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I do not feel like my credit score is doing better
Credit Repair worked for me in the past and has made a difference this time around...I have recommended CR to friends and family and will continue to do so...
December 11 called and spoke to Mike, I said I have 1 negative item with Equifax and few hard inquiry, he said we will have the negative item removed and as many hard inquiry as we can, 1 time $12.99 fee and $89.95 a month, they filled out the hard inquiry letter to be sent, which I did and 2 weeks later I get my credit report from Equifax nothing removed, called they put me on hold for 36 minutes, Christina answered and I said no hard inquiry were removed, she said we will give 25 off every month going forward, I said how long will this drag on? I have 1 negative item. She said I don't know, but we will get it off. December 18 they charged me $89.95 again, called them they won't pick up, on hold for a long time and no one answered. Went on my account started chatting with someone they said no we don't give 25 dollars off, I said OK cancel and refund me, she goes no non-refundable. Called again and they blocked my account. They stole $192.89 from me in 1 month and did NOTHING for me.
In my honest opinion, this company is amazing. It took my credit score from 605 to 708 in just 90 days. I would definitely recommend anyone that has credit issues to check out this website.
I heard from my husband about credit i contacted them i had 33 negative items on my credit in six months 24 items have already been deleted from my report.I am very much impressed with the job they have done already can't wait for rest of the 9 items to b deleted and then i am ready to buy a new car.
very good 5 stars
Horrible experience, you can never get a Costumer service representative on the line. I've called several times with questions and I always end up hanging up because no one picks up after over 45 minutes. Today it's been about 50 minutes, and I'm finally calling to cancel the service. And now the lady tells me that I have a final payment of over 70 dollars, such a SCAM when I've been paying upfront. DO NOT DO IT
I had to drop credit because it was taking way too long I was with you for months and I think the only things that were correct it was one or two inquiries
great customer service and fast results
I just began with them
Good service, a bit too slow
They have gone up and beyond to help me with all my issues on my credit I give this company 5 stars
Credit Repair consumes your dollars slowly by asking for free for multiple reasons. They have a fee to pull your credit report and then they have other monthly fees too. They will drain all your money without anything fruitful.
profesional and help quick
I still have those credit marks on my credit report, so the disputes are taking to long. Besides that your web page is very helpful.
A really great and reliable company that actually works with you at a reasonable price what more can you ask for ?!
This company is the best. Accurate information and superb service. I Highly recommend this service. Thanks credit karma
Great service and amazing results. !!!!
Thank you for everything. You have helped emensely!
They are removing items slowly but im satisfied with the results. My credit score is 601 at this time. Im sure its going to increase.
I have really seen a difference in my credit score since Credit Repair had been working on it. They have improved my score in a very short time so I am very happy with their service.
I am very happy to be with You all are helping me with coming successful and I am looking forward to continue to build and work with you all. Thanks so much!
Explain everything very husband and I had so many removals.... it's a blessing to have credit they helping my family get into our first home..I will never stop thanking them. Few more removals and new house here we come!!! Thanks credit
Had one item with credit repair for at least 5 months. Was told it would be an easy one and solved quickly. Still has yet to accomplish anything. I sent an email weeks ago asking for more information and was ignored. I will be cancelling my service with them as I threw money down the toilet the last 5 months and got nothing out of it. Waste of time and money. Would not recommend or use again.
I have been using credit repair for 6 months now and this is the first time that I’ve seen a company do what they promise. They are worth every penny!! The best part is they do everything!
Did nothing but take my monthly payment and send out some emails
I played for there services and at first everything was going as planned I still pay monthly for there services but getting straight answers from them is like pulling teeth with little results
Credit repair claimed that they could repair a report in a very short period of time due to the facts and details associated with an unsupported revengeful report. After six months I inquired as to the reason for the delay. All I ever received was that they were continuing to send challenges as to the validity of the report which was going nowhere. When I said to cancel, they claimed that they would lower the future fees and escalate the process which should have been at the highest level to begin with. This also proved unsuccessful. Nothing that was done was ever hardcopied. There is no evidence that this company ever did anything but drain my bank account and add to the frustration of the problem..There is a very good reason for paying in advance since I believe all of these companies that I have researched employ the same collection policies. Very similar to insurance companies which collect years of premiums, but do not properly handle claims. All of the communications were "canned" emails. If there was an option for no stars, I would have selected it. To their credit, they were always very polite and courteous at every contact but this was during the time they were collecting perpetual payments. Had I not called, this would have continued forever. Some guarantee results but there is never anything in writing. Although the damage to my credit is not that bad, I am now willing to leave they businesses alone because it seems like a scam for free money. Nothing this company said had any connection to the truth. I'm glad it all ended with only a loss of $600.00. If you don't have it in just don't have it. If this in any way generates legal action, fees, penalties or costs, you and/or Creditrepair agree to pay all costs associated with such action.
