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Check Into Cash Online Loan Reviews

Check into Cash has excellent customer service from the ladies. ;) Will absolutely recommend Check into Cash to family and friends and the homeboys in Windsor California. They have always helped me and I know they will always be there for me for whatever I may need payday advance.

Best place to do business. The staff there are professional and polite

This place offers a lot that fit my needs. It’s good to know there is place like Check Into Cash to meet my needs when unexpected bills arise. It is always come handy and very helpful. Ali and his team always has a positive attitude and always give great customer service. I would surely recommend this place.

Customer service is very good and knowledgeable.

Check Into Cash has the most courteous and friendly staff of people to help with financing. They are always so helpful and they do it with a smile. It is refreshing to come in to the loan officer and be greeted with such courtesy. I never feel embarrassed to come in to get cash when needed. Thank you for hiring such a friendly staff. I would use you for all my emergency needs. Thanks for being there!

I would but only as a last resort. Interest rates are terrible but wonderful employees. If the interest was better and monthly option even I would recommend far more often. Even a monthly option would be helpful as week to week for people so it makes for a struggle.

I filled out the online form, was pre-approved right away, but since I did it on the weekend I had to wait until Monday to speak to a customer service rep., to verify all my information which only took about 5 to 10 minutes. A very fast and easy process.

The lending process with Check Into Cash was great! Working with them helped me pay my rent when I needed it and I'm glad they were there. However, I'd advise not to get it if it's something you can't pay back on the next payday because it becomes quite costly.

Lori, Terri, Debra are very caring of their job and all customers. I wouldn't cash my check anywhere else. They are so nice and wonderful and always remember my name. I can go in and vent about my job and they always listen and sympathize with me. Love going into the store.


Customer service is great at Check Into Cash in Burlington Iowa. Joanne is very nice and friendly. Gets you in and out as quick as you need to be. I would send people to this store. I like coming and seeing Joanne.

No problems, very helpful!

I just visited for my first time today. Service was very fast and friendly. The employees were very helpful and got me in and out in practically no time at all. I plan on taking you up on that referral program I was told about too.

I have a great experience with Check Into Cash. It really helps me out. I would recommend it to a friend. I am sure it would help them as well like it has to me. The workers at so nice and they explain everything you need to know. I am glad that I went there for help.

I only go through this company because they are very professional and very polite. They handle you like a real person and they are always fast in any situation!!

My experiences here are always positive, the staff is very friendly and nice. Very professional business, my husband and I have been using this service for 3+ years on and off as needed. It's very helpful in times of need.

My experience today with the staff in Dinuba CA was pleasant. They were nice and fast, getting me in and out and on my way. I have been a customer for awhile now and it's always a good experience. I can borrow different amounts of money depending on my needs at the time. Thank you.

I have been on and off with Check Into Cash for two years now. Not only do they have very nice customer service, they also have super easy online application. In addition their lending processors are very helpful when I obtained my payday loan. Overall, the people at Check Into Cash are a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend them.

I was in the Clarksville, IN store today. I was surprised to find just one employee working at noon, a busy time of day. There were 2 people waiting ahead of me. I wanted to renew, paying off by debit card, but was told I would have to wait 5-10 minutes because she just gave her cash to the last customer. Also being in a cash checking place by herself also is a safety issue in case of robbery. Also being by herself does not give her a time for any kind of break as required by law.

The company is staffed by very professional and efficient persons who go out of their way to assist their clients in every aspect of the transaction so that their clients feel that they have received the best service available.

The service was excellent, the ladies there were very sweet & tried doing everything fast. I came into Check Into Cash and they attended me quickly, I'm very patient as it is but the ladies were doing everything fairly quickly. I like coming here.

I was in a jam and they helped me with no one else would not. They walked me thru the website and got my cash the next day. Thank you.

Was speaking to one of your representatives (and man with Indian accent). We was going over the information. He need some additional information from me which I had to get off my phone and we lost connection. He call back while I and still getting this information. I could not pick up in time and he left me a very nasty voice message. In these day and times you must be careful give your information out to anyone. So just from that encounter I would not recommend this service to anyone.

