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CheerLending Online Loan Reviews

This company has been of great help to me and will never stop mentioning them to anyone that I may come into contact with.
Nice smooth process. Glad I was able to use them to process my loan.
The whole process was quick and easy. A few technical errors with the website, but was fixed quickly and everyone was extremely helpful.
I am in the mortgage industry and your application process and customer service were great. Thank you
Michelle my loan processor, was exceptionally professional and addressed all my concerns with heroic patience, giving me the sense I was her only client, rare today. Michelle also was instrumental in holding the Mortgagor to the original signed terms with no further hidden surprises at closing, a reflection of the quality service Cheerlending offers. Finally, I found Michelle to be honest, compassionate and caring reducing some stress and angst of these financial times. Gratefully, P. Muro
I have been more than satisfied with Cheerlending. Their customer service far exceeds other companies. I couldn't be more happier and easy to deal with thank you Cheerlending .
It was very easy, and fair interest.
Dom was great. Very professional and got the job done. I would recommend Cheerlending to anybody wanting to refi their home' Thank you again Brenda
The process was very thorough and quick. I received my money the next day.
I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO my family and friends Thanks Dominic
Michelle was very knowledgeable and patient through the process.
Easy transaction from start to finish.
CheerLending gave me a since of support by validating that my integrity, dignity and character were respected. Professionalism and human kindness can work together and succeed.
CheerLendings customer service is excellent. The staff is very knowledgable and always available to answer any questions, and keeping us updated during the lending process. Our representative kept us in the loop throughout the lending process. That made us feel comfortable and confident in the fact that we made the right choice to go with Cheer Lending to meet out refinance needs. He let us know on a daily basis what was needed, and they were available to us when we needed them. We will definitely refer Cheer Lending to others
I am completely satisfied with the complete process with respect to my home mortgage re-financing, I would not hesitate to recommend a friend.
The entire process was quick and simple. The staff were efficient and professional. I would recommend to my family and friends.
Everything went smooth. The associates I spoke with treated me with friendliness and with knowledge. My only complaint would be to discuss the due date of payments with the customers as like me I get paid monthly & like my payments on my bills to fall on the 25th of each month. Other then this point I would have given a rating of 5 stars.
Cheer lending, I'm cheering!! First time buying a home. Mass confusssion on my part. Dominick was totally awesome! Walked me through this all the way. Applied in Oct 2017, in my new home in Dec.
I don’t have enough words to express how wonderful this company is!!!!!! Great people make a great company!! We are extremely pleased with our refinance. We started and finished in 3 weeks! The two gentlemen that made our refinance happen , Dominic and Brad. They were there when we had questions. They Got right back to us through phone or email within the same day!! We are so happy dealing with such professionalism and knowledgeableility within this company!!!!!
Very efficient and easy to work with. Always answered my questions and always called me back in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Dom and Thad.
I found a great loan with Cheerlending, I was able to consolidate my credit cards and that raised my credit by 30 points.
Was easy to work with and very streamlined
It was a pleasure working with both Thad Lane and loan processor Michelle Johnson. These two individuals. Exhibit the true meaning of professionalism. Both understood my concerns. Were extremely helpful in obtaining my refinancing process. They were willing to help me overcome any obstacles along the way. Keeping focus on reaching my final goal. Thanks again Thad and Michelle for job well done. Victor C.
I needed a quick infusion of cash and got it. The process was simple and straightforward.
very easy to apply with little work on my side
The experience was fast and easy
I couldnt have been more pleased with how Thad Lane and Michelle Johnson processed my refi. They were kind, calm, professional and supportive every step of the way. It did get difficult at some points but Michelle powered through and made it happen for me. I am a retired senior and they were patient and thorough. Thank you for doing something that others werent willing or able to do. Five star service from beginning to end.
I used Cheerlending to lower my monthly mortgage payment. I’ve done several traditional refinances and this entire experience was the smoothest that I have ever gone through. I went to their website to check my rate and after that Frank walked through the rest of the process. My loan was closed quickly and I saved $188 per month. Super easy. I will be using them again for my next home. I’ve told several people about Cheerlending and everyone has thanked me for it. Would recommend to anyone!
They help you & are very consiterate
They where great to deal with the whole process was quick and easy. I had the money in my account within a couple of days of completing the process
Excellent customer service...very professional
I had no problems with the process and from start to finish took only 36 hours for money to be in my account. Thank you!
This was the best company I have ever used no problems at all stress free closing
Fear of problems ( as we had been having with Citimortgage) kept me from a refi sooner. Dom Sanchez took care of everything, including sending my fears packing. He did a magnificent job for us. I am grateful as well as very pleased with the smoothness of the process. I have already told a potential customer in Arizona how good Dom & CheerLending are to work with.
I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and simple the whole process was with Cheerlending! My funds came very quick and allowed me to erase my credit card debt. A month after I paid off my credit cards my credit score jumped 25 points! I would highly recommend Cheerlending to friends and family!
Only a few days from application toncash.
The process was easier than I ever could imagine. After being turned down for a refinance with my previous lender I was skeptical with the facts present by Thad. He referred me to Michelle and the process began. They were professional and knowledgeable throughout the process. I hit a few snags, but Michelle kept things moving and encouraged me at every turn. I couldn't have done it without her. Both Michelle and Thad deserve bonuses for this one.
Michelle Johnson provided great customer service through our loan process there were a few glitches she resolved quickly
my contact over the phone was friendly and most of the time helpful
Great customer service. Kept us informed from beginning to end.
I hesitated to respond to the commercial. But I trusted the local tv station which is highly rated in the community. I was amazed at the speed with which I received responses. The quickness of the transaction was astounding. I am satisfied with the decision I made.
Our experience with Cheer Lending was top notch! Our goal at first was to lower monthly payments by refinancing. When you are searching for a company to conduct your refinance, you will find that the lenders are very aggressive to get your business. The initial contact at CheerLending was personal, knowledgeable, and confident without being “cheesy” or too aggressive. Throughout the process, our needs changed, and we focused on paying off debt. The CheerLending crew took the change in stride and graciously changed their approach without the bat of an eye (and without making us feel high-maintenance)! The personal attention to our account never waned, and continued until the papers were signed. The team worked to ensure our needs were met, as the client. When anything in the process hit a snag, there was no panic, only confident consideration of options and solutions. We felt like we were using a local broker; their staff was always available and positive. CheerLending gave us that personalized service, in fact to a higher degree than I have ever received from a local small town company. I would use CheerLending again, and I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family (and total strangers)!
It was a real pleasure working with Michelle. She made sure our refinance went smoothly and always answered my calls and messages immediately. Thad was helpful and we got a very good interest rate. I would highly recommend Cheerlending. Thanks for all your help!
quick and easy to look over different loan solutions.
Tadd, you guys rock! Super fast service! 100%
Our refi turned out to be a long and unexpected series of surprises. I am so grateful to Michelle Johnson for her diligence and support to make it all happen. thank you also to Thad
When I first called Cheerlending and I spoke to Kat kitchen she was very professional and she answered my questions and I was very comfortable with her . Dominic Sanchez was another professional person who was always on top of things. He always called me to see how I was doing also to let me know what needed to be done . Dominic was so professional I felt very comfortable and did not feel like I was speaking with the lending company it was like I was speaking to a friend . Things went so smooth drama free stress-free and I’m very happy with them and I would highly recommend them very professional people. Now I have some new friends in Arizona .
I seen the ad on television and decided to give it a shot. Was simple and got a quick response. Excellent site. I recommend it to whom ever is looking to get a loan.
The entire process was fast and easy. Customer service was very professional, no long hold or wait time.