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everything was smooth and all of my concerns and questions were answered and I felt like I was taken care of very smoothly
Interest is to would be much better if interest was lower to pay off earlier. Also if you did not have to claim discharge on your taxes. That is crazy.
Was told a loan to settle debt was not the direction to go. I am now paying down a loan arranged by CP. I'll be free of this trap March 2020.
We were in a bind so we got in touch with freedom debit relief they went to bat for us . we are now at the stage of Consolplus And everything is going smoothly
Consolidation Plus has helped me be accountable forr my debt. Its not easy but it will be so much better in the long run.
I am very pleased with the efficiency of FDR in settling the debts, and especially with the acceleration program; however, I think the fees associated with the debt settlements are a bit high. Overall, FDR has lived up to its profession.
I’m Satisfied.
Marc was very helpful
You were an answer to my prayers. I needed to lower monthly payments & seen this on my e-mail & called yall. All the people were so nice & explained how it worked. I was very thankful for making 1 payment lower for 3 credits. It was a blessing to enter into this program. Thanks for you help.
Awesome! They helped me get back on track to be debt free and to manage my finances
I was nervous going into this program, but they made this easy to do. They was very courteous on the phone and professional. They helped in every way to make this a pleasant experience for me. I would recommend this program to anyone that is over there head in in credit card debt. Thank you Consolidated plus
Helpful, confident and very efficient work. I will recommend this company to everyone.
I was connected with a very nice lady and she was so gracious to me and my concerns.
The most rewarding experiance I have had with the consolation ever. I was and still am surprised how short of the time it took to be free of my burden, Thankyou ever so much DJB.
This company is sincere about helping you get your credit rates back on track. They’re very clear about loans and fees associated with them. I’m looking forward to seeing my credit back to where it should be - GREAT. I see a much brighter financial future ahead for me.
Great customer service! So glad I had the good sense to take advantage of the invitation to work with this company!
I am really impressed with the way I was taken care. I owe a big thank you to Desiree she was more than helpful she answered question I had was very informative and she was very caring. I can hardly wait to start on this consolidation as I won't have any creditors to worry about and negotiations. Thank you so much.
Very very good . I referred my sister my husband and friends.
This company has really helped me turn things around. They have been super friendly through my whole process and everything that was told to me about how things would work have been 100% accurate.
Very satisfied with the service and the results. Thank you
The handling of a matter as sensitive and personal as debts one's debt was carried out with much respect, care, understanding and professionalism. All my questions were answered however discreet or candid. I now feel confident they will help me become solvent as soon as I've foreseen. .
So far my experience with Consolidation Plus has been very pleasant. They were very clear about the loan process and helped me through the process. I am so happy that they could help me to pay my debts off sooner and appreciate everything they are doing to help me!
Their computer took 5 "late" payments out of my checking account when I had actually paid the loan the day before. My checking account was in OVERDRAFT more than $1,400.00. I was in tears, borderline hysterical. I immediately called my bank and they took over. I went to the bank twice. Was on the phone for hours. My boyfriend paid my bills since I was in "OVERDRAFT" After 5-6 days, everything was back to order.
Helped me in realligning my life. Very grateful.
Provided great assistance in providing me with the help I was in need of.
Everyone is very courteous and helpful. Everything is well explained and care about our needs.
They are very reliable, they do what they say , always ready to give you a clear answer They are very prompt when you call them. ,and they always make you feel good too
Went into Freedom Debt Relief program with high credit card debt was contacted by Consolidated Plus to sign up for their program. I was hesitated at first cause of it being a loan. Once I signed up with their program all my credit cards were negotiated and within 2 months all were paid off. Could not be happier. Have the loan but no more phone calls.
Confidential and easy
My wife and I have struggled with debt for quite some time and Consolidated Plus helped us lower our payments and therefore stopped us from being sued. Let them help you and you will be happy.
They made the process seamless and easy. This gives you the financial power back in a way that it one easy payment to repay all your bills off.
