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CashAmericaToday Online Loan Reviews

Terms were confusing, have to call back to state I will make one payment, not multiple.
Excellent customer service. Terms of the loan explained clearly. More than one option available for repayment.
I would recommend Cash America Today for anybody looking for a short term loan. Efficient and courteous with no hassles or problems.
Polite and very helpful.
The greatest lending company bar none!
Very simple,very helpful if you need quick cash for emergency
How can you approve me, sign all my documents, verify my bank account, then deny me. This company is full of it!
Excellent customer service and expedient!!!
Very Good, I would Recommend them to my Friends
The gentleman was very professional, I have Parkinson's and sometimes I don't understand things, but he was very patient and helped me through the few steps of getting this loan.i would recommend C
Do not use this company..........The loan I got went fine 2 years ago but since then for the last 6 months 3-4 a week I get a call from the marketing team want to offer me another loan I have called and complained asked multiple times to be removed from the calling list but I still get the calls and I'm flat sick of it.
There when I needed help.
Fast easy payday loans
The entire experience was painless. I will recommend and reuse this company.
fees are too high
They said I was approved April 20, 2018 but they couldn't give me the money because it got denied because I live in New Jersey but the rep who denied it didn't realize I was a previous customer. So the CSR told me to wait 24-48 hours. So I did wait all the way up to May. They sent me a text saying I was approved and then they told me my bank wouldn't accept the transfer and to try back in a couple of months. So I was strung along for about 3 weeks, thinking I'm getting the money and in the interim, I got 3 overdraft fees, $105.00. So today I tell everyone I know and also those on Facebook bot to use your service.
Take to long to get money though.
I would DEFINITELY recommend this company! GREAT customer service! -LMoore
I got the money, I needed when I needed it, and if your in good standing they increase the amount you can get , but I would like the charges to be lesser to borrow, but all and all. I would borrow again from this company.
Real easy ,i set up payment for quick payoff and would reccomend,this institution for quick deposits,and very flexible repayment if needed ..great to know its fair and simple
No one ever explained the actual type of loan and the terms. I had no idea I was going to pay about 4 times the original loan amount in interest fees.
customer service awesome! been with CashAmericaToday for awhile. only downfall the amount of time they will raise your loan limit after on time payments and length of being a customer.
Great customer service. Very easy and quick process.
The lady I spoke to was very professional and very helpful and helped me step by step!
I would of expected my money much quicker than 3 days like most other loan places do they get you your money in 1 day. Would'nt use cashamerica again
Easy and very professional
Very helpful and very patience overall great customer service.
This company gave me money when other companies wouldn't.
It was a little tedious to get my loan to go through as there were so many steps but in the end the money was deposited and my worries were ended. Excellent experience.
Ridiculous!! Never again..Don't do it !!
Soooo I got approved for the loan which is great except when I say I need quick money like I need it then! Duhhh it has now been two days and I haven’t received anything!
They never made a deposit into my account made me call my bank to verify deposit never went through I told them to cancel the transaction completely and was told that I have to wait for someone to contact me back I still never received any call back from anyone
Cash America Today gave me a loan when no one else would. I would recommend them to anyone needing cash now.
Was down to nothing and needed money for food for my kids. Cash America got me the loan that I needed. Payments are reasonable and I'm so thankful, I found them. Customer service was excellent and quick. Definitely will tell other family and friends about it.
Was unable to contact someone by telephone. Eventually received an email/text but it was weeks later. Voice message said that I would be contacted the next day. I was never contacted with someone I could talk too. Also, extremely high interest if you keep loan to maturity.
it was fast and professional service and honesty really didn't think i was gonna get approved because I've been turned down a few times but cash america today was very professional and i will be returning back for my financial needs
They offered me a $500 renewal with a 50% off first finance charge. I cancelled it as I wasn't sure I needed it. Ended up needing it, and when I went back to them they would only offer me $300 because I cancelled the application for $500. Not fair to penalize someone for NOT taking a payday loan when they are not sure it is needed. Will never use them again.
This company works with you.
Quick and easy...very helpful customer service!
When I had a problem with my bank account they were able to guide me through the steps to rectify the account. Very friendly and helpful!
Great customer service, like the options for paying back the loans and I will use their service again if I should ever need the help.
Very nice. Friendly
There interest is high. Also u tell them to take out the full amount. They will take the minimum.
Easy process, very professional. No hassle.
This was truly the best experience I have had with a leander. You guys and gals are great. Thank you very much
Your rates are odsured customer service is great
I give 5 stars because they are legit and prompt at getting you cash when you need it. Interest is kind of high when making payments to payback but you can always pay it back in full.
