said it would be but there were responsive. We have been notified that the loan has been funded and in just under a week it was distributed. Very pleasant to work with and thorough in their follow up.
I had a great experience with Cardinal. Getting through the process was easier than I thought it would be. My loan officer, Derek was top notch and kept an eye on things for me and help me work through any issues and concerns I had and more important than anything, made good on all his promises. Loan processor Tara was diligent, thoughtful and made sure all the Documents needed were getting turned in on time and if she saw something wrong she let me know right away. They clearly explained any issues and while my memory sometimes faltered - I kept good notes and they always matched what was on the paperwork. When I had to pick from all the companies - I grilled them all - hard. Only Cardinal gave me a warm and fussy feeling. That together with the high ratings on line made the choice easy and I was not disappointed. I particularly like the ease of providing all my Documents on line but even I had to do some "old School" when I didn't have access to my computer. That worked just as well. Great experience all the way around.
I chose to refinance my mortgage with Cardinal Financial after screening several lenders. I felt that Cardinal Financial handled me with the most integrity and I have no reservations after choosing them. They properly set my expectations and the loan was closed in a timely manner.
I don't have very good credit, & was turned down by Quicken Loans & two others for a refinance. With Cardinal Finance, it was like I had good credit, and they were very quick in getting things done, very friendly & professional.
Alan Acker is top notch! I can't say enough how appreciative I am of the personal touch Alan gives to his customers. Refinancing isn't always the most straight-forward of processes, and Alan communicated and updated me every step of the way. This meant a great deal to me. He was always available to answer questions, update status, etc. I had many different options to choose from when refinancing, and I'm so glad I went with Alan and Cardinal Financial. Thanks Alan!
Very professional. They were on time, quick and did a great job. Would recommend Kendra. Thought some of paperwork excessive, but I am sure due to government reps.
I used Sebonic/CF to refi my mortgage. They were great to work with. My loan officer and processor were very professional and had great communication. The only issue was a delay with underwriting, as they were backed up. Missed my closing date and had to get 2 lock extensions, but they covered all fees as it was their issue, so once again great customer service. Their online portal was easy to use, and the whole process was relatively smooth and painless. I would recommend them highly!
Working with Cardinal Financial has been a great experience. From start to finish (about the span of a month) I was able to get pre-approval, approval and perform closing. I found Cardinal on which showed Cardinal as having the lowest interest rate of any of the other lenders. I bit and I'm glad I did because I walked away with an amazing interest rate and a no hassle experience.
Did a refinance with Cardinal Financial. Good communication. Clearly and promptly answered any questions I had. I would recommend to others.
Jeff was my banker who made the process very smooth from start to finish. He was flexible and provided me with several different options since my appraisal came in higher than I anticipated. This cause my loan documents to have to be regenerated reflecting new numbers. The loan still closed within 30 days. The apprisial process and closing process was very smooth and easy to schedule online as well.
This is the third time we were dealing with Cardinal Financial - one mortgage and two refinances. Each time we have had an extremely positive experience right from Loan Origination to Closing. The Loan processing representative worked with me patiently to satisfy all underwriting requirements. This is a team of folks I will always go back to whenever I have a need for a mortgage.
Fast and professional. Chris is knowledgeable and provided high quality of services. Would recommend working with Cardinal Financial to all my friends
RUN THE OTHER WAY!!! It was like working with the keystone cops... People in the same company were not keeping in touch with each other. I had to stay on top of this VA loan to make sure it happened. I deserved a salary for the amount of work I had to do to get this loan approved. Each group would give a different answer to the same question, they did not seem to know how to use "COMMON SENSE" No one at cardinal was in charge, I was the one who had to keep calling to keep things moving The ball was dropped so many times during the process that i stopped counting. The closing date was never really confirmed, it was a moving target. In the end i believe that I was given a lot of misinformation regarding my VA loan. They forced me to pay off my student loan as a condition to getting this cash out refi. I was not allowed to speak to the underwriter at the VA to confirm anything i was being told by this company. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE...RUN THE OTHER WAY!! Yes it was that bad!! YOU have been warned...feel free to call me for more 702-280-9497 about what they did to me and my husband. My name is Diane
First the facts - I chose Cardinal based on recommendation from a friend, and they gave me good rates on my Mortgage, I completed the loan application the same day as when I finalized rates with my loan officer. I ordered and paid for the Appraisal the same day. The loan officer and Cardinal were aware of my Appraisal contingency and agreed to meet it. It was 12 days away when the appraisal was ordered. In spite of repeated reminders from me regarding the Appraisal contingency, the appraisal was delivered late (1 day late) and it came well below asking price. Since I had lost my appraisal contingency, the seller would not reduce price and was happy to pocket my $5000 earnest money if I decided to walk away. I had to submit an appeal for the appraisal as well as look at other lenders due to this miss. Now for the experience - It was an utterly bitter experience having to deal with Cardinal. When I repeatedly contacted my loan processor to ask her to ensure that the appraisal came in before deadline, she was extremely rude and at one point, she yelled at me that it was not Cardinal's responsibility and that it was my responsibility. The loan officer never accepted the fact the appraisal contingency had been missed. No apologies, nothing. All he kept harping on about was the fact that "You are worried because the appraisal came in low". I repeatedly mentioned to Cardinal that my biggest problem was that the contingency had been missed and not that it was low. The only reasonable person to speak with me and apologize was the loan processor's boss, but she got involved in this too late. She also promised refunding the Appraisal fees, but I got an email from Cardinal stating that they did not see a reason to do so. Bottom line - Cardinal attracts customers with good rates, but choose them at your own peril.
