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I received a call today from Cash today limited stating that I had received a loan from them back in 2006 and now the interest had accumulated and I owe them $5,000 and they will attach my wages if I don't pay. I asked why, if I owed them money, they are just now requesting payment. The person called me about 6 times and I kept telling them to send me something in writing and I will review. They continued to call and harass me until I finally took the phone off the hook and laid it on my desk. I wanted to make you aware because this company may be calling and harassing others as well.

On Nov. 30, 2005 I borrowed $200.00 over the internet for a payday loan. The renewal fee was $79.00 every two weeks. This went on for one full year. To be truthful I thought it was paid off; this part is my fault; BUT, nevertheless this company has pulled a total of $1896.00 from my account for a $200.00 loan. The bank returned the draft in Nov. 2006 as I had tried to contact them to take the full amount of $279.00 out, and they never did. Now I am being harassed at my place of employment by calling and telling me I owe them approximately $2100.00 for this loan from Nov. of 2006 through now. How can they do that?

I agreed that if I found out the loan was not paid I would pay for the $200.00 plus the $79.00 refinance charge, but they are saying in order for an investigation to stop and possible charges to be filed I must pay $500.00. Is this legal? Is there any thing I can do to stop this--short of paying their amount? When I spoke to the first rep (John), he said $386.00. Now the second one that called me says $500.00. Thank you for your time.

I took out a loan with CashToday about 3 years ago. Like others their fees were ridiculous causing my account to constatnly be overdrawn, the acct was eventually closed. They have called my job and even left a message on my supervisors voice mail. They orginally stated I owed $3000 which the took down to $1000 then taken to $800. I have paid $200 and will probaly pay the $300 they are now saying is the balance to get them off of my back.

I took out a loan....I was sure I paid off a few years ago. I get harassed at work to pay off an apparrant debt, they refuse to prove of, and it stresses me out. i give them the run around. i am not gonna give them anymore money. Help...they keep calling!

lost over $1000 at least

I took out a loan with this company and all of sudden over 2-3 yrs later, they insist that I still owe them money. My bank closed my account due to the high negative balance that I had, because they kept taking moneys from my account, and they have called me over 200 times if not more at work threatening me, harrassing me, and making my work day miserable. I am always afraid of them calling, because of the excessive phone calls, I will get fired, and I CANNOT afford to loose my job because of these people. The person that calls always changes his name, and it's puzzling to me how these people get away with it! They stated that I owe them over $4000 and then just last week it's down to just $480... Really weird!

This has caused tremendous stress here at work. All these phone calls made to me while at work, seeing patients, and being threatened and harrassed. They have even gone to lengths telling me that they will find me and take care of this loan... WHAT ON EARTH does that mean? They are truly rude. I need for them to stop calling me at work, and for a fact show me in writing exactly what the loan entitles, and how I've paid to date, and how much I still owe..

In 2005 I took a 200.00 loan with cash today ltd,the conversation over the phone was that this loan would be paid off in 3 months, 40.00 interst every 2 weeks and $50.00 towards the loan every 2 this day this loan was never paid off, I paid over $3200 on this loan, $40.oo every 2 weeks on interest gor 200.00 dollars.I call the number I had from my e-mail from them, I told this lady who I couldn't understand her english that I wanted a copy of all the debits they have taken from my account, due to I was going to file a chapter 13. she told me that they don't give any documents or statements, she was screaming that she didn't care about the chapter 13 and that for me to pay off the loan, she stated I owe 305.00. I told her how do I owe $305.00 when I already paid $3200 for a short term loan of 200.00 dollars. She started to scream and told me that if I didn't pay off and I put this debt in my chapter 13, they will contact my employer, my co-workers and file a criminal suit against me. She also refused to give me there address or a fax number where I can fax them a letter revoking any futher payments from my account.

I took out a payday loan and told them I would pay them by money order but they refused to take payment that way. I no longer have a checking account and they want me to use a friends or family members checking account. The loan was for 200.00 and they want me to pay back 5000.00. They keep calling my place of employment and I am afraid I will end up in trouble or even lose my job.

Great amount of stress, I just want to know what I can do?

