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I applied for a loan online. Then I received a call from a Mark ** with a Middle Eastern accent stating that I had been approved for a $3000 loan. The number on the caller ID was 213-814-4047. He then transferred me to a John ** who informed me that I had to buy an insurance policy on the loan for $150 and to send it by Green Dot Money Pak which I did. Then they asked for $197, $250, $300, $390, and then $500. He then gave me two reference numbers that he said was for Money Gram and a number to call, 786-406-6058, which was answered by another man with a Middle Eastern accent. He said that I would have to pay $678 to get my funds. I guess I am a little slow before I believed I was being scammed.

Even if you are registered with the National Do Not Call Registry, they STILL call. Apparently the Government can't do anything to stop them.

I contacted for loan. I would have to pay $120.00 for the guarantee of the first payment. I paid then they said transferring funds and check bank in 35 minutes. No funds... Called them back, said had to pay $180.00 funds transfer. No funds... Called back. Pay the taxes, $220.00. No funds... Called them back. Pay $175.97 for insurance on the loan. No funds... Called them back. Said they have to collect $150.00 origination fee... I really blew up.... Please stay away from this company. Before I tried to do business with these people I looked them up and could not find anything negative at all..... Now I do see the lady that had the same experience as me.

On August 11, 2015 I was told from an agent at this company that if I pay $225.00 through MoneyGram at Wal-Mart I could get the $2000.00 loan that I was requesting. A few hours later the agent came back online and said that they will increase my loan and refund all funds back if I pay another $250.00 which totaled $475.00. Then he came back and said I cannot get my loan unless I open up 3 bank accounts and pay more money. Then I got upset. Today August 19, 2015 I receive a call from the General Manager and CEO telling me that those individual that done this will be suspended. Then he said I must pay another $250.00 in order to get my loan. I refuse to pay another dime and I am entitled to get my money back. If not the original loan. This company needs to be fully investigated of their actions here. I am very upset.

UPDATED ON 09/02/2015: On August 29, 2015 @ 9:26 pm I received a call from a Private Number. When I answered the gentleman on the other end asked if I was Loren **. He proceeded to tell me that he is The General Manager of the Loan office of Cash Advance USA. He said his name is Michael **. He proceeded to tell me that he was very unhappy and sorry about the way I have been treated about my loan. He said that he was going to help me. He asked about the money I sent to them and that I will be getting my refund on the amount of $500.00. He said a Federal Bank will be calling my voicemail and leaving a confirmation number at 9:30 am on Sunday August 30, 2015. He wanted my voicemail pin.

On Sunday at 9:30 am I did not receive a call. Then on Monday I called the number Michael ** gave me **. He did not answer but later he called me back and it was a Private Number again. He said that the pin number I gave was incorrect. I proceeded to tell him that it is not right that they need my pin number for voicemail which honestly I do not have one. I told him this is all phony and that I will be reporting him. Several times in this conversation he cursed me out and said ** several times and said that I should die. I was very upset. I said to Mr. ** that he is not a businessman. He proceeded to curse more at me. Then he hung up. I really need something done about Cash Advance USA ASAP and I need my money back as well. This is not how any company should run a business. Please, if you can help get my money back as well as punish this company so it will not happen to others. I would really appreciate it.

Last summer my boyfriend needed money and I wanted to help him but had nothing in my savings. He asked me to apply for a payday loan since I had a bank account. I went through with the application, but I never electronically signed anything to finalize the loan, and neither accepted any deposit into my bank account nor allowed a withdrawal of funds for any loan (I have all my bank records as proof) since I was able to obtain the cash need from a relative. Since this time, I have continued to received phone calls about finalizing loan approval from several men with thick Indian accents, have continued to received emails from the people mentioned in other's reviews (a Jason, William, etc..) congratulating me on my loan approval and urging me to finalize the loan for deposit. I have done none of this!

Now, I have received an email with a pdf affidavit with the US Dept of Justice seal on it saying that I have been monitored because I accepted a loan from Cash Advance USA and when repayment from the company was attempted, they were unable to receive repayment due to insufficient funds... and now there is legal action against me?! But I didn't go through with the loan!!!

Has anyone else experienced this?! Is this something I should just ignore because they are trying to get money from me that's not theirs? Or can something really happen to me?? I recently opened my own business, I'm scared that they are going to attempt to wreck my life!! Who can I contact to stop these liars?! I am an honest, law abiding citizen. I will not stand to have my name ruined! I greatly appreciate any assistance/advice on how to proceed with this grossly false accusation! I would have gladly attached the pdf I received but I didn't know how, I do have it saved though in case it is needed in the event of legal action. I feel threatened and harassed. Thank you for your time.

My husband and I have been in a financial crisis. Desperate times, call for desperate measures. In a desperate attempt to get us out of this black hole of financial stress, my husband was surfing the net looking for loans for bad credit. He came across an application, filled it out, and got a call from a guy with a thick Indian accent, saying that he was approved up to $20,000. He said, "We only need $2,000." These people claimed to be Cash Advance. They told him they would deposit $899.11 into our account of which we needed to withdrawal and send back to them via Western Union to ensure that our bank account was active. They deposited the money, he did as they said, and then they said the loan would be deposited the next morning. The next morning, the money obviously was not there. They called my husband and said that his credit was too low and he would have to pay $325 to ensure we would be able pay the monthly payments.

At that point, we realized it was a possible scam. We went to the bank, opened a new checking account since they had our banking information and moved all of our money to that account, just in case. We didn't close the old account since we have to switch all of our bills and direct deposit. Today, I checked our account and noticed these scammers charged our account $899.11, putting our account negative $900! We called the bank, told them what happened and they didn't believe us and said they were going to file criminal charges against my husband for fraud!

Luckily, those people called back while my husband was on the phone with the bank, my husband put the call on conference call and answered their call. They were laughing at him and calling him names!! Thankfully, since it was on conference call, the people at the bank heard the whole thing! So that account is currently frozen, there will be no criminal charges against us, but we still have to pay all of that money back to the bank! Please DO NOT fall for this scam! We are already in a bad situation, and now it's even worse! The number of these scammers is 312-473-4818.

I, too, have been a victim of several Middle Eastern folk trying to get money from me. The calls are every other day. They start calling me in December of 2012 telling me to send money or they will have me arrested. They told me I took a loan from Cash Advance USA. My first thought was I was a victim of identity theft. They knew my number, my address, as well as my Social Security number. I first tried to assure them I had never taken any loan with this company. The gentleman's name was John ** which was strange because of his thick accent. I asked him to stop calling me and hung up - they didn't. Instead, they would call me at work. That's where I drew the line. I called my local Police Station to file a report. I also contacted my Attorney General's Office to file a complaint. That is where they told me several people are being targeted - it's a scam. I did get one more call at work. I told them who I contacted, that I'm on to them, and for them to stop calling.

These individuals have been harassing me on my cellphone, and at my workplace. They are stating that I am under fraud investigation for a payday loan with US Cash Advance. It is very irritating, if I may say the least, and I plan to press charges against these individuals, if I find out where they are located. They are stating that I will receive jail time, and that I will be arrested by federal marshals. They are being nasty, and they are cursing me out, which furthermore, lets me know that they are not individuals calling from a law firm at all.

I received a phone call from a foreigner, who transferred me to someone who claimed they were an attorney. This gentleman then told me that he represents Cash Advance USA and that they were filing criminal charges against me for nonpayment of a supposed loan I took out with them. Said if I paid now, it was a total of around $600. But if I go to court and lose, it would be over $8,000. I have never taken such a loan with them, but have applied to other lending companies online. I believe that they are data mining off of some of these sites that promise you loans. Then they take all your information and then tell you that they are not an actual lender, but will hook you up with many of the hundreds of lenders in their network. Be careful who you apply to. Make sure that they are an actual lender and not just some data mining site. They tell you in a disclaimer at the bottom of the web page if they are not.

This company is a robber of the money by the hundreds of thousands by pretending to give quick loans to honest people (like myself) that just would like to get ahead of the game with advance cash. This company need to be investigated and stopped from stealing people's monies by way of a gift card claiming to hold the soon to be deposited desired loan amount, for (140.00) which never happens. They this amount and call back to interest you to get even another card for (450.00) because of IRS has some kind of hold on your ssn, which is a falsehood and fabrication of a untruth. This one thing I know, I am not the only one nor first one that this has happen to; yet I cannot speak for no one else but I am going to do some other than sit back and say, oh well?

I even told myself this sounds too good too be true. And even questioned why is this eastern Indian accented man named Alex **. Maybe I'm not p.c., but you don't hear of Hispanic men named Rhashid, same concept. But I needed the money and he was very convincing and has a good con going. He explained the loan was for 5000 and all I had to do was verify. I could make first payment which was 95. I told him I was skeptical, he assures me this is what he does for a living and swears in his children that all will be ok. I go get green dot pack. Give it to him over phone. He tells me 30 min. I wait an hour and a half.

Meanwhile, I'm receiving a million calls from more men with the same regional accent all telling me similar stories and that they would have charged less. I call back the "Alex" he said "I'm sorry I'm processing a large amount of loans, ten minutes for your confirmation email." By the way he already has my personal info which he said was from the loan I had applied for online. I had applied on three sites at night and was informed by them that I wasn't matched with lender. Next day get emails saying try again now that it's day more lenders available to try. So when I got the call I thought it was just one of the sites I applied on.

