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CASH 1 Online Loan Reviews

Cash 1 has always been there for me when those unexpected. Financial situations. In life come up. They treated me like a valued customer and I never had a bad experience dealing with them. If you are ever in a financial jam, I highly recommend going to see Cash 1.
The staff are very helpful and friendly, they helped me with the cash I needed!
Ok.. dont like when run the transaction of withdrawal before pay period.
Always pleasant & professional. Very knowledgeable & willing to help.
If your looking for a place that's friendly, knowledgeable, and 100% helpful, come see the crew at my Cash 1 at 2415 E. Thomas Road, Phx AZ 85016. Let Benny, Adriana, Rebecca, CeCe, Vanessa or Mayra find the best loan for you. I'm so pleased with their customer service, I'm trying to tell everyone.
Friendly staff, clean office, in and out in about 20 minutes for my first visit. The only issue I have is that they do not provided you with a lien release. I only needed to borrow money for a week and paid the loan off in full 7 days later. Would not provided me with a lien release which is wrong since I had to authorize a lien in the event I didn't pay it back. I paid everything back in 7 days, I should have a document releasing any lien(s) against my vehicle. Other then that, I would recommend this company if you need a very short term loan.
They're rates are the lowest to me in Las Vegas I had went to another one here it was dollar on dollar I like Cash 1 Loans because they work with you even if your late on your payment that's why I give theme a five star's
I had a wonderful expierence. Ashlie helped me on 43rd Ave and Glendale. She had such a great personality and her attitude was amazing. Answered all of my questions! She is awesome!
Cash 1 has made it easy and affordable to get a loan that you can pay off ahead of time or wait your whole contract. The people are friendly and helpful their greetings are phenomenal. I have always felt welcomed in this store
Good service but no help past that. I signed cuz i was desperate soits my problem. I would use this as a last option of gaining money gor bills because thers no way outl.
Easy loan with easy payments.
I highly recommend this loan company. Good customer service, hassle free...just show up with a smile.
Although I have not used it, I like the new partnership Cash 1 has with Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon. I do plan on taking advantage of this new service in n the near future.
I have been satisfied with their service.
I would like to go to any location to take care of any business that I have with your company. The office that I go to was convenient when I lived in the vicinity, but I have moved to the west side of town and find it inconvenient that I can't go to the ones on the west side to finish or take care of my business.
Customer Service not to professional. Was not provide what was need to ask for increase of loan.
The people were very friendly and very helpful. The ladies knew what they were doing and were very helpful. They explained everything clearly to my understanding
good customer service and very helpful
Great service every time I've been in.
Reasonable interest rate
Excellent service all the way around!
Great sevice and rates as well as quick cash when you need it.
Fast and easy and welcoming. Very helpful.
Accepted invite to get another loan, also receive a gift. Thanks again
They are always very helpful and efficient
I've only had 1 issue in all the years with doing business with Cash 1. Otherwise they've always been great, fast, and they've let me know everything I need before I go into the store.
Great service and everyone is friendly. Fair price.
This is the place to go
Awesome people that work with you and give you the best deal! There's many locations around me, but I choose this one all the time. Thank you
I worked with Anthony and he went above and beyond to take of me. Patient, respectful and honest.
Because not matter what the limit never going up and the other choices you send me I need to pay my loan first
The only complaint I have is the of course the high percentage of over 150% - it is nice when I need the extra money, but if you can't pay it all back faster, it is just highway robbery charging that much interest.
The representative that processed my loan was professional and efficient.
I have sent you several reviews and I have yet to get a response. So I don't feel my opinion matters
Friendly service and the price wasn't too bad
The lady that helped me was very polite and answered all my questions I will recommend this company to my friends
No lines, always friendly and hassle free
Quick simple and reasonable
Good costumer service and a fast solution.
Easy and fast. I use them when I am in a bind.
The employee who handled my loan should not be doing this job unsupervised. She can't count money at all and had to have another employee count the money for my loan after she had counted it several times and couldn't come up with the correct amount. Now I find out she has also screwed up my loan and I have to inconvenience myself to go have it fixed. My paperwork is correct but the computer system is screwed up. Once I pay this loan off, I will NEVER use this company again. Nor will I recommend it to anyone I know.
