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This is our 2nd REFI wi Cashcall and this time we had a cashout and still got pretty decent rate! As a repeat customer we are very comfortable w/ the process ( thanhs to Monique Sanches, our loan processor. She is very efficient and knows what she needed to expidite our loan. We talked to Kevin Noyes, our loan officer on Dec 15'14 and gave him all the pertinent paper works. We closed on Dec 29 and finally funded Jan 2nd, 15. That's what you call service- service-service and efficiency 3X. If there will be next time, we are sure will go again w/ Cashcall and will ewcommend you guys to our friend and relatives. Keep up the excellent work you guys and I we will give a 11 in a scale 0-10
My experience so far with cash plus has been ok. Retrieving the loan and getting qualified was pretty simple; however, my 1st encounter with having to request an extension was bitter sweet. For me when asking a question I felt as though the rep was talking down to me rather then speaking to me in understanding an additional charge that was being applied. As expressed to the rep it was not initially mentioned when speaking to the rep who initially approved my loan. Needless, to say I notified the rep of my feelings and proceeded with my transaction. I am big on customer service and one doing there job vs taking things personal as though the loan was coming directly from them. I'm looking to pay this loan back quick to avoid the high interest rate that is beyond ridiculous.
Everyone was very helpful and easy to work with -- thanks so much for the help
Customer service is super friendly. They are more than happy to answer any questions, and those answers are very thorough. I think it is super easy to qualify, but watch out for the super high interest. If you pay back monthly you'll end up paying like 4 times what you borrowed. So really think the decision through.
I am satisfy with your customer support, But not you interest rate they are way too high for me . 117% So next time I will try very hard to look for another alternative. Thanks, Jorge
From my 1st inquire to getting funded it has been the easiest and most streamlined process I have ever been involved in, speaking from experience my home is 16 years old I have refinanced twice before the most recent was through Wells Fargo, it took over 50 days and cost 3200.00 dollars in fees and the Staff was reckless. Dan Milicevic is one of the most professorial individuals that I have met, he has a great demeanor and is very personable. It took less then 18 days from inception of my application Via phone and internet to Funding, This is the way business is supposed to be done,
I have borrowed from cash call before.....The treatment from staff is exceptional and the service priceless......Not to mention rapid turnaround during the lending process. Thx Cash Call
These guys are professionals - from start to finish less than 15 days. No fees and reduced our fixed Interest rate to under 4% - We were hesitant after our last Refi nightmare with one of the major banks but CashCall was great - Well we will always use them in the future.
It took a couple of call backs, but all and all, he was great.
Easy, helpful and fast.
The process was really easy and streamlined, and the funds were received really fast which was key.
Roger was very efficient and helpful through the process.
I have never had a loan fund so quickly as this one. Service was outstanding, and I was kept abreast of all the comings and goings of the loan.
It was very quick and I was extremely satisfied.
CashCall went above and beyond the call of duty. They were on top of everything and saw the whole process through to closing. We appreciate their professionalism and how simple they made a sometimes difficult process. Thank you CashCall.
This is my second refi with cashcall. Their rates are great but I don't particularly like their underwriting process. Because they sell of pretty much 100% of their loans within the first month, they don't have much leeway to approve docs and such and both refi's i have done have resulted in some kind of delay or change. The first time, they had to delay my close by about 5 months due to the fact that I coudn't locate my 2012 personal income tax returns (computer crashed and had to order them form the IRS which took like 40 days). They couldn't get me any kind of exception despite the fact that i have an excellent credit score. Second time around, last second they notified me that I would have to pay $6,500 toward my car loan to get an approval due to some old K-1 they had to consider. The loan closed fine but didn't appreciate having to strong two large checks to close escrow.
Very quick response & process. All contacts were extremely professional.
I was glad how they help me right away
Your interest is WAY too high. Totally unfair!!!!
They fully disclose the enormous rate. No questions make your decision money right away. They make it very easy and they're very friendly and I recommend using them for quick money and I love the early payoff option
No early payoff penalty is great.
My loan agent was Scott was so awesome. He checked my information got me approved and I had money by 1:30. I couldn't ask for better service.
