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CreditNinja Online Loan Reviews

It was very easy to apply and qualify.
It was quick and very professional. I would recommend this company to anyone. Excellent job!
The interest rates I received were higher than loans for double the amount. I will never use CreditNinja again. Typical, predatory lenders looking to take advantage of people with money problems!
The company was very easy to work with.
Quick and easy to apply thanks guys
I was happy to receive the loan i applied for when everyone else declined me. Thank you credit ninja for giving me a chance. All my phone calls to credit ninja were answeted cordially. All employees were very friendly.
The application process was quick and easy and funds were dispersed rapidly.
They made the process to get a loan quick & easy and the funds were there on time! Thanks
Very quick and easy payday loan when needed. Now I will use them a few times for emergency if needed or to build up credit. Thanks guys
My loan was reviewed & accepted promptly! I was very happy
Thanks for this experience with has been amazing!! I
It was quick and easy ! Everyone was very helpful !! Great company!
Excelent profesional easy to talk to very quick response thank you. You really helped out a lot .
Great service, helped me when I needed it the most.
They really help you out in time of need.
They were very helpful,and fast
great service just wish we had the option to make monthly payments.
It was easy and fast to apply.
I really didn’t know I was approved until I called in to see if I was approved. The payments could be lower and not every 2 weeks
Was very easy to fill,out
Easy, fast, minimal questions to answer and money came next day as promised.
So far they are easy and do not ask a million questions. Have an emergency use credit ninja
Credit ninja staff are the most helpfull and nice people i have dealt with. They are the most understanding to us, the customers financial problems. THANK YOU credit ninja staff. God Bless you all
Too much $$$$$$
Excellent company if you are looking for a loan. They processed my request really fast, and I had my money the next business day! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I would highly recommend these guys!
Great company was able to provide me with the funds needed.
They were most helpful at a time of need
It easy and quick!
I received an offer of pre-approval in the mail with a confirmation#. I thought it over, it is Christmas, my car needs much needed repairs, and we could use the help. Of course I did the app online and used the confirmation # and it denied automatically. I can not stand advertisements that get your hopes up.
They were really quick, and attentive. Everything was explained in detail. Thank you for helping me in my time of need.
Don’t help with low credit
The application process was quick and easy but I am not satisfied with the funding process. The funds were to be deposited to my account today 12/26 however that has not happened. It is almost 9am pacific time. A better estimate of the time frame funds will be deposited would be nice.
Easy online process. Was able to get a larger approval amt which is what I really needed. Interest high but important to pay by asap to avoid high interest in a situation like mine. Glad they approved me!
Quick easy and fast no hassle know how you lean in line they a gave me what I needed
Thanks so much for your support
was very happy with the service
Quick, easy and fast. Just wish I would of been able to increase amount
If needed extra money have bad credit apply here
Quick, easy, friendly
I was excited to get the loan but the issue I have with the company is on my application I told them I get paid on Friday every two weeks and when they did the check verification my back release my money a day early after 4pm so they change the payment date for Thursday which causes the payment to go back and I was charged by my back because I didn't have in the bank. Now I call customer service about the issues and they well we can not do anything about that because the system verified I get paid on Thursday and they said I have to send them my check stubs to change the date at this point I was upset they will not refund me my bank fee and all they said we change it in future payments. This bad business because for verification purposes they should have requested the paystubs in the first place and see that my check is dated for Friday.
So far, real good. Thanks for the help.
Very easy online process. Thank you very much !!
Quick turnaround and super customer service
Interest that is charged on the loan is too high, if you lower it down a little you should have more happier customers.
They where very helpful have no complaints
very good nice people and service
They will very helpful.
So easy to be approved right on the dot, thank you credit ninja you save me.
Simple and fast process
Excellent Experience!! Quick fast and done
Most honest and fast! Knowledgeable and kind
Fast and easy. Thank you.
Very helpful with great customer service.
Just all around a very nice hassle free way to get a loan.They did a great job and i'd recommend them to family and friends..and no,i don't work for Credit Ninja...
Very easy and fast!! It was a big help
Quick. Easy. The interest is through the roof but I needed money in a pinch so I can deal with it.