So anyways I get email from Alex saying wire transfer confirm no. Bogus. Pdf with terms and conditions. And on it it says verification payment received but taxes on loan and wire transfer fees and insurance fees on loan pending. So I call back, I question again "why is this not happening the way you said." He assures me this is normal. Guys listen to your gut even if you need the money. They don't answer the phone with a company name and they will tell you not to contact anyone else, that they are the boss and will give you best deal. They will just keep asking for money.

I never got the money like he said. I was a fool and paid the fees 2nd trip to store. Then he tells me it's all good to go but the bank, because of overfunding, was requiring a square number (he equated it to the way you can only get 20, 40, 60 etc from an ATM). So all I would have to do is accept an extra 550 on the loan but his company couldn't release the funds unless I paid a portion of it. He wanted two hundred and fifty. I got pissed, told him this was not the way this was explained to me it would work. He again said he guaranteed me a hundred and ten percent it would happen and if I could just give him 100 he would pay the rest of the overage.

And I ask "why can't you just draft it out after you loan and wtf would a bank not accept a deposit regardless of the change." He tells me they can't draft it out of my account, I would have to pay him on the side. He assured me the money would be there in the morning. That he would pay for the overage. I just had to email him a promise to pay the 550 back. I tell him I'm extremely skeptical and am scared this is a scam. He asks me "Why, do I sound like someone who would scam? What does a scam sound like?" I responded "That's the thing. There isn't a special way to know and that people try to respect and trust other people but meanwhile it is known that scams occur and there are sick people out there".

He assures me funds will be there in morning. We started the process that was supposed to take an hour and a half at 12. It was 7. I was pissed. I went and googled his letterhead name and then found all these eerily similar accounts. I knew by the morning nothing would come. And get this, at night I'm still getting a million phone calls from all kinds of other guys offering loans. So I start screening and blocking numbers and even have one pocket dial me and they're conversing in their language for minutes. And I'd received a loan offer on my voicemail from the same number earlier.

That nightmare aside, the main deal was that I knew about the scam and didn't want to tip my hand right away. I call at 10 am and inquire why are the funds not deposited. He tells me it's because there is a problem with the money pak he bought because it's from another state it's taking longer. I told him I just want my deposits back and I'm not going to do this. He tells me "Sure just go get a card with 20 on it" and he will refund it to me. I lost my cool. I told him "You're good dude. You got me. I know now too late that this is a scam and you ** me. However you did not defeat me with honor and I hope the Feds get you before one of your supposed clients do because it will be easier on you".

Should have trusted my gut. You should too. Now I have to change my phone numbers, bank account and email address. They call constantly from a million numbers all over the country even After 8 o clock. It's a mess. There should be a punishment for this. This has to be a crime. If there isn't a punishment for it the consumers abused need to have a say at sentencing if they ever prosecute these people.

I have been applying for a short term loan and received a call from a Justin ** from Cash Advance America, saying I had been approved for a loan for $8,000 and to call them on **. I just read about the scams going around and I have already been scammed by one of the loan companies that said they were one thing but the real company said there were a lot of fraudulent companies using their name.

If you're thinking about getting a loan online, I'd suggest you try with a local credit union or your bank. These online cash advance websites will not only ask for ridiculously high apr and interest rates, but they also come with harassment calls. They will call you every 5 min, leaving the same voice mails over and over again. I received 37 calls today from them and it's only 5:20 pm. When I picked up the phone and asked to be removed from their calling list, they told me there was going to be a $200 application removal fee. And when I laughed out loud due to how ridiculous that was, the person on the other side mimicked my laughing. Just shows how much BS this is. So, if you're like me, desperate for a loan, avoid it. Just simply deal with not having your money. And if you do end up accepting a loan from them, you'll mostly end up paying well over $1000 for a simple $500 loan. AVOID!!!

I received a call from a ** saying I was approved for a loan from $2k - 5K. I said I didn't want a loan. He gave me the last 4 of my checking account and my ss#, and he knew my e-mail address. Again, I said I didn't want a loan and wasn't interested. He said he would be sending me loan docs to my e-mail. When I checked there was docs but you could tell it was a fake. They were also asking me for $185 for them to send to me $2k. I called my bank immediately and explained what is happening. I then called the number they left for me, and told them I knew it was a scam, and that I reported them. I said "I don't want your money and you can't have mine." He then said "We have your bank information, and we can take all of it." The address on the docs is... Cash Advance USA Ltd 401 Congress Avenue, Suite 1545 Austin Texas . The phone # is ** and it shows it's a Florida #. I work hard for my money, and no one is going to take it from me.

Like others I received a text saying I was approved for a loan. I called the number **. He had my information & all correct. He deposited $989.00 into my account. Anyway please don't fall for it. He got into my account taken me for everything I had as well as money I didn't have. My bank is helping me with this scam I fell prey to. The man has a very strong accent and is very persistent in getting you to do as he says. He makes himself sound trustworthy. They are out of Austin, Texas. He went by the name Eric **. I asked him about his name. He told me that his parents wanted a western name for him. Yeah, right. I will survive (barely), but what about others?

I was told I was eligible for a loan with CASH ADVANCE AMERICA. I sent them $200. Was told loan would be transferred into my account. Never was. Then was told I would be issued a check for the loan amount. I would have to send them an additional $170 and the check would be delivered by Fed-Ex within 1 to 2 hours.

I almost got scammed by them. No company will ask you for your user and password to your account. When giving you a loan. No loan company will ask you on good faith send them money when offering you a loan. Regardless of the amount. The 5000.00 or 10000 is nothing more than a scam to overdraw your bank account and you wiring them money that was never there. Beware and not do business with them.

I filled out for a loan with what I thought was a bank to get some bills paid and to get my kids school things. I'm a single mom and just got put on disability so I am behind. Anyway I was told they just needed to confirm that I would be able to make my payments but no money would be taken from me. Well they took $300 and when I told them to put it back they got mad which I don't care. I had to borrow that then they called me again and I told them that I had turned them in and that they needed to put my money back. The guy got mad and said I sled for the loan. I said, "yes but I didnt ask for my money to be stolen." He then told me that if I would send show I had another $200 they would finish my loan so I hung up and as of now they are still calling me. He is in California which I just found out is illegal to take money from anyone for a loan and I live in Arkansas which again found out they was not even supposed to try and do a cash advance loan.

A while back I received an email saying funds were deposited into my account. I never applied for a loan, never had a deposit from them plus the email went to my junk box. So I didn't worry about it. Never heard anything back or about collecting funds. This was around Oct or Nov on 2015. Well its Feb. 2016 and I noticed some money was being taken out of my account for some service. I called the bank and made a complaint and I got the money returned. It showed up as an electronic check that I never approved.

This may not have to do with this scam but if not it is quite a coincidence but that I would add. However, I received an email today saying they are taking my taxes. Email came from ** but the legal affidavit (the attachment) electronic signed by Daniel **, restitution officer. In the body of the email it said that this message came from the Federal Law Department.

When I called the number, I got a guy with a very thick middle eastern accent. I just told him I received an email and never told him who I was. But he started going off about this money I owe and they have email traffic to prove it. I told him he needed more than email and he started yelling at me so I told him to calm down and he wouldn't. So I asked him what country he was from and he said goodbye and hung up! He was trying to extort money from me and threatened to call my employer but I am medically retired from the military with severe disabilities. Plus the letter he sent had no identifying information on it and they didn't have my phone number.

Receiving harassing phone calls from a debt collector from PCS (Public Credit Service) claiming I have an unpaid load from Cash Advance USA. This person "Sam" is breaking just about every FDCPA regulation. He refuses to give or send proof of this business validation. He has called my place of employment multiple times using abusive language. He gets highly irritated whenever I question this supposed 911.00. He calls from a local county area code. I questioned where his company is located. He replied St. Lucia, Florida (the correct name is St. Lucie). He says he's from the legal dept. and that he has 5 attorneys ready to back this case. If that's the case, how are they purposely breaking federal laws? Very annoying and would LOVE to track down and STOP this scheming business.

I got a text message saying I had been approved for a loan and I have been filling out few loans online but when the guy said they needed $247 dollars before they could put the loan in my account I knew right then it was a scam. The guy was talking to me through a chat line type thing so I told him no way and that I would be reporting his company to the BBB. The guy messaged me back that I was a ** idiot and to go ** myself. I am screenshot everything from the beginning because it seemed weird - they didn't call me on phone. Somehow they already had all my information including bank info. I am taking all of the proof to the bank first thing in morning and then to police to try to file whatever kind of report I can on this company. If you get an email or text message from cash advance or cash advance USA don't even look at it and still check with your bank just in case.

My friend called me and she told me she applied for a loan, and she was uncomfortable with the information requested from her, and she asked for my help. I called on her behalf and I spoke with a guy named Peter ** with a heavy Indian accent. I started to question him about the initial of the loan and what's required from her to get the loan, and he told me that she needed to go to Walgreen, purchase an iTunes card, and pay 248 dollars.

After briefly speaking with him I informed him that I was aware that this is a scam, and he needed to stop calling her and forget whatever information that she gave him or personal information that she provided him with. This person, which I'm sure that's not his real name, started getting aggressive and cursing very unprofessional, and that's another giveaway that that was a scam because anybody in the financial business who is a professional would not speak in this manner. So we went to the bank, close that account, and made the bank aware of the scam, and it also fit filing a criminal charges. This person should be in jail and deported back to India.

