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Cashaisle Online Loan Reviews

Fantastic service!
Kendrick was so nice and helpful, just a joy to speak with
Filled out an application instantly I was contacted,instantly I was approved for my loan payments are low very good for me automatically taken out of my account very convenient for me great communication in advance so thank you so much
I originally asked for $1000. Then they told me I could only get $500. Then after all the hubub and we were doing all the paperwork they said $300. When all the calls and emails and checking with my bank. I got $175. Far cry from what I needed and would help me get done what I needed. But I did eat a good meal and filled my gas tank up.
It was fast and easy and I got approved when other places kept denying me.
Worried and you guys came out of nowhere!! God bless you!!
Very helpful to me.
When you first call to get the loan the reps are very professional but the process is just to long they say two mins to get you approved but I was on the phone for a hour
Personally I think the payment back i
Easy and prompt service.
Great company thhaks fkr giving me a small loan wish it could have been more due to emerengy reasons nut i will pay my loan so i can get more thankyou Lisa Phillips
It’s was a good experience, and nice ppl to work with helped me out a lot I will definitely get loans again
Gave me the opportunity to get a loan offer,very hassle free environment.
I appreciate them givi ng me the opportunity to show i will pay as promised
Helpfull honest done everything right on time took time to get the best payment and make shure i understood everything and i was happy with the loan and understood and that means alot to me. Thank you
The process was quick and easy. This is not a good long term solution though, so use this loan for emergencies only.
Only the fact the waiting time on the phone is awful. Very long wait. They need to improve on that!!!!
The customer service was excellent
First time customer, the whole experience over the phone with the rep Jason took an hour. I rated him a 1 because he continue to fast talk me, he got my loan approval wrong. Told me it was $250 but send me an email for $225 approval. He never vertify my routing number when we made a three way call to the bank. My funds never was deposited into my account because he had the wrong routing number. The breathing on the phone heavy was annoying to listen too. Now I have to wait three days for a reverse funds that he screwed up on . I will never take out a loan again . Representative Jason needs to go back to training.
Extremely great experience
Trust pilot is a bank you can trust and be be safe with, you don't worry about fraud mishandling money problems, they work as team sport, clean bank, and duty calls when some open a bank account , checking are saving account at trust pilot. We have fun working here and passionately involve. Come see us you are invited. Your welcome. The weather down here is great!
Fast, friendly, easy. Helped out in a pinch and they were very pleasant to speak to.
Told me one loan amount I sign off on it submitted all documents then I get a call saying after looking at it a 3rd time they changed it again a 3rd time...I BBC was told 450 then 225.... I agreed to it and I get a voicemail saying 125....I make over 3000 a month...
Getting the loan was great but once some circumstances arise, they are very rude and inconsiderate. Knowing that this is the second person loan and the 1st loan was paid off. To treat any customer bad like that and not willing to put them on some type of plan is ridiculous. I will never ever get a loan from them again. Just know that if you ever fall behind they will get real rude and unprofessional with you no matter what.
They were very helpful and the customer service was excellent!
I was in a bind a few weeks ago, and Cash Aisle took a chance on me with not so perfect credit. I received money the very next morning and paid them back in full the next week. Thankful to them for their help. P.S. Customer Service Reps were all nice!!!
It was a process to go through but they had your back the entire time. I recommend cashaisle to everyone who enjoys a personal touch
Thank you guys so much for giving me a chance!!!!!
Yes very thankful for cashaisle telling everyone
Cashaisle is very well about their business management skills that I would prefer you to many anytime. Especially, involving a loan in place of financial services I agree nevertheless I will recommend you all!! Thanks sincerely!
Very easy approval process.
They were very helpful. Courtious and really did a great job in helping me
Thanks a nice company
Ashley was very helpful, and went out of her way to be accommodating.
The woman who helped was amazing! Very very helpful!
Great services.. happy with it all...
Very fast response.. Very helpful people..
Good customer service.Respectful of loan request.
Signing the documents was the only bad thing. It was a little frustrating. All the people I spoke with were really good and trying to help.