When I enter the store the staff always greets me, they always try to get your transactions taken care of as quickly as possible. They seem to go out of their way to make sure that everything is handled the way that I may need. Overall everything happens flawlessly.

I think Check Into Cash is a great loan company for anyone who has an emergency and needs cash right away. The customer service representatives are friendly and help the best way possible. Great job keep up the good work!

I have enjoyed by experience so far!

Getting the cash I need was easy and efficient. Process was totally online. As returning customer I was able to get more each time. I would recommend this for anyone in a jam. My one criticism would be to lower your interest rate. Renewing your loan is easy to do online.

The store manager has been working alone for months. Just got help. I like the manager but the work conditions were bad. Air condition was broke for a week. Poor girl don't get a day off. Always in there by herself. She is a very hard worker.


They really help me when I needed it. They also help me on my last payment due date. Thanks to everybody that help me. I will be coming back to get another loan, interest rate are very reasonable. I will recommend this loan company to my family and friends if anybody needs a quick loan without any Hassle.

It’s a pleasure to be able to go online and get the cash I need. Thanks!

Susan and Mae is always greeting me the moment I walked in the store with a smile, letting me know that they will be with me/us while they're helping the other customer. Also they offer us a water and some goodies. I'll definitely recommend my family and friends to come back again. They always have an awesome, great customer service.

There’s a Check Into Cash locally to me and their interest rate was a little lower than other places we’ve found. Their application process was easy and really quick too. It took 20 minutes at most the first time. I applied online and they did a phone call where they verified my identity. The representatives all seemed like they were fairly knowledgeable and they were all really friendly. Check Into Cash is a good way to be able to get a quick loan if you have an emergency.

My experience with this company is excellent. Manager very prompt. I find the customer service is excellent at this office. I would referred many friends, many clients, people I run into to your office. Very helpful and comes very handy when time of needs.

Jesse and Tanya have always treated me right and are there for me when I need them. They are willing to open early or stay late if needed and handle my transactions. They are quick to greet you when you come in and are very friendly with positive attitudes.

need more promo codes for long time continuous customers!!!

Awesome customer service. People are very friendly and polite. Courtesy calls is such a great thing for me, because sometimes I may forget when I'm due. They try to get me in and out as fast as they can. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

I liked that the loan application with Check Into Cash could be done online. Their lending process was quick and very easy. It took a little bit more than 30 minutes the first time then a lending processor called to verify the information. He was polite and I had a fine dealing with him. After a couple of days, I got the money through a direct deposit. Working with Check Into Cash was helpful and I was able to take care of things when I needed it. I would recommend it to my friends.

The Check Into Cash place was around the corner from my house so it was convenient whenever I need it. I went for their payday loan and they're quick with it. I went to the store and I got it right away in less than 10 minutes, but before they gave me anything, they explained some things. I was able to get what I needed when I needed it with Check Into Cash. I'd totally recommend them.

She was very resourceful in establishing the loan after it had expired. She acknowledged my patience in the wait period and thanked me. She was very sweet and I had every confidence she was meeting my needs.

I have had nothing but great experiences with this company!!!

The people are really nice and respectful. They don't make me feel like I owe them personally. They know me by my name and always smile. Am not sure about the credit check every time. Now that's one thing I really don't like due to it pulls on my score.

Reviewing my local Check Into Cash in Lemoore, California. Associates there are very friendly and helpful. Good service helps out when you're in a bind. Would recommend to anyone in need of some quick cash. They are there to help you out. Thank you.

I received excellent customer service always received answers to my questions. Would recommend them to all my friends and associates

I think the rates are high but overall CIC was there when I really needed them. It's very convenient for me to receive and pay my loan online. Thanks for your service and allowing me to do business with your company. I appreciate you guys very much for coming through for me.

Great workers. They are always so nice. Always welcoming me with a smile and super respectful. Getting a loan is fast and easy. I would recommend them to my friends and my family. They are always professional and understanding. I'm never in line waiting for a long period time which is great.

