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I went to the store on 21 and card. I have been going there for 2 years - the staff has always been friendly and courteous. On this occasion I was treated by the new manager - she first told me she would be with me shortly after she made several calls complaining about a customer. When she finally called me up I told her instead of making a partial payment I would pay back the entire amount and Reborrow. I have done this for 2 years. She said that would be fine after I asked her if there would be a problem with me reborrowing.

She took my money. Oh and the whole time was talking to another employee about a customer. She said I would have to refill an application and provide all new check stubs. I told her she should have told me this in the beginning. I didn't bring check stubs with me. She shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes and handed me the paper and told me to fill it out. When I came back I told her I would never be back. I also asked her if she was the manager. She said yes. I told her she was an ass and didn't know how to deal with the public and just lost me and even though they made a lot of money off of me I would never step foot in there again. She does not know how to talk to you or treat customers. You just lost a good customer.

I took out a loan in March for $500. In the same month, they tried taking out $625 which was not the installment amount of $70 that I agreed to. They continued trying to withdraw the full balance out of my checking account without my permission and never contacted me back. I receive a call today from some lady stating she represented some pre-litigation team who was threatening to send papers to press charges to my employer stating I have committed fraud. They violated their payment arrangements and had the nerve to say I committed fraud! I just got out the hospital and they have upset me so much that I may have to return. I called Check n Go collections department and spoke with a manager who states they sold my information at the beginning of this month to a United Debt Holdings company and that he could not help me. He told me he wasn't going to waste time listening to my problems which was just plain rude. I would never recommend them to a friend or a family member just because that's the worst customer service experience I ever have and I feel ripped off.

Every time I call Check 'n Go I get different answers from different people. I was told a payment plan was able to be set up. When I did it they did not follow it. When I called back, someone else told me they were unable to do that. I was told I could pay by credit card. When I called back to set that up I was told no again. No one knows any correct answers.

I have dealt with five Check 'n Go offices over the last 5 years. Three of them were friendly, efficient, and cooperative. Two of them were slow, and even rude, including one today. So I have now switched all of my business to Advance America, who have been much much faster, and much much friendlier.

I don't like the fact that Check' n Go advertise and tell customers that their online service for mobile phone is accessible, but it's not! Every time I try it from my cellphone it doesn't work. And when you call customer service, they always tell me that site is under construction, which has been going on for almost six months.

I am getting calls at my house for a guy (Dallas **) not paying his bill. I am his boss, I have nothing to do with his bill payment. I do not want to be bothered with this anymore.

I have had loans with ChecknGo for quite a while and have paid them off and took out another one which I was going to give a payment which was due on my pay day, 18 Mar 11. When I first took out a loan with them, I told them that I will always be there on payday after work which is after 4:30. I have never failed with my payments and have been there as soon as I got out of work. I would even call them that I was on my way just to make sure they knew I was going to be a little late but was always there before they closed.

When I was transferred to Randolph I told her of the change of phone number. They even called me once at Randolph and when I changed my cell number I also provided them with the new number. Well, last week when I got paid I didn't get the usual call from them and was going to call them but my boss had me take care of some business for him so I was not able to give them a call but when I finished my work I left work a little early so I could go to the bank and get the money to pay them and headed as fast as I could to make it over there.

When I got there the attendee told me she had bad news. She said that "they" the company send in my checks (given to them when you get a loan just in case you don't pay them off) because the attendee could not get in touch with me. I told her that I never received a call and she said she called me at my cell and at work. I told her I didn't get either. I checked with her on what number she was calling and she was calling old numbers when I had given her an update on all the phone numbers and I told her why the change wasn't made.

All she told me was "Anyway, it's your obligation to call us if we don't call you" to find out what time you will be coming. I told her that I had already told her I will be here after work same time like always but she said that was the company’s "new" policy. This is ridiculous since I have always been there on time and have never failed them and they do this to me. As soon as I got home I checked my account and the checks had already gone through which means they had put them in two days before my payment was due. I was not due to make the payment until my payday, 18 March 2011. I could understand if I didn't go that day to pay them; then I would understand if they would put them in after my due date but two days before it was due. They ended up screwing my account which I am now over $400 in the hole. This is not right when they give you a due date and they don't go by it.

Went in and got a $300 loan. When I went back yesterday to pay it the manager, nonetheless... Check the amount she was charging going to charge twice before she ran the card and come to find out today when it posted to my account she charged me an extra $225. Went in today after calling and them saying to come in and they would give me the difference, I just needed to bring in the statement. I brought it and was then told they can't give me the money for another 3 days because it is still showing as a pending transaction.

So now I'm screwed on my car payment which I was suppose to pay by tomorrow. Unless I go today at 4:30. Because I have to wait 24 hours to get another loan after I pay off one. And unfortunately the other loan place will only give me up to $170 at a time for some BS reason so I have to go back there now... I was 30 mins late to work because of this crap and I'm probably going to be at least 15 mins late coming back from lunch cause I have to drive 30 mins there and 30 back... They really screwed the pooch this time.

Extremely bad collection - They have called family members, acting as if they are of Gov. Authority and taking a summons out and needing to serve it. Indicating I could be arrested. These people called my daughter my mother, leaving messages friends. They are playing terrible tactics. My mother and daughter are in NC and I am in TX, mother is 74 years old with bad heart. She was so upset when they called. They are impersonating that they are having me arrested, when they have no rights to do so.

Your Check 'n go employee in oak park MI need to quit. She is not happy with her job. She is always so very rude. I will never use Check 'n go again. When she is asked questions, she snaps back at customers with a look like just shut up and don't ask questions. Her attitude states and says I wish customers never walk through the door. She should just quit. It had been about 7 months before I needed your services and I have received loans in the past from Check 'n go you would think this employee would have gotten better but she has gotten worse.

She is always rude, nasty and very short with her answers. When asked questions she just looks back and says with her facial expression, just go and get the heck out of here and stop asking me questions. I will never return to check 'n go again, granted I am just one customer - but key word "customer." She needs Customer Service Training!

I have been using this service for the past year. Every time a loan is paid off, I have to send them a copy of my bank acct statement, which is strange because I also use check into cash, and they do not require that. So when my loan was paid today, I went online to apply for a new one. Their system automatically told me I am denied, to my horror, because as a single Mom, my family and I relies on the income!