They have the last 4 digit of my social security number, my work number, my driver's license number, my address, and my phone number using as there official website. I called their office and collection agency, and they don't have me on file. I have recorded message on my voice mail from this person, Shawn **, who is using Cash Advance USA, accusing me of borrowing loan and not paying back by Internet! Shawn ** is calling me even in my job with threats, saying there is a block on my credit, etc. This is a fraud. I never accepted any offers.

I was desperate money. I had applied for a short term loan. They called and asked me what I wanted. I said 2000.00 and they said they would give me 10000.00 something. I was like ok. I went to my bank and there was no deposit from anyone except for my wife's check. They emailed me saying that they're going to make it so I can't get a job. My account will be frozen etc. I contacted the FBI and sent them the email I received from them. So if they are reading this and I hope they are but the FBI is coming. Run and hide.

These folks scammed me out of 200 dollars today. They called me offering me a loan for 5000 dollars, after applying for debt consolidation. I told her I was skeptical because I read reviews and the lady assured me that it was a company scamming customers because they used their company name. They told me that I needed to go to the nearest dollar store to purchase a company voucher to prove I could pay my loan back. After I research and told them my suspicions, that lady assured me it was not them and verified the information I provided the company online, and they actually got me approved for 10,000.

I went and purchased two 100-dollar MoneyGram xpress packs and she asked for the redemption number. I asked why she needed this and she told me it was for verification and assured me they would not redeem my cards and I could use them for my first purchase or other bills. Emily, the rep, put me on hold and stated she needed to transfer me because they were wiring the funds to my account. She transferred me to a man who stated he was James ** and he asked me to hold on for 15 minutes so the transfer could be complete.

He came back on the line and stated their was an error transferring the funds and an additional 600 fee would be required. I informed him that I would not pay this and that Emily told me no fees would be required. He stated they would pay half and I told him they would be getting no money from me and I wanted my 200 back because they redeemed it unlike promised. He said they could cancel the money transfer and give me my money back but it would be another 100 dollars.

My boyfriend became upset and we called MoneyGram who told me someone redeemed both of the vouchers and got the money. I called him back and he became upset and I told him that he was a scammer and he put me on hold for 15 minutes so he could redeem my cards without me knowing what he was doing and then he hung up on me. I cannot get my money back and I have reported this to MoneyGram and international authorities.

I'm Jacqueline **. On 11/22/2014 I have a phone call that I had been approved for a loan from Cash Advance USA. While I need money for help my relative still in hospital at my country.. I ask the lady how much I been approved? She said up to 5,000$. I said I don't need that much and I just need 1,000$. Then right away she told me stay on the line and transfer me to talk to the man, his name is Kevin. He said congratulations I been approve 2,500 for 9-month loan. Every month I pay 300$.. Go to Western Union start on 12/23/2014. I agree. Then he told me he need 200$ to processing. I ask him how? He said go to 7/11 store, CVS buy the Green Dot MoneyPak give the cashier 200+4.95 and he will stay online to show me what to do next.

I kind of confusing and asked him I never use this before but I need money. "Why you want me put money in the card?" He said company don't use that money and that card still belong to me to purchase whatever I want. He call that a loan voucher and tell me go back to my car start to provide all #. I scratch back of the card and money will be deposit in the bank 2,500 +200 will debit to my account total 2,700$. Then he give me the phone# tell me to call Wire transfer Department 773-741-7413. Will tell me when money will in my account. I call and talk to the man name David **. He said your fund can not in the bank until you pay 299$ for the loan processing fee but will give back to you, add to your account total 2999$ and tell me just do the same. Go to 7/11 buy the Money Pak and the fund will go in my account 10 minute.

He kind of nice talking and tell me to trust him, he promise. I feel little better because I think after 10 minute money will be in my account and I have a chance to help save my relative life. I would like to send money few month ago for help but I can not. Guess what? 10 minutes, 20 minutes I go online check my account money he said it not in there. I have a little upset to call back David. He said I will transfer you to Approve Department they will unlock your money. WHAT? I ask him "What you guy try to do to me?" He told me to calm down and he hook me up to talk with the man at another line. That guy don't give me the name but he told me that if I want money go to the bank I have to do a final step that go to 7/11 or CVS buy the Money Pak as 150$. Total fund will in my account is 3,149$, I don't lose nothing.

I call David back and tell him the conversation between me and the guy he referred. DAVID said go head and do it because you almost there to get the fund. He use his honor to promise to me. And I'm go again to 7/11 to buy another Money Pak 150$ to complete and get over it. How naive I think? After that David ** told me let wait 20 minutes, they complete paperwork and I will see the fund go in my account. If not call him anytime, he will contact with the Approved Department to unlock the money. 20 minutes go by I check my account. With the same result fund is not deposit. I start to call David. He just left the massage not to answer the phone. I left a 3 messages but he do not call me back like he said he promise.

My tears come out. And feel so bad. Why in the world still have that kind of persons to cheating on the gentle peoples on business but don't think that they will get what they did. God never forget them. But another words I would like all peoples when they reading my statement. Please never apply the loan on internet . Go to the loan shop. At least we know where and legal and easy to do business. This is a lecture of my life cost me 650 buck. Thank you for Consumer Affairs to let me completely to writing my complaint and I would like this problem will be resolve soon...

I got a call stating that they are suing me for a payday loan I never submitted with them. The individual had a heavy Middle-Eastern accent. He called from ** stating theft by deception, fraudulent use of a bank account, etc. I have never had a payday loan with this company. I'm not sure where to proceed.

I was contacted by this company on multiple occasions and the accent of the caller is always of Indian descent. The first time they contacted me that told me, I was approved for a loan of $5000 or whatever I wanted. I knew at that moment, something was wrong and that this could be a scam artist company. I also received an emailed approval on Cash Advance USA letterhead. Whatever you do never send money to collect money!

This company called me saying I was approved for up to a $10,000 loan. I agreed to $3,000 and they proceeded to have me put $155 on a prepaid "Vanilla" card. Once they retrieved the $155 they said they would deposit the money into my bank. The next day I still hadn't received the money, and someone with a male voice called posing as someone from my bank (no idea how they called using my bank's number) saying that it is against their policy to work with this company. I called my bank immediately after the call and they said that nobody from the bank called me, and all the people that work at my bank are female. I then called Cash Advance USA and they said they cancelled my loan, because my bank accused them of scamming me. They also claim they are sending me back the $155 via postal mail, and it should arrive within 48 hours.

When my bank called them to check on this a man claiming to be named Edward ** answered, so the bank employee asked for the original person that called them named Eric **, and "Edward" told her that he was "Eric **"???? I'm going to make a claim to my local police department, but I fear that I will never see the $155 they scammed me out of. These people or one, maybe one person posing as 3 different people has an Indian accent and will start screaming and belittling you on the phone when you accuse them of being scammers. I wouldn't think real professional lenders would act so unprofessional... This is obviously a huge scam. So if you or anyone you know has been taken advantage by them please work with your local police so we can have blood suckers like these shut down!!!!

I am inform you about my stories like other people, like call me for loan, ask me about bank account, then ask me cash. Buy card from rite aid, loaded money I did for three time, money almost $1400, but I don’t get nothing. Please help me. Call me **.

Received call from cash adv usa pn: 773-312-5364. He took my bank account info and then told me I had to go buy a prepaid card and load $150 cash on it to prove I had the income to pay the $500 loan back because they had been ripped off before. He also told me to keep him on hold while I drove to cvs. Said I couldn't buy the prepaid cards at Walmart.

I received a phone call, they said I was approved for a cash advance for a thousand dollars. My big mistake was giving My ck route #. I think this is a scam!! Need help. I've been a victim of identity theft and ripped off! Thank you for your time.

They said that they will send the sheriff to my work & where I live, they said I will have to pay over 6,000 dollars in court fees. The person that has emailed me at least 15 times, her name is **. She said that I have to go & purchase a prepaid debit card, call them & give them this information. I just started a new job & I don't want to become fired. I need to work. Can you help with this please? Thank you. **

I received an email from this company stating that they were going to come to my work and serve me with a legal subpoena and legal notice for a case being filed against me on an attempt to collect a debt. I never borrowed a penny from these people, let alone $400.00 or the $3896.35 that I would owe them "if I didn't settle and this went to court". Who are these people?! I tried to call them and they were so rude. They kept hanging up on me and would not provide me with ANY information. He said he was the "senior finance officer". Ya, right! The email they sent me wasn't grammatically correct. They didn't even use proper English. There was no way that was a legal document. I am really nervous because these people seem to know a lot of personal information. I am going to close my bank account and talk to a lawyer.

David ** called me November 20th 2015. Said he had all my bank info which he did. I did not give him any, figured he was with my bank. Said I qualified for loan of 5,000. He was going to deposit 940 into my account all I had to do was send it back Western Union so they could put the 5,000 into my account. So I did but it had to be done before my bank opened. When I asked why he said that way the 5,000 would be into my account when it opened. So hurriedly did it thinking being a single mom with 4 boys but one of them passed away from brain cancer the 5000 would help. Well my bank had the transfer pending, good thing, cause I found this page full of complaints. There is an investigation being done on the check.