All this started by checking my mail and as I click to open or to open the website it atomatically agrees to pay.Im sure when the payday loans were offered back then I had requested to borrow from one. Well it lead to a huge argument and threats at my work. I was told I was going to be arrested or taken to go to court. The best one was the message from my co worker that almost lead to loosing my goverment job. I have 24 hours or I will be arrested. Well this was from 2005 I was going threw my account and putting all my bills on dirrect withdrawl. As my back called to notify me that they were changing names thats when I got a call to be arrested for no payment or other threats. My heart almost stopped as I was determined to set my application to sherrifs department. Theres no way I will have anything showing that I owe. I payed them off gave my account account number then I have another call later next year I closed my account to cover my tracks due to the fact I never received anything threw the mail regarding my payment. I emedialtly changed my account number and Now I get a phone call again saying I cant make arragement to pay the total by payment they will directly withdrawl $40.00 from my account. I just didnt want to put my carrer on hold so now Im doing the research. I think these guys need to be charged for harrasment. I want my e-mail to be the last of these guys. I just cant believe how I ended working two jobs to get payment resolved and now Im getting calls again from the same people how I know they all sound from another country.I asked for numbers and supervisors and they had background playing like phones ring. I asked for adress no they just wanted to call my office.

Harassed me at work everyday until arrangements were made. Took money out of my account that was not authorized. Threatened to call the police, Human Resources, and my Supervisor. When I tried to work out arrangements, I was hung up on 4 times. I would call back and speak to someone else and the same thing would happen if I tried to ask for an explanation of different fees.

Trouble at my workplace. Overdrew my checking account balance 3 times by over $100 each time. Mentally and Physically damaged by the harrassment and rudeness that happened.

I took out a loan for the amount of $150, and I was to pay back $189. The loan was exstablished June 09,2005 since then they have taken out $390 out of my account 10 time for $39 each. They are telling me that I still have to pay them $150 to settle this account even though I have over paid them by $201, Please help.

As a result my other bill have suffered. I live on a fixed income (check to check), and recently I didn't have any food in my house so I had to go to a food bank.

I received a call from a Mr. Davis stating that they had tried to contact me by email and by phone since 2005 for a payday loan I had taken out for $200.00. He yelled at me and told me that if I didn't pay the amount due, which he said was now up to $2600.00 due to fees added since 2005, that they would contact me Payroll Department and have them Garnish my wages. I told him I would pay the $200.00 that I borrowed, including the $79.00 interest payment, but he stated that that amount was no longer on the table. He stated that if I gave them a one-time payment of $1060.00, that would close out the account.

I asked for information about who I owed the money to and he again yelled at me to listen to what he was telling me. He demanded that I pay $300.00 a payperiod to pay back this loan. I explained to him that if I gave that much each week I would not be able to pay my rent or my car payment and I would be without a place to live and without a car to get to work. He then said that if I paid $200 a payperiod for 7 payperiods that would close out the account. I told him that would still cause me financial problems. He then stated that if I paid $100.00 a payperiod for the next 12 payperiods, then the loan would be paid off in full.

I was totally intimidated and eventually gave him my checking account number. I wish I had the foresight to go online and research this company before giving out my information. I plan to talk to my bank this very afternoon and change my account number.

The person I talked to was very rude and was yelling at me without letting me get a word in edge-wise. I am going to have to close my checking account and get a new account number issued and order new checks, which don't come free, and take 2 weeks to get mailed. I am very stressed out and can't concentrate on my work. Worried about this to the extent of stomach pains, dizziness, and headache.

I took out a payday loan with Cash Today back in 2005. In June of 2005 I started working with a debt management company because I had gotten in over my head and ended up with nine different payday loans that I couldn't pay back. To this day the only one that I have had a problem with is Cash Today. They have contacted me only 3 or 4 times in the last three years and every time I talked to them I gave them the information for my debt management company.

When I tried to get an address to send payments to, the refused to give me one and said they only accepted checking account information and I wasn't going to fall into that trap again. They also refused to accept partial payments, they only wanted payment if full. I was never told about any additional fees if I didn't pay. I have always tried to work this out with them. On Friday, June 27th, they left a message on my voicemail at work for the first time. They said I owed $269.00 and if I didn't contact them by 2:00pm my boss would be contacted to garnish my wages.

Now I know for a fact that they cannot garnish anyone's wages without a judgement from a court, so I'm not concerned about that. I contacted my debt managment company and gave them the name and number he left. They called me today, July 1st, to let me know that they spoke with someone at Cash Today and according to them I now owe $1,520.00. I told my debt managment company not to pay a penny over the original $269.00 I owed. None of the other payday loan companies charged anything over the amount of the original loan agreement. I also found out that they aren't licensed to do business in the state of California and have no right to collect this debt. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney Generals office.