So when I called, I spoke with a customer service rep, who then told me that they are no longer all of the sudden accepting my particular bank, and did not say why. No email, no phone call, no nothing. Just the $255 I had budgeted for rent, food, gas, etc. IS NOW GONE! So when I complained at how whack that was, and will never use their service again, the customer service rep said "okay" and hung up. THAT WAS IT! If you are looking for a payday loan, with decent values, good customer service and no hassle process, do not go here, try CHECK INTO CASH instead!

On February 1st, 4 days before my husband's birthday, I ordered a couple of really nice Android phones, and got service turned on. The very first day of my new service, I got a call from Check 'n Go demanding to speak to a Heather. I simply told them that I just got this phone number and that I did not know who Heather was. I asked them to please not to call again and they said my number would be removed but the calls continued, just about every day. I told them the same thing over and over and over...

Finally, I wrote an email to their head office who insisted they would remove my number from their list. I got insulting voice mails from them, that Heather was just avoiding them, and that she needed to pay her bill. I called them back and again told them I was not Heather, that my name is Tonya, and that I just got the phones. I finally wrote the head office again, and sent them a copy of my phone bill at US Cellular showing I was a new customer and the calls still continued to come in almost daily.

And the other day one called and I said, "Look, I have told you all a zillion times, I am not Heather. I just got this service." And the woman screamed at me, "Well, you have never talked to me before because I am new, and my name Kara and we know it is you, Heather. Pay your damn bill," and she slammed the phone in my ear before I could even get a response out. That was it; I had enough. I let my phone get turned off at this point. Why change my phone number? I figured I would just get some other person's number who did not or could not pay their bills either and get harassed by someone else.

I took out a small loan of $1,600.00. They gave me installment payment plan. They took out the first $400 or $600 out of my Bank of America checking account back then. After a while their collections department called me, which is normal because I got back up on the payment. I asked them "Where is my first payment...?" Their collector never called. SHADY BILLING. Back then, 2011 - the bank told me they had debit my account for the first payment. I never heard from them again until NOW 2016 ON MY CREDIT REPORT OWING 3,255.00!

I have been calling customer service and have been routed to several Supervisors - I called and sent an e-mail on 8/29 to stop the automatic EFT payment - because on 9/1/2017 (payment due date) I was going to pay the total amount due on loan. On 8/29/2017 the customer service rep told me that it would be stopped and all I had to do was call customer service on 9/1/2017 and pay the total amount due. At that time she said that the amount she was showing was 3,700.00 however it will be lower than that because that was not the early pay off amount. On 9/1/2017 I called to pay off the loan just like I said I would and I was told that my account was in collection department due to a returned check - I was shocked to hear that because 1. My payment date was 9/1/2017 and I was placing the call in the morning of 9/1/2017.

And why were they showing a returned check? I never wrote them a check and I specifically stopped the EFT from my bank on 8/29/2017 so that I can pay loan amount off completely on 9/1/2017. I was then transferred to the Supervisor of the collections dept. from the Tijuana office who refused to give me his name and was very rude shouting at me telling me that he did not have a payoff amount for me and now I would have to wait until 9/5/2017 or 9/6/2017 until the system is updated. I was so upset and so stressed out from what I was hearing because I want to pay off this loan to avoid more interest and fees and CHECK 'N GO - is not allowing me to pay it off. The next few days were very stressful. So on Tuesday 9/5/2017 I called CHECK 'N GO again and was told that I had to make the payment of $337.00 that was not paid on 9/1/2017 before I can get a pay-off amount. This process is ridiculous!

So I make the payment of $337.00 and I was told by Jakeen in collections that I would be transferred back to customer service and they would be able to take my payment for the entire loan amount. WELL when I got transferred I was told that they did not have a payoff amount because it takes a few days to generate in the system. So basically days and days are going by and I still do not have a payoff amount and interest is stacking up! On 9/6 I called CHECK 'N GO again to get a pay-off amount. I was told that my pay-off amount was $3479.63 so I asked to speak with a Supervisor and I was transferred to Carlos from Tijuana office again and he said he will try to research the call that I made saying I wanted to pay off the amount on 9/1/2017. RIDICULOUS!

Then he called me back and said he could not honor that date and that my amount is $3479.63. However I had already made two payments of $337.00 and I want my pay-off loan amount as of 9/1/2017 because that is the day I said I was going to pay it off that was the day my payment was due and no one was able to give me an amount. I am very upset the way that I am being treated. I am not trying to run away from my payments. ALL I WANT IS MY PAY OFF AMOUNT AS OF 9/1/2017. It is unfair that I have all these extra fees because no one is able to help me.

We had used this company for a couple of years. Three months ago I asked the company if they could extend the payment for 5 days (on social security) as my electric bill was due and they were going to cut off the electricity. Woman did not care and could not move the payment around. It was ACH for under 300 dollars and my bank put a stop payment that would cover the company any amount (in October).

This last Friday Check n Go withdrew a lot of money causing our checking account to go in overdrawn mode. They wrote a check with my name (not husband's) and just stole the funds out of the account. Now our water will be shut off and the bank says I know these people but to us this is internet fraud.... going in and taking money out when there is a small amount and ruining a person Christmas and now we cannot pay for insurance and internet. Bank will do nothing as it take 6 days. These people are thieve. Thank you everyone for reading this..

In desperation I got a $1500 payday loan. The interest on the loan is $350 bi-weekly. So a few weeks after getting the loan I lost my job. Now they call family and friends threatening to have me arrested. I finally had to close my bank account. I am to the point that I am going to file bankruptcy and they are saying that this cannot be added. I am unsure as to what to do.

The application process seemed easy. I just dislike that you apply with the tedious application needing a lot of information... Understandable though based on the amount you want but wish they would approve or decline you right there. After the application process they say the money will be in your account next day but days later found out wasn't even approved... Waste of time. Ended up going through someone else a different company.

I got a loan at Check 'n Go. But if I knew what I know now, I would not have never gotten one. The representative bugs you before your payment is due. If you try to pay extra, she want take your money unless it's the amount she wants... This is the worst company to borrow money from. Their interest rate is ridiculous. Even if you want to cash checks, they charge way too much. Once I pay this loan back, I rather do without than to borrow from them again. I would advise everyone, do not borrow money from Check 'n Go security finance, and the other loan companies is a lot better with their payback options and interest rates... CHECK 'N GO IS A BIG RIP OFF.