By far the quickest and easiest loan process I've ever experienced. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a home loan
The service that we received from Rachael Swick went above and beyond anything we have ever experienced. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a mortgage. 5 stars are not enough!!!
They were absolutely fantastic. I would never do another loan with anyone else. If only I knew about him during our first purchase 11 years ago, it would have been better. He is extremely responsive, patient, and knowledgeable.
Removing PMI is an awful experience. Everything has to be in writing. They will not answer even basic questions about the process over the phone. They require FULL re-appraisals (at full price) for the house < 2 years after the first appraisal. I am at 78% of the original LTV when I refinanced.
SO bad it's impressive HOW BAD. I'm writing this review while I'm on hold (so far for 35 minutes). Cardinal is so impressively bad at everything. 2 days of waiting on hold for 30+ minutes each just to speak with someone who can't help fix a problem Cardinal created. Really an hour just to tell you that CARDINAL SCREWED UP! Said they'd expedite my request, said I'd have a copy of my chat with the agent, said they made a payment...ALL FALSE. They changed payment to my homeowners insurance company, didn't tell me, didn't notify the insurance company, and now I'm the one scrambling to fix it less than a week before it's due. I ALREADY PAID THROUGH ESCROW but Cardinal can't figure out their own system of failures. If you're so bad at managing a simple mortgage, do the world a favor and just sell the company or my mortgage to someone else and close up shop.
I found Sebonic/Cardinal financial through one of the real estate website.They offered me the best rate that i could find during that time. I had a very positive experience working them and they were professional and got my complete loan work done in a timely manner just by working with them through phone and email . The whole process was painless and really smooth, very happy to work with Jeff and Kristina and I recommend working them.
Great experience with Cardinal when refinancing my mortgage. I liked that they have a web interface that lets me track the progress, review materials to sign online, and upload my documents. The staff I worked with were polite, helpful, and communicated regularly by phone and email about expectations and timelines. Cardinal's rate was the best out of ten companies I compared them with and I'm very happy with the outcome.
We picked Cardinal Financial Company because they offered us a great rate. The process was smooth and easy. The time to close can be accomplished rather fast as long as you are up to the task of supplying what they need. The longer it takes you to submit what they ask for the longer it takes you to close. Great company and would recommend to anyone. Thanks Again
I found Cardinal Financial through an online website, I was a little unsure at first, but the moment I spoke with Jason a financial advisor I knew I made the right decision to do our refinance with Cardinal Financial Company. Every document was through a private online website, so easy I couldn't believe it. Every email I sent, I received a response in a very timely manner! I felt like an VIP doing business with Cardinal Financial. Every staff member I spoke with was compassionate and very informative on the process. I cant stress the ease of our transaction, I'm so very happy we did our refinance with Cardinal Financial Company !!!!!
This was such a fantastic experience. My family and I were able to close 2 weeks early and it was the smoothest mortgage/closing process I have ever experienced. Thank you Cardinal Financial for getting me into my home!!
I had a terrible experience. I had not refinance in 20 year. The first person I dealt with gave me some information but did not disclose all the fees involved. As I got deeper in the process I found out about more and more fees. I had to extend my rate lock many times. The first time was because the appraiser couldn't do his appraisal until 12 days after being contracted. The loan processor didn't have any information. i would get forms almost daily and when I asked him why things went up or down, etc, he said he would get back to me and then didn't know the answer. It took 7 weeks to complete this process. I would not recommend Cardinal Financial Company as my experience was horrible!!! Thanks for the update, but you did not address the issues with your employees and lack of customer service and information. A company is only as good as its representatives and unfortunately they did not demonstrate great customer service in my situation. That's where the problem lies.