Easy and fast! Very friendly agent.
Andrew made smooth processing to get a loan without any issues. Thank you,
Both Michael Disarro and Christine Vuong were very courteous and not pushy. I liked their style of business sense. Cash Call was very expedient and made my refinance a pleasure and came through in great time. They have a great system. From others who have refinanced from other companies I have heard of great delays and too much of paperwork
Great customer service made it really easy and got me out of a really tough spot. Thank you.
I loved Cash Call! Both the original contact person who helped us with the forms, and the final underwriter were wonderful: helpful, calm, efficient. The signing on line was very quick, and when we were reluctant to email our tax forms (for privacy reasons), they sent us a pre-paid FEDEX envelope to use. I have already recommended them to several friends.
Knowledgeable people - no time wasted
This is my fourth loan with cashcall and it's always been great!'
Getting loan was wonderful. Once I got it I was called all day the following week. It was horrible. I called back and was greeted by someone who was rude. He called it a welcome call. It didn't feel like it during the call. Where he refused to tell me why they were calling without verification. He could of said its a welcome call and then verified. I will not call for a loan again after that call.
I really appreciated the professional way that I was treated; I wasn't told to fax a kuzillion forms, also, I you didn't ask for unreasonable things such as my grandmother's sister's daughter's name, what a relief!
Everything was easy and worked as planned, only issue was closing, but not a big deal.
Very pleasant experience withe the customer reps.
Cash Call really helped out, and I appreciate it.
Customer service in my opinion is excellent, turn around time, too. Unfortunately we pay a high price for not having good credit. But the only thing I would change is to be able to receive a written and/or oral guesstimate on how much a payment should be to pay off a loan sooner(for example) in one year.
The customer service is great and they are usually very quick, except for this last time. I would recommend CashCall to anyone that needs temporary assistance.
This was a very simple process, and all the people were helpful and kind! Highly recommend Cash Call!! Nancy
It was a fast and easy experience for the loan. I had an emergency situation and the representative was very helpful and responsive.
Everything went exactly as promised. There were no surprises
Did not say thank you, and was very arrogant!
great customer service. Quick results!
Cashcall was quick, efficient and upfront. No gimmicks, just plain honest business. Their people are helpful and really want to get things done quickly and as problem free as possible. It was a great experience.
My loan rep was great to work with.
I own a rental property and second home in Vegas. I tried to do a refi thru our previous lender and after 5 months and 22 days they turned me down for some units in the complex not being finished (huh?). Cashcall refied in 32 days, dropped my interest rate by 1.125 points and it cost me less than $800. I then had them refi our second home and they dropped our rate by .75 with little out of pocket costs. They are fast, professional, no bs like the big banks. USE THEM. I worked with Annie and Mai. Both were on top of everything and more times that not, waiting for me, not me waiting for them. 10 + experience.
Their processing was fast and by the next business day they were able to wire the money that I needed.
I am amazed and efficient the whole loan process was it all took less then 1hour
From the very beginning the agent was courteous, knowledgeable, professional and honest, the whole process last approximately 4 hrs.I'm truly very happy with the results.
Cashall did my home refinance exactly what they promise over the phone no cost loan.In fact I did my home refinance with them twice in last 3 years.I will recommend this company.
This is my 3rd loan with CashCall. They answered and resolved all my questions. Overall I'm satisfied with my loan thru CashCall. Thank You=)
Very helpful in helping me through the process. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Loan took a little longer than expected. (Could have been due to holiday season), otherwise a pleasant experience.
I tried numerous ways to get funding. I have a low FICO & knew I had few options. Daniel @ CashCall was the only person who treated me with respect.
Dan Tran from cash call made my refinance experience great. Seem to always take my calls when I had questions. Excellent customer service and follow up skills. Would refer Dan to my family and friends.
They did not leave a person,who is in need. With out some type of help.