Check 'N Go, Fairfield, California, USA, Store Number 142 - On January 27, 2014 my wife wrote a cash advance loan with Check 'n Go. The terms of the contract were that Check 'n Go would hold our check for $300 and cash it on February 10, 2014. However, on February 3rd, we found that a charge for $300 had been posted electronically, from Check 'n Go, against our checking account (see image). While this premature payment was "pending" we contacted Check 'n Go by going into their store. Casandra, the store manager, could not find where they had processed the charge against our checking account as a "ACH DEBIT" and called her corporate office who, according to Casandra, could not find where it had been processed as an "ACH DEBIT." Casandra told us she would call us after her corporate office researched it further. We never received a phone call. Now, Chase bank clearly shows the charge and on February 5, 2014 the "ACH DEBIT" had been finalized by Check 'n Go- a full 5-days earlier than the contract specified.

I got into a spot I needed help with - Check n Go answered and I spoke with them. They said I was approved for a 1,500.00 loan. To say the least I was thrilled. He then told me I would have to pay 150.00 first before I could receive my funds. I explained that I did not have 150.00. At that point he said okay and hung up. Isn't it illegal to want money upfront?

I had a loan with Check ‘n Go for $700 and paid them back triple the amount of the loan. I was called one day at work telling me that I was about to be arrested and then they began calling my co-workers. I paid the loan back but they never give receipts or email a confirmation of payment. Here it is, 5 years after I paid loan off and they are still calling me and harassing me. I told the guy whoever has him calling about payment really is giving him the runaround but they continue to call.

About a year and a half ago, I acquired a loan from Check-n-Go in Bedford, Texas. I had paid on the loan punctually and took out subsequent loans and followed suit as with the first. When I first took out the loan, the store manager had informed me that Check-n-Go did report to all 3 credit bureaus.

I specifically asked if they reported even when the loan was paid on-time. She replied with a, "yes". Later, as I checked my report, I came to find out the company did not report any of my good status loans to the credit-reporting bureaus. I called the store and spoke with, Debbie, the store manager, who I tried to resolve the issue with.

I requested that the company place my good credit loans on the report and I would pay whatever expenses were incurred. The manager turned down my offer after speaking with her manager about the issue. I tried to offer a solution but was quickly rejected. I think it's fair that I made my payments on time, the company made several hundreds of dollars off of me that these loans be noted on the credit reports at my expense. Please help me resolve this issue.

I have had a loan with Check 'n Go for the last six months, I had no issue with the elevated interest. However, I have been trying to pay the loan off early but no one would provide the principal amount until I sent e-mails over two months and threatened to speak to legal representation. Once I received a reply the current payoff is $2963 on a $2600 loan that I have paid over $2000 on already. Needless to say, I am going to never use them again. If anyone ever thinks about using this company, DON'T!!!

I had gotten my SS check paid to me early and I paid my loan off before the 3 as my money come in on that date and right after I paid my loan to the Check 'n Go in Belleville Michigan and waited 2 hours and her knowing I was there to pay and re-borrow the manager there said "I can't loan you money till Monday" and I was so upset for her screwing me over like she did!!! That was totally wrong!!! I need to speak to customer service about the transaction she pulled on me! Please call me ASAP at **. That was awful of her to do that...

I was given a $3000 loan at Check N Go where the employee gave me false and misleading information about a installment loan. I was told that I would only pay $500 interest on the loan but this documentation could not be given to me until after 72 hours. I called back everyday to get the information but was given false information about the contract. The 72 hours came, this is when Check n Go informed me that I had to pay $4100 back on the loan. I pay a thousand dollars on the loan for 3 months but only interest. I basically paid another $3000 to pay the loan off. The $3000 I paid the 3 months still had me owing $3000. I'm probably going to sue the employee for giving me false information in regards to the loan. I guess they may be getting a commission to lie to customers.

The interest is too high for poor people in the community.

I took a 1700.00 car loan out in June 2014. And another 1000.00 loan at the same place around 8 months later. That's 2700.00 dollars total. Correct? So far I've paid them 4400.00. They told me now I still owe them over 3000.00. What the Hell is going on and how do I stop this huge RIPOFF.

People are waiting there for a long time and when you're next the clerk tells you, "She's next." I ask why. She said, "Because I was waiting for her to bring me the rest of her paperwork." I have been waiting for 1 hour and half and she can't help me. It's first come first serve there. Ain’t "Oh I forgot to bring my paperwork," go home and cut in front of everyone? Then when she helps you, gives you an attitude and the manager ain’t no help neither. They rude. Need new employees.

I have a small loan from Check 'n Go and allow them to automatically deduct from my checking account monthly in the amount of $128.00. Yesterday they took out two payments instead of one. After contacting them, they said it was a computer error, but did not tell me how or when they were going to get me back my money. They said to go to my bank and see if they can help. I did that, and bank manager said they have nothing to do with that, and Check 'n Go has refused to help me get my funds back to my account. Is there anything that can be done to retrieve my funds? Please help.

I needed a loan so urgently but I wanted to pay it off in 6 payments (biweekly) and clear it off. For 1000 dollars, they explained that early payoff would be about 1800 if not it would 2900 if I did 12 payments. I have worked so hard to pay it off early now. After five payments I have paid 1210 already. I call in to clear my loan today and am told my balance is about 1100. That's not what I was told. So 1000 loan and paying back more than 1300 in three months. What a Rip off. It was my first time taking a loan, I regret it. Now I have learnt about other places and trust me it's a rip off. Spare yourself the pain. Go to World Finance or Security Finance or anywhere else.

Took out a payday loan as I have for the last 5 years. I'm paid weekly but my payment date had always fallen on a biweekly schedule. Now for some odd reason they are forcing me to pay weekly. I called and even spoke with a regional director about the bind their force would put me in financially. She said it's state law and they don't have any options. Upon speaking to another company, they specifically told me that the state law governs but doesn't set the payment dates. They are simply just being forceful and greedy. Needless to say, I'll never use them again. I work in customer service and I am well aware of the leniency that managers have.