Mr. ** called this morning saying transaction hadn't happened yet. I told him "Why? Said it would be done in 10 days." Said they couldn't wait. Even said they would deposit 6,000 into my account. Thing is it's a check. I told him to wire me money. He asked if I could open an account at US Bank or wire them 295 out of pocket. Then when I said "no" they asked if I could open an account in Oklahoma. I live in Portland, Oregon. As of today they are still calling me trying to get this done. I told them "Then wire me the loan money." I've read so many complaints on here. I've messaged a lawyer, waiting for a reply on what can be done.

I was offer a loan in a text message and since my credit is bad. I call the number, I notice the heavy accent. But I continue talking. They knew so much about me (phone number, social security, bank routing and checking account). I continue talking. I wanted $2000 he said "No you can have $9000." I decline but he said my funds would be deposited a few hours later after they confirm my account. I immediately took the money out of my account. He calls me 1 hour later and demands my online banking user name!!! I told him I don't have one. So he demands my bank card number!!! I said "No way I would not give you that ever." So I wanted to see how far he would go and he say: "How can you be so stupid not to agree with us so you can get $5000 in your account?" So after that I say "Forget it" and I hanged up.

I, too, am a victim of a company trying to scam money from me. They called stating I owed Cash Advance USA money from a loan from last year. I knew I did not use this company, while I have heard of them. Now, I do use reputable online payday loans, so I know this is where they got all of my information. When I went to Cash Advance USA's website, I saw a huge flash of a scam that was going against the company. They apologized and advised me to go to local law enforcement and That's exactly what I am going to do!

Just like everyone else on here, they have called and called saying if I pay them, it will be clear and if not someone would be at my job to arrest me. I knew better. This is ridiculous for people to act like this and they are probably not from here because they have a real heavy accent. My advice would be to get online and do some reports and hopefully they can catch these people.

Also, I called the number back to get information and she was real rude as to why I wanted this information. I told her, “So when I do my police report on you, I have some information.” So, she said she works for an attorney Miley ** out of San Francisco. I tried to get all I could. I would not worry about a warrant or being arrested. Let's just try to get these criminals!

I applied for a loan online for my car to be fixed and the next day received phone call from 312-912-7205. He called himself Richard ** but the caller ID said Josh **. Anyway he said I qualified for a 2500.00 with 250.00 pmt every month. I said no problem. Then he asked for a prepaid card of 250 to prove I could repay it but they would not take the funds that would remain on card, just locked afterward. He transfers me to another guy who wants 350.00 for loan paperwork. I lost it and said no. Then the next morning I get a call from John the owner. I tell him what happens. He explains in grave detail why they need the 350. Ok I’m desperate enough to try it. I really need my car so I get another prepaid Green Dot card then he wants 130 to release the paperwork another Green Dot card, then he wants another hundred. I ask for my money back. We go round and round.

The hundred is because I have bad credit and this would make it up so the bank would release the funds. Well I’m the dumbest ** you have ever met because I gave him another Green Dot card for 100.00 and wouldn't you know it he wants another hundred to release the documents. Ok that’s it, I want my money back. What does he do? Hangs up on me then when my husband calls him every time he asks for his money back he gets hung up on. So 841.00 I think I’m screwed. The sad thing is my water will probably be shut off for a month, will not get my car fixed and def going to have to beg for food because I’m on disability and we all know it doesn’t pay much. Oh by the way they're out of Chicago, IL. Another one of their phone numbers are 312-912-7205 and then John ** the owner his number is 875-430-6595 but caller Id says JM **. So please people don’t be fooled like I was. I fell for it and I fell hard...totaling 841.00. I'll update if I ever see my money again.

An Indian man called my cell phone and left a message that he was from a collection company in NY and that I owed money for a loan I took out from Cash Advance USA. I have never taken a loan from this company. He wanted me to send him $695 within the hour so that he wouldn't have to send in paperwork to the courts and have a warrant for my arrest and have to pay up to $12,000 for court costs.

I told him that I would go to Walmart to send him the money which I didn't. An hour later, he called back and asked again if I was going to send him the money. I kept telling him multiple times that I never took out a loan with them. I finally told him that I was not sending him any money and he said that he would send out the paperwork to the courts. I said go right ahead and hung up on him. I came to find out that he had called my brother in NH and did the same thing to him.

I went on Google and typed in Cash Advance USA and google added the word scam under the drop down list; I clicked it and have read people's stories that sound just like what happened to me and my brother. I then came across this site and thought I would write my story also so that others won't fall for this scam.

I had applied and received the first of "MANY" calls from these jerks. I was told that I was approved for $3,000.00 but I needed to show them I was going to pay my loan back and have like $175.00 in my account to verify. The flag went up and while I was speaking with this person I goggled their name and saw the complaints and read them off. Finally he started using some choice words and I engaged him happily. He hung up and the calls came in like water.

This company has been calling me several times to say that I am already pre-approved for a loan up to $5,000. They say that I must verify my ability to pay by purchasing a Re-Load it voucher at the Home Depot for $4.95 and have $350.00 on it. I asked them how they would provide me the loan. Alex replied "Through Western Union". Now, is that a red flag or what? Would a legitimate company give a loan through Western Union? I don't think so. What do you guys think?

I usually get one to three calls per day on my cell which is my business phone. One day I took the call and when I asked "John **" to take me off their call list, he said, so many people have requested that same thing, the only way to be sure it's removed is to pay them $100. Can't anyone stop these predators?

I tried to get a loan. I had to put money on a green dot card but when it was time to do the loan they asked for more money and I told them I don't have anymore. They refused the loan. I asked could they refund my money, they said no and that was my kid's Christmas money.

Like many of you I also applied for online loan coz I was in need! I was contacted multiple times a day by different numbers but it all sounded like the same man! When he told me To go get a Green Dot money card and I refused he started cussing at me saying why would I sign up for loan if I didn't want the money. I SAID I needed the money but if I had money to send him then I wouldn't need a loan! He tried to convince me to go to store MoneyGram counter and he would give me reference number to get the money after I sent him a monthly payment to prove I was a lady and would keep my word! I SAID I WOULD go to Walmart and do it and he said "No you CANNOT go to Walmart." It had to be one of these little side joints he listed off! I said "Why? Is it coz Walmart will inform me that it is a scam?"

He started cussing at me and saying disgusting sexual things to me. My husband took the phone from me and told the dude I was no ** and watch his mouth. The PUNK kept disrespecting us both saying all kinds of derogatory things! We hung up and he kept calling back saying I was going to jail and would say a sentence of disrespectful things and then hang up! Needless to say we had all of his numbers blocked from contacting us! NEVER SEND $ IF YOU NEED $!!!!! THESE PEOPLE WILL BE CAUGHT ONE DAY AND SHUT DOWN! IT'S SICK HOW THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOMEONE STRUGGLING COZ THEY ARE TOO LAZY TO GET A JOB AND MAKE THEIR OWN MONEY! IN MY EYES IT'S JUST A PLAIN LOSER!

They have been calling me for three days, trying to get me to take out a loan. They keep telling me I can get thousands. And all I have to do is make insurance payment. I have told them I am not interested in their scam. Any company that ask for money up front is a scam. Learned that the hard way. But they keep calling. And almost begging to do it. Do not mess with this company.

Used these people to try to get loan. They used the green dot scheme. Wound up paying out $400 to the people and never got loan. They will continue to harass you. Really feel taken and stupid. Was only trying to clear some bills. This company needs to be stopped.

Cash Advance USA or Cash Advance America - I was trying to get a loan to help catch up on bills. These two places called all day, they asked me to get a specific prepaid card with $250 so that they could verify my ability to pay. They told me that it would not be used, they just wanted to verify. They called back for the card #. And told me it would be added to my loan, and said cut the card up. Then they kept me on the phone for 30 min. Then told me that the money could not be transferred to my bank, so I would have to go to Western money and I would have to get a voucher for $500 in order to get the money. I was so stupid from being stressed over the lack of money, I should have looked them up. I lost $250, which was the last of money I had.

I just got an email claiming that I had to get in touch with this company because of a $300 cash advance, and now owe $885.59. They claim to be taking legal action. I never heard of them and I have no idea who these people are. There is also no phone number on the email. I'm positive this is a scam and I think they are probably another out of the country scamming outfit.

So I was desperate for money, applied to a bunch of places and they was one of the few that sent a text saying I was approved, along with a phone call. Heavy Indian accent. They said I had to do a verification process in order to receive my funds. The process was that, they deposited say 600 bucks in my account one evening. The next day I sent it (morning time). Long story short the check bounced and now I'm in the hole a little over 600 bucks. I called them back with no hopes of getting my money back, 'cause I realized I was a sucker who was scammed and probably not a whole lot to do about it. They tried to tell me they'd make it right by doing the process again, and saying once I did it, I'd have 6000 bucks deposited in my account. ** scammers. Don't be a fool like I was. Sometimes waiting and thinking about better options is better than being vulnerable and accepting w.e. comes.