I had a great experience with Sebonic/Cardinal Financial being my first online refinance of my home. At the beginning I was kind of nervous doing this because online was new for me but was glad I did. The signing of documents and uploading was surprisingly easy as well. They will send emails to you that explain what you need and how to upload the paperwork. They are also easy to contact and get a hold of if you have any questions you may have on anything. It shows from the beginning, they are very knowledgeable and professional on what they do and a plus for me was they showed to care about their customers. They go out of their way to find the best rate possible and make it a smooth process all the way to closing. Justin did a great job of staying in constant contact with me and explained every step as we went through approval which made me feel confident in my decision. Trust me!!! You will not make a mistake if you decide to go with Sebonic/Cardinal Financial.
They matched the lowest rate of all lenders that I called (and offered a lender credit). Their online process went smoothly and most of the delays were on the Seller's side (Survey). The Underwriting Conditions were spelled out simply and the Loan Processor helped along the way. The closing process went by in a blur. Highly satisfied, especially after reading the negative experiences online (missing deadlines/rate extension/lack of communication). (Note: If you are up against a fast-approaching deadline, definitely call and check the status with questions. Their customer care line works wonders if you can't get in touch with a specific person.)
Do NOT use this company! We have been “pre-approved” for awhile and Cardinal Financial knew everything up front about credit, income, bankruptcy, EVERYTHING. They said everything looks great! Our credit score even went UP during the process and we told them. We signed a sales contract on a home. We have paid for the appraisal and it’s been done. We have plenty of money in our bank for closing and the seller is even paying closing costs. We are days away from closing and just told not approved for VA loan and they blamed it on the VA specifically but wouldn’t say why. I called the VA directly and they said it wasn’t them that it was Cardinal Financial. Cardinal Financial will not tell me why it is now denied days before closing and I know for a fact nothing has changed on my end and my score has even gone up! I feel betrayed. I am a disabled veteran with over 10 years of great employment record with the government and Cardinal said no problems at all! Then they just leave you out in the dark with your money gone. I have read all of the other reviews and I realize now this seems like a scam. Cardinal you can verify my loan #1000146029. I have already packed and turned in a notice. Now they have left me looking for a place to live! UPDATE: Just was told that the underwriters at Cardinal denied it because I haven’t established any credit. I have been in a Chapter 13 for over 2 years and made all the payments on time with proof. You can’t take on additional debt except for this mortgage and why would I want too! I have almost no debt and I want to keep it that way. THEY KNEW ALL OF THIS BEFORE I WAS PRE-APPROVED! I have increased my credit score and they didn’t even ask me too. They want me to get additional debt to get established credit? I have paid my bankruptcy payments every single month on time for over 2 years and the balance on it is under 10,000 dollars! and my credit score is over 600! These guys are SCAMMERS and liars! My fiancé is in the real estate business and we even sent some customers there. We will make sure to never recommend them and file something with the BBB and anywhere else to make sure this stops happening to people. We are going to contact the VA and anyone else to do whatever we can because they have made mistakes and straight out lied to us. UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO CARDINAL’S LIE BELOW: Income? I make well over the income requirements as I already stated, Cardinal knew EVERYTHING before pre—approval. And in regards to the appraisal, which I have NEVER received a copy of, I have recorded phone conversations that state #1 you first said denied because the VA wouldn’t back it until I called the VA and they directly verified my Certificate of Guaranty was sent to lender on the 12tj. Then here comes #2 LIE , no established credit ( which they knew before , I have been in a CHP 13 over 3 years with every single payment made on time. So after arguing with their consumer advocate, she hasn’t a clue about our entire loan file, she keeps saying it’s income #3 LIE but then says I’m sorry, it’s the bankruptcy. She says the underwriters didn’t know about my bankruptcy. I have conversations and documents to prove otherwise. I received a document that from them stating the reason for denial and it says NOTHING about income. It is a denial that says limited credit references! Which is a joke because I have documents from them that shows they knew EXACTLY what was on my credit. She could never give me a straight answer and all she was worried about was me signing an agreement saying I wouldn’t post any bad reviews and I would take this one down and I had to agree to not hiring an attorney and couldn’t complain to the CFPB ( consumer finance) about all their illegal activities. SO, I also have them saying they now conveniently don’t have my appraisal that I paid for in yet. Keep trying to reply back with your lies CardinalFinancial, I know there is a consumer law suit against your company now and you promise loans, get people pre-approved and take their money when it was obvious you never had any intentions of approving a loan. I will NOT sign your agreement and I will continue to advocate on every website , CFPB, BBB and continue to let everyone know what you’ve done. Check out all the other reviews, CardinalFinancial says this is rare that this happens. It obviously isn’t because you have SO many ppl complaining about the same scam and posting bad reviews about the same thing you’re doing to them. I have even had reputable people from the VA and other mortgage companies say YOU are in the wrong in every way.