I have used Check 'n Go on and off for a few years for payday loans. A while back they offered me an installment plan. I took the installment loan and there had been no problems until my pay days changed at work. My work was bought out by another company. I was on an every other Friday direct deposit. The new company changed out pay dates to the 7th and 22nd of each month. I assumed since my loan was set around my pay dates I would be able to call and change this. I even got a supervisor on the phone. They said it is contractual and they cannot change my dates. To me, this just seems wrong. I had no control over my work changing my dates. This is going to cost me a lot of overdrafts and return fees. I do not want to have to close my account and open another one. I do not know what else to do. It seems to me it would work best for them as well to just change my dates.

I decided to apply for a payday loan through them and just a few minutes after I submitted my application, I started getting nonstop calls and emails from multitudes of different payday loan companies from around the globe. I even had calls from India and China! They apparently sold my information to hundreds (possibly more) of different companies, which have littered my inbox and have been calling me like crazy. I am never using Check 'n Go for any reason ever! They obviously do not care about their customers so save your time and money, and avoid them!

I was nervous to take out a payday loan because I'd heard so many bad things, but it was an emergency and it was quick and easy for me to get a loan online through Check 'n Go. The terms of the loan were clearly explained, I knew exactly what was due and when it was due. I understood the interest rate and any fees, I never felt like the company was trying to trick me or take my money.

The day before my loan was due I realized that my paycheck would be a day late. Desperate to avoid fees and interest, I called Check 'n Go but didn't expect any leniency. To my surprise the representative I spoke to agreed to extend my due date from Tuesday to Friday. He didn't ask any questions or guilt me into anything, only assured me that no money would be taken out of my checking account until Friday and that I would not be charged any fees or interest. I was shocked, I had never been given a free extension period by a lender.

I would give Check 'n Go 5 stars but it was confusing to figure out who to contact. At first I went into my local store to ask for an extension but was told the stores cannot help online customers. I called the toll free number and was on hold for 20 minutes. I didn't realize the money would automatically come out of my account, I thought I would have to call or go online to pay it. I wish there was an option to pay early online.

Based on my experience, Check 'n Go does not deserve such terrible reviews. Yes, they will charge you fees and high interest, but that is all clearly explained to you before you agree to take out the loan. You should never take out a payday loan unless it's an emergency, but if you do have one and run into problems, just call them and ask what your options are. They were quick to help me.

I went into the store and asked about applying online and they said that people are usually approved by 11 am the next morning. When I looked online, the website stated that if I applied by 7 p.m. est. I would be verified the next business day. I applied on Wednesday at 5 p.m. est. I checked on Thursday morning and my app. was still pending verification. I called later that day at 5 p.m. and the rep tells me that it usually takes 24-48 hours to verify the online app. So I waited until Friday morning around 12 p.m. est and my app was still pending.

I called customer service again and this time they tell me it takes 24-48 business hours to approve an app. That means it takes 3-6 business days. I received three different answers by three different people at the same company. Not to mention that the website clearly states that your application would be verified by the next business day. If you are looking for quick cash, do not look here. Apply in the store for a quick approval.

I had filed a report previously, last August when I first started being harassed by Check 'n Go about repayment of a $2,000 loan I knew nothing about. I told them over and over, I didn't apply for a loan with their company and I didn't owe them anything. The saga continues. After receiving calls sometimes 4, 5, 6 times a day, any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., I filed a report with our County Sheriff and consulted with our Attorney. The next step was in October when I received a statement from a collection agency - Fairway Capitol Recovery stating the debt was now almost $3100.00 and if I didn't respond to the statement, I was admitting the debt was valid and I was responsible for repayment. I called and got another arrogant, rude man who talked over me and down to me, and was not interested in listening to anything I had to say. Our Attorney told me to stop taking their calls and ignore them. I did and finally, the calls stopped... for a while.

For the past few weeks, we've been getting calls that hang up as soon as our answering machine message starts, and the phone caller ID readout just says 'Unavailable'. Today I was at my desk and picked up when that call came in. It was a woman talking fast, 'verifying who I was, and trying to verify where I live, and what my S.S, number is, etc. I said, 'whoa, who are you and what company is this?'. She said her name is Nicole (does that sound familiar? I see a Nicole mentioned in other complaints filed here) and that she is with GLOBAL RECOVERY, and is a 'Locator', finding people so they can be served. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about.

She transferred me to another person - Stephanie ** who explained that I was about to be served with intent to be sued for non-payment of an account with Check N Go. So I tried to explain one more time, that I had never applied for a loan with Check n Go, and I didn't receive anything from CnG. She said I would have to fax information to her to prove that. I told her I don't have a fax machine. So she gave me an e-mail address and a reference number. I hung up and called our Sheriff, and then an attorney, who was already gone for the day. I'm going to list the phone numbers these people have given me, so other readers can see if they are the same numbers they're getting calls and harassment from.

When I went in to pay my monthly loan back and get another, I was told they had a new process now - without any notice or warning. I now had to get an installment loan that had to be paid back in large amounts over 6 months without any more loans until it was paid off. I had to get it because I had just given them all of my money on the old loan, and I had to go pay rent and bills. I asked for copies of what I signed after the shock wore off, and they have you sign an arbitration agreement, an automatic withdraw agreement, and even a text message agreement.

I asked about smaller payments arrangements. I've made complaints. I withdrew my consent on all of the agreements I didn't realize I was making. I gave them my first payment, telling them I want it all to be put on the principal. Now it's in their and my attorney's hands. I wish I could stand outside these stores telling poor people to not go in.

Here a few days ago I walked into one of your outlets. It was located in Skiatook. And I was overwhelmed on how many people were waiting on being waited on. And the cashier was doing her utmost to get everyone taken of. So my question is or my comment is: Why doesn't the company allow a second cashier be present on the knowing heaviest payment days of the month. Like the store in Skiatook. Just for those days only! But I also can't figure out what the cashier does if they got a room full of people and has got to go to the restroom and no other cashier there to cover and/or make things go more smoothly on knowing heavy payout days. And that is not say that I think the woman working at the Skiatook is an added plus to corporate. She is very pleasant, fast and very, very concerned for the customer well being! And should be given a raise if all possible. Thank you and have a Good Day!!

When I received my loan the lady was very nice. After I received the loan she was very demeaning, she would tell you to sit like a child and take off your hat. She yelled at every customer that entered the building. I was charged 25 dollar late fee twice for being 5 minutes late after 5 pm. I paid off my loan and I will NEVER GO TO THESE THIEVES AGAIN!!!

