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We enjoyed work with Michael Van Nieuwenhoven of Credibility Capital.
The company worked hard to get the financing we need to expand our business.
Having the experience of working with different sources I can say Credibility is a reliable financial source with products that accomodate to the needs of small business like mine. The business with them is clear , with no hidden fees and they are here to help.
Gaston is EXCELLENT in every way. Very fast and professional service. We love him..!!
Great company!! Melina Harris was just perfect!
My dealings with Credibility Capital were very professional and positive. They made the process, leading to funding of our loan, an organized and efficient experience and I would recommend Credibility Capital most highly.
My contact person, Gabe was professional n polite, explained everything n was patient through out the process, it's been a pleasure doing business with these guys, wanted to say a special Thank you to Alexi, for her assistance in the loan process n her professionalism, thanks again, will be doing business with them again, Don Roberts, Juci jerk...
Great Team to help with the process. I did have to do the interview twice but overall it was painless. The APR could be better but we can pay early with out any prepayment penalties. Overall the experience was easy and will continue a long lasting relationship
Over the past 5 years, I've gotten loans from several different funding companies, and by far, without a doubt, Credibility is the best to work with. They are proffessional, with more of a genuine, personal touch. They have helped me twice now, and both times were quick, and easy. Melina is great to work with!
Amazing experience, simple, smooth and efficient process, courteous staff, funding within days.
Very easy to work with and no BS like many (most) of the other funding companies out there.
Sanjay and his team were great- very helpful in every step of the process. Great service for any small business
This company from the President, vice President and throughout, have been exceptional in doing exactly what they said they would do to provide us with the funding we needed to expand and grow. They worked with us to do this at the start of our busiest time of year, and they were very patient with us as we moved towards a united success. I would recommend them over the many people who wanted to work with us, but didn't have the credentials these folks maintain. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship for both our companies together.
Good company to get a loan. A little running around with the rep but overall pretty good experience.
Great people to deal with. Good rates. Very satisfied!
Small business funding applications require significant amounts of information for credible conclusions to be made and decisions to be reached by a prospective lender. Given the complexity of the number of entities which comprise our small organization, the process is magnified in our case. Gabe, our Credibility Capital representative, was exceptionally cordial and professional from the start. Subsequently the underwriter, Kelly, likewise demonstrated the same qualities. Superb job!
Excellent service, seamless and clear process! and an awesome professional team! Gabriel and the underwriter were great and very professional. This is a company to work with and trust!
Loved working with Credibility Capital. They worked quickly to get me approved without any hassle! Very professional, very fast and very personal - like a local bank but better and all over the phone.
They have been fantastic to work with so far. Document requested to support the loan request made sense. The phone conversation with the underwriter was professional. The questions asked by the underwriter fit with what is expected. The timelines they gave to come back with answers were exactly as specified. Once loan was approved and I signed the documents, they transferred fund into my account the next day. I have been very impressed with my experience. I would not hesitate to go through Credibility Capital in the future.
very fast and easy to work with.
The entire loan process was straightforward! My business received the funds we needed. My loan officer, Devin, kept me up to date throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Credibility Capital to any small business owner in need of funding. Thank you, Credibility Capital!
Credibility Capital is Credible! I worked with a few lenders this past year and was impressed with credibility capital. They are fast, quick and were able to secure funding within a week. This helped my business move forward and succeed. Their team was professional and friendly. Their rates were acceptable. I would use them again.
Overall, a very good and fast experience. If you can get conventional bank financing that should obviously be your first stop... HOWEVER, like so many small businesses, we have a combination of factors like high personal debt and related complications from starting a medical clinic from scratch, that made that impossible. Most of these cash flow loan places screw you SO hard (Crazy interest rates and your on the hook for all the interest, even if you pay off early.) This was not the case here. Credibility Capital got us a fully amortized loan (Meaning I only pay for the interest accrued on the outstanding balance) and while the APR was higher that I would fall in love with, it was not out of line with a sub prime lender in this market. Finally, we had $100k of cash in our bank in about 5 or 6 days start to finish with minimal paperwork or hoops to jump through. Maybe 5 hours total time invested.
Wonderful, smooth experience, responsive support and guidance.
Credibility Capital was friendly, fast and very helpful in getting us the funds we needed to complete our project. I would highly recommend.
Smooth and professional in every way
5 stars for Credibility Capital. They took the time to learn our business and put together the right program for us. The interactions were always professional but also very human. Credibility Capital played a very important role and is an essential resource. JD, CEO, Small Business Owner
Excellent company, responsive and easy for our business to get credit from.
Very smooth . I had 5 bait and switch offers from competitors over a 3 week period . I borrowed money a few years ago and knew it shouldn't have to be this difficult . In the 11th hour I contacted Credibility Capital ( from a recommendation from Nerd Wallet ). The terms and qualifying amounts were exactly as they said . Mya could not have been more straight forward and professional . A very pleasant experience .
Kelly is top notch! Super professional and friendly.
Fast business loan.
Very efficient loan process without making me feel like they were doing me a favor.
From beginning to closing this was a good experience. Their rates and terms were better than other proposals we had received. Their underwriting process and closing was efficient. And we felt a definite personal touch from people that obviously care about their clients.
Really great experience with thoughtful customer service
I would recommend Credibility to anyone needing capital for their small business! There are many, many small business lenders available to choose from, and we have dealt with a number of them. Some are good to work with, but others are not always truthful about their fees, how much you have to pay off when you pay off the debt early (even though they say there isn't a prepayment penalty), etc., but Credibility was upfront and truthful regarding everything. Even though we had a couple of problems just before funding, they worked through them quickly so that we could receive the funds when we needed them. Credibility is the real thing! Melina, our rep, was definitely on our side from the beginning and bent over backwards to accommodate our special needs. I give them Five Stars! Bill White Chief Financial Officer Riley's Premium Pet Products, LLC
Very good customer service. Professional and quick to respond to questions and concerns. Best company I have worked with yet.
The entire team, especially Michael and Sam, were a pleasure to work with. This is our second loan with Credibility and we would definitely work with them again.
Horrible systems, always got letters saying i was in default of payment when i was on auto pay. happened more than once even after being promised it would never happen again.
Sam was great to work with,very fast on emails and replying with info needed.
From start to finish they where perfect
Very professional, great service. If you provide the paperwork work in order, you actually get funded faster than any other company I know of . Hands down to Michael Van Nieuwenhoven, this guy made the process so smooth . Thank you Michael.
AMAZING FOLKS THANK YOU SO MUCH For making business loans a breeze!!!
Good company, treats you right despite the high interest. In a pinch it can really help grow my business.