Greatest customer service glad I got the help that I needed the person who had me and did my loan for me went through all the paperwork was very professional very kind I would love to keep having her
Easy, nice and quick... Will continue using them. Will let everyone know how it helps my credit.
Fast, efficient & helpful
Very pleased with Cassie.. very professional and eager to help. Thanks Cassie
2 stars because I was told I will receive my cash the next business day but that didn't happen come to find out I had to sign my contract over but after the resign of the contract I received my money the next following business day !
I give Cashaisle a 5 star review.
Everything has been going good so far...the process was very easy!
Customer service is extremely helpful and kind
I was very pleased how much help they were and how fast they were able to help me with funding!
Long story short I got charged 2 X this week for a few totaling 129.00 this was not the agreement when your checking into bank info for the customer it’s way too long an personal too long ... I can’t wait to pay this off an be done with this company .they act like there loaning u a lot of money but really it’s only a couple hundred ..
Great customer service no long wait time. Money in 24hours.
It's pretty cool
Very outstanding job
State of the art lending tools to complete the process. Most other lenders are still operating like it’s the 90s. Nice English speaking employees who always followed up.
Had a great experience and was very helpfull
they were really nice and they worked with me to get the loan approved!
Everything went smoothly I will recommend to family and friends
This the worst place to use they are rude condescending and not professional! DO NOT USE THEM THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!
Great customer service but to high interest rates.
The lady that helped me with my loan was really sweet and helpful.. Your company has great reps.
They are a great company that I would tell some one who is looking for a lone to go and try. They are the best
The agent I talked with, very professional and patient.
Awsome fast and quick
No hassal loan. Got it without to many questions.
Wonderful experience the young man who assisted me was absolutely wonderful.
Excellent company to deal with they work very hard very fast to get you your money ,thanks for the help!!
They treated me great and did everything they could to help me.
I will not be using you guy's services anymore! It help me at my time if need. It was never explain that every two before my payment is due interest will go up and I'll never get the loan amount paid off. I had three consecutive payments that's it, but interest put it higher than the loan every two weeks interest kicks in and make it higher than the loan!! I'm putting out more money.
very patience and polite
After speaking to them and explaining they were able to help me out they are a great company
I have nothing bad to say about this company. The person that helped was very easy to talk to.
If you are in need of a short term loan with reasonable terms and polite well understood agents then I would highly recommend Cash Aisle
Great customer service reps. Made the process easy and no stress
Money was their on time
they went above and beyond to get me approved.
very prompt and excellent,great service
Excellent, cant be better.Thanks.
Quick response and much helpful
While it was fairly easy to get the loan I requested the interest rate is extreme. I know I could have refused the loan but I really needed the extra cash and could not aquire one anywhere else. I feel however that even with high risk customers a company shouldn't be allowed to charge such outrageous amounts of money to pay it back. On a more positive note, customer service is excellent. The girl who worked with us was super nice and knew what she was doing and was very patient with me through the process.
I give 5 stars because this company help me get some money when I had a emergency. Every little bit helps and this helped me out. Thank you.
they are very good inlending to people
Was very pleased with the way my needs where handled. 5 star to the agent that help me. Don't wont to put her name out there but look it up? would recommend this company. God Bless have a good day.
Nice people to do business with> I would recommend to anyone In in need of a personal loan.. Thanks Cashaisle..
They worked very fast on my loan and very nice
Very nice people..
The representative Stephanie was absolutely fantastic!! She was very kind and professional if we accidentally got disconnected she called me back immediately!
They required a lot but didn’t loan very much. Almost a waste of time.
Cash aisle was very accommodating to my financial needs; although it took a little bit of effort due to interesting circumstances, we did eventually accomplish what we needed to do. I would definitely use them again.
Hassle-free experience
Very friendly, professional service
Excellent and approve very fast
It was very easy and quick but I didn’t get what was said to me ... my price got redundant twice.
I got approved for a loan and the money was deposited the next business day..
Love it and when I need a lil money I look up cash asile
Not as much as I was first told but other than that first rate I would and already habe recommended to several family and friends
Great 5 star service.
Completely satisfied with the experience.
I was a little disappointed on the amount bt over all the quality of help was very good.
Very happy with the services. They are awesome!!!
Super fast and sooo easy