I witness something so disturbing. I recently open a loan at the Marshall, Tx store and the manager there very unprofessional. When I open the new loan I took the conversation as if she were having a bad day so I overlook her language but when I returned and she finished up on one customer and I know for a fact the lady might have been out of the building a min. when she actually started breaking every HIPPA Law discussing this client account with someone I guess she knew... I were appalled. I didn't know if I needed to just leave...

No resolution yet they have other people call stating they will have me arrested at my home, work place or stores where I do business.

I had a loan with Check 'n Go and was offered a job with the company for a GSR position and passed the test and I was told to pay the loan first. With two interviews with the store manager and the district manager, they both told me as soon as I pay off my loan I would start training. They told me to get another loan company to buy the loan back or get another loan so I did and yet no job and more expenses that I didn't need. I got them thinking I will pay them back because I had Check 'n Go for a job - no job and now I'm in a financial crisis... Something has to be done about this.

I was a longstanding customer with Check n Go, even though I was not a happy customer due to the highway robbery of the loan repayments. But as most people in the situation to need a loan of this nature, I had no choice. I fell behind due to the loan repayments being $780.00 a month. They will not work with you at all on this. The loan get sent to some corporate office personnel who calls and tries to bully and scare you into giving them a credit card number "even if you tell them there is no money on the card." I mean, really, seriously. That should be illegal! That's how I got in this mess to begin with!

I will be filing complaints to whoever will listen on this due to the two corporate people calling me with no concern whatsoever and the rudeness of the people calling as if I was stupid. I'm not stupid, just having financial difficulties like just about all of America!

I had paid my payday loan off every time. I have fought with them 3 months 3 different times they hit my account and over drafted it. This time they hit my account twice, won't give me my money back, and got a massive attitude with me. And doing it without my approval.

This people are very rude, no business skills at the West Allis, WI store. You call the store and a rep is so rude, loud music, doesn't know any of the business. They took money out of my checking account without writing or calling me. A fake check saying I approved this transaction. Overdrawn my account. What kind of business goes on to take money out if it's not approved. And not writing a letter. I'm on disability. Made several calls to let them know I laid off - hardship case - but what do they care. Rude, unprofessional. How do they stay in business? I will write to complaints online.

I received a mailing that I qualify for a line of credit loan. When I went into the store location to apply for the loan, they indicated to me that I need certain things to apply, including a checking account, one of my checks and a bank statement showing my balance. First I told them I have no check linked to my checking account, that I use a debit account (who uses check these days). Then I ask him I have applied for loans at other companies and they never ask for this information so why do you need it for this loan. When he told me that they require this information because they use your checking balance to secure the loan, I told him I don’t share my bank information with anyone.

People have to be desperate for money to deal with these folks. They want to have access to your checking account to do whatever they wish. ARE THEY SERIOUS??? I’m NOT GIVING ANYONE ACCESS TO MY CHECK OR SAVINGS ACCOUNT. This company should be turned over to the States Attorney Office for misuse of personal identity. They have your DL/ID number, DOB, SSN, address, bank info. All this information can be used for identify theft if got into the wrong hands. I took that mailing they sent to me and tore it up in his face. You are risking anyone to gain access to your checking account by you signing to this agreement. For your own safety, I recommend anyone, NOT TO DO IT.

When loan wasn't deposited next day as indicated in approval email I called and learned it was actually denied. Now this company has my BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION AND PASSWORD AND THEY WON'T DELETE IT. They have the account number, the routing number and my online password. WTAF. How are they not shut down??

I went in one day 5 o clock... thought about refinancing. While I was thinking, the manager started getting mad because I was asking her questions. I'm not going to just say you sign me up! 535 dollar Loan paying back over 500? I'm not stupid. I want to work on my credit but not pay 500+ in interest. She started getting an attitude after 3 questions. Come on, you're a manager? I told her she was being rude and I felt harassed for asking questions about what I was going to get myself into. Well, she told me to get out and that I was wasting her time and that she could have been doing other things. Like what? Making fun of the people that come in? She did talking about the people in front of me.

I called the district manager told him what happened. Well next day I hear from a friend who recommended me that she told the guy above I take my anger out on other people for what happened to me. Come on you white trash. Yeah I have 3 fingers from a motorbike wreck that I caused myself. But I blame no one but me and who cares. I'm glad that no one had to suffer from my stupidity. You NEED to be fired "candi", that's what she calls herself. Webb city mo. I like my claw, it's part of me now. I'm not scared to make jokes about it either.

Recently I was notified by Check 'N Go that I was denied a loan. The problem is, I never authorized this loan to be finalized. I had started the process and had a change of mind. I find it to be fraudulent that a company would proceed with a loan you didn't authorize. Unfortunately, I've used Check N' Go frequently in the past and have paid an incredible amount of interest, but in a timely manner, only for them to deny me service. I've used their services successfully in the past over 10 times, so why in the world would they subject a customer to a credit check who has never defaulted on a loan? Makes no sense!

Took out an installment loan $2600.00 in August 2014. Paid $1100.00 on 9/2/2014. Paid $ 300.00 on 9/3/2014. Paid $ 543.54 on 9/3/2014. Paid $ 543.54 on 9/4/2014 = $113.92+interest. They cannot tell me the balance of my acct. It's been a month. I just get the runaround everyday that I call. Now I'm told it's a coding error.

While employed there I was robbed at gun point and went out on leave and was illegally fired (while out on leave) and they cancelled my health insurance too. I had to fight to get my job back. In less than 4 yrs. I had over "8" D.D.O.'s!

Loan Approved then Not Approved - The La Mirada store on Telegraph Rd did an online application and then called the store. The guy told me he received my application and wanted to know what type of government funds did I receive. I told him SSI disability for my daughter who is a minor. He said great and to bring the award paper and my ID asap to the store. The award is listed as parent for my daughter's name. She is 16, a minor, that is why they awarded it to me for her. He told me I had to get POA and notarized! I explained that my daughter is on my bank account, checks and I had her ID. He said there were loopholes around it! Then, he said that it was for her to me! The government doesn't issue funds to minors. I am listed as a representative, that is power of attorney.