We refinanced twice in 6 months with Cashcall and were contacted the second time from the company that we could save more money and they had most of our information already. The first time , it was a very easy and quick process with Jacob. The second time, we had Leslie, I think it was her name and didn't have an easy time like the first. She wasn't clear on the info she needed from us and didn't set up an escrow account like we have always had. We didn't find that out until we sat down to sign papers. She said, "nobody does that anymore" !!! So rather than having to redraw all the paperwork, we signed and it has taken me 2 months to set up an escrow account with the current mortgage co. Not happy about that. Overall, our experience has been painless. I would recommend Cashcall, just make sure you get an experienced person that knows what they are doing!!!!
Cashcall it's the best!! I got my money the same day!!
People come to your company for help at desperate times only to be hit with outrageous fees. We have no other choice but to accept. Sad.
This is my second experience with CashCall. I wish I had a cheaper way to borrow money, but CashCall makes the process of obtaining the funds as painless as possible. Representatives are competent, English-speaking and honest about the process and the payback. Money is available quickly and simply.
Jesse handled my inquiry. He was professional and helpful and stayed on top of my application processing. He was knowledgeable and extremely polite.
Jason was great. He explained all of my options clearly and provided precise AND accurate expectations of the process. He made what I thought would be a very high pressure call very pleasant.
You are great:
Entire experience was great! They answered all of my questions right away and provided a really quick and pleasant experience!! We were funded in 10 days! Woo hoo! Cut my mortgage rate and length in half! Fantastic.
Cash call has been supportive for my financial need and the process was professional and easy..thanks
My refinance with CashCall was so fast and easy. Rates were down and CashCall contacted me to organize a refinance. The process was quick and easy and the service was very professional. And it was accomplished over the Christmas holiday and I did not feel any additional stress from the refinance process. Thank you CashCall!
Everyone I dealt with at CashCall was wonderful. Absolutely no complaints. I would strongly recommend them to friends in need of immediate cash.
As a returning customer to Cash Call, I have always had good service. The staff is professional and provides detailed information throughout the process. What I appreciate the most is the money is deposited into my account within 24 hours or less. Thank you very much.
Having been a past lender the process was simple
I founf the Cashcall Loan experience to be easy and helpful
Very helpful very knowledgeable and very patient
Easy & fast. But high
This is my second time working with Cash call. My agent was friendly and did an awesome job in helping me to get the loan with my deadline. I was able to get the funds I needed in 2 days which was awesome! I thank God and my agent for being soo helpful. Thanks so much!
They got your back when you financial help. They ask for a lot of paperwork but they will try and help you in every which way they can. They allow you to change payment dates if needed. You can pay them off early and have good standing with them if you need them again.
Ann Munka was my Rep. and she was very patient, friendly and very informative and easy to understand! Thank you for your great customer service Ann!
The person I. dealt with was professional, helpful, and very patient.
These loans are extremely beneficial for a short term solution and have helped me a couple of times in sudden tight situations over the past 11 years. The service is quick, painless and all online.
As a returning customer my only real complaint is : I am hearing impaired and I ask the associate if my wife could speak on my behalf, as i did put the call on speaker, the associate responed" said, legally no". so, we continued the loan process which took 3 times as long, having the associate to repeat himself several times. If the call is on speaker and I am present for my wife to interpret it, why would this be an issue. My wife should be able to go on record with me. Respectfully, H. Contreras
It's very difficult to get to a moment in life when unforseen situations present themselves and you don't know what to do or who to turn to for financial help. Yes it's expensive but you can pay sooner and there's no prepayment penalty. The process is smooth and the representatives are so patient and very professional. I highly recommend cash call.
stressing me out with underwriters, not as easy as processed as they advertise
Tons of paperwork and duplication.
The website process was very smooth and the response time was quite fast. The customer service team helped me with my loan in one day.
My loan was done over the phone. And 3 days later I had my money.
the company spelled everything out for me and the loan agent was very nice and pleasant. rm
From the first phone call with Michael Nivera, to Albert Aquirre during underwriting. We completed a Tri-plex refinance in less than 2 weeks. In the day and age of Dodd Frank and the new underwriting requirements!! Albert was thorough, clear and helpful in communicating all document needs and promptly answered all phone calls, questions and provided timelines from us, clearly and honestly specifying requirements needed to qualify and close the loan. We are now a 4th time user of Cashcall !. You are number 1 and I recommend you to everyone. Albert is an ACE !
This is my third or fourth cash call loan. I love the expedited service that I get from them. Always very professional and courteous. Takes moments to have funds placed in your account depending on the time of the day. No hassle at all. Able to pay loan off early with no penalty just interest incurred during the time of the loan if full amount paid back within the first 30 days of acquiring the loan. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing quick money and can pay the loan back in under a year. Thanks again Cash Call.
For anyone with good credit history, an organized collection of all the usual, endlessly requested financial documents, and skill with a home copier/scanner, Cashcall will be a breath of fresh air compared to the usual Mortgage Broker that is referred by your local real estate agent. The best part, however, is that after the initial collection of paystubs, tax returns, bank statements, etc., Cashcall retains your file so that if an opportunity to refinance and save money arises, you only need to update recent changes, NOT start over from scratch with the whole financial proctology exam. They close in record time and do not milk you for fees, points, and the usual frustrating costs. Their business seems to make money from selling the well-documented and underwritten loans on the secondary market to loan servicers...NOT from milking the borrower with nickel and dime costs and fees. The more you use them, the more complete their history file with you, and the more smoothly future financing will go. Their model will kill the frustrating, high priced, slow processing brokers that rely on sweetheart referrals from realtors. Good riddance I say! They are to conventional mortgage companies as is to Sears Roebuck and JC Penney.
Very professional and customer service is superb. Able to borrow and the fund within 24 hours as promised.
Unfortunately, I've had to call Cash Call a couple of times in the last few years. Very fortunately for me, they have been there for my emergency needs! No issues, great service to start up the loan and I would refer a friend for quick cash-temporary use ONLY! Oh, and don't be 1 hour late on a payment and pay back ASAP!! They are willing help quickly, especially to returning clients!
CashCall has been there when ever i need them. Their prompted service and quick funding has made it easy to borrow.
Was a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end of my loan everything was on time and with professionalism thanks to all peoples get involved in make it a reality
expensive but there when you need it. how about special rates for repeat,repeat customers
As long as you understand your contract and your finances, this is a quick and easy way to get back on track . Customer service has to verify 100 questions before you state your issue, but any issue that I had was well handled. A piece of advice, dont take the loan unless you have a sure plan of paying quickly. The rates are exponential and not meant to be extended to the full term.
We were turned down by Wells Fargo and B of A for business loans---even with over $ 200,000.00 in paid for receivables and an excellent growth record! Since we couldn't show 2 years in business we didn't fit the banks '"acceptable models". CashCall analyzed our P&L, AR aging reports etc along with the majority stockholders credit and gave us $ 56,500.00 in 2 days after application! We are a certified minority owned ( African American ) corporation that needed operating funds for a short time. CashCall kept us from going our of business!
Professional and expedient.
Paul assisted me greatly with my small business needs. The process was simple and easy. Verification was also simple. However, once it was all completed, CashCall would call me every hour on the hour to call for a follow up to verify information. This was difficult and inconvenient while I was handling business and or meetings. Please send verification e-mails or schedule this appropriately.
Excellent service and great people. They are courteous and fast and efficient. I've been a customer on and off for some time and I truly recommend them.:)
Great Service - Quick Loan Processing - Best Loan Rates in California. Anyone not using an Cash Call loan for original or refinance is not getting the lowest rate available. No Cost Loans is true!!
This company is very bad on calling you back after close of escrow. I have left numerous phone messages and emails with no response.
Third time is the charm. This is the third loan I have gotten from Cash Call in the last five years and this experience was the easier faster and quicker than the previous loans. They did everything via email,FedX or phone. The loan processor Nichole was the "best" it was her dedication and hard work that got this loan closed so quickly and professionally. You can not go wrong with CC
I had one of the best experience. I was hoping to get a $1000 but i was offered more than what I was expected. that was a BIG surprise there. You guys are the best. Now let's continue doing great business. Thanks again for everything!