I received an email from a Attorney **. Saying I had 24hrs to pay $1087.17 or they were proceeding with legal action. And if I choose to go to court there would be a judgment against me for $24,000.00. I tried to explained to the gentleman that I have never stepped foot into a Cash Advance office. He said, “No it's you. Are you going to pay?” I said “I am not paying anything until you show me a signature.” He wouldn't listen to anything I tried to tell him. I finally told him to go ** himself. And hung up. This person was rude. Plus the paperwork and the Warrant for my arrest looked real phony. This is not my debt. Is this a scam or should I be concerned. Karl Racine is listed as the state’s attorney’s office. The phone # is 1(866)978-6320. Again, I have never done business with this company. Thanks for reading.

I got an email about Cash Advance USA. Well I filled out the application and everything and about an hour later, I got a phone call from a guy named Shawn, number is 850-270-1114, Florida. Well, they said I got accepted for a loan. They told me that I had to pay a deposit of $150 before I can get the money. Apparently after I got off the phone with Shawn he told me to call his supervisor, I did. I talk to him and he said he was going to call me back tomorrow cause I didn't have that $150 before I could get the loan money. Now it's about a hour and a half later, Shawn called me back asking me the same thing. I don't know if this is a scam. But I really do need a loan to get a new car. But not wanting to pay $150 and get ripped off. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? Somebody help ASAP.

Yes I applied online for a loan worth 5k and then different companies calling me for my loan. And then there was cash advance USA. They told me to buy reload card. I lost 860.00 on this loan just for them to transfer me. Gave me a MTCN # and I called the western union to verify if the money is ready to be pick up. I look like a fool there in the western union saying there is no match. I feel so humiliated and looking around to borrow money just for me to get the loan. I need 5k. Turns out lot of Indians calling me big Accent the name go by Richard **, Shawn ** you name etc. I never got the loan I wanted. I end up with debt on top of my head. Rent was on line and car payments. So much bills I was behind with this scam people, Indian low life scam company. Wish the FBI will put a end on this.

People are in needs in loan and you end up being the victim. As a single mom with two kids, that the reason why I ask for a loan. Now my heart is broken into pieces not knowing how will I get the 860 I send them and return to the people I borrow. I believe in Karma. God will do its work and I just hope these Indian scam people riot in Jail!! How can they make a living out of other people who is poor and needing help. I feel like don't want to trust any more company who is running with loans. I'm so broke and don't know what to do. May god help me with my problems. I will forward this number to the police in and FBI to hunt this company. Needs to be shut down.

I had received a phone call from a law firm in New York. He left a message stated that it was an urgent legal matter. He said "I needed to return the call now and if he didn't hear from me or an attorney the only thing he could do is wish me good luck and will meet me in the court house.

I returned the phone call to find out what the issue was he stated that had a payday loan that was issued to me between 2009 and 2011 that he didn't have an exact date. He said I had provided them with a fraudulent bank check and they were unable to get their money and now was suing me for this. He stated the sheriff's office will be picking me up on Monday September, 26,2011 to escort me to the court house.

I laughed at him and assured him I hadn't applied for a payday loan that was approved and never received any kind of money. He told me to bring my paper to court with me and we will see. He also added that he never lose a case and wished me luck. I called the bank to find out if anything that has been direct deposited into my account within the last year from the payday loan company they didn't see anything. So I called again this morning and the guy told me that same thing. When I asked what company and what state they were from he couldn't tell me and he couldn't tell me how much. I asked him if he had a telephone number for this company or even an address and he gave me his. He again stated I would have to deal with this issue in court as the legal process has already been made. So I asked him if I was being sued for something I didn't receive then where are my documents and shouldn't they have served me with papers. He said that he didn't have to because a sheriff would be at my door to come pick me up exactly at 11 am on Monday morning.

I laughed at him again and said I'll be waiting. I never received a payday loan from cash advance USA. He also stated that he didn't know what cash advance USA place I owed money to and that there were many and he said I must go do my job now and hung up the phone on me. If I'm being sued for fraud then why can't he tell me how much I supposedly owe this company, and provide me with more information regarding this matter.

My friend John received a voice mail saying the legal department of Cash Advance Usa had three warrants out against him, and were going to send the sheriff to arrest him on the following morning. John gave him my number, and the fellow Officer Cooper said this could be settled for $400, or go to court, and then total around $3,000. I told him he couldn't get money, but merely a judgment. He said he knew the account number, and I said "Go for it! We'll dispute the charge if you take money out! He hasn't called again, but time will tell!

This company is a big scam. They have called me several times with several different numbers from different out of state numbers. Very pushy. This company should be closed down. Someone really needs to look into them. They tried to get me to give them my banking and routing number and my password to my bank. Afterwards when that didn't work they had somebody call me saying that they were called the number back. It was a Friday. It would take this seriously needs to stop. They stopped calling me once I had told him that I knew they were a fraud so every person need to read this and tell these people that they know that they're fraud. Again someone desperately needs to look into this company and shut them down. They are seriously hurting people. This website needs to look into this company. I'm begging. They were ruining my life for two weeks straight.

I received an email from Cash Advance USA saying that there was a warrant that was going to be issued for my arrest for not paying a loan that I received. I did not ever get a loan with them. I knew the minute I received it that it was a scam. They use fear to get you to send money. They say that if you don't you will owe more. How can I owe anything, if I never got a loan with them in the first place. Which of course I can prove. Tired of places like this trying to con innocent people.

This company is a sham. They are always Indian not American ones. They have values and morals unlike these people and yes they always have a Tom, Bob, Anderson or a common English name when for sure they are not when you can barely understand them in the first place. Wanted 200 to verify then 495 to verify then some dude allegedly from the FTC tax department wanted 8% service tax before the money could be transferred.

Please they did screw me some but I have all the calls recorded as well as all the phone numbers and have filed a complaint with the real FTC and will be contacting my local police Monday when a detective will be meeting with me and taking all the conversation off of my computer and the call logs from my phone. I will have the last laugh. It's my life goal now. EVERYONE REMEMBER YOU DON'T PAY TO GET A LOAN BEFORE YOU GET THE LOAN AND NEVER EVER LET SOMEONE TRY TO GET YOU TO USE A GREEN DOT PACK. THEY TOLD TO DESTROY THEM BUT I STILL GOT THEM. It ain't over till it's over is all I got to say and they were all rude and wanted to always talk over you and get combative if you challenged them.

This organization is the biggest scam group ever! They use a multitude of ghost numbers that show up on caller ID. Every rep is either Indian (from India) or some Middle Eastern country (not that there's anything wrong with that) and they give false names like Austin ** or William **. It's comical really. Then they ask you to make your first monthly payment in advance. Come on, really? Lol. When I told them that I read about their scam techniques they became abusive and threatening. Real tough guys. In short, don't do business with these losers. I consider them no better than dog waste.

I started receiving calls about a month ago and it was not until recently that I was given the name of Cash USA for whom they are representing. "Alex" with a heavy India accent said I owed and demanded payment. I asked for him to send me written proof of this debt and he refused and said I was going to jail and I have committed fraud. I had asked him not to call me unless he can send proof of this so-called debt. Today, Alex called my work and spoke with my manager telling them that I am a bad person, committed fraud, that I am going to jail, and that they should fire me. This is harassment and slander.

I received an email from someone saying I owe $300 but it has been moved up to $885 and they will be taking me to court and freezing my accounts, garnishing my wages. So I ask them to send the account number and when this was done no response. I have even ask for their phone number. All they keep saying is this is the final notice and how am I willing to settle. OKAY so I can't have your number. First of all why are we WRITING back and forth through emails.

The cash advance service contact me via email saying they were taking me to court if I didn't pay $925.26 and said I could green dot the money and make payment installments. Used a reference number **, trying to see if this is a scam.

I received an email from A1 advance today stating I had been pre-approved for a 5000-dollar loan payable at two hundred and thirty dollars a month for 24 months. Since I had been looking online for a payday loan I thought I would give them a call and see what they had to offer. I called Paul ** at ** and was told by a gentleman with a thick Indian accent that I was qualified to receive the loan. He then asked me how much money I had in the bank. I asked him what that had to do with anything and he said I just needed to verify that I would be able to pay back the loan. He asked me for my date of birth, verified my phone number, and asked for the last four digits of my social security number, which I gave him and now I wish I hadn't. He then told me that a loan officer would call me back with verification of approval for my loan.

After getting off the phone I decided to Google the company and found these numerous accounts of how other people had been scammed by them. I then realized they were not legitimate and decided to not take that call. I have also received messages left on my phone and numerous phone calls from different phone numbers throughout the United States, which I now realize are probably the same individuals. I would suggest that if you hear from these individuals you do not give them a chance to take your money. I'm just glad that I followed my gut and checked up on them before they had a chance to get any money from me.

Well like a fool I thought I really had a loan from these people. Please don't give them any money. First a guy by the name of Steve ** tells you are approved then tells you to go to to the store and get a Green Dot. Then when you give them that money they will keep telling you to go to the store and give them money off of a MoneyPak. People please don't do it. They took my children's school money and the money I was saving to buy my fiance a ring for our wedding. Please people Cash Advance is a scam. They are going to try and call you from all different numbers as well.

They stole $60 from me as we speak. Trying to get me to send them $100 more.

About a month ago I began receiving phone calls that stated that "a claim has been filed against my social security number." Soon, they began calling me at my job as well. I spoke with them recently (this past week) at work. I asked them to mail me some information regarding this and told them that the last person said that I would be served papers at work and then rudely hung up on me. The person said that they could email me something. I said, "No, I want something in writing, on company letterhead, in the mail." The response was that they could not send me anything but could send my criminal attorney something. I stated that I had no need for an attorney because I have yet to receive anything regarding this "claim."