I received the check in paper form because I have to take my daughter off our bank account to do direct deposit. She is not allowed to draw off the funds or be on any account where she can withdraw or receive funds herself. I have complete power of attorney to do as I wish with the funds for my daughter's needs. If I had money for a notary, I wouldn't need a loan. Her presence was not an acceptable permission and her school ID was not. I was at the store at 4:30PM and the guy I believe didn't want to do the loan paperwork.

The consequences are that my internet, home phone will be shut off any minute because I can't pay the bill now. I work as an independent contractor on the internet and now I can't make a living to support my daughter. Complete waste of my time. When the guy got my online application, he never called me. Three hours later, I called him. I told him I was calling the corporate office and he tried to give me his manager's number that he was speaking to when I thought the loan was approved. Bad customer service and now I can't work! My electricity will be off in the morning! Thanks Check 'n Go!

I have taken out several payday loans over the past year due to my husband's unemployment issue. All were paid off on time with no problem. I actually tried to take out another loan and was told that my application had been denied! Wow, I don't understand why they denied me. Listen if you need a payday loan DO NOT use this company. Their customer service is awful and they will not explain your loan to you at all. A 450.00 loan cost me 800.00. There are several companies out there that are really willing to help with no problems at all.

My situation was an emergency or I would have never borrowed from Check 'n Go at all. Please do your due diligence and find a more useful company as there are a lot of them out there willing to help and have more employees that are trained for their job. Employees are very RUDE and unwilling to help you solve all your problems/needs for repayment.

If they say we close at 6:00 p, that should be the time they close... not 5:10. She's still in the store. Internet says open... I use my gas, CLOSED AT 5:10 pm. Say 5 then so I will know!

My ex-wife needed to cash a Government check on the 26th of April 2016 (spousal support which has my name referenced on the check). Check 'n Go needed my identification in order to cash the check. I was told that I was required to fill out a 'membership/create an account' and my personal information was required (Driver's License, Social Security Number, etc.). I felt at the time that my SSN was not required, and my valid California driver's license should be sufficient (as it is anywhere else that I cash a check/do business with). The check was cashed on the 26th of April, 2016.

I had an uneasy feeling in having provided my social security number, fearing that with both SSN and Driver's License Number, I could easily be set up for identity theft. On Saturday, April 30, 2016, I performed a web search on Check 'n Go. In reading the complaints/reviews associated with Check 'n Go, I drafted a letter requesting that my membership/account be closed and all personal information deleted, with a signature line on the document that they had received my request. I informed Ryan, who I assume is the manager, that after doing a web search and reading reviews regarding Check 'n GO, I had qualms with them having my personal information.

Originally, Ryan (the one that took all of my personal information) said that he couldn't/wouldn't provide a signature on my request for my co-signer account cancellation. After stating "Let me go talk to the sheriff's department", he became more willing to talk. He stated that Check 'n Go did not maintain personal information, and that was handled by a third party that they use, Chexar. When pressed for information on how to contact Chexar in order to have my information removed from their files, he stated he did not have that information. At one point, he denied that a check cashing transaction had ever occurred at that business, up until the point that my ex-wife pulled out the paperwork from Check 'n Go relating to the transaction.

In the end, he assured me that neither Check 'n Go nor their 3rd party affiliate Chexar had a copy of my personal information (although from the runaround and untruthfulness encountered, as well as his refusal to sign/acknowledge my copy of a request to terminate my account/membership for the reasons stated, I have serious doubts that my personal information is in safe hands). I NEVER again wish to do ANY type of business with this establishment (as well as cautioning my ex-wife in regards to any future use) and in reading the numerous reviews/complaints relating to this business, I'll join the chorus of other individuals who have/had less than stellar experiences with this business model. I strongly caution all who might anticipate using Check 'n Go to use all due diligence in any transactions with them.

A $2600 loan is given without proper information. Once you begin making payments, you realize that you have been ripped off, 4600 dollars. You were already in a financial crisis when you went in and now you are placed on the edge of ruin. By having to pay huge interest on a loan that you were made to feel would be an easy credit boosting benefit.

I have always paid them yet they made me go through hoops just to wait for almost a month telling you your information couldn't be verified and threatening to give trade sale share all my information with anyone they choose. Then put me as a fraud. When I went to the store I've always paid and now if I was dying I'd not get a penny. My scores I've been working on are over 640 and Equifax 59 that appears the hardest to boost. So not only do payday advances loan you 5 times the limit knowing you have several loans exceeding the limit loan you anyway. I think they're at fault. Desperate women and men living below poverty and get trapped into their cycle.

I referred a friend who got a loan. I have not been able to get a answer as to how to get the refer a friend money. I have asked the employee at the branch several times about this. She says she sent an e-mail as how to redeem the refer a friend deal, I did not!! receive any e-mail from Check N Go.

I was in Check 'n Go in Ada, OK. I needed to transfer money and waited in line for more than 20 minutes. The lady in there told me she could not help me because she has other customers and told me to go to another place. I was very pissed. I will never go to Check 'n Go and advise everybody not to go to Check 'n Go.

I am furious at the company. Yesterday I applied for a loan and was approved. Went through with verifying my information and received the email that stated my funds were on the way. Woke up this morning and there was nothing in my checking account. So I get mad. I call the company first thing this morning and was told that my application was approved but later denied. The lady couldn't give me any information as to why it was denied. Now I am scrambling to find money for my surgery tomorrow. This company is a scam and should be shut down! How fraudulent to take all my banking information and then deny my loan. I am so pissed!

When I agreed to a loan with check 'n go they agreed to withdrawal money from my account on my biweekly pay date. Well now my employer has changed payroll companies and it has gone to semiweekly. This is going to cause a negative effect on my credit all because they cannot change according to what my current pay dates are. This is extremely aggravating!!

This company gave me the runaround. They knew they weren't going to approve the loan that was only for $400. I advise no one to deal with company. One min they states you're approve, asking you for all of your personal information and still not give the loan. Definitely be aware of your information you provide because they are getting your documents and not assisting people. Scammers if ask me.

Got a call from a collection agent saying I owed $1800 or so to Check ‘n Go. Followed up and quickly found out that someone had used my info to borrow 1500.00. The worst part (along with the constant harassing phone calls) was the way the crook got the money. They applied online and had the money transferred to an account. No ID... No voice call... Didn’t even have to sign for it. So now my credit is on ALERT and I have to go thru all these steps to prove I didn't borrow the money. Time and expense. They just recently stopped calling but I can’t get any followup from them. Seems like they are protecting themselves by keeping me in the dark. Calling them again today.