I was satisfied with the service and was able to use it as I did and repaying was the good service finalization

Thanks Check Into Cash for your help when I needed it and thanks to the wonderful people that works there. They always made it fast and easy serving me with a smile. Made hard times better. A good experience to come back when I need it again. Thanks Yuma store #19025.

I took a payday loan from Check Into Cash and the overall lending process has been wonderful and very easy. And they worked with me. I asked them to give me a little extension and they gave me two more weeks. It was taken care of. That’s why I asked for another one today. Check Into Cash took care of the time between payday. The lending processors were very good too. I’d tell others to do it with Check Into Cash. I went with them due to how cheap their rate was. You pay the annual percentage rate, $25, but it's not bad.

I got a payday loan from Check Into Cash. Their lending process was great and I liked their customer service. Funds were there whenever they told you it was going to be. They were also knowledgeable and friendly and I had a good experience with them. I would recommend Check Into Cash.

Everything went well. Joanne was very professional and friendly. Everything always goes well. I enjoy my time here when she's here. I prefer to work with her over the others who may work at this store. I never have any problems with working with her.

I would definitely recommend this Check Into Cash Lynwood location to friends and family. Every time I visit this location soon as I walk in is great vibe. I just love their customer service. Well done guys! They always explain things the proper way. Always have great charisma.

My experience coming to this location of Check Into Cash has been informative and very positive and with pretty good speed. Hence me being a returning customer. San Lorenzo location is the best. The lovely lady that has been helping since I enrolled has been great.

Convenient and responsive by email or phone. Straightforward, easy to understand options.
no hassles on getting my loan, friendly customer care service if i called with any questions. love that they send reminders of upcoming due date
I was a bit strapped for cash for the holidays last year and took multiple advances from Check Into Cash. The interest rate is high but worth it considering it saved me from my bank's outrageous overdraft fees. I'm paid bi-weekly so the repayment deadlines were convenient. It was also simple to get approved though my credit is awful.
It is what it is. As payday loans are not your tip choice sometimes they are needed for unexpected situations. The process online is truly easy and fast.

I was really taken care of be this customer service person's skills. He listened to the situation and explained everything to me. Also didn't rush me... Great service... You need more employees like him. He also made changes to update my information. Thanks again.

The staff are really nice and helpful when you have a question and they always call and remind you when it's time to come in to pay. The store is always clean and organize. Very helpful and knowledgeable with all the products they offer here. I would recommend this place.

The ladies here are beyond amazing. They are super nice, they are fast and very helpful. They always make my day when I see them. Meg is always so upbeat and bright. She is also very fast and always there and upbeat. These two ladies I think work very hard and this is the cleanest store I have been in.

Very courteous, sweet ladies. Always smiling, greet each person as they come in no matter how busy they are and never have to wait very long. Very helpful in tough situations if something comes up, works well with each customer. Great place to go.

The staff are extremely friendly and are always willing to help. Minetta and Mike are always giving outstanding customer service. I’m always happy going to this location. It’s always a clean and friendly environment and I understand that customer satisfaction is important there.

I got a PITI loan online with Check Into Cash online and it saves time. It was very convenient. The loan process was completed within the day. I use them once a month if needed and I would recommend their service.

The environment is very light. Walking in the door the girls are very pleasant and have a great sense of humor. They have treated us with the utmost respect while handling our account. Haven't had any problems with the company. Thank you.

I can say they have been there when I needed their service. The deposits are quite timely. I have used their services for a few years. It would be nice if they gave repeat customers a better interest rate. That would be a great way to say thank you. I am grateful their services were more affordable. Wish the interest was a bit lower. It is pretty high.

I have been coming to this store in Winfield off and on for several years. The staff is always friendly and professional. They remember your name and are willing to work with the customers within the policies and procedures. This business has been a help to me when I could not get a traditional loan. I appreciate the service they provide.

I have been a customer for many years and have always received information and encouragement without the hard sell. Very appreciative and will continue to recommend and be a customer. Everything is always explained and is very clear. Thank you. The customer service was commendable.