The person gave me their number and I told them I'd call back when I got home. I called when I got home and the phone greeting was "Hello" - no mention of a business name or anything. I proceeded and said that I was given this number to call. They surprisingly stated they had my social security number and checking account number. I told them I was not going to confirm or deny any of that information. They started yelling that they didn't ask me to. I responded that a professional company would not speak with consumers on the phone that way. They told me that I was being recorded and that there were 6 lawyers listening in on the phone call at the time.

I told them that if this was a legitimate business, then I should have had some paperwork sent to me. They claim that I had taken out a loan and it was deposited into my account and that I had not paid it. It was their "attempt" to "settle this out of court." Since I know that I have not taken out a loan from them and that my account does not reflect such, I told them to serve me the papers then. The person began screaming at me, I told them that I can't see how a professional law firm would just start screaming at people and not provide them with any written information. The person hung up on me after that.

Hello, everybody please don't do business with Cash Advance. It is a sham. Please don't buy more load card and please don't sent them no money because you will not get nothing back but your feelings hurt, so please don't do business with these crooks. It's all about money, money. So please, stay away from them. I'm trying to see what we can do about these shams people. If anyone know how to get your back, please let every one know, please.. And please stay away from these people Cash Advance USA.

This morning I received a call on my cell phone and work number. I have not taken a cash advance from these people. Changed my cell phone number because of solicitors and now I am getting them again. I just received a call from someone with a foreign accent stating he was officer Samual ** and Cash Advance USA was filing criminal charges against me for not following through with my contract. I asked him, "When was this cash advance taken out and with what company? I have not done ANY business with Cash Advance USA (trying to get more information from him)." He stated that Cash Advance was given this information to move forward with a lawsuit against me but he couldn't tell me when this cash advance was taken out. "Sometime this year," he said and he was not allowed to divulge who the actual company was. He said I had taken out $300 but owed a settlement cost of $496.50 but if I could not pay this today then I could make arrangements to pay $261.67 today and the rest in 2 more increments equaling $785.00.

I asked how could this amount be so much more than the settlement amount. He said that is because I am not paying everything today. He also stated that if I didn't pay they would send me to court then I could find out who was filing this lawsuit. To verify my information he knew my Social Security Number and my bank which I just moved to in March so there is no reason they should have been able to find this information. If I was going to pay in increment payments I had to go to Walgreens, CVS, or Wal-Mart and purchase a Green Dot Money Pak for $4.95 and then call them on Wednesday with payment. He stated they do not want to take personal information but apparently they already have it. It scared me to death because I am in enough of a financial hardship I don't need someone trying to scam money out of me. I am contacting our tv station in town to help get the word out.

First they ask me to pay 49 dollars and call back in an hour. And then told me I had to pay another 99 dollars, told that my money would be in my account in five minutes. And money was never put in my account.

Received an email from Carla **, Senior Affidavit Processor State Investigation Department in Utica, NY. Her phone number is in San Antonia, TX = 210-346-9692 Ext **. Her fax number is in Seattle, WA = 206-426-3556. The letter is official looking but there are so many grammatical and spelling errors, that if this person actually work for the government, they should be fired. I was told to get a Green Dot card and put $100 on the card and then take a PICTURE of the card and email it to her and to not do anything else until contact. A legitimate company would NOT use Green Dot cards or Western Union to get payments, they would accept a cashier's check or money order to send a payment in.

I have received two extremely nasty messages from this number. Both instances were from a male with a heavy Middle Eastern accent that I absolutely could not even understand. He will not tell me who he is or where he is calling from and continuously talks when I am trying to ask questions.

During my last attempt to find out what he was talking about, he stated that his representatives were going to hunt me down and he quoted my social security number.

This is the second message I have gotten from them. When I try to call back to see if I can get someone that does not have a heavy accent that could explain what is going on, I get the same person. And when I try to ask questions, he makes threats that his people are coming to take care of me and that the sheriff is on his way to my place of work and so forth.

I once applied for a payday loan and they wanted me to go get a Green Dot card and put money on it and I was reluctant so I never did and no money was ever deposited to my account. However, I have now been getting calls from Department of Financial Crimes (not real) and that CashAdvanceUSA has issued a warrant for my arrest. The problem is the callers are Indian with American names. The last guy said he was with the federal government (did not know what Department, justice or treasury). The phone number 512-375-3586 comes up as Texas. He would not tell me where in Texas he was located. This is a complete fraud. Be aware, it's offshore people. I now just have them blocked.

My husband was looking for a loan. He came across this company who says their name was Cash Advance USA. They say he is qualified for up to $5,000. He agrees to the terms and accepts $4,000 with an installment of $187 for 24 mo. They tell him he needs to purchase a GREENDOT MONEYPAK card to show the first $187 is available. Going back and forth with this Mr. Frank ** (Indian accent), he says I bought the wrong card and it will not work and he told me to write it down and does not think I am taking this seriously. I raised my voice and said that we did not have the $187 that we could not even use now to get this loan and I did not appreciate him talking to me that way, and to NOT call me again.

It was my husband's loan and he was to deal with it. After I hung up on him, he called me back. After I hung up again, he called from another # and identified himself as a Fountain Hill Police officer. I said since I live in Fountain Hill, he has my address meet me at my door. I hung up again, and another # called me back telling me, "** YOU, YOU ***", and I said, "Wait, hold on while I put you on speaker so my witnesses can hear you. I am here with Your mother, too ** (lord forgive me)" and he tried to call me again, and I had had enough. Do not even entertain this jokers. They are just that, entertainment. But I was driving on the highway with my family in the rain and they were relentless. I hope someone shuts them down.

Calling for a payday loan for more than 4 times a day: 7074907993.

I went online to get a payday loan, a fake account using the name of Cash Advance USA payday loan, this fake online company deposit a fake social security check of $990.35 then asked me to buy $800.00 of iTunes gift card and tell them their number on the card then again they put a fake check into my online account of$1,759.45 which my bank called to tell me about both checks being fake. Oh yeah and I had to buy 1,700.00 in iTunes and give them their numbers so my bank is closed today and I have to start paying back the money starting October 1st.

This isn't fair cause I didn't know that this was a fake company and believe they were going to deposit 5,000 into my account. Now I haven't any money to pay my bills and rent this month because of this fake online payday loan. The name of this man who con me is Steven **, and the phone number is 409-356-5088, 409-246-0332, 989-715-1113 so beware of these people are they and India, am so stressed out with what happened to me and am broke because they took all my money and I can't get it back...

Had applied online but backed out information due to terms. Bad english/Indian accent "**" sent me email for loan. Wanted verify if I had money in account before making loan. Believe this is illegal. Also got last four my social. After reading reviews am not calling back. Will document any contact from him/them after this. #818-813-9067 but seems be lots of numbers after reading reviews from all over country. What can I do now to protect myself?

I received a call from a representative of Cash Advance USA on Thursday, April 5, 2012 which stated that there was a lawsuit being filed against my name and my social security number. The individual (definitely Indian in descent) asked if I was aware of this and then quickly transferred the call to his supervisor in the Legal Department (who was also Indian in descent) who attempted to explain before I cut him off, asking how they obtained any information regarding my SS number, etc. He promptly said, "I don't know who this is." and hung up.

I called the phone number back and spoke with another individual and stated very sternly that if I received any further calls from their business, I would be reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau for providing false information in order to obtain funds for a non-existent debt and that my attorney would be contacting them directly. This individual assured me they would remove my phone number from their system.

Once again, I received a call today (April 10, 2012) from another representative, and he repeated the same script of information as the one prior. When I attempted to ask him questions regarding how they obtained any information, he promptly transferred me to another supervisor in the Legal Department; and as soon as he answered, I was again very stern and he could not answer any questions and hung up.

I called the number back and received a message "The magic jack user," etc. I called again a few seconds later, and the original representative answered. After asking for a supervisor, he did everything possible to avoid a transfer and kept stating "We have 70 supervisors here. What is the name of the one you want to speak to." After 6 phone calls to this person, I waited and then called back, explaining his number was being reported to FTC for further investigation, etc. and then advised him to not call my number again. He made the mistake of calling me back 10 times, and then I blocked the number via my Verizon access. I'm now in the process of scouring the internet for any sites that provide information regarding this company for fraudulent complaints. They made a big mistake calling me with this ** scam!

I applied for a loan. They started calling at 7am telling me I qualified and what my terms would be. Then they say I need to show that I have at least my first payment available and to apply it to a Vanilla load card at CVS, and that my loan would be in my account in 15 mins if not to called back. Before I could call them they called me saying I had a red flag on my SNN and that my loan was frozen including the money from the load card and it would take $100 to release the loan. Then said it would be deposited the next business day.

When that didn't happen it took hours to get them on the phone. I had to call from a different number. I spoke with Jason who says he's Chinese and Steve ** who says he's in charge. Jason started taunting me asking my age and nationality asking for makes, pictures, really putting me off. I contacted the Department of Business Oversight, got a complaint form and filled it out and sent copies of the cards and receipts and all names and numbers involved. They said I won't get my money back but hopefully they catch the ** and prosecute them so this won't continue to happen to others.