I took out a loan with this company. My fiance and I were working at the same place and lost our jobs on June 12th, 2013 . I started working again somewhere else on June 17th, 2013. I called them to see if they would work with me on my payments since my fiance was not able to find a job right away. The lady tells me they will still run the payment through my account even though I didn't have the money in there, and when it is returned, I can just come make a payment. So after a couple of times of going through that, she tells me to bring in a certain amount of money and she will renew my loan and give me $800 more to help me out. I explained to her I didn't think it was wise, but she made it seem like my only option. Of course I had problems making those payments, and they would not work with me to make payment. I just consolidated my loans with my credit cards and doctor bills through Care One. I had called Check 'n Go and told them this information and they still ran payments out of my account. So now I have to close out my checking account. This is just a terrible company.

I have been doing business with Check 'n Go for about a year now. I usually do the pay-day loans, because I know exactly what I'm paying back with the flat $50 fee. But some stuff happened and I needed more money, so I opted for the $2,600.00 loan. Now I know that if you wait to pay back the loan with the installment payments, you end up paying 50% interest, which is absurd. But I planned on paying the loan back early, so I knew the pay-back amount would be much less. Well, what they don't tell you is that they charge you a daily interest that include weekends (even though they are closed on weekends) and the interest starts at approximately $15-$17 a day at the first day of deposit. The daily interest goes down as you make your payments but those first payments basically go straight to the interest, not to your loan. I went to pay-off my loan in full within the first 2 weeks and found out my $298.00 payment went straight to the interest and I still owed $2,685.00 on a $2,600.00 loan!

For 3 weeks, I got charged almost 400 dollars. What pisses me off more is that there was a banking error that happened Monday, it's still not resolved because they aren't open on the weekends. I can't pay this loan off until Monday. I have all the money to pay this stupid thing off today! But since the new accumulated amount isn't in their system yet and won't be until Monday, they won't let me make any payments until then. However, they will charge me 17 daily interests until Monday including Sat and Sun when they aren't even open to make a payment. Lame! I will never use this company again! And I plan on reporting them to every agency I can for this nonsense.

I personally think check n go is a horrible business who cares nothing about their employees or customers except ripping them off on high interest loans by desperation on a customer who has no choice. You took away the loan thats in the middle just so you can be more greedy. I have witnessed the big wigs come in while I was there and treating the veteran workers like pure crap! The 2,600 dollar loan is a joke and wasnt explained right that about how much you guys make off us in our time of desperation while check n go lines their pockets and pays their employees crap wages! I actually interviewed a former employee who HAD to work her lunch break because you guys are that greedy!!!

when My loan is paid off I will find another place that is more fair to customers and their employees who work their butts off and you dont reward them...unless you count threats as rewards. Your company should feel ashamed that you guys are the way you are...and I will let others know how you operate by taking advantage of the middle class who bust their butts including your employees! Why dont you reward them instead of threaten them! To charge double for a 2,600 dollar loan should be illegal...Is it??

Check n Go is very good with getting all your information to approve you for a loan, however the moment you want to contact the store manager's supervisor you are given the runaround. This all started with me calling them to delay my next payment due to the fact that I was in the hospital and would not have money to cover the payment.

The store manager agreed to delay the payment and told me it would be tacked onto the end of the loan. Well come the due date, she took it out of my checking account even though she said she would not. I called her immediately and she apologized for the mistake and said she would reverse the payment... not the case. She told me she was told by her boss that she was not suppose to do that and they could not reverse the debt.

I am now overdrawn because of her mistake and no one wants to make it good. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told she could not give me his number. I searched for their corporate office, which is under Axcess Financial and was given the run around there. They did give me their dedicated ethics & fraud line, which answers, puts you on hold then disconnects you. SOME DEDICATED LINE! I then was given a district's manager phone number - who never responded. I was told to get online and log into their complaint line and someone would get back to me - GUESS WHAT - RIGHT no callback, just an email stated the complaint has been logged and will be reviewed.

I received a call on my direct workline and the lady said her name was Holly and she wanted our HR department. I advised her that she reached the wrong department and I gave her the number. She then asked for me to relay a message. When I asked in regards to what she hung up. Later this morning I received an email from another department stating that Holly ** contacted her and wanted her to relay a message for me to call 866-277-9049, claim nbr **. This was embarrassing because I knew it was for a debt. So I called the number 3 times before getting to someone who answered "Global". They asked for the reference number and I gave it to them. They then advised me it was for Check ‘n Go and that legal action was pending against me. That once I was served with papers I would face arrest and there would be nothing they could do and my only solution was to pay the debt.

I got worried at first and asked what the amount was and what a settlement would be. Then I started thinking that if Holly was the process server why didn't she say so when she reached me on my direct line at work because I did state my full name. Any process server would've announced themselves and asked to meet up. So then I started asking the CSR on the phone why didn't she try and meet up with me to serve me these so called papers. He said he didn't know but I should pay the amount if I didn't want to go to jail. I told him that I was just going to wait for these so called papers and I would deal with it then.

I called Check ‘n Go directly and spoke with a very nice person named Terry, who stated that this was fraud and she gave me some information. She did inform me that my account was sold and transferred me to collections department for Check ‘n Go so I could get the information. Even though the debt was with Check ‘n Go it is not Check ‘n Go's fault that we're getting these harassed by other collection agencies. I appreciated the information the representative gave to me to protect myself. I almost paid it. But I will do a little digging before paying this debt. We can't be upset with Check ‘n Go unless Check ‘n Go was the collection agency that called you. Otherwise, point your frustration in the right place, at the agency that actually called you. I was upset at first with Check ‘n Go but now that I think it through it doesn't make sense. Check ‘n Go gave me money that I couldn't pay back and they sold my account to try and recover a little bit back and I have no reason to upset with them. I need to be mad at the company that is harassing me and that is not Check ‘n Go.