Great customer serv!
Excellent service I will be using you again in the near future
They did a good job with my wife credit,
I was surprised how fast the issues was cleared up on my credit report
I honestly had Lexington Law and never knew what they were doing about my credit and just paying and paying... but then I tried CreditRepair and felts like I was in the office with them working plus got a lot of reports removed so I feel very happy and excited for the big change on mi credit.. I love CreditRepair and the work they have done... Thank you CreditRepair and please take my money ❤️
Lexington law firm got me faster results.
Absolutely love you guys❤️
Do not use this service. They say cancel at anytime but they continue to charge your credit card.
Very professional people..accurate... They go through your account therally..
Changed me life.
Although they seemingly had things removed from my profile, my credit score remained completely unchanged. In fact they posted my highest score when in reality my score was much lower. I was very optimistic it would help when in fact it did not. Save your money every month and pay an extra bill...That's the only thing that can help your credit!
they know how make the fine lines and after you stuck with them you will face hard tim
Best credit repair company ever .
Excellent service for credit repair. They review your credit reports (all three ), work on everything that could cause a negative impact/score. Work really fast and efficiently. Yes, I have and will continue to recommend their services to others.
I would refer you my friend, your family and everybody you know to Credit Repair. They have help my credit tremendously and even though, i'm not quite there yet, I know that they do all they can (legally) to get your credit straight. I would recommend Credit Repair to everyone and would also recommend their professional services with the highest of integrity.
I'm so satisfied with Credit Repair and their Services, they call you and let you know what's been accomplish (and they do accomplish things)! I feel good about paying for the services because its worth it! To sit back and let someone thats trustworthy REPAIR for you (and they do repair) is very comforting! I wish I would have found them earlier! With the two months I've been with Credit Repair, my scores are already showing improvement! Thanks Credit Repair! I will be using you and I highly recommend you to others!
Credit repair gives you OUTSTANDING results in the time period allotted by their service. On point, great communication, updates, and statuses of your reports...Awesome job you guys! Keep up the great work indeed. has displayed excellent customer service by being proficient, competent, and knowledgeable about the services they provide whenever I called in with any questions. The changes my credit went through from the beginning to now shows that success is ahead and it takes hard work and working together as a team to achieve this success. I am still a work in progress as well as my credit and there is room anything less or going backwards, but to try and aim for the best. Thank you for continuing to work on improving my credit report.
Credit repair is awesome! I had bad credit and they help me repair it!!
Money well spent! !!
Haven’t seen any progress yet
I love how not only do the agents help repair and fight for our credit. They also educate on how to keep our scores high. Agents are always polite and willing to assist with any questions and concerns
Thanks For your help
Was very helpful
As advertised my credit score jumped close to 100 points. The only issue I had was the blanket letters that were sent to my creditors repedativly, it was a basic letter that was continuously sent over and over to one in particular creditor who kept replying with "please show us in detail your specific challenge" and credit repair just kept sending the same letter. Then I had one bank reply with "after continuous letters we have determined that you are working with credit repair service, We will not work with third party's we only work directly with our members" So other than those issues it was worth the money and saved time on my end. Some people ask me why I pay for something like credit repair that I can do on my own. My reply is I know how to cook but sometimes I like to have someone cook for me.
Credit repair help my score I will recommend them to anyone
My credit went from 480 to 570 within a month and still improving my credit. I wish I could give them 10 stars... There are the best!!
My score has improved since I started ...So far everything they say has been true..
Love it recommend it to everyone
My business made through a partnership and my corporate credit demanded a little aid. I came to Credit Repair with credit score of 62. I just wanted to make it touch 80 to have a sound credit profile. But their highly untrained credit experts struggled the hardest to drop my good credit score. I came out, extremely frowned, with a poorer credit score of 47.
Excellence service.
Do not waste your time, these people took over 8 months to do absolutely nothing if you want someone reliable go somewhere else!! Creditmergency is better, Lexington Law is okay but not as good.
So far I have no problems,so I just hope it continues.
Always thought that we could not repair our credit today is real I know you might not believe as me just. TRY !
I would recommend credit repair to any and everyone who's looking to increase their credit score. I was approved for a mortgage after 6 months with credit repair.
Very quick to meet your needs
Handled my credit issues promptly
Had them for a short time and they removed 6 things off one credit report and that was it. Once it came time that I wanted to cancel they charge u 75.00 doesn't matter if u cancel before your month is out and when you want to cancel they will keep you on hold forever. I help for 59 minutes before someone answered. The sad thing is once u inquire about starting with them they constantly call u back and email u all day but as soon as you cancel its a different story. Have no idea how they have an A+ with the BBB.