In the past four days, I have received a call from what I thought was a legit loan company called Cash Advance USA or First Cash Advance as they told me. They said I was approved for up to $5000. So I agreed for a loan for $3500. They proceeded to tell me I have to pay $110 to show their company that I was not empty handed. So I did as I was asked. Then they proceeded to tell me that I had to pay a transfer fee of $190 so I did so. Then I was referred to what I thought was Western Union. Then I was told I have to pay for insurance on my money - Which I did. Now when I call them, the number is no longer active and I cannot get my money which I'm dependent on. Now I'm out over $500 and still no one can tell me when I'm getting my money. They keep sending me back and forth from the loan company to this supposed Western Union. This is a scam and when I do get a hold of someone from First Cash Advance, they hang up or tell me to hold then hang up. Please help me. I'm completely screwed out of my money. Please help.

On April 1, 2014 a man by so call name Mr. Jason ** from Cash Advance U.S.A. told me I got approved for loan. I needed a loan of $5,000 dollars. I was to get a Green Dot MoneyPak and add the money amount of $100.00 dollars and another Green Dot MoneyPak of $130.00 dollars... And another so call Mr. Peter ** said I owe taxes of $90.00 dollars. Pay it all to get the Loan. So I went to a Check Casher place, sign the to receive form. Mr.Jason Euros gave me the MTCN# and Nothing no Loan!!! Those ** kept my money. I ask them to refund my money back. All Mr. Jason ** said, "Sorry we can't." They are nothing but crooks, scammers, evil, selfish, greedy, fake company. Don't listen to them, they are liars. Those ** need to be caught and stopped and in prison!!! I hope someday they get caught. Make those crooks pay for it!!!!! Those bush of thefts should pay bad don't get away.

I was told I was approved for a $6000 loan. I had to go buy $147 in iTunes gift cards. I had to give them the number of the back of the cards. Which they redeemed after I gave the cards. Then they wanted me to send them $387 to finish my part saying that this will prove that I could pay the loan back, this was my verification process. Cash Advance USA, Dallas Texas ripped me off for $150. Something needs to be done to these con artists.

It's a ponzi scam. They make you trust them and then that's when you get scammed. I have police report on them and may go to the FBI. They want you to go get Green Dot cards, load them up and then they put money in your account and take it out. They have what is called burn phones, non traceable phones. Once they are used them up they get another number and try to sucker someone else.

Last night, I received additional phone calls, but this time, I was immediately called back by someone claiming to be chief verification Craig ** of the Oregon State Police Department and that they were sending a warrant over to Nebraska to arrest me for not taking care of this. When I asked him for a number to call him back at, he said 911. I told him I am not calling 911 and I asked again. This time, he gave me a 503 area code number which I called and it was the Oregon State Police Department and the lady said "No one works here by this name, nor do we have titles like this."

I was told to ask for a Mike ** and call the number back from last week. I asked this Craig ** what does he do and he said he was the verification supervisor. I again asked what his name was and this time it was Mike **. I asked him ** or **, he said, "Sorry, **." I called the number back, asked for Mike ** to see what they would say, and I was told just a minute and was transferred to this officer Samuel ** again, who said "I am the one handling your case." I stated I asked for Mike **, and he said he was in but I could not talk to him. After a long drawn out discussion of why I should pay this and why I was not going to, he finally said "A warrant will be issued and you will need to go to court. I can do no more for you." Have not received any calls today yet. RIDICULOUS!!!!!

This all started 2/25/2015. After being turned down by all of the online loan companies I applied to, I get an email from Cash Advance USA. This email was complete with an official looking PDF file with letterhead and CEO's name and everything saying that I was approved for a $3,600 loan. I foolishly called, was connected to a "man" named Ray ** who also had a thick Indian accent and began the "process" of getting the "loan" out of desperation. The first step was, like others have also stated, was to get a Green Dot debit card loaded with $167.00 to prove I could make the monthly payments because of my bad credit rating, which I did. I was also told that I was to not register the card because if I did, they would not be able to verify the amount in it, so like a fool I didn't.

After 2 days of excuses ranging from their approval dept being closed to their funding dept being closed, I was assured that the loan would be funded Monday morning. Well today is Monday and I was told that because my credit is "so" bad, I would need to load an additional $190.00 on the card if I wanted the loan. I told "Ray" I couldn't do it because I had no more money. He then told me that I needed to "make arrangements" to get the money or I would get no money. When I told him there was no more money or arrangements that could be made, he hung up on me.

I then finally figured something was wrong, so I went to the Walmart website to register the Green Dot card, only to find out it had already been registered. When I called "Ray" back to find out what was going on, he said they had registered the card and withdrawn the money, and get this, THAT I AUTHORIZED THEM TO DO SO. My REPEATED phone calls to 716-240-3045 demanding that they return my money has failed.

Needless to say, they are not getting another red penny from me! I know for sure that that money is lost but they are not getting anymore! The worst part about this whole thing is that I have fully lost my faith in people. At this stage in life, I have been told that I need to "lighten up" on people and to be more trusting. All of that is now gone! Losing the money is bad enough, but now I have lost my faith in my fellow man. Thanks Cash Advance USA!

They called me from Illinois and told me I was approved for a loan, I would not pay anything. My payments were for 12 months, I would pay nothing. Then once to account dept, I was asked to put $100 on a Green Dot Money Card and I would give them the number. This was to verify who I was. I said that does not verify who I truly am. And I have been scammed by Green Dot Money Cards before, without get my money back. Even the Green Dot Money Company will try to say they are reimbursing you. Then I was asked to use MoneyGram and I would get all their information after that... Well you will lose your money. I know there is no way to get their company information on the MoneyGram phone.

Do NOT send money for a loan, YOU never have to pay for a loan, NO matter what. Never. Nothing that is on the up and up will ask you to pay any money before you are to receive your loan. I was spared this as I have been scammed before using both methods. Never will you pay money to Receive a Loan. Ask first about interest fees, also. This said "low interest fees of 6.5%," then later he said there will be no interest for 12 months. I caught him in saying two different things. They don't recall what they say. So then you know it is a scam.

Received numerous phone calls from this company. Every 10 minutes. I told him I was not interested and to put me on the do not call list. I hung up. Called me back. I asked where he obtained my number. He said my boyfriend and started saying very nasty crude thing that I cannot repeat. On 4/22, received 5 more calls... I am being harassed by this company.

I received an email stating I owe $936 & that I signed & received money. I have records of who I actually got my payday loan & it takes it out of my account. If I did they would've send me a written letter about it & they have to provide me with proof. I've read so many scams about this. And the threats about being arrested & sending letter to my employer. This scam needs to be addressed.

I was running short on money so I applied for an online cash advance. Received a call from David ** telling me that my credit score was low and I need to provide financial stability. I asked to do so by purchasing a Green Dot card and loading $90.00 on it which I did. I called Mr. ** back to let him know I made the transaction. He assured me that an advance of $1000.00 would be wired to my account. He stated that he would call once the transaction was completed. He didn't call so I called back and was told that I need to put an additional $134.00 on the Green Dot card which I refused to do and asked for a refund of my $90.00. He wouldn't refund my money but kept trying to pressure me into giving the additional $134. I told them they were scamming and I would report them. I was scammed out of $90.00.

I received a call from someone with a thick East Indian accent who stated they were with Cash Advance America and that I have been approved for a loan between 2 - $10000. The reason they are able to offer this without any documentation is because the government is allowing them to finance people like myself that have a low credit score probably due to something that could not help. So the first guys verifies all my information. He knew my bank and my routing number and my account number. So I said, "Sure I need money, how about $5000." No problem but he would have to transfer me to his supervisor who would finalize everything. I told him there better NOT be any request for money up front. "Oh, No No ma'am you do not have to risk anything" as I am already approved.

Another East Indian comes on and states all I have to do is wire $250 from my account so that the investors would know that I am a good investment and 5 minutes later the money would be in my account. Well I may be green but I am bright green!! No way I told him would I ever fall for such a scam. It is a terrible crime what these people are doing to the gullible. I hope our federal government is doing something to shut these people down. They said they were in San Francisco.

Please be smart people, and always follow your gut. These people are bogus. First of all they call from all different kinds of out of state numbers, always an Indian guy with basic American names when their ancients are thick as anything. They are rude, and sound very robotic. You can even here what it sounded like a tv in the background one time I talked to them. Totally unprofessional and a waste of time and money. They use different websites to scam people, it's not just cash advance USA, there consumer payday loans and cash net. I don't know if they are really behind all these websites, but that's the websites they claim to call from when they leave me voicemails. I was thinking how is it that only Indian guys work at every single one of these websites.. Bc if they were real it would be different people, but every time they had left me voicemails it always sounded like the two same guys.

I mean.. Just like everyone else I fell for it and called the number back, a Indian guy picked up couldn't even understand what he said his name was and he asked me a few questions then said another guy will call me to complete the process. Not even a min passes and the same number calls me back and it sounded like the very same guy I had just talked to but he claimed his name is **. I swear it was the same guy. Anyways.. So, I gave him all my information, then he started demanding a "insurance" fee of $150 and that I would need to go to the nearest Western Union and wire the money to him on a prepaid card. He promised it would get transferred back to me with my loan.