The service I recieved from the young lady that was helping me was very poor. She was in a major rush and the store was not that busy. She drop money on the floor that I gave her to make a payment. Then once I told her about it she made me wait while she counted her drawer. She then with a smile had a very nasty disposition. She was rude to me and did it all with a big smile. I have never experienced anything like this before from Cash 1. I think the experience and poor service was so far below standard that once I pay off my current loan I will no longer loan from them again.
I've taken out five loans with these people and amount of $700 and the terms and agreement of the payback anywhere between 18 to 21 months to pay it back I've paid it off within 3 to 4 months each time now there's other loan places and their competitors out there where they started me off with the amount of $700 and I'm taking it out the same time I took it out my loan with Cash 1 and paid them back and every time I take out a loan with the other places they seem to increase me every time I go into the store to keep me as a loyal customer I went from being $700 at these other places as well and now I'm in the thousands and then there's one place where I went from $500 to they qualify me for $5,000 just wish cash one with increase more every time I go in there cuz they told me when I first started with them if you keep paying on it and you pay on time that they can do increases in the future if you need a loan in the future and that seems to never happen other places say the same thing but they hold truth to it!
I cannot express enough how many times I go to Cash1 to get money and have been helped with the utmost customer service. I have never had any problems when doing business with this company. Whether I call on the phone or go in to do business face-to-face.
Good people skills
They were honest and nice
When I had nowhere else Was 1 helped me a great deal. Thank you!
Most of the time it’s okay and easy but I have been calling for 3 weeks about a referral check that was suppose to be sent to me or so I was told for 3 weeks that should of been about $100! Only to find out today that I won’t be receiving it and I’ve been told the wrong information by multiple people for several weeks and I have been planning on paying certain bills with those funds! So now I am very upset and after my loan is paid off I will not be using cash one again!!
So I recently went into cash1 on (address) and was helped by (name), i was called to the window and proceeded to ask if i could pay off and reloan . To my understanding I thought if I paid my loan off I could re borrow for more since I brought in an updated check stub and my earnings increased. She said I had to wait 90 days and then I would be able to, she didn't seem too confident and then asked another employee that was also on duty, so that kinda made me question if they quoted me correctly. During the middle of the transaction she answered the phone and was talking to what seemed to be another employee, and had me waiting a good 3 or 4 mins. I am a patient person but I work at a check cashing facility as well and it would be more effective to politely place the call on hold and finish up with your customer at the window, especially if it's another employee on the line. After this she had me feel out another application and I didn't understand why when I'm already in the system. She then proceeded to call and verify my employer and the first attempt she called the wrong location and after she hung up she said "they said you don't work there" ??? I'm like you called the wrong location, the second attempt she called my store and asked if I worked there and I believe and they said no because they know me as tony. So she had to call back for the 3rd time she asked for tony, and I believe my manager asked who was calling due to company policy and this is where I started to get real bothered....! When my employer asked who was asking for me she said " this is (name) from cash1" this DID NOT sit well with me because I know for a fact this is not a practice for your company to release who is calling and it is only required to let references or job verification know that they are calling because I listed them as a reference. My friend also has a loan out with cash1 and (name) the store manager for that location when helping my friend and when verifying she did not say who she was. So regarding that I felt really embarrassed that now my boss and employer know my business. This should have been confidential ! The only two employees that are I feel on point and know their job are (name) and (name). the others seem to have too much attitude except for the guy teller. Other then this poor experience I hope to continue business with cash1. This location in question, unless (name), or (name) are working.
I usually go on Thursday or Friday morning and the staff at 51st and Peoria are nic3, friendly, polite, and helpful. They explained things to were i understood and didnt have to ask several questions. The loans are affordable and they even buy off and combine loans for lower payments under one store. Made my life easier. Thank you.
Came into to borrow some cash to pay bills and had a very pleasant experience. Thanks so much
I have had a good experience with CASH 1.
Cash 1 is the easiest payday loan company to work with. Rates are great, customer service is outstanding and they are always willing to work with you and answer all my questions.
Yes I will recommend this company to others
I would highly recommend this place if your looking for a quick loan. Service was so great and fast.
Great experience, I would recommend them to anyone needing the service.
Carmen was very respectful and efficient. Didn't waste any time and was completely upfront and clear in every aspect. Having to borrow money to get by, even just for a week, was difficult for me, but she, abd the rest if the staff, made it a simple process.
