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Great service and easy dealing with dealership once they knew we were approved
Chrysler capital did give me a replay . But all they said was we cannot talk about financial . Plus the dealership was just hateful.
Everyone was very nice, they worked with my budget, and I got my dream car.!!!! I would definitely recommend this team for your next car purchase !
Outstanding Experience The Entire Staff Was Very Understanding Of My Needs and Really Took Great Care Of Me
I wanted a 2018 Challenger R/T scat pack but they said it's to much but they still gave me a loan for a 2017 dodge charger SE. I feel I should be able to get a challenger Rt because it's only 8,000 dollars more.
The process from beginning to end was easy, fast and there were no surprises.
Great honest helpful folks!
I am a new customer and unfortunately our state was impacted with hurricane Irma this past weekend and I received an email Stating that they customer service office is ready to help out due to the catastrophic situation we have all experience along with emotional stress of having to gather things quickly to leave Florida lots of stress for all Of us and some are worst off than others for sure..the young lady that help me today was really kind n understanding to our situation here in Florida but I have to say that what I see from everything everyone is working together to help each other and our traffic lights are still out n food restaurants not completely stocked and it's amazing what I have seen every working and helping each other and kindness I see all over is such a took this Irma hurricane to bring us lol together in helping kindness spread to make other show appreciation for one another. Thank you & God bless everyone
I'm glad they gave us a loan but after being with them for over 4 years, we almost didn't resign with them. They kept adding on stipulations and wanted more out of us.
They are the worst company in America to have a loan with. They do not know how to allocate payments or give you a correct due date in regards to the payments you have mad. They have multiple idiots working for them, but the true problem is the structure at the top of the company. They make irresponsible procedures that as a customer places you at odds with the customer service reps that should be able to help. And finally the Office of the Presidency is awfull to deal with. No where else to go to for help.
Literally sat st the dealer with for maybe1-1 1/2 hours, the quickest auto loan I have ever used and the pleasure of working with Chrysler Capitals customer service team was exceptional!
Would recommend to anyone.
Island Chrysler was a very nice place they helped me in buying the car I always wanted.The sales rep was very nice and friendly knowledgeable person.It was fast and easy something I love because I work 6 days a week and try to save all the time I can on my days off...i came in and told Shaun what I wanted and he made it happen for me... I had a wonderful experience with island Chrysler
Had a very easy time with my car loan.
Awesome people and a VERY VERY smooth and east process! Not all car buying ecperiences have been easy and fun like this one thats for sure, but these guys took very good care of me all the way around. I will for sure return when I decide to buy another car. Thank you!
Pre-approval process was easy, and provided confidence that I could walk in, prove to sales staff I was serious, and helped expedite financing and minimize time at dealership.
Very good. Structured approach. I am expat and whole check took just few days. Appreciated!
They were very helpful took tyke time to experience lain HOW the vehicle worked and each option that was available on my vehicle and how each one is accessible and how to use them we have and will continually refer peopl to your dealership even though we haven't received all of our referal bonuses
This is my second loan through Chrysler Capital as the result of leasing Jeep vehicles. The service is fine and the loan approval process was quick. The only complaint I have is I can't go to their website and get a buyout quote for my vehicle. I've leased from other auto related lending services and this feature was available. Chrysler Capital requires you to call them for this information.
This was the lowest rating allowed. Would've given a zero. In all my experiences, chrysler capital has been the least understanding company i have ever dealt with. I am not American and I had to leave the US because there were issues with my work visa renewal. I had a 2 year lease with Chrysler capital and one year remained when my visa expired. I made them aware of this possibility before i leased my car through them and they promised they would do everything to make sure I can get out of my lease without any hassle/ extra payment. This was the only reason i agreed to leasing my vehicle from them. Once the situation actually arrived, they said there was no way out and I had to either continue to pay for my car from whichever corner in the world I now live in, or I had to pay an absurd amount to terminate it. Chrysler capital also doesn't allow you to transfer lease to another name. Even after repeated calls and emails, they said they couldn't do anything for me. Every other company that I had contracts with, including AT&T and even my landlord, allowed me to end my commitment because they understood that this matter was out of my hands. In the last 12 months I have paid around $5,000 for a car that has been in a garage the whole time. Now they are asking me to pay a closing fee of 600. I am glad this chapter is finally ending. But if you are someone in a similar position of an uncertain future, please dont go with Chrysler Capital no matter what promises they make you. I hope i can help at least one other person. Personally, I will never go through them again once I return to the US.