I am so happy to have Consolidation helping me with all my financial needs. I am on the right path because of Consolidation Plus . I would ask anyone to give them a call you will not be sorry they will make your life better. They’re always on the job and taking care of your business. Thank you all that you do .
This has been an excellent company to do business with. After a loss of income with work and then the death of my spouse I found myself in a difficult situation. I did not want to file bankruptcy because I did owe the money and it really bothered me that I was in this situation. After talking with the counselors who are very knowledgeable and pleasant I choose to go with them to alleviate the situation and am glad I did. Though things are still a little difficult I do feel a little better that the companies I owed money to will recover at least a portion. Would highly recommend this company to anyone who finds their self in this position
Everyone is very professional and takes time to listen to you. If you have a problem and they can't find the answer to, they are honest enough to admit it. But they will find the answers and get back to you.
Excellent customer service!! And provide me peace of mind! I totally recommend this company to anyone!
Really to early to state an opinion! But the agent was very polite. Treated me with respect. But he did call me back as after 9pm when I informed him I'd be sleeping. Because of work day .
While it is very early in the process, I couldn't be happier. Consolidation Plus helped me get financing to pay off my credit card debt, that could have taken many years, in about a month. They were partners with my debt settlement company and as soon as we negotiated the settlements Consolidation Plus was ready and my credit rating has already begun to improve. I am completely happy and cannot thank Consolidation plus enough.
My experience with Scott McBride was great. He was very professional and made everything very clear and easy to understand.
I was very skeptical about all aspects of signing up with Consolidation Plus. I was pleasantly surprised at the help and guidance I received. Thank you for helping me through a rough time.
These folks were very quick to respond, very friendly and explained everything to me, benefits and how it all worked.
They have made my experience so easy and so helpful and I so appreciate all they have done for me
They have been great. Couldn't ask for a better group
Every thing going great. Credit is improving. Only problem is they changed my payment date making 3 payments in one month costing me bank charges
Great experience so far. Professional and very helpful.
I don’t know much about the company but what I now about i like it
When faced with a real financial dead end and having nowhere to turn to I contacted Consolplus. We developed a plan to get out and start a better road for the future. It was critical for me as I posses a Govt. clearance that I could not afford to lose when in financial straits. Their program afforded my recovery and avoiding bankruptcy. I am now debt free and living in a far improved financial situation.
Good and trustful company that helps you resolve your debt issues
This is Avery good company. They helped me when I needed help. They are friendly ,courteous, answer any questions you may have.
Stone in my shoe and Knife on my back have been pulled out
The entire process was easy and smooth. Supportive staff that answered all my questions.
Consolidated has done everything that they proposed they would do but their interest rate for the loan is higher than most of my credit cards.
This company worked with me and got me out of the debt I was in thanks!!!
up front ,helpful and knowledgeable
Timely and professional advise from the loan consolidation expert. a pleasure to deal with
After my divorce, I was in serious trouble with my credit card debt. Consolidated gave me a way to pay off my bills and get back on my feet.
They did everything they said they would to help
Great experience no problems
I’m very satisfied with the service I had from consolidated plus they are very professional and very knowledgeable, there goal was to help me achieve mines Thank you
It was the best decision I have ever made. I can sleep at night knowing that my finances are now under control and creditors are not hunting me down.i recommend this program highly. I appreciate that there people out there that care about your situation. And do everything in power to help you.:)
I was bless to have found you it was a blessing for getting myself back on track of freedom from credit card Thank you for helping me
Excellent - I would recommend this company to anyone.
When I became a victim of a scammer and an identity thief, I was put in a real bad situation. My credit was ruined and my scores came tumbling down. I had acquired too many credit cards and I needed to find out how to get myself out of this situation. Under the recommendation of Credit Karma, I was contacted by Freedom Debt Relief. At first I did not like the idea of having to let my payments lapse with the creditors. I did not like the idea of having to wait until I accumulated enough funds on my account to resolve any negotiations with any of the creditors. I was harassed by all of the ones I was dealing, with nasty phone calls and threats. Consolidation Plus, a sister company (bank) with Freedom Debt Relief offered me an expeditious way to resolve the issues and come into negotiated agreements with all the creditors that Freedom Debt Relief was working with and to cut the time in half to make my problems go away. So I'm happy that the time originally offered by Freedom Debt Relief was the same as with Consolidation Plus and they offered a loan to pay them off and all I'm doing now is paying the loan off. The rates they offered me were higher that I wanted and the fees were also high, but Everything has been resolved, the creditors are paid off and my credit scores are coming back up. Thank you. I will never put myself in this situation again.