All of the individuals involved were upfront and very knowledgeable about the process. They were insightful, patient, and not only talked to me on the phone but then followed up with an e-mail to document our discussions. They were professional, timely, and it was a seamless and easy process. I hope to do business with this company again!
My loan office walked me through the entire process and answered every single question I had very prompt. I had no issues and even closed a few days earlier!
No communication, disrespectful loan officer and a lack of basic customer service As a realtor purchasing my own home this should have been a slam dunk and an easy process - my entire file was sent ready to go. I not only had to email constantly for information but I had to beg for updates. This is a people business not a tech one and Cardinal would do well to add some basic customer service into their loan process
Cardinal Financial was a pleasure to do business with. Everyone that I worked with was extremely helpful, efficient, and engaged throughout the process. I was able to put in an offer and close on a home within three weeks using their service. I would recommend using them for a home mortgage.
From start to finish this company was flawless. If you want a quick easy close on your house. Cardinal Financial can make it happen !!!! With their help I know own my dream house.
Nathan Schmidtke was great to work with. Very honest and went out of his way to help with the refi process. I will be recommending him to friends and family that are looking to buy or refinance.
From the beginning, with our loan originator "Najuma" and along the remaining way to end, only (26) days later, with our loan processor "April", we experienced a completely hassle free refinancing process that we would highly recommend to anyone who may be reluctant in using Cardinal Financial Co., Limited Partnership as their mortgage company, when buying a new home or refinancing, as we did. Donna Bruza
I used Cardinal Financial to get a mortgage on my first home purchase. I worked with Mike Breland and had a great experience. I was able to get a great interest rate and everyone I worked with was very eager to help out and answer all of my questions (of which I had many). I started the process in early November and was able to close on my house before Christmas which was exactly what I wanted. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a good mortgage company with a great rate.
Wonderful experience! Our loan officer, Kevin O'Leary was great - so helpful and dedicated throughout the whole process! We will certainly use Cardinal Financial in the future for any other mortgage needs!
I have worked with them on both my original loan and my refinance. Both times it went well. There were a few hiccups on the refinance but overall I think they are a great deal.
Working with Shaun Dunphy and Cardinal Financial was a very easy process. Through the application process, verifying income, etc... the process could not have gone smoother. Shaun was very accessible and helpful with answering questions quickly. I would not hesitate to use Shaun and Cardinal Financial again!
Glad I went with Cardinal Financial Company for my refinancing needs. Professional service every step of the way: comprehensive, supportive and cordial. Can't imagine a better experience elsewhere.
All of the people I dealt with at Cardinal Financial were terrific! They offer the best rates as well.
They closed on time, were friendly and informative every step of the way. The officer that I worked with was knowledgeable and quick to patiently answer my questions. I've had loans with 3 other companies, the other companies had either higher rates/closing costs or the service was far from transparent. Cardinal Financial is a very good lender to work with. From my experience, they had the best rates and the lowest closing costs coupled with amazing service. A+ in my books.
Great experience!! Saved me tons of money!!
This was the first time my wife and I refinanced our home and it could not have better. The loan officer(s) were quick to respond, and knowledgeable. If we had any questions we typically had a response within an hour. Our loan closed within about a month and a half due to unforeseen hiccups (neither theirs or our fault). I would defiantly use them again for any mortgage needs.
Cardinal Financial/Sebonic was great to deal with. They were quick to respond, gave us a great rate and stayed in touch with us the while time. The closing was at our house which was super convienient. Highly recommend checking them out before you buy/ refinance.