Apparently credit approvals have changed from what they were three years ago. My wife was able to get financing on the last vehicle through Chrysler Capital, but not our new van. She has an extremely high credit score and a part time job. Her income was sufficient three years ago but not now. We had to put the vehicle into my name, since my income and credit were acceptable to CC. It ended up dragging the car deal into a second day. Not impressed.
James in sales was wonderful, making sure that I had a great experience. He was not pushy, understanding and made sure that I was not stuck waiting for hours. I would recommend anyone to go see him and the others at Finnegan. Having worked in the car business for ten plus years, the experience was great.
On May 31, 2017 I returned a leased vehicle and cancelled the registration on the same date. On October 26, 2017, I received a final property tax bill in the amount of $417. Dollars. I contacted the town tax assessors office and was informed by them that Chrysler capital had not notified them of the cancelled registration nor the return of the vehicle. I made an attempt to show the tax office the cancelled registration documents but was told that this information had to be forward by Chrysler Capital. Tax office also informed me that the final tax bill needed to be adjusted to reflect the cancellation date of the registration. Contacted Chrysler Capital via phone and emailed the cancelled registration to them on 10-30-17, requesting that they provide the tax office with the cancelled registration document. On January 9, 2018, I had not heard from Chrysler Capital, so I called to get an update on the status of my complaint. I learned that know one had been working on the case. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was connected to one, who requested that I email her the aforementioned document, so that she could forward it to the property tax team of Chrysler. On January 17, 2018 I still hadn’t heard from anyone from Chrysler Capital. I googled the name of the president of the company and sent an email to the media department requesting that they put me in touch with him, because his email is not made public. A couple of days later I received a call from a representative from his office, who stated that my complaint was forwarded to her. I provided her with all documents pertaining to this incident. She forwarded the information to the abatement team and informed me that it would take 4-6 weeks for a resolution. In the meantime, I contacted the tax office and was informed by them that the taxes had been adjusted to $312.76. I also was told that the adjustment was based on the date the vehicle was sold, (June 28,2017) and not the date the vehicle was turned it. (May 31, 2017). On February 6, 2017 I was told by the representative that I owed them the $312.76 and that it was not the companies problem that I didn’t have the vehicle for 28 days after the turn in date. I went back to the town tax office and asked that they provide me with the adjusted tax amount for the May 31,2017 turn in date and they provided me with an adjustment of $278.12. I informed This representative that I would pay that amount and nothing more. Know where in their lease agreement papers that I have in my possession that states the leasee is responsible for a vehicle not in their possession until the sell date. My next step is to seek a resolution in a court of law and with my state representatives. This company deserves 0 stars. By the way this complaint is also about Santander Bank because they are the company behind the scene of Chrysler Capital. Don’t do business with these companies. They care more about money than there loyal customers. Unfortunate for me, I am in a second 3 year lease with this company. That occurred prior to me finding out exactly how they operate. Trust me, this will be the LAST time I do business with them. Prior to engaging into any business deals with this company, Ask questions, do your research and read reviews about their business ethics.
Easy website, good rates
Amazing people to work with!
I want paperless billing but bills are still being mailed.
I DONT KNOW HOW THEY GOT MORE THAN 1 STAR! They are liars and not very well trained or professional. This is the worst bank to get financing through!
Loan application was easy and quick.
I just got a new car this year....almost a year of paying, I'm trying to refinance with another company cause they took advantage of me. I go to the payoff is my payoff $350 more then my balance?!?!?!? That's not how this works. Literally screwed by this company. And I'm sure because I was a woman they just saw dollar signs. Smh. Pathetic. And the finance guy was a douche at the dealership...should have took that as a sign. Never again....I love dodge products. But I can love Ford or Toyota or Kia just as much next time.
The sales person ruined what should of been a pleasant experience. Purchase a Chrysler 200. salesman is really rude. I was shopping around and they did give me the best trade in value for my mustang, however the customer service was Terrible to say the least. I was told I needed to give 500 more on top of my 1500 a payment and I said OK I cant do it until I get paid. The sales person agreed with me but told his boss that It will be the following Monday. Well I called on Friday when the 500 is due and he didn't answer me. I was busy on Saturday and couldn't make it. Cells person then proceeded to call at least 20 times and sent me a message saying if I don't have the money just turn in the car. His comment really offended me. He comes to my place work so he can get my card information to process the payment. He doesn't get the card information correct then proceeds to call me another 20 times. He said that the card had insignificant funds and proceeded to tell me but if I don't have the money to turn in the car. so I go over and I give them same card and lo and behold it works.