Like an idiot and real desperate for money I go all the way down to my nearest Western Union and fill out the form with the information he provided me. For some reason the office clerk couldn't process it. I called ** back. We went over the information again. It was all right, but then he started telling me I need to go to another store and get this done in order for me to receive my loan. He was very pushy about getting this "insurance fee" and the whole time I just didn't feel right, but I told him I'd look around for another store and call him back. So once I got back in the car I decided to look up this company and that's when I came here and saw all the horrible reviews and knew it was a scam. That was a miracle from God that the office clerk couldn't get my Western Union to work or I would of just got robbed almost $200!!

I knew in my gut something wasn't right, but of course you know when you are in desperate need of cash you'll pretty much do almost anything. I'm glad I didn't get scammed, but I feel for everyone that did. I'm really sorry to all of you that did get scammed but all I can say is to the people reading this, if you haven't gave them any money yet, and you're just on here to read reviews, I warn you don't fall for it!! They are definitely scam people and so far all the reviews I've read no one ends up getting their loan like promised. Thinking back on it and how I fell for it, I feel like an idiot. I've tried to block all the numbers that they call from and unsubscribed to their emails, but I still keep getting phone calls. They have all my information and I'm kind of scared about that. I will be closing my banking accounts and getting new ones so they can't touch my account. But people, if it sounds too good to be true, most of the time it is.

I've been getting phone calls from Cash Advance USA stating that I signed up for a loan and never make the payment back. I got threats in regards to my job that they would come and arrest me at work. I never made a loan with them and I have bank statements to prove it. They never informed me about the situation and they want me to pay them back with a Money Pak. They want me to pay them more than the loan was worth. I'm so confused at the moment. Any suggestions please.

I was called by someone named Sam **. His number is 786-375-9220, he told me I was approved for $5000 and my payments would be $160 month and I needed to put $120 on a money pack. Well, he said my account froze and I needed to send $100 to unfreeze it. Well I still had no money in my account and I need to add more money, needless to say they took all I had!!

Got a text stating I got approved for a 5000.00 loan and when I started talking I said 'are you a scam?' He simply replies no. And started explaining to me 'scammers ask for money for a down payment on a loan.' That he was not like that. He then told me that he was going to look into my account and call me back in 30 minutes. Have yet to receive a call. I knew it was a scam. The guy's name was Steve.

I have had the same company YMax Communication contacting me claiming to be Sheriff's from various Counties... depending on where they are calling from that week or month. They constantly call all hours of the day and night and are very aggressive. They will call my place of employment, leave detailed info on general voice mails and give the info to other employees that answer the phones. When I call them back they give the same spiel... claiming that they are in the process of filing a lawsuit against me on behalf of USA First Cash Advance and if I do not take care of this today and it is always $596.00, I will have to pay all these ridiculous court fees and make all these appearances costing anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 unless I decide to take care of it today! They can never give me an exact amount when I ask how much did I borrow because they are lying.

I will not answer their calls then they proceed to call every number possible. My personal cell phone, my personal line at work and then the main line (which someone always will answer or an option to leave a message will prompt). They will repeatedly call my place of employment even when I clearly state they are not to and it is against the call once they are told to do continue to do it. They say they don't care and if I hang up on them they will call me right back, and they do. I told them nicely and then I was just as rude and obnoxious as they were, and they would call 2-3 times back to back after I would hang up.

I also told them that if you are any type of real legal agency then you know you are already breaking the law by continuing to contact my place of employment and calling me before 8am and after 8pm. They said then just take care of this and we will not call you anymore.... and my response was how about you just don't call me anymore period because I'm not speaking with your agency or sending anything ever!!

They continue to call from numerous locations and phone numbers and I know this because I do a reverse phone number look up and it is always the same company. I am totally irritated with the rude, pushy, and aggressive tactics they are using and know that I will in no way let this company collect one penny from me in any way. I am not sure who I need to contact or notify of these illegal tactics but they are totally harassing me and this has been going on for 3 mo or maybe even longer. They will not call for a few days and then all of the sudden they are ringing my phone off the hook no matter what I say to them.

I kept getting text messages, no legit phone calls, just texts. Now today they're threatening to take me to court, tell my employer etc for a $300 loan. Told them they can tell whoever, garnish my wages (I'm retired) etc., This was in an email they sent today 9/13/17. Now my loan is close to $1K due to interest etc. I just laughed. I don't take LOANS out for $300. I either write a check or use credit card. They want me to settle today for the $300. I'll never settle. Told them I'll have my lawyers ready also. I dont know who Cash Advance USA is anyway, let alone loan from them. Then I googled all this - it's a SCAM!! Must be bunch of out of work "lawyers" that are trying to scam people & scare them. I told them to bring it on, I'm ready! Ridiculous - get a real job!

I keep getting phone calls on my cell, at work, and my dad saying I'm being sued by them. I call the number and it doesn't work. The guy said I'll be arrested but it's BS cause I been through this with other loans. As I applied for 1 but didn't pick any of the ones harassing me. This is the email: ** - dude is a jerk. I'm not scared, it's just getting annoying that there seems to be nothing I can do to stop these frauds. EVERYBODY COMMENTING, Y'ALL FELL FOR IT. A true loan company will NEVER tell you to send them money, ask for it to be wired, MoneyGram, etc. They ask Y'ALL to do that 'cause it can't be recovered once you send it. PLEASE be careful with this payday loan stuff.

And if you get a random call let it go to voice mail then call it back, these frauds usually use numbers that don't even exist (SERIOUSLY NO JOKE, I USED A APP TO PRANK MY FRIENDS AND DAD SO ITS EASY TO CHANGE YOUR NUMBER). THEY WILL EVEN USE A NUMBER FROM YOUR AREA CODE WHICH WILL MAKE YOU ANSWER MOST OF THE TIME. So blacklist the numbers, don't answer if you don't know, and don't EEVVEEERR apply for a payday loan unless it's one where you can go to a local shop and do in person.

Cash advance kept calling said I was approved for a 5000 loan. When they realized I had a rush card account they said I needed to go to western union and send a payment of 260 and 5260 would be sent back to me... Well it was getting late so I said I would send it IN the morning... but I couldn't sleep it was nagging at me so I googled cash advance ratings... Wow I almost made the biggest mistake of my life... Thanks for the heads up...

I received a call from James @ 12:20pm CDT. He asked if I was interested in an installment loan. I filled out a form last night (7/10/2014), so I thought this was legit. I called him back after work at 4:30pm. He said my $4,000 loan request was approved. He then said I needed a $200 "verification fee". As odd as that sounded, with no paperwork being sent, I decided to do it. I went and put $200 on my debit card. I called him back and then he said he can't verify the account with a debit card, and wondered if there was a CVC or Walgreens by me. I said no.

He then said, "A Walmart?" I said yes. He told me to get the funds today I would need to put the money on a Walmart Visa Gift Card. So, I go to Walmart and get this Visa gift card, put $200 on it. I called him back and he ran the card. Once he came back on, he said now we need a $150 transfer fee. I said, "I just used my last $200!" He said he will call me back Monday.

I asked if I would still have to pay the $150 transfer fee and why this wasn't told to me before I sent the $200. He said he wasn't sure, but he will call me back Monday. So, I tried calling the Walmart Customer service number or the gift card customer service number @ 866-633-9096. Because my card number has a $0 balance, the automated service won't even let me report the call lost or stolen, and hung up on me. The Card # used was **. I can put this on here since it's no good anymore, and non-reloadable. So, I can safely say I'm out $200 and I have No Idea what to do. I really need that money too. I couldn't stop payment or report fraud since it had a $0 balance. Oh, when I called for last transactions, the system stated it was like "Le **" was who did the debit, ** was for sure, the Le ** was very hard to understand from the automated service. If anyone else has had issues, feel free to email me.

USA Advance Cash - I received a phone call from this phone number 512-501-3638 at work this morning stating that I owe this company, which he did not say how much. This person asked to speak to my manager. I asked this person what this is in regards to. He said that I have an outstanding balance with this company. I asked him what it is for. He said that I applied for a loan, again, I asked how much the loan for, and he did not say and hanged up. A couple of seconds, he called again, and this time, it did not have the phone number. He again told me that if I do not pay, he will send an officer to my work place and have me arrested. I told him that I don't have any loan with them. He still insisted that I owe them money. I then hung up on him. He called again and asked for my manager, I just hung up the phone. He then called again and hung up. I did not hear from him for the rest of the day. Please, this person, stop calling my work place.

I recently lost both legs to a accident. In desperate need of a loan. Found a place called "Cash Advance USA", they promised to help me. Then they proceeded to ask for the first payment of $250.00, then they said needed $220.00, then if I wasn't naive enough, they asked for $80.00 more. Then they had me go to Western Union and pick my "Loan Money". No money came. I had to beg and borrow to get the "Required Loan Fees and Taxes". Now I'm completely devastated and have Nowhere to Turn. I'm so Lost. Please don't be Fooled by Cash Advance USA. They're Nothing but Thieves.

I received an email from Cash Advance USA saying I was approved for an installment loan in the amount of $10,000.00. To begin with, if I needed to borrow $10,000.00, I definitely wouldn't go through a cash advance service. And 2nd.... Really people, how much sense does it make to have to pay money to get a loan. I hope they catch these guys and I hope the people of my country, USA, smarten up!