I would like to know the stipulations for paying back. I was on the phone and got cut off. Next thing I know the money was in my account. That was July 3 and July, 6 the money was in my account. Please contact me on this matter. Thank you
I can not believe how fast the turnaround time was especially at a true time in need! Thank you so much! I am very grateful!
Had no problem getting funded. Service was consistent. They answered all my questions satisfactorily.
Cant get anyone on chat. When you are first in line you still sit on hold for ever.
They gave me a loan when nobody would.
Very easy to apply. Answers within minutes.
Process was easy and no hassles.
I was very impressed with how quick and easy the process was. Thank you
My Request was met. Thank you for your assistance.
Fast, easy, and money is there in 24 hours!
I love you services and how you get details up front
Definitely would and will recommend to anyone.
Good online loan company!
They are safe and fast
Fast easy approval practically painles and succured much needed funds in a timely manor.
I tried every where to get a payday loan cause I need emergency cash they were quick and easy approved me for just the amount I need.
I would recommend this company to anyone gave what needed right away.
Got the money I needed fast.
Easy but the finance charge is a bit high waiting to see how the duration of this will play out its to soon for a complete review
I liked it was quick and private
Fast, easy, process and awesome customer service. I will use again if the need ever arises again.
The ease of the process and the wonderful customer service is the best I've ever experienced
The application process was efficient and the terms were easy to understand.
I think they are an Excellent Loan company
Thank you CreditNinja I would recommend this to anyone easy application quick answer this is how lending should be. Thankyou
They are way to picky on giving people a chance to prove them selves . If you have bad or medium credit don’t apply they don’t give you a chance.
To me the process was very simple and the customer service provider over the phone was great thank you
I am rating CreditNinja high because of my experience with you overall. I will recommend you all for professionalism all around. Thank you.
I was pleased with how easy it was to apply and that I got the cash I needed right away!
Everyone needs to pay close attention to the contract! They are not the lender and therefore, the borrower is stuck with the entire finance fees regardless of when you pay it off. So an early pay of WILLNOT result in a lower amount paid. You will end up paying back 2.5 to 3 times the amount you borrowed! I would never had borrowed from them had I known this.
Good job keep up
I received a pre-approval form for up to $2,000 in the mail, which was an instant relief for my financial situation, but I knew I didn't have the best credit, so I talked to a few agents and they encouraged me that they do not approve based off credit and told me to go ahead and fill out the online application. After filling out the application I was approved for a $1,000 loan and they told me how much I had to pay every two weeks, but my interest rate was extremely high, yet I needed the money, so I went ahead and accepted it and then connected my banking information to the website, thinking that's it. Around 3 minutes later I received an email saying "Thanks for applying, unfortunately at this time we cannot issue you a loan!" How disappointing? I'll have to call my bank just to make sure they aren't scamming to take money out of my account. I wish they had a 0 rating because even 1 star is just too many stars!!!!!
Loan servicing was quick and easy. Phone wait times can be excessive and the system will hang up leaving you to call the following business day (which, in my case, cost me interest each day because I was trying to pay off my even cost me an additional day once I did get through to a person because he was unable to push my payment through same day). Personnel was friendly and apologetic...they really seemed to try their best...I’m overall very pleased with this company and their ability to quickly assist those in temporary urgent financial need. Their rates are comparable to other similar companies. Keep in mind that any form of loan of this sort is expensive...creditninja was actually lower than some others I was looking at. Good company...great people
easy to request and obtain needed funds quickly!
Excellent customer service, I would use again.
Thay came through right on time with no hassle when all the others wouldn't even give me a chance! Thanks again.
Service was alright, will be paying off this account soon.
Was a fast process.
Very Quick, Next Day Approval. Customer Service Is Rated 10+, Would recommend them to my Family and Friends. The Monthly payment fitted right into my Budget.
Very easy to apply I had a question so I called answered very quickly taking care of very professionally
I recieved a preapproval letter in the mail so I applied...What unproffesional misleading company.They immediatly disapproved me.I was depending on it for treatment for my misleading.I passed all criteria...Sad
Fast service no hussle great service
was quick and satisfield