It was the best experience we've ever had buying a vehicle. I would definitely recommend you to anyone.
I just want to thank you so much for making my dream of buying my wife a truck for Christmas a reality. My salesman reassured me with an honest approach, and made it a reality for my wife!!!
Great website and mobile site, multiple payment options and an easy interface to navigate. Staff has always been helpful when I called and solved any issues I've had.
glad I was approved for a car loan but the interest is way to high.
Worst customer service and they want to charge you thousands of dollars if you turn in a lease early even if you are sticking with the same company. Do not use them
I had a Chrysler 300 for 3 1/2 years. In the early days of the loan Chrysler Capital was willing to work out payment plans/arrangements with me. Due to loss of work (and life circumstances) my loan became delinquent again BUT now that I've paid nearly $30,000 on this car PLUS the $5000 I put as a down payment they repossessed the car. I tried to explain that I've had several medium size out of pocket repairs I've used revenue that should have gone toward payment. But now, there is nothing to discuss in getting the car back since the fees are so high ($4025). The customer service reps has been like a Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde. They were willing to work with me until they got enough money out of me. The interest rate was far to high!! A $641.00 monthly payment. So technically I've already paid for the vehicle. I should have bought a Nissan OR Toyota!!! Also, though I've paid on nearly 30K on the loan over the 3.5 years. THE BALANCE IS "STILL" $31,000!! A "2019" vehicle is about 10K more. Also I spoke with one of the rep who told me if I could make a partial payment back in November she would push two payments to the back of the loan. Now they are saying that never occurred and the extension was given back in September. The people are the biggest liars!! In seven days the car will go to auction.
Lester Glen dodge made my experience a pleasure. Frank Guzman salesman made sure I got the car I wanted. I would recommend Lester Glen to anyone looking for a vehicle. Friendly and helpful staff.
Thank you so much Chrysler Capital for pre-approving me. I love my Chrysler 200!!
Worst company I have ever worked with. The customer care employees say they are going to fix something and it never happens. Their communication is non existent past your phone call. Nothing is ever resolved. Still dealing with a problem 3 months ago. I cannot wait for my lease to end. This company is terrible.
Brandon made buying my first car so easy! Thank y'all so much
I was treated with courtesy and fairness. The saleman was personable and attentive.
Called several times ask about my contract.. times are hard and was told I have wait 6 months after a year paying on time that I would be eligible for extension...
I was truly amazed on the service and personal care giving to me at Lebanon CJD and Chrysler Capitol, they really worked for my loan and a great deal. Would recommend them to all!!
Chrysler Credit made it so easy to get the deal I wanted on my new Jeep!
The experience has been very rewarding and I love the fact you contacted me. No other lender has ever contacted me to see what they could do to assist in the buying process.
Was able to get the loan however finance clerk asked me to let my trade in go back to the bank which I thought was uncalled for, I almost walked out right then. Eventually they worked a deal to pat off my trade in.
this company shouldn't be a business my story is so crazy i cant even wright it here. ill just say i'm not paying one more penny and you can come get this junk after all thanks to chrysler my credit got screwed up anyway. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY READ REVIEWS!!!!! SCAMMMMMM
HONESTLY I went in looking for finance with very poor credit rating. I didn't know if I would be able to get the car of my dreams. I did get approved and now have a purple Dodge Challenger SRT 6.1 HEMI. She is a 2010 and purrs like a kitten. I used to have a 1971 with big bock 440 in black. I always regretted getting rid of that car. But now I have a new baby thanks to Chrysler Capital. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.
Had to call dealer for help Chrysler capital had no record of my account and had no interest in helping to resolve. Emailed a question about online bill pay never received a response
Fantastic experience, the whole transaction went smoothly.
Interest rates are horrible
Quick, Simple, Fast, Great Experience.
I would honestly say Chrysler Capital has exceeded all my expectations.The whole financial process in purchasing a vehicle was conveniently thru dealer ship in a short amount of time.Chrysler Capital has been very open with full financial details before and after the purchase. They did ever thing well.
For my recent new loan I really can't say much either good or bad. As time goes on I will have a better sense how Chrysler Capital performs. Based upon past experience with such I have had a good experience.
MY Jeep was paid off over a week ago today they took a payment out. They now owe me over 500.00 but I will not recieve it for 30 days!!!! Complete bull****. They said it was my fault because I should have called them to stop payment...Seriously? The car was PAID IN FULL. I will never finance another car through this company. I would give zero stars if I could they don't deserve 1 star. BEWARE.
I was looking for financing to buyout an existing Chrysler Credit lease, and received an approval letter after applying for credit on the website. It listed the total purchase amount I qualified for and seemed to suggest this could be a lease or purchase of a new vehicle. Feeling confidant about the approval, I showed it to the dealership finance department. They said that they were unable to work with the approval and must apply for credit again through their finance dept. In the end, they approved me through Chrysler Capital, though I already knew provided an approval. This may be a shady dealership practice, but find it hard to believe CC offers approvals that cannot be used at a Chrysler dealership. Also, I signed all the paperwork and was on my way with my copy of the terms of the loan, including interest rate. A couple of days later, I was asked to come back to the dealership and sign new loan agreements because CC and the dealership were using different interest rates. In the end, I was given the lower of the 2 rates, but was inconvenient to go back to the dealership.
I was supposed tonreceive a statement and paperwork in the mail and never received it. Hopefully I get it before my payment is due
Pretty easy process to get financing done. Ok interest rate, could have been better. On thing though is they wont let you get ahead on your payment if you make a little extra each month. To me this should be a no brainer for companies. You never know what may come up one month. Thats why I gave them 3 stars.
Personal and human treatment with immediate response.
Great rate on new vehicle loan, reasonable paperwork, and not overly time consuming
HORRIBLE customer service. You will never ever get the same person twice and forget about follow through, NOPE.
Not the best financial outfit. The representatives try to be nice. If you pay invoice with extra money they don’t apply to what you want done. Worthless to send extra money.
I had the best service and assistance from the guys at Haley Dodge.. they got me into the car I wanted
I WILL NEVER EVER use Chrysler Capital again. I tried to set up auto payments early in my loan but was unsuccessful even with representative support. Knowing I was going to be out of town almost 2 months I sent 2 payments in the same envelope. I very clearly wrote my intentions. I tried to call the number on the statement to warn them of my plan, but each option I selected gave me another automated message. VERY FRUSTRATING not to be able to talk to someone. Sure enough they screwed it up and indicated my payment was late. I called and finally did get a human who stated she fixed that problem, but was unable to help me try to set up the autopay until the transaction fix was a few days old. I got a customer service review and jumped at the chance to let them, and everyone else know what I think of their service. In response to my poor review I did get a woman who called and she seemed very nice, but she called me when I wasn't able to sit down and deal with the issue. She gave me her name (Lucy) and phone number and I called about 2 days later. She was unavailable and I left my number and was told she would get back with me.....still waiting 2 days later. I also received e-mails from them and one indicated that they resolved the issue. I assure you they have not resolved the issue and I'm NEVER going with them again! In the meantime, I make double payments so I can get the loan paid off and not deal with them again. jan hippler
Honestly I have had no experience with you other than what the dealership did.
I am a new customer so I don't have much experience yet. So far, so good.
Too much paperwork, and I thought I had applied for a 12 month loan, but it came back as a 36 month loan
My auto leasing experience was top notch. Tom Schumaker listened to my wants and needs and delivered exceptional customer service. I felt well taken care of and love my new vehicle. He went out of his way to provide excellent customer service and responded quickly to any questions I had. The entire process was very easy and accommodating. Thank you Tom!!!
I really like they way Chrysler Capital has treated me.
Love my new Journey! Telegraph Chrysler had me in my new car immediately with no hassles. Would definitely recommend this dealership to everyone.
Very willing to do business with not a lot of haggle. I will do business with Chrysler Capital with every vehicle purchase in the future. Thanks Chrysler Capital
they helped me with everything I needed to know
Delivered as promised
All around it was complaints
I am very satisfied to this point. Website super easy to use, everything at your fingertips.
I bought the car at Vernon TX Dodge. This was by far the easiest new car purchase I have ever had.
Fast service good rate
Easy process to get approved. 2 weeks after car loan established I got a call from Chrysler Capital to discuss my loan. All I needed was address to send monthly payments to. The agent insisted on reading to me from standard literature I did not care to hear (didn't have the time when they called me at work). She was offended by a question and asked if I wanted to "decline the call" when all I asked for was the address to send payment. In the end I got what I needed. Auto pay was set up so I plan to have no further interaction with this company for the next 60 months.
I'd the best experience at the Freedom CDJR of Harrisburg. I'd recommend Freedom-CDJR to all who are looking for best car buying experience.
I had a great experience working with McGovern Chrysler. No pressure to buy, offered several options to choose from. I actually had to call Andrew the salesman back to initiate the deal. I loved that!!!! Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, always smiles on faces and everyone asked me how I was doing. Its more like family there then a sales team. I would not hesitate to go back and I tell all my friends about the positive experience I have had!!!.
I completed a simple online application and received the approval instantly. When I got to the dealership, the SUV I wanted was a little more than the approved amount. However, Chrysler Capital and the dealer were able to work out the deal with a payment I could afford. This is the first vehicle I have purchased that I truly wanted. Chrysler Capital is the reason I was able to make this purchase. The follow up emails were very informative and helpful during the purchase process.
Getting the approval was easy as pie but the interest rate was not remotely competitive. I accepted the rate and intend to payoff the loan in the ensuing 6-9 months to avoid the high interest rate.
Chrysler Cap makes it easy to know where the application for credit stands immediately. This is the 2nd time I've used CC and I am happy with their service. At end of my last lease they called continuously to remind me of my end of lease.
LoopHi my name is David, the issu with them is they will not give me my overpayment back. I am contacting my state banking commission they got my one time payoff over 30 days ago and we paid $149.56 to much and when I asked they told me within a week I should get my money back our state only gives 15 days to return over payments. They have now made us wait over 30 days I also told them I want interest on the unpaid amount and I was called a "f" losser, quote unquote, and the person on the phone got abusive to the point I was told they would get even with me, well my phone recordes all calls and i worked the person i was right from the start so i called the police and it now is in there hands I'd anything can be done even the officer said he was out right shocked at that phone call.the worse thing is my bank where I refinanced our jeep at has not gotten the total yet, they told me they will be working on that because Chrysler capital cashed the $32,650.35 check but yet they keep saying they sent it to our bank, so what part of fraud is this Chrysler is so corrupted I think the fed gov should step in and help all of us people or let's just stop buying from jeep and ram and dodge tell they fix this or they can go bankrupted ether would do. To update I finely got my overpayment back, but they sent it not on a check but a Visa debit card and guess what you can't get cash you can't move it to your bank account and you can't use it to pay your Bill's, you can't use it at a atm ether, humm they get you coming and going one day someone will take them to court but they sure like to play games with people I will not ever use them again or I am really thinking the next car we buy with not be a Chrysler product either I can love a newer Ford pu or GMC pick up or even a Chevy lol they just played a game where they just lost me from ever buying from them again
Omar was amazing!
simple and easy filing application, helped in a smooth transaction at dealership.
The process was quick, easy and the people at Classic Motors, Richfield Utah, made it fun! Love our new Jeep!
Haven't had any problems at all. All transactions have been made smoothly
Representatives were great, easy to do business with, and we got a great rate. What's not to love?!
seamless transaction
Watch these people, my rate is outrageously high!
Worst experience ever. Upon getting my credit pulled to refinance my home, I find that Chrysler is reporting my credit 30 days late. Mind you I call in every month and ask how much is due before I make my payments. Never has any of there representatives said I was late, behind, or missing a payment. When it’s bought to there managers attention, Manager agreed that I was not late and told me to Dispute it and that it would be fixed. I Dispute credit is fixed ....but husbands whose on the same account and put in a Dispute as well did not change. After patiently waiting for his account to update we then find that not only did they not remove his 30 day late but added another for the next month. I call Chrysler, spoke with a manager and then was told they would forward my account to their Accounting department and would get back in 5 days. Never called back so I called. Again “yes you are current just Dispute and we’ll fix it”. I Dispute and they didn’t change anything on my husbands credit and the late payment I had removed magically pops back up on mine. I call AGAIN different “manager” oh no mam you were late but says different months than what was reporting on the credit. Refuse to fix their mistakes. Then sends me an email saying my case has been resolved lol. In the end my husband has 2 late payments and I have 1 on the same account. 2 years of paying my debts down and making ontime payments gone down the drain thanks to Chrysler who plummeted my credit score 80 points. UNFAIR
I have been financing my truck for the last 4 years and making about $7,000 a year in payments. I found out i still owe as much 4 years later as i did the day I bought it. I have reached out to the manager at Chrysler capital and no one has even tried to help. Just telling me if i dont like it that they will just come repo it then. Iwill never use them again a d will be looking into getting an attorney to file on this.
Was a pleasure dealing with, looking forward to future business with them
They are awful! All I've been trying to do for over a month is get a copy of my final bill I paid and they have been unable to provide it. I've been "disconnected" over a dozen times and apparently their email system is "screwy". Do NOT lease through these people.
No refinancing, don’t have any info how to payoff whole amount for the car. Gives a huge % interest. Never will work again
Nice transaction when shopping at a dealer.
The salesman was absolutely the best I've delta with this is my 4th new car experience and by far it was the best