I am being harassed at work by this company claiming I owe then $3,992.00 and that I they want my payroll department so they can garnish my check for 40% of the fee which they said would be $450 until it is paid off. I live in NY and work at a Law firm. I told them to stop constanly calling my job back to back and I will call them back.

I had issues with them since last year and advised them that they have taken over $3k out of my account on this $200 loan and they were not getting another cent from me. I like in NY and there is no way anyone can garnish your pay for 40%. that is against NY law. It is 10% and in order to do that they would have to take you to Court, get a judgment against you and have a City Marshall send the paperwork to your employer to have your pay garnished.

I made a payday loan for $200.00 in 2005. It was my understanding that it would cost me $279.00 to pay the loan in full. Rose told me that they would take out $60.00 a week until my account was paid in full. They took out almost $600.00 dollars. I went to the bank to have a stop payment on Cash Today Ltd. After explaining to my bank why they okayed it and then I closed my bank account to be sure nothing else would be taken out. I had a lot of insufficient funds to my bank account because of this.

I thought that everything was okay and now today, 3 years later, they called me at work saying that I never paid my loan and that I owe them $10,000.00 because of late charges and interest. I asked them for their address so I can mail them copies of the withdrawals they did on my account and all they want is my bank acct. #. I explained to Peter who called me 50+ times at work today that I could not except personal phone calls at work and if he could give me his number I would call him when I'm finished work. He told me that he would call me every minute of everyday until I give him my bank acct. number so he can withdraw the money. He yelled at my co-workers, my supervisor and my store manager. I didn't know what else to do, so I made a report with the police dept. for harassment. In Hawaii when asked not to call and you keep on calling like he did today it's considered harassment. The police officer talked to Peter because he called again while he was doing the report. The guy changes his name 3 times on the phone and even hung up on the officer. The officer got his phone number and physical address and called him back to let him know that he can no longer call me at work. I assumed everything was okay because they haven't tried contacting me all this time to say that I had an outstanding balance. When I asked Peter why they haven't tried contacting me about this in the last 3 years he said because I changed jobs and moved. I have been with the same company and same work phone # for 9 years and I have lived in the same house for 8 years. They are a rip off!

I am very close to getting fired because the phone calls will not stop and no matter who tells him that I cannot take phone calls at work he continues to call. I'll hang up on him and within 15 seconds he is calling back again. I left work early today because I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown because of all this stress.

I got a loan through this company 3 yrs ago in the amt of $200.00. They started deducting payments out of my bank account every two weeks which was a large amount of interest, didnt apply to the loan. I was forced to close my bank account. Now 3 yrs later

they contacted me at my workplace and said I owe them $4000.00 and if I settled today I could just pay them $1000.00 I told them I would like verification of debt in WRITING which I am entitled to by law per the FTC, and if they refuse to provide this info the loan is null/void they still refused not letting me get a word in.

They threatened to turn me over to their legal department I in turn contacted and filed a formal complaint with the BBB of Reno NV and the FTC. I read something on the internet from a former employee of this company and he stated they are an illegal operation and do not pay taxes. This company needs to be shut down immediately!

On August 11, 2008, I received a call from a Paul H. of Cash today, Ltd. He started to say that they are calling former clients and offering settlement options for unpaid payday loans. I could not understand what he said so I ask him to repeat everything. He proceeded to tell me that I owe them $1,050.00 for a $350.00 loan and since I have not paid the loan as of 2007, that is why the interest rate was high. He gave me a break down on how they can settle this account which was a preferred account either checking or savings. I told him I did not have either and that I would rather pay by money order or cashier's check. He indicated that their company does not accept this sort of payment due to security reasons.

He indicated that they will contact my supervisor if they do not get any results. I told him I would try to open a savings account and that I would call him back on Friday of the same week with the account information. On Thursday, I received a call (not from Paul), but another person, saying they were waiting for my payment. I told him I had talked with Paul and made arrangements for Friday.

An hour later, Paul called reminding me of our discussion. I told him I was aware, and not for the company to continue calling my place of business. After reading former clients stories, I will be reporting them to BBB and will also hire an attorney. I can not believe what this company is doing to a lot of people and with such force. This company should be closed down and with the complaints, I believe it can be done.

this incident caused me stressed the past weekend. I have two overdraft accounts and with this, I can not open any checking/savings that report to chexsystem.