April of 2016 I completed a refinance with Cardinal Financial Company, as a part of our agreement, I agreed to pay Cardinal beyond my mortgage also my taxes and insurance. And from my escrow account both would be paid on my behalf by Cardinal. However on 07/21/2016 my homeowners insurance was canceled due to non payment, I found there was a confusion with billing from my insurance and payment from Cardinal, we supposedly got it sorted out, I got a new Insurance policy and thought all was taken care of. 12/02/16 I am notified by Liberty Mutual ( insurance) my policy is going to be canceled again due to non payment, I called Cardinal and they told me they would send a overnight payment, again I thought all was well. The payment was not made until 01/03/2017 resulting in the policy being canceled. Summer of 2017 I received a bill from Cardinal for my normal mortgage plus fees and fines because of "lender placed mortgage insurance" I contact Cardinal they agree to remove the fees if I get a new policy, I do so the new policy is in place Aug 1st and Cardinal made the payment 07/07/2017. Since that date I have continued to get bills from Cardinal with fees and penalties related to the lack of insurance I have spoken to someone at there company multiple times a month to resolve the issue which in there terms was " Under Dispute" with no resolve, until in November/December I noticed they had started reporting my full mortgage payments as partial payments because they did not include the fees and fines associated with the forced placed insurance. My Credit has now dropped from 800+ to 700- because of their untimely payments. I would like my credit restored and the issue resolved.
A BIG shout out to Kevin O'Leary and Dawn Stowe for their efforts with my recent mortgage needs. They were both very professional and extremely helpful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!!!
I recently refinanced my mortgage with Cardinal Financial with an awesome rate. This is a communicative and responsible team. I appreciate it.
Great company, Mark Demicoli loan originator at the New York office was terrific. He was always available to answer questions. He followed up, and throughout the entire process, and even checked on how things are going after closing. Loan processor Rebecca was great as well. When we could not close on time because of unavailability of every party involved, Cardinal Financial extended rate lock with no extra fee. Closing cost lower than disclosed, interest rate same as established at pre-approval. Easy to use and safe online portal to view loan status, review and sign docs. I highly recommend, and would use this company again
Lender was very helpful in the beginning... got us approved "pre-qualified" fairly quickly... very knowledgeable of the process and did what he could to help...
Cardinal was very professional and efficient. This is the third time I have closed a loan or refi by correspondence, and this was the easiest. The number of documents to be provided/signed by me was minimized, while the experience was maximized. From first contact, my call was addressed with a minimum of waiting (like 10 minutes after requesting info online). The appraiser and notary both were flexible and made appointments promptly. The refi closed in 2 1/2 weeks, with the funds *in my checking account* in a total of 3 1/2 weeks. The documents exchange portion of the online system was the only minor negative, as it wasn't clear what really needed to be signed, and by what deadline. I also had a couple of glitches with my web browser in viewing the PDFs. But it was clear that progress is being made in the web software. Growing pains are to be expected when rolling out software updates. My loan originator and loan processor were both extremely professional and moved things along quickly. They addressed my questions promptly and (I feel) that Cardinal got us the best possible rate, with minimal work on my part versus the other options I investigated.
I've dealt with 3 loan officers during my home buying process and Ariel Clayborn from Cardianl Financial was by far the most attentive and the most patient of them all. She was always available for questions and never seemed bothered at all. Her company was very quick with all approvals and we had no hiccups when we closed on our new home. I highly recommend Ariel and Cardinal Financial.
I was first attracted by one of the lowest APR on the market. Sebonic was able to accept all of my paperwork online, I signed and uploaded all the PDFs electronically, no mails, no faxes. But the best thing was that my loan originator was very active and quick, and had been able to lock my rate right before it soared on the next day. The whole process was very quick, took less than 3 weeks, including the appraisal and a few minor adjustments (on my wish) with the follow up communication, still it was surprisingly quick. Great experience overall!
Fantastic service--Rob our primary lender, and Tony, his colleague, were the ultimate professionals throughout our lending process--as 1st time home-buyers we had lots of questions and took up many hours of their time. Bob made himself available all times of the day and night, explained everything in detail, answered multiple questions several times-sometimes the same ones over and over. Rob was very specific about what was needed, even came by to pick up the paperwork to make it more convenient for us. Was very personable, patient, very honest and transparent. Just very accommodating. Cardinal got us qualified quickly so we could get started on the house hunting. Once house selected, we were processed and closed within 4 weeks. Both Rob and Tony came to the closing, though only one person was required--nice to have them both finish out the process. We don't like paperwork, but they made it flow, quick and easy and painless! Absolutely no complaints -we would recommend them for any of your lender needs. They were awesome--and because of them we are now blessed to be in our first home! Many thanks--use them--you won't be disappointed! Cornell & D.