This has helped me get out of debt faster. Payments come out without having me have to actually make them. The people are nice and understanding.
There were a few times I need help. And consolidation plus Help me very much. Great customer service I can let others know .THanks
Quick and painless to get the loan to pay off credit cards. Now I can work on rebuilding my credit.
I am so pleased to be working with this trustworthy company and paying off my debts in one affordable monthly payment .
Thanks, Everyone has been helpful and easy to work with.
When I first started with this program, I wasn’t sure that I could save money on my credit card debt. But, I am pleased to say that things have worked out and my credit scores have improved. Thank you all for your trust in me.
We love that we were able to save and clear up a lot of debt , this is great. We only wish that we could have gotten a better interest rate .
in my time of need, Consolidated came to the rescue. thank you, Marilyn Klise
This program is easy to use and the people are very nice.
You guys were great. Everybody was helpful and Professional. Did a great job in restoring my credit
I would recommend this company if your struggling with credit card debt.
Very helpful and answered all my concerns and questions.
They are willing to work with you and help anyway they can to stay within the confines of your budget.
Excellent communication and keeping their word throughout the process
I’m glad consolation plus reached out to me. - 8 months into freedom debt relief partner company - looking forward to next step to getting debt free an getting my credit scores back where they were 800+. They have been great so far
Consolidated Plus established a plan, provided helpful videos on how to handle different situations. They did everything they said they would do, my debts were settled in less than a year.
It has been geat
Very helpful, made my bills so much easier.
I was in a bad financial condition after my husband died and I turned to Consolidation Plus to help and they helped me to resolve my situation. I have been very pleased with their work.
CPS is a Company that is easy to deal with. We have no regrets
They have help me a lot I have less stress worrying about my bills how they can’t get paid I would recommend anyone
Thank you for making my life easier
Unbelievable! With over $20,000 in credit card debt, I couldn't see an end. Now in less than 2 years my credit card debt is gone!!! Consolidation Plus has changed my life and given me financial stability once again. Thank you soooo much!
Awesome Program!
Millisa was great very comforting to talk and knows her job very well
They are great! They were able to help me when I needed them most. They follow through with what they say.
I just want them to know that I appreciate them taking the time to understand my situation with me having the stroke of being out of work for the short. Of time understanding and the service was wonderful thank you very much
I dont know much about this company due to the fact I'm only in it a wk.But I'm putting trust and faith in them that they'll do what they said in shorter period of time.
Very professional and timely
I was having issues paying bills after being laid off from work for over a year. Relied on my credit cards to pay my bills and live. Got into trouble trying to pay those credit cards. Consolidation Plus helped to reduce the amount owed and then to consolidate them into reasonable payments. This is a great help to me, now I'm working on becoming debt free in 4 yrs.
It's been an excellent solution to consolidating my obligations and making one monthly payment as well as hopefully helping my credit rating.
The consultant was knowledgeable and polite. I liked that this company works closely with freedom debt relief so everyone is able to converse with everyone else and b won the same page.
Every single representative I have spoken with has been kind, compassionate, and very understanding and HELPFUL!!!! I am so very thankful for this program and it employees!!!!
Very helpfull
I don't know what I would've done without Consolidated Plus. In my time of needing help and not knowing if I would be able to work the situation out on my own, they stepped in and reassured me that it would all work out. Thank you Consolidated Plus for being my life line back to the real world :)
They did a great job getting me approved and giving me back my piece of mind. It is not a quick process to get a lot of debt reduced, but they have provided me good service through the entire process
Your gold is to help people in financial need. You did what you said you were going to do and then some.THIS IS ONE COMPANY I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND.