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I thought the interest rate was way too high but I do understand it's how you all make your money back from getting people their loans so fast!
its fast and easy, i never get denied with a loan.
Skeptical at first but was put at ease before 5 minutes passed, very pleased with my results!
Was fast in responding.
No help at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your People Send Me Email To Apply And Your Guy's Denied Me 6 Time , Never Give Me A Changes To Get A Loan . My Daughter Was In The Hospital For A Week end Half And Your Guy's Let Me Down When Most I Needed A Loan
very fast and easy app .
Did not get the amount I was asking for.
They where polite
Their rates are high and the customer service doesn't give the full information. She made it sound considerably cheaper than what it really is. I would rather have a late payment then accept their terms looks great and is easy to navigate. Everything that you need to review credit loans are easily accessible. There is also a great tools and help menu that will assist you with any troubleshooting areas. Give it a try!
They helped me get a loan when no one else could.
It is most unfortunate that my experience in filing a loan application had to be so traumatic. The reason for my application is because my finances are in need of a little boost. The emails I receive promoting your company are very encouraging, but after I have supplied all of my information I learn that I do not qualify for the amounts I was "teased" with at the beginning of the process. I wish your advertisements were more realistic and less disappointing. Thank you.
They helped me find lenders I knew existed and many I didn't know existed. Helpful tool to use when you don't know your options. help me see our options are many! Try them out.
very personable and polite
Fast and Painless. Thank You :)
Didn’t want to help so they don’t need my interest money
Haven’t been able to help me obtain a loan
Rapid response. Easy to navigate online.
Fast. Friendly. No hassle. I filled out the application, spoke to a representative and 37 hours later, the money was deposited. Life saver for real.
Walked me through and explained everything with perfection
Wasn't able to help.
I have been in debt for many years, I sometimes feel like I a downing in it, and that there is no escape. After visiting I actually have some hope that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for me after all. This site broke everything down for me in a easy to understand kind of way. I would Highly recommend anyone who is drowning in debt to spend 15 minutes on this site and see if they can help you.
Not happy with them at all.
I inquired about a short loan; I was very skeptical but in need of a small amount of funds. my process was fast and easy. The representative was very polite and made me feel better about my concerns. I hope i will not need the services again but im glad they are around just in case
Great experience, I would recommend it to anyone interested in a quick payday loan. My questions were answered very precisely and the information I needed was very helpful to me. Thank you for all that you did for me, it was a very nice experience and I will more than likely use it again.
Quick & easy loan.
The advertising said bad credit or good credit, it doesn't matter. I also so an add that said if you are working you can get up at least $800. That is not true. I was denied from all the lenders credit loan found for me.
I needed a loan to pay off a debt. Big Picture Loans give chances to people with bad credit who are denied by everyone else. It was fast and secure. Friendly customer service. No hassle.
Even though they couldn't offer me a loan still gave me other options.
Couldn't get a loan so i really don't know much
The site is just one big wall of text that I don't even want to read it all.
I recommend everybody to try too get a loan with Credit loan.
You all state that regardless of credit you can still receive a loan, but then you offer a loan that would not help your situation . Why would you go in debt more for 200 dollars when you are trying to pay of stuff. I feel like everyone deserves a second chance no one knows how that person credit got like that, so why not give them the benefit if the doubt. Whether they borrow 2 dollars or 2000 dollars, it's all the same cause if they don't pay back , you'll find a way to get you money back with a whole lot of interest
I don't mind paying the extra money. What troubles me is I thought the money would be deposited on the 10th of Oct. after approval. and I later got an e-mail saying it would be deposited on 14 Oct.
To borrow 800.00 it would cost me 4,800.00 with the interest..we do you all take me for a fool. You can keep your money.
It my first time to try this
The experience, I had was great and every person was great also. So Thank you
Love the fact that you can have your money on the next business day, and you can also get an extension if needed!!!!
It was really fast. And effective..I will tell my friends like myself who is in need of a little help financially..Again, thanks for your decision.
It was helpful
Excepted fast in bank next day but interest is to high makes it in possible to take loan and pay that much back.
Hi thank you very much
I didnt get approved.
I would recommend to any who wants a loan without hassel i had no problems received an answer in seconds and the loan approved. It was deposited by the next morning! This was a great experience and i look forward to using it again.
I applied with you for a loan. All I got was being slammed over to some other companies I never applied with. And never received any loan determination or offer.
Great experience, no hassle service.
when I filled out app. not the amont your cmp said everything change
Too many email messages. It's harassing! When an application has been submitted, there shiuld be no reason to send 6 messages in a short time period. That is why I had opted out.
rates too high
I was very surprised and impressed. I found this site to be verified and trustworthy. The application process was very easy and fast.
I had no Money and I needed it . I was approved they said they would send it to my account It would non go through. I was able to get some money from my Wife's Disability. I called Them to cancel my money and they said they would because. The money did not go through.
I did not like the fee that was presented to me and they negotiated me with a lower price. The money was in my account the next day.
I really like this loan. I applied at 11am and money was in my bank the next morning.