Check 'n Go loans are highway robbery! Not only do they provide you with insufficient and inadequate information, the customer service is pathetic! I made the huge mistake of taking out a $2600.00 loan, which was supposed to be set up in bi-weekly installments of $300.00. And I was told the loan would be paid off in 5 months. I went in to make my first payment and they refused to take my payment. They told me my loan payments were set up monthly! Mind you when I took this loan out, the place was so packed with people and only 1 person was waiting on people. I made my payments. When I found out that I still had a balance of over $2000.00 after 4 months, I was shocked. They told me that only $300.00 of the $2400.00 that I had paid went towards principal! They collected $2100.00, which was interest, on a $2600.00 loan in 4 months!

They should not be allowed to conduct business. They play on people's ignorance. They don't provide the proper information about the loan. They will not work with you nor will they work with a consumer credit counseling agency or debt management companies. They force people into bankruptcy! Consumers need to band together to fight companies like this from doing business. They are hurting the consumer who is already in a tough economic predicament and literally ripping them off! Shame on Check 'n Go!

Borrowed money 9 months ago and did not have any problems at all. Customer service couldn't have been nicer. They call each month to remind me that my payment will be withdrawn in 2 days. No one has bothered me or harassed me at all. They were above board with all my contracts and I knew from the start what my payment amount, interest rate and any fees were going to be. I will definitely consider doing business with Check N Go again.

In 2005 my husband and I were divorcing. I took out a loan to get through til payday knowing I was working and the money would be there. My ex husband cleaned out the account leaving me to scramble to pay this off... which I did. I have the cancelled checks to prove it... here it is some 11 years later and I am being harassed into.paying this fee again and then some. The original loan was for 600.00 and 63.00 finance charge. Now this new fee is over 1100.00. I have agreed to pay this. I can't afford an attorney since my current husband is between jobs. I have asked repeatedly for the check numbers so that I may show them I have the cancelled checks paid. What a scam and rip off. If I could sue I would!!!

Do not ever use this company. They will blindly set you up with a loan without any verification process. When you call them, the CS repeats the same ** over and over. You tell them what happened, but they don't listen. You're better off going elsewhere. They pass along your phone number and contact information to anyone. They have local stores that have their name; they claim not to share any information, yet somehow the local office is able to call me daily. This company is a shame and is just out to screw people as often as possible. Their staff is far from professional and tries to talk over you at every pass. I wouldn't even give them a start, but it's required.

I paid off my Title loan. I was told it would be 6 weeks. When I called corporate the number does not have an option to speak to anyone that can resolve this matter. 6 weeks is way too long.

I needed a loan. It's Wednesday, I get paid on Friday. I was asking for $400 after spending a lifetime giving up everything but my blood type. I was denied after all the hassle. lol. I find out they running credit checks on a payday loan? I have emailed them 3 times waiting on response.

They took copy of my checking account, driver license, social security card, pay stubs, w-2 forms and written application and had me print out forms. Whole process took over an hour. Undisclosed representative told me that my credit score was not a deciding factor and all I needed were pay stubs and my checking account information. Then, she denied me and refused to give me back copies of my personal information. Store # 1015 employee refused to tell me her named or employee identification. She then said after 20 days they will shred my information.

After the Denied application, she hands me a privacy statement, when I mentioned my concern that she wouldn't tell me an employee identification and she took all my personal checking account information etc., she told me it was secure and no worries. She gave me no proof that I even applied. After reviewing the long small print form, it states they "sell your phone number and personal info to telemarketers and unlimited marketing firms!"

So I filled out an application on Friday, June 15th. I looked at my email first thing Monday thinking I would get an approval or denial. I got neither. I was asked to submit documents (check stub/bank statement/id), so I did. I looked again on Tuesday, June 19th. Nothing. I was asked to submit the same documents. I called and was told that there is a 48 hour manual review and that they would contact me by email by Friday. I looked again on Friday and read that I could apply for another Loan as the one I applied for was "voided". No explanation why. I called again and was told that due to an error on their part that I had to submit yet another application. I was also told that upon doing so there would be yet another 48 hour "manual review" of the same documents that I submitted.

At that point I just canceled the whole thing, told them that their treatment of first time customers was atrocious and that I couldn't believe they were still in business. As a first time customer I wondered how they treated the people who actually came back. Bottom line. If you need money in a hurry for any reason - DO NOT CALL CHECK 'N GO!!! Worst experience in my life. I can't believe people still use them. I told them to not only cancel my application but delete all of my information and they will never ever hear from me again. I will also take to all social media and let everyone know this is the worst company ever. Just as a side, I got in touch with another payday loan place and got money that day. So it's not me - it's them!

I was suppose to receive a payment on a Tuesday and today is Sunday. Wtf. I'm glad my son tournament is over - I would have been pretty broke.

This Check N Go in Stevens Point took money out of my bank account without my authorization. Because of this, my account is negative. They've never spoken to me before doing so. This feels completely wrong.

I had been doing business with Check ‘n Go only for a short period of time. After my second loan, I was fired from my job. I had also been diagnosed with a lifelong disease. I am a single mom with no family. My landlord then proceeded to evict me as soon as she learned I was fired. So I had to move even though there was an injury that prevented me from standing and walking. I did the best I could. I had no income, no home, and no legs to walk on. The only person I had was my beautiful daughter. A collector called on behalf of Check ‘ Go and immediately started to raise his voice and I interrupted to inform him not to yell at me. He then informed me that he would have me arrested in the morning and hung up. I know we all need money to survive but not all money is good money. I don’t appreciate the lack of being a person when it comes to this company.

I refinanced the loan and was informed a payment would come out of our account on 10/8/2015. This morning 228.00 was gone from our account. I know this was the refinance charge but nowhere did it say that it would come out before 10/8/2015. I do not understand why this happened and how they can get away with not informing us this would happen.

I recently was a customer of Check 'n Go online. Was very easy to use. I loaned and paid back twice on time!! Even early the first loan and then on third loan they tell me I was not approved to re-loan and also could not give me any reason why. As I continued to figure what issue was they got attitudes and hung up on me twice. Then finally I called back and they said only way to get more information on it was to write a letter to another department that does not take phone calls... Also refused to transfer me to a supervisor. One ladies name is Lisa and the guy's name is Julio. Basically watch because they will get your fees a couple times and turn around and say you cannot re-loan for no apparent reason.

Don't do it, if you get behind and set up payment arrangements they will stop taking payment after a while no contact mind you and then 6 yrs later try and come back on you.