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Credit Card Retriever
Credit Card Retriever

Credit Card Retriever Online Loan Reviews

They gave me a chance were others wouldn't thank you. Rose johns
This is a great card to rebuild your credit.
Have not received card yet.
Execelent Ok
Sometimes you don't have the money right away,the credit card is there to help you just keep your bill up to date,pay more when the payment is due.
I have been trying for a year to re-build my credit with out any luck then you helped me,and I am now getting a credit card thanks to you and your help. Thank you.
Very good service and security.
Help me out alot
Have'nt recieved the card as of this review. It's been eight business days so far. I'm expecting it any day. Thanks for the help.
Finally got accepted! Now to fix my credit
It was a great help in helping me find the e right card that fit my need. Kellypeden
Grate service
It's very helpful
Excellent, professional and courteous service with representatives who are caring and knowledgeable!
They was one of very few that would help me build my credit an they had one of the best reviews!
I hope to improve my credit score with this card thank you
I think they are a awesome company and would recommend this company to anyone.
Easy to read and fill out.
I just would like to thank you all for giving me a chance for getting a credit card I am very happy and will keep my credit straight thank you again!
No card yet!!
explained how everything worked. I appreciated all the informations
Very happy with the fast pricessing and quick arrival of my new card!
I think its great for people who are starting out with little or no credit it had helped me alot to build mine
I am so grateful for the nice experience with this company and would recommend it
I typed in the type of card I was looking for hit enter and had numerous choices. With only fair credit I expected maybe 3-4 card choices, I was shocked! Thank you is all I can say.
I am so grateful to be given a surge build my credit im determined to do an with this card an me being loyal to my payments.surge will always be loyal to me
I had a really hard time getting a card until I tried this service
Nice and easy, just apply your situation to the card , get an answer yes or no , cut and dry no BS. Thanks
Credit card retriever was the perfect site for me to find a credit card for my fair credit score. It gave me multiple cards to choose from for me to apply for. It also has a rating for each card which always helps me decide on what I should go with. They even have a description for each card and they offer. Will use again!
Thankful I was given a chance to establish my credit...well pleased
Yes like to thank you all for allowing to help me with repair my credit
Great service very happy with this company
It didn't matter what my credit score was.
I found your site to be one of the best ones I had received and also effective . thank you for the opportunity to build my credit
I haven't received my card yet
Had no problems. Easy to follow instructions
The only thing is that I could not order anything on line with the card
Seems to be ok
You got me credit when no one else could. THANK YOU Greg
Very happy to have the card
Build for the Future Thank You !!
Very easy process. Thank you creditone
Fast and easy, credit wasn't the best but got a card to help rebuild my credit thanks so much.
There are a lot of cards out there, so I needed a site like this to help me find one that was a good fit for my credit situation
They were the only ones that gave me the opportunity to help raise my credit score
Nice to have a chance to get started with your company
Helps building credit A+
I had tried several other sites that claim to find you a credit card to match your needs and situation,but they failed to follow up on their advertising. But I finally went to the right site .Thank you!
Very good it would with people like me
CreditCardRetriever is extremely easy to use and gives me all the information i needed to find the unsecured credit card i was looking for. I got my card and can now start rebuilding my credit and look forward to a brighter future.
Love the can add
I was very happy that I get approved and will make sure to keep it in good standing
I've never had a better experience and appreciated more than this credit card company
It's a great card with low interest
The opportunity to start over an get my credit back on track after my mistakes as a young adult card holder now I can straighten it out in my mature older adulthood thanks!!!!
Building my credit to make it better.
everything they said was accurate and timely very satisfied
The process itself is very easy and took very little time at all. Just waiting to see how long it takes for the card to arrive. If all goes well I'll change my rating to 5 stars.
I was approved and waiting on my credit card to come in the mail! I'm excited
Good card for me
Thank you for the opportunity on letting me fix and grow my credit
Excellent, for people that need a second oppotunity, for new creditors peoples, for small business beginers and for people that have an emergency. thanks.
Getting a credit card was never so fast and easy. Thank You Pat P.
It was a very easy application, and I was impressed
I just got my, I'm happy with Surge. Once I get started using it I can tell you more.
It took only a matter of minutes to get approved
If I were you I'd check credit card retriever out!
Get life back on track
Help people with there credit
Customer service at Surge really helped me to understand exactly how my new credit card worked.. all the ins and outs. Answering all my questions for me..
So far I have had no prombles.
I think Credit Card Retriever is excellent. They were able to get me approved quickly.
It was OK looking forward to teply
Good 10number
I would highly recommend you check out this site. Well done, easy to use and up to date.
I am satisfied with my card. It will truly be beneficial for me.
A good choice
Easy to use. Without all the hassles and fuss. Thank you!
It was a great experience and I highly recommend this service Thanks Willie Phila pa 9/29/2017
Helped me find a credit card even though I dont have good credit, will hell me fox it thank you.
Have a good opportunity for obtaining credit cards
Great that's all I can say
I think it's a great way to get a second chance at getting a new way of life.
This was easy and convenient would definitely recommend
Thanks for giving me a second chance
Its helpful when your trying to build up your credit
Quick to review and get an answer
Was very fast and effective
Please fix this web site it shuts down before I can type all my info in I been trying for two hours
I would tell all my friends and family about you
The best site to review credit card options with quality results. Very satisfied cumsumer!
I was really excited cause I thought I was already approved for a card not true
My new address 201 East Evans Road ....Viola Delaware 19970
Was nice finding a site where they had several cards to choose from. I did the whole thing on my phone.
This was a life saver for me
Thank You so very much for the opportunity to start building my credit score up .up up....Iam so excited looking ahead to haveing A 1 credit again... Thanks To AndThe Surge Master Card group ❤
I am still waiting to get my credit card. Would gladly rate it once I received it. Do not know why it has not come yet. It has been a week waiting for it. Hope it comes soon then I will rate it.
Results are very real...
Thank you for a second chance !