Would have been helpful if you had a checklist of items one should being with them when applying. For example, no one had told me in advance to bring a blank check or deposit slip with my bank's routing number and my account number. Secondly, the calculation of Liens did not reflect the fact that I had paid off my account with CheckMate on 12/05/17, so the lien amount of $4.600 was overstated and wrong. If you had the $3,616 correct amount for liens, my loan eligibility would have been nearly $1,000 greater.
Cash 1 is very helpful, they have awesome customer service and willing to help!
This payday loan company is reliable and accessible. The repensatives are very friendly and knowledgeable and always try hard to meet your needs
Very happy with them service
The whole process was great.
My first loan there I payed off. My second loan maybe longer to pay off. I make payments on time. I should refinance if I am paying the loan off anyway.
Was given a hard time and ultimately left not getting what I needed when usually it's a quick and painless process.
I truly had great customer service that made me feel comfortable in a stressful time with the customer service agent smiling all the time.
Easy to apply and staff are friendly.
They are so professional and patient if I ever need to take out another loan I will Definitely come back here
They really don't help you when u need it if you had a loan got 500 dollars and you've paid the majority of the loan back and want the remaining amount back you have to pay off the remaining balance and that's not good. Other loan places just give you the balance.
Union hills location workers were wonderful, friendly, helpful .. process was quick and easy,, BUT 43/northern workers were condescending, rude, and gave false policy information and did not follow through with what they did they
Ok service Low loan amounts
They were very helpful and I am so thankful they were there to help me out of a jam
I've never had any negative experience with Cash 1. The people there have always been helpful and polite .
They have no customer service. They make you feel like you are a bad person begging for money.
My experience was great. I have never had to take out this type of loan in my life. The lady that helped me was nice, explained the process and was prompt in completing my loan.
The manager was nice and friendly
Yes it was a very good experience to be helped when you have nobody helping you.:) thank you cash one.
My experience with Cash 1 was great. I really like doing business with them. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Cash 1 is honest and fair and understanding and was their for me when no one else was. I would recommend for anyone to do business with Cash 1. I can't think of one word that will sum up the great experience that I had with Cash 1.
First off I got a email saying I can get 150$ if I go get a loan . So I went with my printed email and the manager called someone and they said I couldn't use the 150$ coupon till after July 14th . So I went in July 15 gave the manager my 150$ coupon and got a 300$ loan . So I signed all the papers and as she's counting out my money she only gave me 50$ for the loan and I said the coupon was for 150$ and she said I know "corporate messed up and sent u a wrong amount " so I said well why didn't u tell me me all this before I signed all the papers. I was mad because as a manager she could have explained the whole situation BEFORE anything not jus assumed I knew . If I knew I wouldn't have gave her my 150$ coupon. and they even sent me a 75$ coupon as well and she said I couldn't use it. Poor communication and the store managers part especially if I'm a loyal customer and always pay my loans on time!?
Customer Service is always the best! Very nice people. Never have to wait along time.
When I needed cash for unplanned expenses, they were friendly and helpful. The loan amount was what I needed and Jessie was nice and did her job efficiently while still being friendly.
Fast, professional, friendly service.
Easy to do business with and polite employees
Excellent service for those who needs cash in time of needs.
Great pple and attitudes. Will go back if needed.
Very easy to get a loan from them. Was in and out within reasonable time.
Exactly what said above but also wish there was a way I could check my balance and make a payment online.
Given the kind of title loans the interest rates are double compared to other title loan,companies.
Cash 1 corporate and their local reps are efficient, patient and ever so helpful! I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.
I've had a very good experience working wit cash 1.. the process was quick and fast, also the staff was very nice and professional.. I'll definitely go back whenever i need to get some extra cash!
Great place to go, good people, thank u
I was told that the application was already filled on website and the front desk lady ask me to refill the application
Thanks for dropping off money yeah
very easy to work with and polite too
Your people while very nice don't explain how your loans work very well which makes it confusing from one visit to the next when you have someone different helping you than the last time when you were told one thing and the next visit youre told something totally different. Also, your computer system is down more than it is up and running and it is very frustrating when you've driven so far to be told the system is down - again.
I love Cash 1.. I never have a problem getting a loan and its fast and easy
Great people. Fast, easy to use, and simple.
Very helpfull n they really gonna help you to get loan..
I will continue to do business with this company when ever I need financial help. they have been outstanding !!
Cash I Clerks always friendly and ready to serve you.
Great friendly staff