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Pretending to be the retired and disabled's friend. Easy... Put benefits on card. Many stories. Most recently today my brother's benefits were put in and $609 were allegedly withdrawn from an ATM in Miami, Florida and fee charges. Of course he reached a very rude agent asking stupid questions. As a people we need all of us to come together in a class action suit! Please contact me **.

I called to confirm the use of my card internationally. "NO PROBLEM". I tried using it in Australia and New Zealand. No way. I tried using the credit card at local merchants. Declined with a pile of cash in the account. I called and was told it had credit card restrictions imposed. They never notified me and charged me to sent me a new card. The woman was totally hateful of me as the customer and kept saying... "If you don't like our service get another card." What a **. She refused to transfer me to a supervisor and gave me a person to complain to. So now I'll get rid of it and transfer my ss and name pension to an honorable card.

On Jan 31 card was used for a cash purchase 560. I called Direct Express. They mailed paperwork I filled out and sent back. Everything need received by 2/12/15 had to be received by the 17. Okay called back about provisional credit. I have been cussed out placed on hold for 30 minutes at a time. I feel like this not a way to be treated. I mean clearly I didn't approve this transaction. It happened 5 minutes after my son SSI was deposited.

I applied on line for a payday loan. At the end of my application I was asked to call the 800 number which I did and spoke to a representative. I gave the information asked for and was told that someone would contact me to finish processing my loan no one contacted me and the next day there was $400 in my checking account.

Starting on June 13,2008 $106 was deducted from my checking account and every other week until Aug 8 the same withdrawl. Then on 8/22/08 there were to withdrawls one for 40.00 and one for 106.00. On 9/5/08 there were two withdrawls one for 40.00 and one for 95.40. When I called the 800 number I was told that I still owed a balance of 404.00. I have already paid them $811.40 supposedly just in interest. Only after paying them 800 bucks did I find several stories on them doing this to other people. They need to be stopped

I am disable and I receive my disability check through Usdirectexpress. They are useless and rude. What are the odds of being a victim of fraud twice with Usdirectexpress? Apparently too many. And this happened to me twice. Their customer service are rude. And the two times this happened to me, I have to pay extra for them to send me a new card + SH so that I can get my card within two business day. I do not recommend them to no one. They are not safe at all. You would think because they are dealing with social security that it would be safe not at all. A total of $ 581 and something cents was taken from me. Do not have any dealings with this so-called bank.

Money was deposited into my account. Tried to take money off and it spits out a receipt saying the amount required *** amount received 0 then when I called my card it said amount was given out at the ATM. People in front and in back of me had the same exact issue with the card. When I tried to call customer service they hung up on me over and over. When I looked into it happened to tons of people. I am really worried because my bills are due.

Direct Express is a scam with fraud issues. They put money on the wrong card and refuse to return the funds to me on the correct card! Now they say it's not their problem anymore, so what am I to do? Their screw up yet I lose the funds... How's that when their policy states:

8. Will my Direct Express account funds be protected if my card is lost or stolen? Comerica will provide similar protections as those provided under Regulation E. The amount of money you will lose depends on how quickly you discover and report your lost or stolen Direct Express card. If you contact Comerica about your lost or stolen Direct Express card within 2 business days, you may lose up to $50. If you do not report your lost or stolen card to Comerica within 2 business days, you may lose up to $500 for those unauthorized charge(s) made until you contacted Comerica. If you find unauthorized charge(s) on your statement, but your card wasn't lost or stolen, you need to contact Comerica within 90 days to limit your loss to $500.

(For other debit cards, you will need to contact the cards issuer within 60 days to limit your loss to $500. The Department of Treasury negotiated an extra 30 days of protection for the Direct Express card). If you don't report the unauthorized charge(s) until after 90 days, you may be responsible for all of the charges made after the 90 days and until you contact Comerica. Also, Mastercard provides a Zero Liability policy. The Zero Liability policy protects you as long as you have not used the policy more than twice in a year, your Direct Express account is in good standing, and you've kept your card safe.

This company placed a HOLD on my account. My automatic bills did not get paid and I acquired late fees. I called for 4 days straight!!! And held in line, while their answering kept on playing that annoying tune and the recording "Our representatives are still busy, please remain on the line, we appreciate your patience." This kept going on and on. After being on the line for an hour or so, I would hear a ringing tone and soon after the call would drop. Four days and no access to money because this company does NOT have enough personnel to handle this job. This is just a sign of how bad this company will end up. I will cancel this service and look somewhere else. This is completely unacceptable!!!