Getting a loan was fast, simple and productive. The service representative helped me quickly and was even kind enough to sitting on the phone till I was done with the application.
Great follow up skills which will make me do business with them.
It was cool they were quick with the response. They didn't deny me like a lot of other sites that I tried. Then work with me on the due date an interest was not that bad. Excellent all around.
Thx for giving me the opportunity to get a loan from ur company and I hope have a successful business with this company thx alot!!!
I filled out all the necessary information then was directed to fill out information regarding my credit information. But I received no email or phone call on if I was given the loan amount of $300.00.
Was exelent services
The company that approved me was money key. It was a little hassle but seems like a fair payment also the signing of documents was a little troublesome but the representative emailed me and checked with me the whole time
No, I had no trouble being matched with a loan company. It was really easy.
I got to the last page and they showed the payment schedule, 500% in LESS than 12 monts. NO WAY! Did not accept the deal. They don't tell you the cost until you get to the last page. Shameful!
You guys are ok . But. I never received a call from rapid cash
Daniel was very helpful and listened to my needs. He made the process very easy. I would recommend him for your loan needs
The loan provided help for me in a critical moment. It was helpful.
The process was fast and easy!!
Very easy and fast !
They say they offer bad credit loans but doesn't approve everyone with bad credit. Why offer the option for people with bad credit to apply for a loan, when you're just going to deny them & turn them away when they need the loan for emergency purposes?!?!?!
Just very fast and easy to use
While we ended up not needing the loan, they were very helpful and had one waiting for me in a short amount of time.
No loan was offered
Applying was easy, easy to talk to
although i loved the quick response, the overly high rates are ridiculous. if you are requesting a loan, the last thing you need is to pay over 125% interest your payment of 188.00 every two weeks would only go to the principal of the loan $1.00.. amazing thank you Unfortunately- there is a lot of people in need and others that prey on them
The process was great. But I needed more money doesn't just want to wrangle me into a personal loan I might not need, they really helped me to decide if this is right for me as a consumer. The resources are abundant and I loved reading all the articles about loans and how they might affect my credit. provides a site that gives me all the tools and information I need to make the best choice for my situation. They have an extensive blog section that contains a glut of information for consumers! I read many articles that helped me see that some loans are actually good for my credit. I've never seen a loan site that provided so much information for people to make an informed, intelligent decision about what personal loans they need! The resources are presented in a way that made it easy to navigate and the calculators available allow you to see what your payments will be for a given loan amount. doesn't just provide a way to get a personal loan, but their site is packed with valuable information and tools that helps me approach getting a loan in an informed and relaxed manner.
I have not been able to get a loan.
Y'all send me a email that I am approved but then u say I'm denied
I got loan with this company. They are awesome. If you need anything can be very helpful.
Took the time to answer all my questions and work with me to pick the right loan for me with the right payments.
Going the extra mile will not only result in an indebted and happy customer, it will also go a long way in terms of keeping you on the radar for future business. Thanks for such impeccable customer service , I look forward doing business with you!!
Not only does it answer many of the questions you have regarding credit, loans, school finances, but it displays the information in a manner that is quick to understand and straightforward. The website is easy to navigate and it has helpful images to guide you through the different questions you have unanswered. I will definitely be using this in the future. It's a modern way of displaying information we all need to function in the world. I think it's a step forward to bringing information to the public.
These loans will put you in more debt than you stared with. I will not recommend this site to anyone.
The rep whom i spole with was very helpful and thorough. I like how they so business.
I wasn't satisfied with this site. I requested an account and they would only offer me the minimum
Very easy and quick.Thank you
The process was simple and quick
They were fast,friendly, and very patient....will be recommending my friends and family when they need fast money
I was not happy. The url had expired by the time I had gotten to the lenders' match to be viewed page.
thanks for a quick and easy experience. I was informed that i was approved in less than 5 minutes.
Credit seems like a very comprehensive site. I like that it offers tons of information on loans and the credit needed to get those loans. The front page is pretty easy to navigate because anything credit related is on the left side while loans are on the right. It explains credit and loans right away and as you explore a little more, you'll learn a ton more information on things like credit reports and student loans. It provides a bunch of links to other sites that you can deal with whatever issues you have with credit/loans directly. Overall, it seems like a very useful site and pretty easy to navigate and understand the information provided.
All the emails they send and they're all a waste. Don't waste your time.
most companies say 2 minutes to fill out the application, but it actually tastes 15 to 20 minutes. however with this company it cooks exactly 2 minutes and within 30 seconds after completing the application, a representative was calling to verify the information. as promised the cash was in my account the very next morning! Now, that's fast!
I believe that you charge way to much for an interest rate on your loans you mite get more buesness if you lowered them a little bit
The loan company got back to me quickly and explained everything clearly on their web site. I just don't see paying 90-100% in fees and interest.
they seem to have the right idea about quick loans i think i would refer them to someone who needs quick money without paying your first born back
Fast & easy response with quality service.
All information was explained to me in detail. Took time to answer my questions. It took a little while but it was worth the time. I appreciate customer service that the company provided.