I got a payday loan from Check Into Cash and the lending process was painless and fast. I filled in the blanks online and the process took 20 minutes. They also called and verified some info. They're very nice people and working with them made it easy to get the loan when I needed it. If someone needs a loan, they should go ahead, look into Check Into Cash and use it.

Check Into Cash have great staff and fast loan and payback process. I prefer Check Into Cash if you new to loans and doesn't want high-interest rates. 5-star rate for me!!! No problems with payback, no problems with interest rate, no problem with the company...

At Check into Cash Joann is very nice always has a positive attitude. I love the services, they are excellent. She is a very good and hard worker. When she calls to remind about payback she is always very polite to me also. She is also a very fast worker. Very good at customer service.

Everyone here is amazing even Ellen. I always come into the store to smiles. Amazing customer service as well. Thank you to all for being so helpful. I can’t imagine a better place to help me. Olivia is amazing. I always like getting helped by her.

This service has got me through some emergencies and just a little extra cash to tide me over until my next payday. The staff at the Palmdale location which is the store I use, is always friendly and very helpful.

Greai service...would give 5 stars but the no service on weekends an=

I've had loans on occasion with Check Into Cash. I do everything online and the process is fairly simple. The first time took a day. I had to talk to them once because I messed up and they had a delay on my account. They extended it for two weeks and didn’t charge me anything, so that was a good experience. Every time I needed money, Check Into Cash is there and it helps. They’re doing a good job for people who need them.

Easy, convenient helped me a lot

I appreciate your store manager Cynthia in Modesto 9010. Going in her store Cynthia is always professional when assisting me. Cynthia, always address me by my last name. Cynthia @ has a pleasant personalities and she knows her job very well. She is helpful and very with patient with assisting her co-worker's. I enjoy her service. She is a great asset to your store, Thank You making it comfortable for me to get a loan Check into Cash!

Their customer service is excellent and they’re always helpful. I always get loans with them and they never fail to meet my needs, very nice people, always smiling and friendly, thankful for their help and generosity. I will be getting another loan with them as well.

Check Into Cash has been a lifesaver in time of need. No questions asked, money in my account next day. Thanks for your assistance. It's nice to know if needed your will help. I'm sure I will be using you in the future for emergency money. Being retired it's a great way to make ends meet.

When came into store to reopen my loan the staff was very busy. I came in at 5:45 and was told, "No problem, I am here to help my customers no matter what time it is." I was shocked by the service and willingness to help me even though they close at 6:00. I ended up leaving around 6:30 with money and a friendly smile. Will definitely recommend and be back.

Ivan in Pinedale always gives the best customer service and always remembers my name when I go in. They always have water available in the hot months and offer it. I have never felt uncomfortable when doing business there. I sometimes have to send Western Union to my family and is helpful to know they are there for.

I always have a pleasant experience when I come to Check Into Cash on Austin Peay Hwy, Memphis TN. The service is fast and the employees demonstrate professional value when servicing the customers. I have never seen an employee upset about doing their job. So I would recommend Check Into Cash to anyone that would need their service.

They are awesome to work with.

Joe was great with process and explaining everything clearly. Service was quick and friendly, store was clean and professional. I would come back again for my fast money needs. Joe is a great employee and made me feel comfortable about process. Great job!

Upon first walking through the door I was immediately greeted with a warm and friendly welcoming into Check Into Cash. Not one of those forced script-readings where you can tell the person there has absolutely no sincerity, as if they are constantly questioning whether or not they need to keep their job. All of the associates were genuinely happy and made me feel I was that reason. I was promptly seen and taken care of with ease. (Saying that Tracy fully knows and understands the system would be an understatement.) With each customer walking in, you could feel the atmosphere, that I walked into, had not gone anywhere.

The entire staff was so kind, courteous, respectful and knowledgeable enough to handle whatever question was thrown their way, with ease. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would, because everyone there went above and beyond their job descriptions to take care of every person that walked through those doors. I am very happy to have came to that store and will highly recommend everyone I know to such a friendly and professional business. It was the highlight of my day!

Chris is a Great customer service rep! Extremely helpful! Always fun and easy experience. I have been in to apply for a payday loan and he made it quick simple and easy. It helps that it is also so close to me. I will not go to any other Payday advance place. If I need to re-borrow I will definitely be coming back.

The customer service is outstanding. They are friendly and just awesome. I'd recommend everyone to come get a loan here. I will always come back to this particular store for my loan needs. Awesome customer service with awesome attitudes.

It’s always a warming environment when you walk in. Eric always greets you with a smile and a warm welcome to the store. He is always on top of his game as some days there may be a lot customers but seems to get us all through the process fast. He is always looking out for the customer's needs and kindly helps if possible. I enjoy doing business with this store and will refer people if possible.

Very helpful in a time of need.
Always there and quick money in hand every time.

I come to this location and Tamika is always amazing. She makes it a comfortable and inviting experience. This location is very professional and considerate of my needs. I would recommend this location to anyone in need of financial assistant. Always easy and pleasant.

This service is much better than most quick online loans. It's a small amount and gets all paid back at the next paycheck. I liked that I could take another loan right away when I needed to. The cost was cheaper than an overdraft fee and customer service reps were great.

Easy to fill out and to understand the application, quick response for approval and deposit showed up quickly. It was nice to get the friendly reminders and offers to answer any questions. Will definitely go thru Check Into Cash if I ever need a quick small loan again.

The girls in the Windsor store are always helpful and it's very convenient, quick and easy and they are really nice here! The store is always clean and a very friendly environment. Never have had an issue, always there to help me when I need their services! Will recommend.

They are the nicest people in town! Have been with them for some time and have always worked with me, and been sure to give me those courtesy calls which are very helpful! Always happy to help and offer other goodies as well. The ladies always have a smile!

I think its a great loan company to go through. They are honest and don't sneak in hidden fees. Thank you check into cash

I started looking at different lenders and once I reviewed everything with them and looked at what the customer said, I chose to go with Check Into Cash. I got a payday loan and my experience with them was good. Their process was not bad, too. I went online and got my loan, then I got the money in two days which was great timing, and I paid it back two weeks later. Working with them was a great help for me and if I ever decide to get another loan, I would go online and do it again with them. They were awesome and I would tell my friends to go with them.

I want to start off by saying that in past years I've had good experiences with the company. Within the last 3 months I've been very disappointed with them. I have called 3 different times to change the date on my installment loan with a promise from the manager to get a call back. No call back ever came. I am convinced that this company could care less about customer service.

I’ve used Check Into Cash for a long time now. I googled and read about them and I hoped it may be a good place to use. We have one local here but I never use that one. I prefer to use it online because I don’t have to call or get out and go anywhere. I can just have the app on my phone and go through it and request what I want. Since I had used them before, my bank information is already in there. So, I just review that, make sure it all stayed the same and click on the appropriate answers to the questions, then hit submit. The processing depends on when I do it. If it’s closer towards the weekend, it usually won’t hit until Tuesday but it's usually a day or two. And since they have my email and my cell phone number, they send a text or email when the payment is due. I never had to talk to any customer service unless I want to pay my loan off early. They have somebody to push it through instead of waiting for the due date.

Check Into Cash affected my life in a good way because it came through when I needed to get the money. I like using them because I know they work with me if for some reason something comes up. If I have financial difficulties, all I do is call and get payment arrangements from the previous date that I had and they work with me. I would suggest for others who really need money to go online and apply. It should be an easy approval. They can just call If they want to speak with someone. Right now, I just got off the loan and hopefully, I can get myself financially situated where I don’t have to go back and use it again. But if I should need to use it, I know where to go.

I’ve been getting payday loans for a while now, and it’s so easy! I love that this is an option instead of having to go in the store due to my work schedule. It’s easy and convenient.
My Mother passed away last years and I had to get a loan to help out with some last minute things, and I with on line to get a loan and was approved in minutes. No questions asked