Well, after my last complaint about the Direct Express Card, my social security finally got put on the card. It only took 8 months for that to happen. Now I am dealing with the nightmare of putting my VA disability on the card. When I called the VA, I was told that I would need to get the routing number for my direct express card. When I called direct express back, of course I got a women who was no help and constantly saying, "I am sorry for the situation that you are in". I call ** on that because obviously I could tell that she did not care about my situation. She also told me, "We have no direct deposit form or routing number for the credit card". I also call ** on this because how else would they have put my social security money on the card? I asked to be transferred to her supervisor and was transferred to someone with an accent that I couldn't understand. IMAGINE THAT!!! A CREDIT CARD COMPANY THAT IS ACTUALLY THERE TO HELP YOU!!! Do yourself a favor, if you have this card with this company, take all your money off of it, destroy the card and go somewhere else for your check cashing services.

I can't believe the process it takes to get funds put back on my card. Be Careful with this financial institute, I advise everyone who considers using this service to look else where. Although I've only encountered 1 really rude and lazy manager, these people sound inexperienced, useless, and have no clue what they are doing. Their policies are ridiculous and inconsiderate. Making someone wait a full 10 days for their funds to be released when they have the ability to put it back on the card themselves is just a power trip and unnecessary. I call that bullying and misuse of power.

If you're looking for a card to use for depositing checks let me just suggest Bluebird by American Express or Google. They are amazing and so helpful and they resolve customer issues that day. A service that is supposed to represent the government should be more help. The last lady I talked to coulded confused and put out because I was asking questions. Isn't that your job? And one more thing, stop putting me on hold so you can brush up on your policy knowledge.

Back in July 2008 my husband was out of work from having his right hip replaced and we were moving. So I did what I dreaded doing and took out a loan on I took out a $400 (that was the most they would allow) and set everything up to be automatically withdrawn every pay day. Well, finally my husband asked me recently Why are they still taking money out? This thing should have been paid off long ago!

I went to the ATM. Tried to withdraw my money. The ATM said retry so I did. Next thing you know my money was taken off of my card but didn't receive it from the ATM!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW! I've been calling the Direct Express hotline and they're experiencing high call volume for over 5 hours now!!! Some people's money is on their cards by now so I want to know how they got it back so fast? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

I sent them an e-mail to pay my loan off in full. They never pulled out the correct amount and I am now being charged with a $37 late fee on top of the full payment plus an additional $106 for my interest. This is just ridiculous. They prey on a weak economy and people needing a few extra dollars to get by so they can make 150% back on their loans plus. This is extortion at its fullest and I am now contacting an attorney because they violated their fine print agreement. I am glad I live in the great state of Texas where anything over $500 gets to go to small claims court. Their $106 times $5 plus $437 goes way beyond that one. Thanks again for not responding to my e-mail. I kept the original I sent as well as the forwarded e-mail.

My husband took out a $400 loan with Cash Direct Express without informing me. Suddenly there were ACH charges coming out of our checking account. When I called the phone number that was listed along with the ACH withdrawal amount and tried to speak to someone about this loan, I was told that I have no right to any information. I tried to explain that I just needed to know the pay-off amount so this could be taken care of. They refused to talk to me and my name is also on the checking account! I am the one who handles the books for our household.

The understanding my husband had was that they would take $104 once a month but instead it ended up being $104 twice a month. Then it started being two payments, one for $95.40 and one for $40 every two weeks. As of this date, this place has taken over $900 from our checking account. We have put a stop-payment on these people at the bank but now that they have our information, how can we be sure that they won't continue to withdraw money under another name as I have heard has happened to other people? This so-called place of business should be shut down for good and there should be some sort of law or regulation to keep people like this from scamming anyone else.

I unfortunately took out a $400 loan in January with Cash Direct Express. They also are with GECC who is with the CFSA. GECC is what shows up on my bank statement. I was told that my total would be $506. They claim they told me or I read very fine print that if they do not receive a call from me within 3 days prior to my due date, they would not have permission to take out the whole amount all at once. However, they apparently have the permission to charge me over 275% interest. My total according to them is now over $1,100 for a $400 loan. I have paid $676 and they say $40 of that went to the principal. According to them, I owe $455.40 still. I am willing to take this as far as needed. Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me with any questions.