Why I wasn't approved for a loan I would like to know
Professional and easy process
Excelent very nice
Staff was very courteous and handled bisiness in an expedient fashion! T
long drawn out process, constant phone calls and exorbitant rate
Very trustworthy.
No fuss way to get cash
No comment at this time you all were very helpful at our time of need thanks again
Great lending company. They were were very quick and gave me a chance. Thanks CashAmerica!
You’re customer service is TERRIBLE.. No one knows how to figure out anything to do with your payment. I wanted to make an additional payment on my loan on 2 separate occasions and it was a 35 minute call each time because they didn’t know how to do that via phone and couldn’t answer any of my questions. Incompetent customer service.. I will not return for this reason. I will take my business elsewhere..
Fast, simple, great customer service.
Fair business and worked with me when I lost my job
Everything was great went smooth got loan fast
You solicit based on you are the lender but in fact all you do is take the information and try and match me with someone that really lends money
Representative was very acomadating.
Good rate on 1st payment. However, it took too long to verify employment. Overall, it was a good experience. Money was in the account the next day.
I had a very nice experience with this company. I have had no issues. Everything was explained in full
customer service was helpful and very polite
Staff is so very polite and helpful. Cant say enough about how easy and fast the process is. Thank you all so much and I will continue to use and recommend your services to others.
Helped me when not many others would. Paid BK loan in full so I can use these guys again later. Thanks for the help C.A.T!!!
Easy application and I was walked through the entire loan process effeciently.
Never received any funds.
No hassle,not alot of questions and the process was smooth. I'd recommend you guys to the people I know for their money solutions.
Customer service representative was nice on every call. They was quick with making a decision and offered me a discount on my next loan for paying off my previous loan on time. I appreciate them.
I selected to work with direct lenders. it re-directed me to a page of a predatory lender I was already aware of and will not do business with. They are deceptive
Really good me and my family are wasting money in a motel we got ripped off $10,000 lost our apartment trying to get out I'm trying to get a loan for $5,000 so you can you please if you can help us I would appreciate it we can do installment loan get back to me at my email or call me at 714-470-9425 thank you Brian pottage
Always a great experience with Cash America Today.
Came through when I needed it no hassle.
When i needed a $300 dollars loan cashamericatoday were there to help me .I recommend. Cashamericatoday to you
I would recommend anyone to CashAmerica. They have always been attentive to my needs and concerns. Never had a problem with them. I will keep with them for all my financial needs.
Quick and easyapplication.
I appreciate the level of professionalism portrayed. Acquiring my loan was fast and easy. This is a convenient and helpful service.
I highly recommend this company. There was no hassle at all. They took their time and explained every single detail and they walked me through bank verification process as well. It was all very easy but they hold your hand along the way. My funds just became available at midnight and I applied and got approved at like 9am yesterday morning. So it’s pretty fast service. You won’t be disappointed.
Quick process, easy understanding of loan.
Easy to use. Convenient when needed.
Fees are to high!
So I got down to my last two payment and they ain't take the payment out my account so I call them and ask why they didnt withdraw there schedule payment and they didn't have answer and try charge me late fee until I got nasty with them
Quick and easy. CashAmerica helped me when I needed it most...THANKS!!!
I have had nothing but excellent service from cash america would recommended this company to everyone
I had my information given to a scammer from this company They texted and called me with my phone number and knew my bank acct info Had to close checking acct
I didn't get the amount I needed, but they did help some. But the interest rate is way too much.
Cash America Today was good to work with
A great service for individuals with unexpected expenses.
Cash America was great with getting me the funds I needed the Application was fast I applied on Saturday which they were closed but by Monday they assured me my funds would be available on Tuesday and for sure they were. I just wanna say thank you Cash America you saved my life.
Great! Cash American is Amazing. We got cash right away I recommend it to anybody that needs cash in a hurry. Amazing customer service. We need cash and we pay on time. Every one Should try cash American. It's convenient when you need cash.
Easy and quick. I wasnt comfortable giving my bank password so they called Wells Fargo and we dud a verification on the phone!
I've only had great service never any problems with my account.
Was very satisfied with your service. Interest rates are a bit much. I would hope repeat customers get a break on the rates.
Explain every detail for me I was satisfied with the process is only the small issue was waiting period to get someone answered the call
Well, first of all, I got the money. But... You do not get the money the same day as implied, you get approved in one day, but you don't get the money until the next business day. Also, the application is easy but the verification call is very tedious and they ask for more and more info. Also, their rate is $15 more than other lenders (That ask for a $45-$50 fee for a payday loan) such as Advance America, LendUp and Speedy Cash, and you can fill out the application and pick up at the store if you want.
Very helpful and professional. Would recommend to anyone.
fast. easy. if needed, i would use this company again.
I got the loan approve on a friday morning and still haven't received. The money yet. I need now nit when you want to!!!