Being about your word!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy that i enrolled with credit move fast with getting removals off my credit, they keep me updated on any changes to my account...they have a high rating A- with the BBB... My credit score went up from very low in a few month to a much better score. Im proud to see the direction my credit heading... Thanks to!!! I tried lexington law group and its a RIP OFF, so glad i switched to!!! Thanks for all your help CreditRepair!!!
they r doing very good. my record is improving a lot i giving a 10 stars
I wasn't sure what to expect when I sign up but I am very impressed with the progress so far. Over 13 negative items removed in 5 months. is fantastic! I have been a member a little over a month and have already had 7 removals. The advisors there are friendly and well trained. Very knowledgeable people who genuinely want to help.
I appreciate it for helping me to fix my credit
They have helped me in many ways. Signed up with me and my husband together and my husband's not been touched.
I hate Avoid this company like the plague. Two years after attempting to cancel this service, we can't get them out of our lives. They send semi-literate correspondence to past creditors. On our own, we have managed to clean up our credit and our only problem is that we cannot seem to get to leave us alone.
my credit score is lower then it was i don't know whats going on
I had a great experience with credit but the only thing is that it is a little expensive. The price should be around $59.99 instead of $99 a month.
So grateful for credit within a month I had results and it just got better from there.. They raised my score 63pts with in 3 months!!
I have been with since April and my credit score actually has gone down. Out of 27 issues they were able to remove I think 3. Save your money and just pay off the debt. Total scam!!
I’m not seeing anything being removed lately
I was super happy with them until.....I canceled with them and they continued to charge every credit and debit card I had on file at the same time twice! I caught $700 they tried to steal from me! If you are going to repair your credit do it yourself or hire a law office!
Worst results ever. Then they over charge for no results. Your better off putting that money to a legitamate bill.
I have increased my score by 100 points. Now a 680 I just wish I could get rid of the OLD, yet pending collections from my report! Thanks for all you do/have done!
I always recieve prompt, courteous, knowledgeable SERVICE.
It’s not worth what u pay a month for little to no results and when you have 10 removal and your credit score goes up 2 points it doesn’t seem worth keeping your membership open
Very good job thank you..
Hello! I was recently with and agree it does work,but to a certain extent. Every time I talked to someone it was like a script of what was said and I actually had to find out knowledge about credit from a bank. They only work on the part that's help your credit scores which is good, but only one of the 3 credit scores they take off at a time and the one they take off usually is not the ones banks or loan people or mortgage people look at so your credit looks good but technically don't help you out. Then your paying monthly (100 dollars for me) for one of the three credit score and you feel like you wasting money when you can do it yourself. Not to mention they have a high volume of people when it comes to you you have to constantly be on them to help you out go over this go over that when you can do it yourself. I'm 26 years old trying to take care of credit before I get in my 30s why don't. I ever feel like I'm priority when I call aswell if I'm spending my hard earned money on your services?
I’m from Camden, NJ. I’m so pleased too say that credit repair. com is going to be the main reason for me in my kids to purchase a new home! Thanks so much credit repair . com
Very effective!
I have only been a client for about a month in a half and I have had 3 items removed I am a satisfied customer
Second time around with credit repair. First time 38 removals, second time two more removals in first two weeks. Only four overall removals remain.
It’s really helpful service
Christa is the lady I was working with and she was very helpful. She answered all my questions. I am seeing results that I am please with. I would recommend my friends who are having problems with their credit to
doing great so far but i still need to get rid of the negative thing on my credit report that would make me so happy please please help me get rid of these item on my report i would be your customer for life
Horrible service dont get anything done just take money
Credit Repair has the most unprofessional and untrained representatives. Even after you provide all your details to them, they will keep pinging you for their pointless questions. When asked about anything, they don't provide complete information at once. They do do everything to double up your stress by annoying you over and over again.
Thank you for everything my credit score has increased tremendously
It seems i only get 1 removal when a payment is made. I would love to see multiple removals in a month if possible. Seriously thinking of changing my credit repair services due to the expedited process my friends have experienced with Lexington Law.
I'm very satisfied with Their services are helping me establish and maintain my credit at a timely fashion.
I would definitely give credit repair a five star because I like being able not only getting online but the personal experience of being able of if talking to an associate to someone. Everyone has been great . Thanks
I would recommend anybody and all my friends to Critter because you got out of been there for me and help me out so much and I truly honest appreciate everything you have done for me and doing for me right now again I would recommend all my friends and anybody to to let them know what kind of good work you guys are doing and how hard you work for me and others thank you