I had my funds fraudulently withdrawn from my account, and they were very insensitive with my needs telling me I need to be more responsible with my card.

They take forever to get money back on something that was not authorized.

This company took my money, did not provide the product, will not refund my money. They ordered the wrong product. I proved what I ordered and they didn't care. I am a disabled woman with 20% use of my hands. I ordered extensions curly so that I don't have to curl my hair as it hurts my hands very much when I do so. I spoke to this woman on the phone for hours. She ordered the wrong product and refuses to refund my money or send me any product. Being on a fixed income is hard enough. I had to save a long time to afford this hair and then to get ripped off. I made three payments over three months through their payment plan and made them through PayPal who says they protect your purchases but later said when something is paid over a period of time, they do not protect these type of purchases. So now I am out over $225.00 and the company still refuses to refund my money. To date I have not received ANY product.

Unauthorized debits are being made to my account and they will not do anything to help or resolve this issue.

I applied for a $500 loan and was under the impression that I only had to pay $632.50 total for this loan. Well, they've taken out a total of $662.50 and when I called and asked them about it, they said I've only been paying $50 for the $500 loan and the rest is interest. And to pay it off, I have to pay $632.50. This is unreal that I'll be paying $1294 on a $500 loan. How can this be legal and is there anything I can do about it?

I took out a payday loan out with them and I don't know if it is payed off yet or not. They have taking money out of my bank account for about one year or more. And then a few months ago they stopped. I thought I was payed up.

First of all, try not to get scammed, or else you have to pay them $5. I think it is a conspiracy (if you lost your card, that you should pay). Second, does anyone know a way to go back to checks instead of having the card?

I contacted the dispute department on 6-2-2016 when I discovered that 440.00 had been debited from my account from Directv. I was then advised to submit paperwork stating the facts about the incident in which I did so. I then received a letter in the mail stating that my case had been closed with no explanation as to why. I then contacted the customer service number on the back on the card in which I was advised that I needed to send in additional documents. I was extremely frustrated because if I would not have called back then they just would have left my case closed.

The rep advised me that they do not send out a letter requesting the additional info just the outcome. HOW IS THAT HELPFUL TO A CONSUMER!! I then asked the rep about our funds being FDIC insured in which she became irate and stated that I needed to call a bank for that information. However in our previous conversation, she stated that this card was not managed by a bank. The card clearly states COMERICA BANK on it. Not only are the representatives extremely rude but the fact that my concern is a joke to them is completely unacceptable when you live on a fixed income. I will definitely be filing a complaint with the BBB and Social Security so that someone is aware of how the consumers are treated!

Unable to use international card. Living in Italy... got my new card. Cannot use it anywhere. Have no food or money. When I call about the card... I'm told the card is fine. It is not fine. My previous card worked but this one does not. I am in serious trouble here... I'm about to be homeless in Italy. Wtf!!! I need help nowww!!!

They kept calling and calling me and when I finally answered, they demanded the total amount instead of refusing to work with me. When I told them I could pay off a little at a time, they threatened me with lawyers and said I would be listed as "refusal to pay." I have worked with collection attorneys before and they were never rude like this to anyone. These people should not be allowed to operate anymore! I have no idea how much I originally borrowed. They would not tell me; I am sure it has been paid since they have been taking money out of my account under a different name. I finally had to close my account and get a new account issued.

Since Dec., I have called Direct Express let them know there are purchases that were not mine. I have cancelled my card 4 times & paid for Direct Express to continue letting this go on. I have my bank statements and the amount of money gone and the service. I don't know what to do.

I had a dispute over a flower company, two withdrawals were taken out of my disability check that's deposited into direct express account. The fraud papers were submitted with detailed info on the orders I did not receive and within two days I was told the case was denied and closed. I was charged over the amount I ordered and never received a thing from Wesley berry flowers! Direct express told me to take my concerns to the company I am having issues with. I am highly disappointed I trusted direct express to protect me from scammers such as Wesley berry flowers! I am removing my social security from their services and depositing it into a local bank and contacting someone who actually cares!